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tv   Daniel Libeskind  Deutsche Welle  December 19, 2021 6:03pm-6:31pm CET

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oh, it's a problem across europe. searching cases, obama crohn, an increase frustration that restrictions to combat it. in austria, several people protesting of vaccine mandate were arrested after demonstrations got increasingly out of control. thousands of protesters in france also took to the streets to express their anger over vaccine past being discussed by the government. if the bill passes, it will bar the unvaccinated from entering public establishments like bars and cafes. it was, lexi does say that same pass is a form of dictatorship, not a public health issue, but a political one. we have to realize we're in a system that is working more and more to reduce our freedom and liberty ass governments across europe. get ready for an onslaught of our micron. they may also have to fight against frustration and wariness. that new restrictions can bring. a
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hong kong has been holding its 1st parliamentary elections since a crackdown on the pro democracy movement by beijing. observers savvy turn out could be the lowest since hong kong hand over to china. many residents already said they saw the vote as neither fair nor democratic under new rules, only candidates, considered patriotic to china, were able to run. as many opposition candidates were silenced, jailed or have fled. the territory polling day in hong kong and candidates are trying to sway voters with some last minute. creative campaigning. ha, ha ha. it's not an easy. so the number of elected seats in hong kong legislative council has been reduced. cabinets, have been vetted by probation committee for what has been built as a patriots only election. dear, socrates have tried to drum up enthusiasm. and hong kong chief executive officer. have you on the legislative changes, has to be very efficient. this is
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a 1st major electrical election after improvements to the electro system. i and my colleagues have been going all out. so explain the bases the rationale and the merits of these electro system. but hello, turn on suggests oh words fail to resonate with hong kong as well. now i think it's a step backwards. hybrid on 5. if you say you want to improve a system that should be improvement. but actually this is going backwards by case at mullen, off on. yeah, i am going, they're gone so soon tossing a full people in hong kong, so i know there isn't much choice. so i saw, you know, audio logo at the top. you know, you can vote pro establishment and democracy candidates, their social choice for democracy. oh, celia, pleasant day, which doesn't make come from people's feel very enthusiastic about voting. the modem go eeoc role. there has been
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a little push back to ballad seen by many residents as the final nail in the coffin of the territories autonomy from china under the one country to systems. principal . hong kong lodges opposition party chose to boycott the election and a few pro democracy activists tried to make their voices heard at pony stations. but even before the votes are counted, there is little doubt over the outcome. so let's go now at u. s. sunny chung, a pro democracy activist who has left hong kong to seek asylum in the united states and he joins me now from washington. d. c. a very warm welcome to the show you've taken to social media to urge voters to stay home. why is turn out so important in this election? because this is a 1st election after imposition or the national security law and also to pull the code on. so it's really important for young people to demonstrate to the will that
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a, a will not yield. this is very key or signal to beijing that hong kong people do not stop this kind of election. this is not an election. this is a selection. and what else are you and other activists able to do it to support the boy caught from your position abroad nowadays, and governments already bands or the activities on hong kong on the ground. that's why people use hong kong. they can no longer talk anything bad about the russian, otherwise they will be prosecuted for inciting people to party lasha. so people like me when we now get excel, we try to tell you the national world about how thick lashing is. and we also encourage hong kong people to bar called this lesson. so we speak for the people who are now in person. and we want to disseminate the message that message that
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help people to knock about. they just tried to implement this kind of silence opposition and resistance to so that they will not yield. and authorities are indeed trying to prosecute. prosecute you yourself this week. authorities issued arrest warrant for you and other prominent activists overseas for calling for a boycott, which was made a crime earlier this year. how concerned are you about this development? i think this is kind of a rest won't. really like a paper from e. it won't be that much for people like me and other excel activists. we will keep doing what is right and we will keep aggregating for hong kong. but you can have a sense that actually the basie and hoko government are really fast for to have more people to vote in on this day. because more people for the more work condition they can came that more competence. they can claim that the home people are really
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satisfied with the situation how of the situation and to be honest, he absolutely not the same. people have a lot of discontent about this kind of political reform and, and see lashan. so i think this is very a clear signal that's the lowest turn out wait in hong kong. electro history will happen on sunday activist. sunny chung, we're going to leave it there. but thank you so much for coming on d, w. no. thank you. let's take a look now at some other stories that are making headlines around the world. in sudan as security forces have fired tear gas on protesters in it. cartoon, hundreds of thousands of people gathered in the city to reject the october 25th military coup. protestors from outside the capitol streamed in last night and this morning to join the march on the presidential palace. voting is underway in achilles presidential run off election. the poll comes after no candidates are past
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the 50 percent threshold in the 1st round held in november. voters are now being asked to choose between 55 year old far right warmer congressman jose antonio cast, and the 35 year old left wing candidate gabriella bowditch. once 5 years to the day since germany's deadliest islamist terror attack on a christmas market here in berlin, the attacker hijacked the truck and killed the driver before plowing into crowds at the capitals of bright shied sites. christmas market, killing 11 more people. another man, it died just a few weeks ago this year from injury sustained that night, bringing the death toll to 30. the perpetrator was a failed to new zion asylum seeker who was known to authorities. a few days later, he was shot dead by police while on the run in italy and did all the political correspondent, simon young, is at a bright shide plats where the attack took place. simon,
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what does the atmosphere like to day at the sight of the attack? it looks like the christmas market is underway. once again. yeah, i would say walking round to the christmas market just earlier and talking to people. it's a pretty normal atmosphere in many ways. course people do have to queue up and go through a security check and a corona check to check that they are vaccinated and so on. they have to wear masks . but other than that, people are enjoying the christmas music, the sausages, the roasted almonds, and all those other christmas treats as normal, but talking to some of the stall holders had the impression. of course, those who were here for 5 years ago have it still very clearly in their memories, and those are reflect scenes of the, the truck attack. but other said, you know, really corona has made life difficult for them more recently, and that's much more present in their minds now. but of course, on this day,
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thoughts do turned back to the attack and give us a preview if you can of what is happening today to commemorate the victims of that attack. it was going to be a church service and into faith service in the church. i think you can see it across the road. it's in the middle of the square where this christmas market is held. and the german president, frank voter stein, mar, and the mayor of berlin also will be here with some other dignitaries to attend that service on it. as i said, as an interfaith event, or with an a mom and a rabbi, as well as christian pastors. and then shortly after 8 p. m. or the exact moment of the attack, the people attending will gather on the steps of the church, where the names of the victims are inscribed and the names will be read out. the church bell will ring 13 times for the 13 victims
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a solemn sara summer ceremony. being held here to night. thank you very much for that. do you know these political correspondent, simon young for us there? gonna turn now at sheila, belinda's legal football and adult men dropped up their year with a shock, a loss to her to berlin. and with that loss of 8 more or less dash and their title hopes falling 9 points behind iron munich for lynch, olympic stadium was lit up for the last match of the year with a sparse crowd of hats, a fancy enjoying the spectacle. and with their site hosting tournament, the match was set to be blue flashing hair to fighting to avoid the relegation battle came out, fires miss yon melita burst ahead adornments defense and tapped home just 15 minutes in. but after b a r cheque t made the shock bel, fidel was rolled to be a hair off side on the play. no go. the visitors didn't squandered their
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good fortune with julian bun summoning its spectacular tight ankle finish. 16 minutes later, one mill dort men and their hopes of chasing by him still alive. but here to return from the half time break, reinvigorated both it'll make good on his early infraction racing past his opponents to equalize with the strong so record in the 51st minute 6 minutes later here to double their score. motivation. a screamer lift workman's stunt with 20 minutes to play the the twisted the knife making a 31 hatta stephan tickets, cut dorkins deficit with the late header, but it was already too late. dorman, were dealt their 2nd last and 4 matches. the series blow to any realistic title hopes. while heritage celebrated the hall, they give of
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a massive step towards mid table safety. so let's take a look now at all the boomers legal results so far on it matched a 70 fryeburg, a beat susan hertz, had defeated endorsement spiel, fell that stunned abbe leipzig and frankfort beat mice off. and i am andrew with glad bach bull home down on yawn. berlin and foot shared the spoils with owls bark . byron, a dismantled vol. score on friday and cologne are right now battling just got as soon as update up as our i'll be back with more headlines at the top of that with the landscape. a reflection of a turbulent history. the cities,
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a mosaic of different people and languages. iran's mountains reveal unparalleled beauty. the scenery is magnificent, but people are warm and our position is exceptionally ah, a special look at a special country. iran from above. starts december 27th on d, w. ah. this week unwell stories. do hon is burg fighting the corona virus. a dispute over a coal mine in britain?
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but we began in ukraine. there was international concern about the deployment of russian troops on the countries east in border how i residence in the border region handling the threats. this muddy track years to be an international crossing from ukraine to russia for elena and her neighbors with family and friends on both sides. it was a lot like that. yeah, no copper all cook. i want to check what kind of wire they've put up. yes. yes, it sparked why i call you j tucker, says, and they will out this strep throat and catch people. you try to cross with it lowered a few signs, some fencing and some barbed wire, or whatever. it might not look like a particularly well defended frontier between 2 countries in conflict, but it's certainly a big change or people in this part of eastern ukraine, though, until a few years ago could drive across the border without as much as showing a passport. what
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a nice yet of my neighbor has his elderly mother down there on the russian side. it's only 6 kilometers from here. but now he has to do a huge loop and travel 10 times that to pass through the board to post the motion. as in use when the boat offense was 1st built few years ago, helena tells us relatives would come and stand on both sides to talk over the barbed wire. it's this closeness, these personal ties that mean that many here aren't ready to believe that armed conflict with russia is even possible for us on the gym. but usually we hear all the scary things in the news, but i just can't imagine it affecting us here. there's no animosity between us, not sure monsieur mazar milligram. that may be the case, but the tanks in the troops are definitely there. even if they're still some 200 kilometers from helene as border village with u. s. defense sauces, warning invasion, could be reality within months. very earnest terms, his gulf total, we've been expecting of russian invasion since 2014 and they're always flexing
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their muscles and. and i think this is just an attempt to win political concessions, probably twitter to swear, but then in a politician or in, in the border town of milva, there's not much of that shield evidence with russian and ukrainian border guards barely a metro part along the boundary which runs down the middle of the main street. but even here were many locals can see russia from their windows. it's cove with an economic worries rather than russian tanks for now. a still weighing most heavily on people's minds law. and i see how can we be in danger if the board is right there, we would have seen something already. yo, i've only seen those russian chains on tv, but we can't see or hear them here. yet, no tensions here. so as negotiations between washington and moscow to resolve these tensions go into overdrive to people on the ground and his new crane seem unwilling to believe that the threat of war is real till they see those russian tanks with their own eyes. ah,
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the only chron variant is causing a surgeon corona, virus infections, especially in south africa, where it was 1st detected. the mayor of johannesburg wants to do everything she can to stop it from spreading farther. johannesburg at night is a party town. there is no social distancing, no masks, no registering of guests at claps. local may, i am. pull pallets is not happy with the situation and is taking part in a police rate the on the complaint of call, the 19 isn't moving forward, wave of call. then i'll number the didn't happen, we very concerned about compliance. he called the regulation the music is turned off and the club closed for these guests. the party was over long before the midnight curfew, but pellets, his job is just getting started. she is the 1st black female mia and johannesburg city that was once the dream destination for gold prospectors. but now as the city
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in crisis pallets there wants to stop this trends. but now the pandemic is causing her further concern. she has to prepare the city for a 4th cove. it waif, a lot of systems already in place. i have also seen gaps though, that need to be addressed, particularly around making sure that service delivery continues in the covet area. and we need to strengthen performance management, particularly where officials are having to work from home. i've heard rumors of people working from home never coming in. and there's no real means of seeing if people are delivering and on what they've been employed to do. and so such things need to be a given attention to ensure that the 4th wave does not hit the city as hard as previous ones pallets is trying to convince people to get vaccinated. only $1.00 and $4.00 south africans is fully vaccinated, although there's enough vaccine available here in the so wait or township the
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vaccination rate is particularly low. they say that to a nuclear foxley ted, you'll get some diseases like cove with nathan made their physical, some of the different root is they do with mission. they get think the uptake is very low. and the research has shown that in terms of cases that are hospitalized that end up with complicated disease, a lot of them are the and vaccinated pilots, a is a single mother and a doctor. and she fears the pandemic will take up much of her time. ah, almost all the residents of to later a city and southwest in brazil, vaccinated against the corona virus. this is despite president paulson our stance. he long denied the pandemic existence. ah.
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just a few months ago doing the rounds. here was a grueling task for emergency doctor jose. i proceed. oh, so bow. so now all empty these beds were once occupied by critically ill cove. 19 patients the corridors, the hospital in the brazilian city of toledo is deserted. emergency beds now in the storage room. it's the result of what might be brazil's most successful vaccination drive. she goes up quite a bit about what we used to have 40 into bacon patients here. now we don't have any hot, and it's very rare for us these days, staff to provide that level of intensive care. the cases are also much less severe than before. so we can think more carefully about how best to treat those who are sick and to give them a better prognosis. maybe some i know, but tonight in southwestern, brazil is home to some 143000 people. corona virus was right here only
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a few months ago, like many other parts of the country. the severe health crisis was followed by one of the fastest and most efficient vaccination drives in brazil. american pharmaceuticals company pfizer recently launched a long term study and laid out over the course of a year. it's observing what happens when everyone in a city is vaccinated against coven? $191.00 over the age of 12, including 13 year old anna will be given the full dose book in another tells this whole class go back to naked with no bad side effect piano that almost everyone continue to go to school vaccination isn't compulsory. there are just hardly any skeptics here. the city council president is simply relying on people's willingness to get vaccinated. it will go
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via, do you want to got it? i don't the anywhere else in the world has so much expertise. and so many vaccination centers that if we had, you know, faxing before about 100 percent of the population would have been fully vaccinated . long ago we have a tradition of vaccination. simple example, we took their toledo is setting a test lab for the rest of the world in a year or 2, many questions could be answered here under which conditions do virus variance develop among vaccinated people? and how long does protection last? the distillate hospital, there's growing hope the pandemic is finally coming to an end ah invoice in a new mine is to be built in a form of coal mining regions. climate acts with a trying to stop its construction, while many residents in the area hope it will bring
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a new job. the main shots and pit could these soon be back in operation. there's a good chance the could be as the credit. he was a minor for decades and he loves his job. he was responsible for ventilation and all the culprits in white haven, a small town in northern england, including this one. that was the best job i ever had in my life. miners look after themselves under ground because it's such a dangerous, healthy fish. when i came out of the mines, i didn't find that on the surface. call was luck produced in 1986. and then from there that was the lush coal mining in cumbria. know that her plans to start mining call again for steal production the see bit
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here is a veritable treasure. truth an estimated 750000000 tons of coal lie under the water . if you want steal, you need call this millage tons of it out there. on the job, why bring it from broad when you've got it? many british steel work still use coal. there are new technologies which is hydrogen to pursue production or recycle old steel. and these are constantly being improved. but they have yet to replace call. the council has already given the go ahead for a new calorie on this former factory site, but claim activist carol would and her husband robin are campaigning against it. the climate change agenda is just so urgent now. i mean, we are actually seeing the impact of climate disaster and it's not, it's not in the future. it's happening now. and we haven't got any wiggle room. we
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absolutely need to keep this colin the ground. this is the position of the new mine over on the marsh on site, and that's up where that light is on the top just over there. over there, but div credit is my things. yes ticket, but then you plans every one and reviving the many tunnels of the past the this map shows that mining was ones everywhere in the past. call the ship from here. but now the road just a few private boots. the old industries have died out making the region one of the poorest in britain. many lucas hopes the new mine will bring back jobs so that that's what goes on between locals, who hope for return to the all times of high employment. and others who want to move forward to a better, more environmentally friendly future. ah
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ah, creating christmas spirit. that's something for professional decorators. will show you the most beautiful styling, tips for you are guaranteed to boost your spirit. you max on d. w. india's road are transforming the east scooter boom has begun. but hold on. what exactly does this mean? is traffic in india turning green? now?
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brands are models and possibilities. reb. 60 minutes on d w. we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. ah no magic corner chat, hot spot for food chat and some great cultural memorials to boot d w, travel off we go ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, are roving reporter axle prima vizier took to.


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