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tv   Bares fur Rares  Deutsche Welle  December 19, 2021 6:30pm-7:31pm CET

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is traffic in india, turning green. now brands, models and possibilities. red. 60 minutes on d. w. now we've got some hot tips for your bucket list, a magic corner. check hot spot for food and some great cultural, laborious to boot to w travel. all we go ah, ah ah, ah ah, our roving reporter axle prima vizier took to the skies for another episode of axel
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on the edge. find out more about how he got on later in the show. hi everyone. welcome to another edition of euro max with me, your host. megan lee. here's a look at what else we've got coming. we had to turkey for arrive on a historical street car is temple. and we find out how people around europe decorate their homes for the festive season. flying like a bird has always been a dream for many people. that's why we see dare devils throwing themselves out of airplanes or jumping off cliffs with just a sheer piece of cloth floating over their heads. well, there's another way for adventurers to get closer to the clouds, and that's in a 2 seated open air flying machine. duramax report, her actual primavera, he learned how to fly one in just a single day data data. mike's on the runway and taking off
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with lauren charge. it's cool. ah hey there i'm accepts him of easy and here's my challenge for today i have to learn how to fly this thing in just one day, including take off and lead him all by myself. i've never flown anything myself, especially not such an open air. a hailey cup, that type of thing that looks quite difficult to handle. i don't. hello, i'm access there. hello axel, i'm young. do you my flight instructor can always been right oklahoma and today we're going to fly. this gyro come to who will come up. but 1st i can't go up just like the sunshine i am sighing order of kind of way like we need to get you the right clothing. come along to the hanger in hunger holiday. it is it. so what is
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this good? it no, not really guns on. it's all of the know cancelled right now. i know like i find some sensible music isn't ah canada, i can simply fly this thing. yeah. address 1st you'll need a bit of practice in their loft, glen the air. you'll catch on, fast fished out for the take off and landing. you'll need some training about but you'll get all that during the day. killing enough info us. what tisa gyro kupta seat our c i'm client it looks like a small open top helicopter and it flies like one to here above but technically and aerodynamically it's very different. you know home guns and us. the main difference is that the rotors poet by the wind not by the engine as it out overhaul who has
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all the upper rotor, generates a lift for the actual flying detox. it essentially replaces the airplane wing once the hint to help, and the rear propeller drives us forward and provides the necessary power on fitting no. to get naggie. even if you can tell, i'm extremely nervous. we're about to take off. auto machine is running already like don't ease up too much on the gas. we need some more revs because the engine is still cold. the air field we're about to take all from is in the fall west of germany, between louis and doland on the french border sandwich, or louis info, dirt, or mike. my dear to mike huddle on, all a delta, delta mike over charlie to runway 25. please dedicated her to mike, take seen to the runway for take off of it, and then we taxi right onto the runway, right? not left. so controllable. no problem. we'll stop here in the middle. yes,
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it was. now let go of the red button. the whole back on the stick, let go of the break and let it roll. and remember when the nose of the machine goes up, the stick must go forward and then we'll press on together. okay? okay. okay. so let's give it some gap. for the nose is coming up, we'll press down on it together, pull out the throttle and take off. very good and don't call back too much perfect. you are in control. we're going to fly straight and stick to about 100 kilometers an hour and with it is still don't feel up to it. but i'm actually piloting this thing. amazing will turn right here on the stick. slightly. a use the stick may need to adjust the speed and it's extremely sensitive. i'm really struggling with it. jericho,
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if this were invented in 19 twenties. but nowadays it's mostly emma to pilots flying them and complete beginners like me. huh. isn't that awesome? it sure is and now we're taking a right turn like cause of after getting a handle on flying, i faced my next challenge landing. when i bought, when we get closer to the ground, we'll pull on the stick a bit together. now the ground is getting closer, pulled a little, just a bit. and now we hold the stick. just hold and wait on. keep waiting. now pull the stick a bit more people ang. very good. and now we pull it all the way back with perfect. good landing under
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so i'm, i'm back on a safe and sound but it's really been difficult to and law this thing set the same time and keeping the pace and the hate and blessed and riots and enjoy the view in the meantime i that's a lot. so i was my 1st flying lesson on north as of in for you definitely did a very good job. you really reacted to my input. we're good for me. and so you made huge progress in this 1st lesson, mega fortunate from india, and next will make sure you can handle take off and landing a bit better on your own business. and you'll be right on track. no vista of i'm good with it was much tougher than i thought. i mean handing this stick and the throttle checking this speed and the height and everything at the same time
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. but in the end, i was able to control this thing and i like that feeling. and so i'll be out there again before long getting some more practice taking off and landing. but one thing certain, i won't have my pilot's license anytime soon. and you can always check out more of actual adventures on our youtube channel. here's what you'll find there. want to see how far one man can go ah join are extreme reporter when he exceeds his limits. don't miss out on axel on the edge and subscribe to d w here, a max on youtube. if you're looking for some
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collin airy ideas for this year's holiday meals, you might want to turn to the good old british pie. now the brits have been enjoying their pies either with sweet or savory fillings for centuries. in fact, they're so popular that you can find them everywhere. now i know there's the sangh, it's as easy as pie, but i think making a really good pie is pretty challenging. so to make something impressive, returned to a top british chef who creates a gourmet version. ah, the 1st thing you get is that smell. so the beautiful caroline is done in the cheese, the hubs that those was the layers and lovely and so, you know, defined you for the cheese and the are in the middle. yeah. hi, she's crispy, i'm really happy
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with . hi, i'm kind of franklin, i'm the head chef, i hope, a dining room. and i'm gonna take you through the all to pi making. in my point, i feel very lucky that i have found like my true love and my sort of direction and cocaine is 100 percent in pi. my thing i'm i, i, i, i count my blessings, thought quite an early age. i found out that thing that really makes me passionate and so by inside london, chef kellum franklin, which is a great deal of love and care into short lived works of art. the type of crust depends on the pies filling the moist, written, the crunchy, or the crust needs to be. his favorite due is the classic short a to flour, butter eggs, but in wine would require loss. so i like my thought is to be really tasty. so it
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always season, well i'm the key to this don't is controlling temperature because we want to have within that little nuggets of buffer which will create pockets in cooking and then create flakes. probably the hardest thing with this stuff is making sure that, but it doesn't mel as you're rolling in in the u. k. mass produced pies can be found on almost every corner in the lofty wood cuisine. the art of baking the luly pie with sweet unsavory, had nearly faded into oblivion. a coincidence started tell him franklin on his path to becoming the king of pi. on a tour of the sellers of london storied rose, who to tell the gloomy shack spotted an antique heighten with interlocking parson, keith. but he was puzzled. i knew roughly what it was for, but i didn't know the technique items. i brought up to my kitchen and asked my senior team as anybody love the technique for using this for pie making. and none
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of them had hoping to preserve and even revitalize the tradition column. franklin and his team worked for almost a year on re learning and defining the methods of pi making. soon demand grew to where the restaurant kitchen was no longer able to keep up. a new fleece had to be found, especially for the purpose. in 2018, the ruse would hotel opened its pipe. it was a room bought out of necessity, which is white. so white swapped to basically designed to perfect pi. my he in var adds that. so we did, i've, you know, i sat down and i drew out the room. i collect these beautiful antiques from all over europe. to fill that room. i said the 8 rudy felt like you were sat in a victorian pirate. london's produce market like the foreign market. furnish 39 year old calum franklin with plenty of inspiration for the seasonal ingredients. hot. he picks up special items to lend them
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a tough to elegant. his newfound water is based on a classic british pie combination. cheese, potatoes, and onions. so tight how element is based on her classic type dish grants an ad buy from us potato. so we've pre cooked that and then the onion, we've caramel eyes and the cheese. we found an incredible montgomery cheddar, which is from some a sat really rich cheese, a nazi bascom b, lay it in between the pie. so in the onion, when pressing down the loop here must be taken not to leave any air between the filling of the dew or whistle give rise to unsightly bubbles. he brushes the pies top with a q and feels the edge. and then you can get down to the decorative stage. so
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what we're doing decoration, very fine detail. one of the things that we found helps with that to make sure the price she stays cold is we've put these chopping boards into the freezer in the morning. so they're super cold, and then when we were by chance, fuzz, that temperature to the fire in the pine street and keeps a nice temperature for the decoration of his pies. the architecture of london borne franklin's hometown provides inspiration. he sees it as a nice way to connect his patients to their surroundings, to the british capital, and give them a sense of place. this pi recalls the old seeds church on market street. i love it, says neo gothic church kind of unusual from the outside with different color breaks and or yeah, like a really unique locally outside of the inside. incredible. i'm yeah, there's one stained glass window. the i've been obsessing i have in there and i saturated the details. i want to put on to the pie. it's gonna reflect that
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beautiful, so of hidden detail and su step by step a past he is transformed into an edible artwork. if you look back through written history of pie by you in this country, which is 600 years of it's always there and our free culture for me, it was very woodson sir. celebrate the pi again. i never seen that is, you know, i've been in the past i've, i've used the techniques, knowledge and ingredients that we have now days to achieve pelham. franklin is not keeping the, he's learned a secret. he's collected recipes in his book, the pi room with its health, even beginners, turn on. the culmination of all the effort is always the moment the shift cuts into
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a freshly peaked creation. thank you for joining me. i hope you've learned something and i hope it inspires you. it's gonna make some parts. it's a british tradition. you can really sink your teeth into. oh no, all right, well next step we take a sentimental journey back in time. now, lots of cities have hop on hop off buses for seeing all the sites, but the turkish city of is temple has something a bit more romantic, a so called nostalgic st cart, but takes visitors on a ride to some of the most charming spots in this city now the line isn't very long and the tram moves at a slow pace, but it gives passengers a memorable experience. it's one of it's don, board most famous attractions. the historical street car key to
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trundling down. se cloud, shad se independence avenue. there is plenty for passengers to discover. hello, this is our 3rd one. i was her guys for me, sambal and today will be very, you know, subject right together. the route is only 1.8 kilometers long, running between toxeme square and to no station. at most to a street cars roll along the avenue at any given time. this is both the main shopping street and the center of its on bold night life. a ride in one of the 100 year old tram cars is a unique experience and not only for visitors to the city. i remember that my 1st experience near it was when i was 13 years old. and as a teenager being here taken the tram ride or watching people around the
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house was very delightful. for me, the 1st 3 car ran in istanbul in 1871. eventually the network would carry over 100000000 passengers annually. but in the 1960 people turn to cars and the tramps that appear in 1990. that he too, became the 1st route to be revived today. 5 tram lines are back in service and it's donald little been in the like the tram because it's and, and it recalls the old time and it brings those old times back to life. that's why there is such great interest in this line to do a tourism from around turkey and all over the world, take photos here. and none of them returned home without having seen our tramp. so i think it's become a genuine symbol of stumble. a stops along the route have stories of their own. it's just a 5 minute walk to the pair. a palace hotel. it opened in 1895 as
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a luxury accommodation for travelers on the famous orient, expressed celebrities from around the world have spent the night here today. guests can still rebel in the historical atmosphere. you see something very french, very british and done something very moorish and oriental. so this is like a melting pot altogether. this is definitely a showing us the lifestyle or death time that multicultural atmosphere. the next stop is gelato sri the famous flower passage opened an 1876 that of a has gotten it here. you can enjoy classical turkish cuisine. for instance,
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in this a beach restaurant with 25 different kinds of mazda, the turkish appetizers on the menu. first the display you everything in the small force you, you see if you choose it undone, you order it like today. now these are to real portion, so not too slow like these sample. and they are all my fair with one the historical tram line with just 5 stops carries around 1500 passengers a day. and fans of traditional turkish candies can enjoy them along the way. the ucc you this check a lemma. sweet shop has a huge variety on offer. a be relied to finishing our meal when the swift, it's always part of our meal. and you,
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when there is a common i them that we say let's, it's sweet and talk sweet. after less than 2 kilometers, the historic street car reaches toxeme square and the end of a journey through time. and he stumbled a city which is as modern as it is steeped in tradition. the count down to christmas is on and it's not too late to print out your decorations. for many people, this is a busy time of year as they get their homes ready in time for the holidays and of course decorations vary from country to country. oh, we take a look now at some of the most beautiful holiday items from across europe, starting right here in germany. there the clinic, the christmas tree. ornaments the baubles from lasha in central germany here. they're still traditionally hand blown in the run up to christmas. the
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ornaments can be found on every corner in this little town. as i one ornament is prettier than the next, it really was u haul. it is about traditional or original. they have all been made by hand for about 170 years to lincoln, but i've been letting tells of a poor glass blower who didn't have any apples or not last week in those days. that's what they decorated the tree with, but he didn't have any money for the mil. thursday he reproduced them in glass glass no. allegedly invented here at 1947, the delicate christmas tree decorations became a hot export item shipped as far away as the united states. now she's still home to glass blowers soon spend the whole year, making nothing but christmas tree ornaments that always artistic. sometimes rather catchy, but certainly not mass produced from lasha we had to london. the famous heritage
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department store carries everything for a traditional british christmas. including of course, the famous christmas stockings that hung on the mantelpiece, waiting for santa to fill them. the most exclusive ones cost more than $500.00 euros collins and designs on unlimited even though i'm not young anymore. um we still love to fill up stockings for each member of my family. it's like a nice surprise and nice thing for christmas day. if you are a kid, you can open up the smoking and you can get anything from a presidency suites. moving on north to stockholm, sweden and oven. nordic countries have a tradition all their own. at christmas suites put out there you books. billy goats waving from school. they used to represent the recurring fertility of fear
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the yearbook hanser tradition from from the christmas play. where, where people go around villages and, and ask for money. and one is dressed in a gold mass. the youth book is an essential part of a swedish christmas for people of all ages. gretchen and tiny town in italy reminds us that christmas is about the birth of jesus. this is where the nativity scene is said to have originated. in 2023, francis of assisi is said to have started the tradition in this grotto. gretchen has been considered the nativity town of italy ever since. the museum here displays representations of christ's birth from all over the world. the nativity, ladies are all wonderful, especially this alaskan one alaska, the lobby that are present the love of the birth of jesus has to do with family noise. cynthia morris. so it's a special aspect of religion. literally june. back in germany in the mountains of saxony, siphoned celebrates christmas all the year round. ringback the wanton handicrafts
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on display here are the creations of the local what workers the small town is home to over $120.00 woodworking shops. and since the mid 18th century, they've been carving christmas decorations, also with images from earlier mining days. the figures embodied stories from the region just as a christmas with the name on the blues, and visitors aren't just taking a christmas art or pyramid back home with them. i'd say they're taking a piece of the or mountains with guns us. so i think we really help spread good cheer here to when you the carvings from siphoned out world famous today as a highlights the festive christmas decorations and with that we wrap up another show. but just a quick reminder before we go check out our website for this weeks here was draw and a chance at receiving a d. w backpack. as always,
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thanks for tuning in policy again, same with
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you decide what really matters to you. shift. in 15 minutes on d, w. india's road are transforming. the east scooter boom has begun. but hold on. what exactly does this mean? is traffic in india turning green now? brands, models and possibilities? red. in 30 minutes on d, w. o. c double used crime fighters are back to africa. most successful radio drama series
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continues. this season, the stories focus on hate speech, cholera, prevention and sustainable charcoal production. all episodes are available online, and of course you can share and discuss on d, w, africa's facebook page, and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in. now. we're good with welcome to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and an after 911. he says after $911.00, the clubs came off. were organized crime rules. were conglomerates make their own laws? what's true of space? it doesn't matter. the only criteria is worked. we'll hook people up. we shed light
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on the opaque world who is behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to whistle? oh, peak world starts january 5th on d w. ah ah, this is d, w is alive from berlin authorities in europe, extend corona virus restrictions to try and limit the spread of the oma kron variance. the netherlands called a snap christmas lockdown with pubs and non essential shops close for business. also coming up on the show, hong kong holds a vote under new election laws,
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but only candidates pages considers to be loyal. patriots are allowed to run. and 5 years after germany's deadliest islamist attack, the country remembers the life loss. ah. hello, claire richardson, a warm welcome to the show. across europe, governments are struggling to control a huge increase in corona virus cases. due to the new omicron variance, the german government scientific advisors have recommended. new contact restrictions be introduced in the coming date and the netherlands have become the 1st country in europe to bring in a strict walk down for christmas. restaurants, bars, cinemas, eaters, and non essential shops are close starting today. schools will also be closed and contact severely restricted. the measures will last until at least mid january. and
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the corresponding to christine wound was spent the 1st day of the walk down in the netherlands reporting for us. and she sent us the following report from the capital . i spent the day talking to people in amsterdam about how they feel about the new lockdown. and i can tell you that there is a lot of frustration, particularly among business owners. this holiday season has effectively been delta blow. now in terms of what they can make, we visited christmas markets where everything had to be packed up. essentially, it's just not feasible to expect any people to be coming along. so they were frustration along those lines. but people generally trying to make the most of the situation a lot of people spinning time outdoors today. that is just about as much as you can do right now with all the restaurants bars. it's federal being closed to the public . what has made this move necessary and we're hearing this from actual forty's, is that they do anticipate that infections will continue to rise. and then what is the flow and the rises infections to be able to,
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to protect the health care system. we know that a number of hospitals are already reporting that cobra was capacity. they've suspended regular k to make way full for more cove at 1900 patients. now this is coming at a time with most adults in this country. the overwhelming majority, 85 percent of adults of vaccinated. it's the booster rollout that is only starting to take pace right now. less than 10 percent of doubts have received the booster vaccine. this would also allow the government to roll out that was to vaccine and allow that immunity to take into effect before opening up the country again. in the 2nd week of january, christina, one of our forest air and other governments in europe are also drastically tightening restrictions and seen pushback. some of the protests have resulted in clash as with police. oh, reach, bubbling over in germany, i bought more than 11000 protesters flooded the streets of hamburg
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as opponents of tighter cobit measures came out across the country. oh fis, so so flying in london, these protesters said they've had enough ground. 5000 of them marched against the latest round of colbert restrictions in the u. k. here, the more transmissible on the cranberry, and it's for the government to tight restrictions. but scientists, a warning that even more must be done and fast. if the country wants to stop hospital admissions from soaring, all of the meetings that we've attended in so far as the network is concerned with modeling is taking place. that the message is clear that this looks like it's the calm before the storm. ah, it's a problem across europe. searching cases, obama crohn and increased frustration that restrictions to combat it. in austria, several people protesting of vaccine mandate were arrested after demonstrations
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gone increasingly out of control. thousands of protesters in france also took to the streets to express their anger over vaccine past being discussed by the government. if the bill passes, it will bar the unvaccinated from entering public establishments like bars and cafes. it was, lexi does say vaccine pass is a form of dictatorships is not a public health issue, but a political one is we have to realize we're in a system that is working more and more to reduce our freedom and liberty. ask governments across europe, get ready for an onslaught of armor chron. they may also have to fight against frustration and wariness. that new restrictions can bring. for hong kong has been holding its 1st election for the cities legislature since china introduced a sweeping changes in response to massive pro democracy protests. and national security law has silenced most of the cities opposition activists and let others to
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flee abroad under new rules. only candidates, considered patriotic and loyal to china, were able to run in the election voter. turnout was set to hit a record low polling day in hong kong and candidates are trying to sway voters with some last minute. creative campaigning. ha, ha ha. it's not an easy so the number of elected seats in hong kong legislative council has been reduced. come this. i've been vetted by probation committee for what has been built as a patriots only election. the authorities, i've tried to draw up enthusiasm and hong kong chief executive officer, have you on the legislative changes, has to be very efficient. this is a 1st major electrically election after improvements to the electro system. i and my colleagues, i've been going all out, so explain the bases the rationale and the merits of these electro
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system. but a low turnout suggests her words fail to resonate with hong kong us. well, i think it's a step backwards. high 5, if you say you want to improve a system that should be improvement. but actually, this is going backwards by case that model funny, i am going nagondo soon tossing a full people in hong kong. so i know there isn't much choice. so i saw you know, audio while ago and i was, i told you, although you can both pro establishment and democracy candidates only their social choice for democracy, for the whole suicide. pleasant day, which doesn't, may come from people who feel very enthusiastic about voting. the modem, goal, your role. there has been a little push back to a ballot seen by many residents as the final nail in the coffin of the territories . all told me from china under the one country to systems principal homes lodges
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opposition party chose to boycott the election. and if true pro democracy activists tried to make their voices heard at pony stations. but even before the votes are counted, there is little doubt over the outcome. so let's go now at u. s. sunny chung, a pro democracy activist who has left hong kong to seek asylum in the united states . and he joins me now from washington. d. c, a very warm welcome to the show you've taken to social media to urge voters to stay home. why is turn out so important in this election? yes, this is the 1st election attorney position or the national some of the law and also offer to pull a tow done. so this is really important for home people to demonstrate to the world that they, they will not, you know, this is very key. a signal to beijing that hong kong people do not have this kind of election. this is not an election. this is
7:09 pm
a selection. and what else are you and other active is able to do it to support the boy caught from your position abroad nowadays on government already our bands or the activities in hong kong on the ground. that's why people, you know, you home the can no longer talk anything bad about the russian, otherwise they will be prosecuted for inciting people to want to your leisure. so people like me when we are now in excel, we try to tell the international growth about how fig, lashing years. and we also encourage home people to bar called this election. so we speak for the people who are now in prison. and we want to disseminate a message that hung on people to lock it up. they just try to implement this kind of silence opposition and we system to so that they must yield and authority are
7:10 pm
indeed trying to prosecute. prosecute you yourself. i this week authorities issued arrest warrants for you and other prominent activists overseas for calling for a boycott, which was made a crime earlier this year. how concerned are you about this development? i think this kind of address warned really like a paper tiger for me. it will read off that much for people like me and other excel out of us. we will keep doing what you sprite and we will keep repeating for hong kong. but you can have a says that i should of beijing, and all governments are really desperate to have more people to vote in on this election day. because more people thought the more where condition they came that and more confidence. they can claim that on the home, people are really satisfied with the situation. however, the situation and the reality are totally not the same home. people have a lot of discontent about this cannot political reform and, and,
7:11 pm
and see lashan. so i think this is very a clear signal that the lowest turnout waste in hong kong electro history will happen on sunday are activists. the sunny chung, we're going to leave it there, but thank you so much for coming on d, w. thank you. let's take a look now. it's mother story making headlines around the world. in sudan, security forces have fired tear gas on protesters. in cartoon, hundreds of thousands of people gathered in the city to reject the october 25th military coup. protestors from outside the capital streamed in last night and this morning to join the march on the presidential palace. loading is underway and she lays presidential runoff election. the poll comes after no candidates are past the 50 percent threshold in the 1st round held in november. voters are now being asked to choose between 55 year old far right, former congressman jose antonio cast and the 35 year old left wing candidate
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gabriella. but it's well, it is 5 years at to the day since germany's deadliest islamist terror attack on a christmas market. here in berlin, the attacker hijacked a truck and killed the driver before plowing into crowds. at the capital's right shide, that's christmas market killing 11 more people. another man died a few weeks ago from injury sustained that night, bringing the death toll to 13. the perpetrator was a failed to his in asylum seeker who was known to authorities. if few days later, he was shot dead by police while on the run in italy and dw correspondence, simon young is at a bright shide plots where the attack took place. simon, 5 years ago, this was the site of devastating scenes today. it looks like people are out once again enjoying the christmas market. yeah, that's certainly true. a relatively normal sort of christmas, the atmosphere as people come here, really just in search of for christmas,
7:13 pm
christmas music and, and food. but talking to some of the still holders, of course, those who were here 5 years ago. remember, those are rick scenes, and some told me that they'll remain in their memory. no doubt forever. but also the market still holding her co struggling with the hand demick the visitors here of all. but to show their coven vaccine passes to get into the market. and the market itself is struggling. some still held the saying, you know, really, that's much more present in their minds now. but this anniversary is significant. of course, many people here in the late time and what is happening today to commemorate the victims. this is a multi face service going on in the church. the cause of him says you can see it back just over my soul day. sits in the middle of the square and, and therefore in the middle of the christian christmas market to happens here.
7:14 pm
every christmas and the german president frank, focused on my are in the mayor of berlin and other dignitaries and faith leaders of they're just mocking this anniversary and commemorating the victims. and of course, also showing that the german state remembers their grief and recognizes that later they will gather on the steps of the church where the names of the victims are in metal. and there'll be a moment of silence. and the bells of the church will ring 13 times to mark each of the 13 victims of friends and family of the victims who are expected to attend to this ceremony have urged further investigation into the individuals behind the attack and they say there are still details left to clarify what is the latest on the investigation well, that's right, so the relatives and those affected wants more investigation of how it this attack
7:15 pm
could have happened, of course, and his emory was known to authorities. so how could it be that so that he wasn't on the surveillance of the time of the attack? well, that's the question that's been repeatedly asked. and just, you know, the authorities say, well, it's difficult to also one of the problems is that some of that information is security intelligence sensitive information. and they can't relate it to the public . but the new government says it will do everything. it can to support the families and those affected. i'm young, we're going to leave it there. thanks for recording. and that is your news update at this hour. i will be back with more headlines at the top of the hour. thanks much for watching. ah, what secrets lie behind these walls discover new adventures in 360 degrees and explore fascinating world heritage sites d w world heritage 360 getty out now,
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how long does it last, ah, or an eternity time, it can be measured precisely. and yet each person experiences it differently as if there are different forms of type, type of phenomena. a dimension and illusion. about time starts december 31st on d, w. he more than 4000 companies worldwide collect and analyze our online data with the help of algorithms google, facebook, amazon, and apple the the way. but how well do the data collectors know us and what happens with our data? that's our topic on shift today. ah,
7:17 pm
i have nothing to hide when it comes to data privacy, everyone has heard that phrase before. it's a bit naive though, considering companies definitely know more about us. and we like using google as an example. a group of artists from berlin and vienna shows just how much information our data profiles provide. in experiment, the art is collective law. com reveals how much google news about us. and we want to have a closer look at the data that big companies like google and facebook, the lightning every day, and facebook you had, take us, you bought. so i thought about how to conduct like an artistic data experiment were leaked us enough where we can try and seen that if we could reconstruct an entire person's life, couldn't. i'm just their data. and that means that says without ever seeing the person owner, that speed isn't meant to be able to try the in hub on the samuels, probably it. ringback there documentary film shows how the group started out by
7:18 pm
looking for potential test persons whose data they could anonymously analyze on google. ringback ringback ringback ready about 100 people applied in the end, the data and austrian was selected. oh, it was from the daphne that the group reconstructed the test person's life. movie, nodded viennese actress natalie, currently stars as the test person's doppelganger, bringing the data to life in this film where she reacts lisa's life, or finally the to meet face to face. hello, dee had me done. then she started telling me what kind of a person she believe i am that it's been as a so i was born in a little town into oil on the bio pick from leases. google data includes fond
7:19 pm
memories, her 1st job, or training to become a confectionary. but her data also contains very private details, anger, and eating disorder, depression crises, upon being confronted with these memories, lisa has to take a break from events because me take a short break. for emulated alert fioma. it's this intimacy that makes the art project me to measure highly political. well, we thought it open books, depression eating disorders and crises. this is what google knows about us. perhaps there really are some things that we should keep to ourselves. but the experiment goes further, the ok an artist also focus on me. during the film i need to answer questions. this may seem basic,
7:20 pm
but the algorithms from may to measure also process other information. at the end of the program, we show you what else they look out for. and while the results about me are google collect my data. as soon as i start searching for something online or what's the youtube video? the same is true for apple, amazon, and facebook. the magic word here is cookies. cookies are actually tiny text files that are saved on your device. in homeless cases, cookies contain information such as your user name or the language the website should be displayed in that data brokers and advertising companies so called 3rd party uses. also use cookies to gather data. as soon as you allow cookies, your data is collected the online forms that prevent them from doing so often long and confusing. they regularly ignored and people pay with their data. and it's not
7:21 pm
just your i p address or user name that they collect, but your browser history and devices to this can make quite a difference. companies like amazon are able to use data such as a person's location or device to give customers different prices. individual uses online behavior can likewise be tracked on many websites. data collect is paid to use cookies on thousands of website xml tenuously. from all this data, they create individual profiles and the more detail they are, the more profitable in real time bidding data brokers sell user data profiles to the highest bidder in real time was the uses are still on the website, advertises by them to create personalized split 2nd, add to pip. this means that when i search online, the information collected is instantly sent off to companies,
7:22 pm
which can then target me with ad words as a result, online services or anything but free. i am being monitored in real time with my data sold for profit. so could i avoid this by browsing anonymously using a vpn to hide my ip address? unfortunately, no. the company's was collect our data still recognizes from our digital fingerprints. for example, they know which operating system i'm using, which plugins i installed, what resolution my screen is and which fonts i installed on my device. this information is enough to identify me online, but our data is not only used for advertising, banks and insurance companies. i also keen on having access to it many online banks use machine learning algorithms to conduct credit assessments. the use massive amounts of data collected from different sources. how quickly does a user complete their credit application, and how many mistakes do they make?
7:23 pm
were there facebook friends? and what sir, google search history, like? all this data is combined and then compared to that of existing customers. see a user has search for online gambling site before and has installed a font on their device that is also used by online casinos. this could lead to their credit application be rejected even health insurance companies are interested in data like from fitness trackers or exercise and sharing this data. thank you. benefits and even a more affordable health insurance offer. digital monitoring could have positive sites, for example, you can receive a bonus for exercising, but there's a fine line between this and digital surveillance in china. social scoring systems have been introduced in some regions,
7:24 pm
algorithms observe and evaluate citizens behavior. if someone smokes too much or plays video games too often, they might not be allowed to buy 1st class train tickets for example. it sounds very much like jobs or will speak brother in 1984 algorithms play a large role online. facebook take talk on youtube. our personal data is used for content recommendations. this means every person sees something different online. some scientists are concerned that this could lead to the disintegration of our digitalized society into factional groups. when content includes fake news and alternative truths, this becomes especially problematic. radical vaccination skeptics and corona virus deny is often claim to be living in a dictatorship comparing themselves to the jewish population in nazi germany. as algorithms keep feeding them more of the same, they believe in conspiracy theories is encouraged,
7:25 pm
right. when social media 1st started up, there was widespread concerned that algorithms might recommend content that keeps uses in the so called filter level with breaking news quickly spreads. but that's not quite how it works as you tube. sions that. gov, if it was there was this filter bubble effect. and the public pressure on youtube was increasing what we did. so they kept adjusting their algorithms. and in a study, we were able to show that the content that you can find on youtube and that is recommended to you. one has become increasingly diverse in recent years, most a tom, it's not the full to bubble effect seems to be less influential than previously assumed. you all have a guy, a study shows that you tubes algorithms recommend a diverse range of contact with you. on the other hand,
7:26 pm
experts and feel can you know how to trick the algorithm in a certain amount of wrong information will always end up on the platform. listen to performance. an italian study from 2021 analyzed millions of tweets about political issues and found that people who often click on content containing fake news or conspiracy theories usually had extreme political views to start with. and they also often actively choose to read posts containing similar beings. i believe they're still way too much fake news on social media, but algorithms alone are not responsible for use us becoming radicalized. back at the start of the show, we introduced you to the experiment made to measure which aims to show how much personal data is available online by closely monitoring the participants. so let's see what the experiment was able to find out about me. me
7:27 pm
and now watching the metal metal of him on the website. the special thing about it is i'm being tracked myself by watching and i will get a person melody profile generated for me at the end. let's have a look 4 times as many searches aesthetically the film is great. it's also interactive. sometimes you have to interpret all the collected data yourself to guess what happens next. but watching a film at work is not as easy as it sounds. and we'll let's keep going alone, sitting in my room in england, i learned about an online fitness program that i won't forget anytime i think that sometime. so that was it. interesting that now i'm really excited to see what the oddest group on has to say about me after spending only one hour on their website.
7:28 pm
here is the psychological profile. you have a critical mind by your snack of. oh yeah, absolutely. we're at an average speed. we should read more trivial stuff. i think you wrote only 35 percent of your propulsion is cascoo what you want. i was really surprised to see what conclusions about my character can be drawn from the data. the day that even includes my mouse movements. it might seem absurd at 1st, but it's exactly this type of information that data brokers use to analyze us precisely . and it's not a pleasant thought. what are you most concerned about when it comes to data privacy? let us know. i see you next time. ah
7:29 pm
ah, india's rooms are transforming. the east scooter boom has begun. but hold on. what exactly does this mean? is traffic in india turning green now? brands, models and possibilities. read. on d. w. berlin, december 2016. the berlin christmas market attack a shot, the german capital, the authority, se nissan re acted alone. wa mistake or ally
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