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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 20, 2021 8:00am-8:31am CET

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ah, ah ah ah, this is the w news coming to live from berlin authorities here in europe and in the united states scramble to slow the spread of the on the cross barrier. the netherlands heads into a christmas lockdown, closing pups and shops, while in the us experts plead with the population to get the boosters and think
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twice about traveling. also coming up chili elect a leftist candidate to become it's next president, former student protest liter gabriella burridge. one, a convincing victory over his all right, rival plus to ground forces in ethiopia, blame outside countries for recent reverses on the battlefield. the year long conflict has killed thousands and brought famine to the region. and in the buddhist league of footfall fryeburg leapfrog labor crews and to jump into 3rd place in the last match before the winter break. ah hello, i'm terry martin. good to have you with us. authorities on both sides of the atlantic are scrambling to slow a highly contagious variant of the corona virus. in the u. s. top health official anthony fall, she is urging people to get booster shots, wear masks,
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and reconsider travel plans. as the army crop variance spreads that says other european governments clamped down on public life to battle the new strain, the netherlands has become the 1st to impose extract locked down over christmas for many across the netherlands. it's the very end that killed christmas. thanks to the highly contagious micron, the government has ordered all non essential businesses to shut till mid january christmas gatherings have also been curtailed. people will only be allowed for guests around the tree on the holidays. the some the new measures were a surprise. all at all today, does it have a little control? we thought we had it under control that we done everything we could live functioning with fully vaccinated. you do everything you can to support society a bit, but in the end it all goes wrong anyway. as articles enabled is critical of denmark to has brought in new restrictions amidst surgeon covet infections. the variant already counts for a 5th of new cases. the germany has also taken steps to slow americans race across
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the continent. severely restriction travel from the u. k, where the variant is rapidly becoming dominant. the country's health minister has said new restrictions can't be ruled out before christmas. eve meshes says who pog beyond europe. america also poses a threat. micron is increasing rapidly and we expect it to become the dominant strain in the united states as it has and other countries in the coming weeks. in new york, the epicenter of the u. s. is 1st curved wade. the variant is already thought he behind a record increase in cases authorities urging people to get vaccinated and boosted to avoid a repeat of 2020. but with their micron already present in around 90 countries and spreading fast the world look set to start yet another year looked in battle with the corona virus. oh my god. let's bring in peter chin hong. here, he's a professor of medicine at the university of san francisco in of california in san francisco. good to see your doctor general. we're seeing rapidly rising,
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only kron infections here in europe is the rest of the world on a similar path. the rest of the world, terry is definitely on a similar path. if not worse, or we have to fastenal seat belts for water will be a a tremendous ride. if you think about 3 things that will affect transmission of population previous immunity. we know that omicron is 5 times more likely to be, to cause re infection than other variants. ah, vaccines have not had high uptake in many countries under around the world as low as 6 percent, which may not protect and don't even think about boosters. and the 3rd at risk mitigation, lot of pandemic fatigue, lot of mass and not where it. so i think we're in for right all here in europe at least, and in the u. s. as well, most governments are pushing people to get their 3rd vaccination, but will a booster be enough to get on top of this here?
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it wouldn't be enough of terry, you'd still need the extra risk mitigation of factors like wearing mass doing diagnostic test, but it does give us the best armor if you think about some of the initials studies, 20 percent protection against infection. if you're a presentiment, omicron, if you get a booth, say you can go up to 55 to 80 percent, but again, not a 100 percent, so you need the other stuff. what we do believe that even with 2 doses, you will be protected against serious disease hospitalization. death, perhaps, unless you're older and 65 or immune compromise. you mentioned the risk of reinfection earlier with all micron to eat. do we have enough data yet to know how dangerous omicron is compared to the delta variant? well, i think the study from the university of hong kong or hong kong is instructed in this regard. they found that army kron produces 70 times more virus in the airways
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. but when you look in the lungs, there isn't a lot of virus. they're suggesting that it's very transmissible without causing a lot of information in the organs. we do know that in south africa, in delta you get about 20 percent hospitalization, with only crohn to 2 percent. a study in u. k showed no difference. but even if you do think that it's causing fuel hospitalizations, when you have a turbocharged transmissible virus, ah, even a small percentage of a large amount of people could potentially strain hospitals. what advice would you give people going into christmas week? well i think about the ab c, d e's is says says the destination you're going to high amount of virus or an assess yourself of your immune compromise on boxing it all your old and 65. you may worry, be definitely getting
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a booster from what we discuss. i see vaccinate via children if they're eligible. d . do diagnostic tests like rapid testing before going in and any gathering. like a family reunion and e. everything else where? well fitted mass and get your flu shot. dr. peter chin hong thanks for talking with us. that was professor peter jen, hong at san francisco university, california, san francisco. my pleasure, terry. thank you. take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today. voters in hong kong have mostly stayed away from a legislative election in which all candidates were betted for their loyalty to beijing. the hong kong electoral affairs commission said voter turnout was just over 30 percent. many opposition candidates have been silenced, jailed or have fled the territory. the death toll from typhoon right in the philippines has risen to 208, making it one of the deadliest storms to hit the country. and years rise slammed
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into the philippines last week, leaving a trail of destruction, enforcing 300000 people to evacuate japanese fashion, billionaire, you sucka me as our has returned to earth after spending 12 days on the international space station. me as our became the 1st space tourist to travel to the international space station in more than a decade is how it is also set to become the 1st private passenger flying to the moon on a space, ex rocket in 2023 in south america, chileans have elected the leftist former student protest leader gabriel burridge as their new president all wing, one of the most polarizing elections in decades. supporters of the progressive social democrats celebrated the victory in santiago, chile, moorish ran on a platform ins supported public education, healthcare and equal rights, or indigenous people, and l. g. b t q. people,
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his opponent far right. ultraconservative. jose antonio cast, phoned burridge and conceded defeat. cost was seen as the law and order. kennedy let's bring in latin america expert. good to my hold here. he works at the german institute for international and security fairs here in berlin. good. have a with us now. gabrielle burridge is not only the youngest candidate who ever got elected in chile. he also got more boats than any other presidential candidate in the history of the country. how do you explain his success? he's a representative for new generation. he has about half of the age of the actual president, sebastian brittany era, and he's a representative of the student and social movement of the 2019 demonstrations on 3. and it's the same time he represents
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a new generation of political actors because all the old parties of the transition period of the julian democracy after losing place. and he's now on the front of a social movement government which will generate new topics, new electoral perspectives for the people. so a new generation of leadership, but the challenges that have been plaguing chile are still very much the same. what are those challenges that the new president will have to prioritize? he has been given a clear program to the people you answer the form of the development model and good by to neo liberal model that sheila has been the former in the years of the past to kate and he wants to generate a new type of politics this means that he has to come to
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a model to include the citizens on the street to generate new forums to make policy. and at the same time, to have the space with the constitutional assembly to write a new constitution. ok, there are pressing social and economic challenges in the country as well. he's a new general. he represents a new generation. you say, well, other countries in latin america also struggling, they've been looking for changes to their or they've been watching the selection. how important is this election for other countries in the region? what, what, what signal does it give to them? at the 1st sight, it seems that the progressive part of the political systems in latin america will be strengthened by this. but the man speak to, you know, that there is a heterogeneous of cooperation between these different countries. lula is the old generation voltage. it's a new generation, though. i think we will have
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a push to lift oriented governments, but it's the same time we have to be deal that they will be interested in quite different questions in the internal side. and borders will have some sort of new leadership that the old man can represent. go to my home from the german institute for international security 1st. thank you very much. you're welcome. you're watching the www is still to come. how bethlehem is celebrating? it's the 2nd 10 demik christmas. first we go to ethiopia, where the leader of the tegra region is blaming turkey. iran and the united arab emirates for fueling the countries crisis by providing military and financial support to the government. the country has been fighting a civil war for more than a year. now. forces from the to dr. region have been battling government troops and
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a conflict that is drawn in neighboring eritrea as well. both sides are accused of committing atrocities and have taken and retaken territory with no cease fire. insight. meanwhile, tens of thousands of civilians have died and millions have lost their homes. corresponded maria gert nicholas grew traveled to the amara region to meet some of the people who have been affected. this is all that is left of i you. but hans house to it. it was demolished by artillery fire when the tube in army and to grant forces clashed in the area yet above amazon. here. this is where the table was a whole. it's all broken now. we'll look at it. it was a nice house. it was beautiful young pointer given a bath. she hid in a forest for 9 days. well to gran rebels, occupied her village on their way to the capital view here about it and what we
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feared for our lives. we didn't know if they were going to kill us. we had children with us, we were scared or whatever. i was with my neighbors at night. it was very cold. and the conflict has not stayed civilians in emily's village residents. it was a $21.00. people were killed by over mo, antigua and rebel, and y'all, but in law, mcgovern, in this mass grave, we buried 4 people per whole. that they weren't soldiers yet. they were honest civilians. local people buried them. we collected the bodies after they left and there were some bodies, which is how eunice had started to eat. one hundreds of thousands of people had fled the violins, my me to bill at shoe and her children sought refuge in this makeshift camp inevitable hun. but she says it lacks everything valid as another child. there is nothing to eat. we have children, and there are no clothes. people left their homes without their belongings. if we're being told it's safe to go back. but what we have to go back to,
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they burned down our houses. it's not just people's homes. public infrastructure has also been destroyed. this hospital in this year was heavily looted and could i curriculum weird antibiotics here and now we have nothing around here. we had it is sent to treat hypertension, mental health issues. here moment i hook the hospital was a referral center for 8000000 people. let me probably all this waste material. you see here. they just threw there them below. this is trasha, but among it there also medicines which we could have used almost at the a minute that on but the modality can in the people in m hara already had difficulty accessing food. the war has made death worse. the un says armed men and local communities looted 8 warehouses such as this one. and the government accuses to grand forces of disrupting the harvest. canada they came on the crops from a short and ready to be harvested, so they destroyed them. not only the crops that had been harvested, but also as oh,
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said hadn't been collected yet. melissa will who love what i go. bold jim. the conflict has affected everything, least people and i'm her are the ones we can see in the neighboring to gray region . a great humanitarian crisis is also unfolding, but no one is allowed to go there and report on it. but i now from the region by maria got and nicholas sca who filed that report. maria, the humanitarian impact of the war in ethiopia, has been horrendous. your report showed us an example, but what is the bigger picture look like? how many people have been affected? well, as the word continues, there are still millions of people of traps in the fighting in the 3 and northern region. where the un says that over 9000000 people require a turn assistance, the civilians have been sometimes directly targeted by the conflict,
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but have also suffered the indirect consequences which are lack of food and lack of health facilities running water and tricity. and sometimes also services such as banking and telecommunication, the conflict as the company has been spreading throughout and far since last summer . in addition to the gray region, we've seen an increase in the military needs. and this has resulted in a massive displacement for almost 2000000 people integrate over half a 1000000 in horror and over 250000 in far, according to the un. what about the conflict itself? maria a few weeks ago to grow and forces were making big territorial gains. now, they've had a setback and blame turkey in the u. e for supporting the government. where to things stand now in the conflict. while it said that the grain advance was halted about 200 kilometers north east of the capital at this about the government has
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also now taken he towns key strategic towns such as bessy kimball and well, the further north and the region there now support supposedly advancing towards a southern gray, while other towns such as the world world heritage site, la bella were already re taken back by the grand forces. things are soon the volatile at the moment, but to grand horses do seem to have suffered a defeat, especially through through drone. and we'll have to see whether the fighting will continue to grow region as well as the to be an army moves up north or whether to grad forces will be focus their efforts and further west have the 2 sides in this war shown any interest in resolving things off the battlefield. well, this would require the 1st step of some type of negotiated ceasefire. so far all
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parties the conflict, say that they are in favor of peace, they accused the other sides of igniting the war. at the same time, none of the parties has expressed their willingness to halt a military facilities without a long set of precondition if reached at some point. if the fire could open up the way up to 2 political negotiations, but so far, there's little hope for this. although they have been active efforts both by the united states and by the african union by the african union. their envoys have been meeting with all parties to the conflict, but so far, all of them seem to want to end this conflict militarily and the fact that the government has retaken the territories. and i'm higher and reason we have further reinforced the narrative that the government groups will be victorious in the near future. maria, thank you very much. that was maria nicholas, go to now to
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sudan. were hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets of khartoum on sunday to demand a transition to a civilian lead. democracy is the latest in a series of demonstrations since of military takeover. in october, protests against the crew have continued even after the prime minister was reinstated, and several high profile political detainees were released from detention demonstrators say that's not enough. with this man is one of dozens injured after security courses. use t, a guess, and stung grenade against protesters in cartoon here, the battle for democracy is being fought on the streets. protest is once a civilian led government the military who've been clinging on to power in
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some form since 2019 say not yet. in october, they arrested prime minister abdullah hum duck and his cabinet and dissolved the government. and despite a deer last month, which took the prime minister out of house arrest and back into a power sharing arrangement with the military protesters and not satisfied, i thought of it didn't. revolution was driven by the sudanese people. the people will win and we will gain power. the military shouldn't be rolling, and the negotiations with them were a mistake. what we are now suffering the consequences of that modeling alumni, which is gonna move over within the day without done it's the 9th mass demonstrations since the october clear. and despite the violence that protest is continues of face, it looks unlikely to be the last. the corona virus
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pandemic is taking a toll on tourism around the world. the palestinian town of bethlehem, known the world over as the birthplace of jesus, is usually festive and colorful this time of year. but with israel having closed its borders to most foreigners, bethlehem's residents are getting ready for a muted holiday season. christmas and bethlehem with the palestinian town, with ert as the birthplace of jesus. here on munger. square, the tree is once again the center of attention. there are fewer restrictions than last year, but life is not the same as before. the pandemic with i have elected by i love bethlehem. i love coming here later. it's the 1st i know actually the 2nd time i've been during the holidays last year with corona, it wasn't possible. i said this year i'd come with my friend lemonade had that issue. massa, to pin this mega span. it's great to be here. oh, i'm quite surprised. there are so many decorations, stickle, because i didn't expect much. ashley in the that the min max in the field. once
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again, this year, visitors from abroad will find it difficult to visit the occupied westbank. israel has closed its borders to foreigners with few exceptions, for at least 4 weeks because of all me gone, most visitors will be, are up is re lease and glucose palestinians. global situation is not so rude. we have a bad news about it is a new volume over covey 19. but despite these bad news, we hope that makes you sound would be possible for the figures to compu, to back lam and to celebrate today the rebuild. at least else the church of the nativity has been well coming visitors for centuries. the building has been completely renovated over the past decade. the leaking grew fixed and precious mosaics brought to light from under centuries old plaster. christmas is usually the
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busiest time, but it's quieter now, even here in the grotto where the silver star marks the supposed actual birthplace of jesus. all the same rehearsals for the traditional scale parade. i in full swing palestinian scout troops like this one from the lutheran church and bates who will open the festivities on december 24th and festive scout uniforms. the sea and we are looking forward for christmas. he did not march last year. due to the current update this year, we have been trading heart of the members have been day practicing almost daily now to march. i'd partake it christmas. ah, we are. we're hoping that things will, will go on as plot this. second, pandemic christmas. many and bethlehem. see it as more important than ever to
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spread the message of peace and good will to all ah, me honestly a soccer now and it was the last round of matches before the mid season break on sunday top for hopefully labor cushion traveled to the season. surprise package fryeburg who ended the year with a wind to keep them on course for a champions league finish. fryeburg fans could toast to a fantastic 1st half of the season with their side consistently and the top 6 since matched a 2 in front of a limited crowd of 750. the hosts had the early chances but couldn't convert and to live accusing. jeremy from pom handled the ball in the area, gifting the hosts, a penalty having missed from the spot last weekend. vincenza vivo stepped up again and was almost to come this time. his cheeky chip gave lucas rabinski the slightest hope of saving it. ah,
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visitors leave accusing we're looking to turn the tide after 2 windless matches and on the stroke of half time be equalized to friend. the units on taz unexpected overhead kick teed up childless at on geese to level the scores after the break. neither side got close until the 84 minutes. when substitute kevin shot, a grab the late winner that sent his side up the table in to 3rd place. pushing labor cruising down to 4th, a disappointing end to the year for the visitors. but a happy stop to the holidays for fly book, which coach kissed him slice was already celebrating, perhaps a little too vigorously for this stuff. members comfort you're watching dw news. just reminder the top stories were following for you to day. authorities around the world are scrambling to slow the spread of the only chron variant. the
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netherlands has shut restaurants and shops ahead of christmas and in the u. s. health officials are urging people to get boosters and wear masks. and chilly has elected leftist, gabrielle borage. as its new president, following one of the most divisive elections and decades, he ran on the platform in support of public education, healthcare and equal rights for indigenous and l g b, t, 2 people watching t the be news up next using drones for scientific research in our sancho, taurus on terry marketing. thanks for watching. ah, with
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ah, with so close to pursue a james web space telescope is supposed to bring distant galaxies within reach. oh.
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with today's new super lenses, not even black holes are safe tomorrow today. next on d, w. ah, with welcome to the dark side, where we tell a chance agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and an after 911. he says after $911.00, the clubs came off where organized crime rules. every genuine news, a global network of companies, banks, and operators. we will provide those services to anyone operation in the criminal economy. where conglomerates make their own laws. they
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invade our private lives through surveillance, hidden, opaque, secretive work through what's vague. it doesn't matter, the only criteria is what we'll hook people up. we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to us? all opaque worlds starts january 5th on d, w. how can drones both cheap and versatile at valence research post on the show we had to japan when new and old technologies are being used to make stunning replications of art.


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