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tv   The Berlin Christmas Market Attack  Deutsche Welle  December 20, 2021 10:15am-11:01am CET

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defend the units on taz unexpected overhead kick teed up childless at geese to level the schools after the break neither side got to close until the 84th minutes . when substitute kevin shot, a grab the late winter. that sent his side up the table in to 3rd place, pushing labor cruising down to 4th, a disappointing end to the year for the visitors. but a happy stop to the holidays for fly book. which coach kissed and life was already celebrating. perhaps a little too vigorously for this staff members comfort up next april and christmas market terror attack 5 years on thanks for watching. take your time for an experiment about time. it can be measured precisely, and yet each person experiences it differently as if there are different bones of time. time,
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a dimension and illusion. about time starnes december 31st on d, w 's, i, it was, this was a terrorist attack. so it was a failure of the state, and the state doesn't, can stop is this he got down and i'm not the scandals don't stop coming even still today. so beyond that is, we don't think we'll ever know what really happened was vickers. why and how it was possible for this attack will take place in an la who i thought preparation to wage holding boy in germany a lot, but that a lot bye hello. this footage was filmed in the cell phone as a future terrorist. chinese ian honest, i'm nate. it f as a rat look inside and is loose. mosque berlin. the men known to places security
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threats celebrated themselves and their ideology. fantasizing about killing in the name of god. with all the while and his amory a self proclaimed preacher was preparing to commit the worst islamist terrorist attack in germany's history. ah, on the evening of december, the 19th 2016 and as amory drove a truck into visitors of the christmas market in berlin square known as bright shad plats next to the kaiser wilhelm memorial church. 13 people died more than a 100 people suffered injuries some very serious with minutes after the crime, the perpetrator was seen raising his index finger in the air in a g at his gesture,
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as if he and his supporters were invincible. ah, via worcester. when i'm, who knew about em, raised crime in who may have supported or protected him back if there are other perpetrators or accomplices if i get, we will bring them to justice. so i had just seen in june 2021 survivors of the attack as well as relatives of the victims met in berlin to show solidarity. nearly 5 years after the terrorist attack german politicians were preparing to draw a line under the affair. the next morning, a parliamentary investigative committee would present its final report. i left but the people here, i said it wouldn't bring closure there. at the 3rd granite of nothing at all has
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been resolved. one thing on the contrary, there's always something new and it's being censored, it makes me really sad, ogazio hallways, either. hm denied. none of us believe we'll learn the truth yet because the intelligence agencies aren't actually interested in disclosing the information that we've another obligated to disclose everything to a parliamentary investigative committee is open. so by simply withhold information under the banner of secrecy. ha roberts, thrown in for surviving emerson in florida. we have to live with the consequences with the fact that they didn't do their job to hear. the government vowed to say this and to do that i thought. and as far as i'm concerned, they still haven't lived up to those promises sign old this hoyt. additionally, are you also disappointed in chancellor merkel? yes. was he the victims of being re traumatized again and again. survivors and relatives are preparing a lawsuit against the state. because even after 5 years,
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there are problems with aid for victims, with the disclosure of mistakes, by security agencies, and with the wider investigation into how the attack came about. authorities quickly determined that the terrorist was working alone, a conclusion that was probably also an attempt to explain why they hadn't sufficiently monitored ambridge networks and why they didn't stop him in time. 4 days after the attack, unless re shot dead by police in italy effectively ending the criminal case against him, the country to what place an intelligence services of climbed. i'll research suggests that i'm re, was not alone wolf. he was instead part of the international terrorist network of the so called islamist state, or i s with connections to the would be caliphate center of power in syria. or for the 1st time an investigation by jim
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public grilled casa a. r d has uncovered a photo of a suspected massed mind of the christmas market attack. apple barrack, i'd iraqi, otherwise known as ali has seen as ease head of a secret ios unit focused on terrorist attacks abroad. early on in the investigation intelligence services and germany's criminal police received an explosive tip out of abu dhabi on the morning of me is even 2016. just 12 days after the attack, an intelligence agent confidentially reported our quote tape about the person ordering the bird in christmas market attack from what was described as a highly reliable, intelligent source. the ice command who did the attack was said to be a bull alba, ali iraqi,
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who wiggly travelled between turkey and syria. over the days and weeks that followed the information became more solid and was deemed reliable by agency. experts further aliases came to light the approximately 45 year old man was described as having a full bead and organizes the activity of ins in germany. busy for weeks, police and intelligent services had reliable indications that germany's was islamist terrorist attack had been ordered by somebody. and yet their response was to search the internet for the man without any concrete results. lighter parliamentary inquiry would examine the security authorities, mistakes, and emissions. benjamin strasser and lawmakers from the free democratic party asked about the tip off, but the intelligence official in charge described,
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delayed as trivial, and not have any value. the investigative committee was not convinced. in the fall of 2020, an official admitted that federal police had not investigated it much further. my hot stronger man, we'd already taken notes that this chip was probably not handled with the necessary care is certainly not by germany's intelligence service, but not by the federal police either. ended up at the end of questioning after some back and forth. ok. i asked him whether it was right to say that the intelligence had pete it out on that, and the witness said, yes, that's correct. so i correct we decided to follow the trial to piece it out for german authorities. this is the kurdish part of a rock. the kurds were instrumental in defeating ice militarily, albeit at great cost. i always kept the science on the terrorist organizations intelligence service. we learned that the man gemini,
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placed unsuccessfully searched the internet for the one suspected of ordering. the christmas market attack was known to rocky security authorities. i asked terrorist adam baron was at the top of the iraqi wanted list this is the headquarters of the governing patriotic union of kurdistan. senior party member. saudi. i've met piera is preparing for an interview with kurdish television. he's an internationally respected foreign policy expert who fostered good relations with german military on the ground. oh, he confirmed some explosive facts. his information about our bill baran, exactly match that from the german intelligent source, linking parent to the christmas market attack. oh, a lot of the couldn't, and in a word we can say that abu baran was one of the top organizers of terrorist acts
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abroad, especially in germany, france and britain. they go. ready 8 gun, so germany was included, included the, you mean he was a top terrorism planner for germany. i found a top terrorism planner for europe as a whole, but especially for germany, britain, france on and frog we found through the leads in the kurdish region of syria. this is an intended can't the captured i, as fighters among the imprisoned members of the terrorist group. we found ob, barajas full, my deputy attachment named alias i. dean. as part of ios is intelligence, and he's responsible for tax at kill dozens of people, such as here in turkey. he claims to him for food,
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i deem was careful not to incriminate himself in the christmas market attack. but he confirmed ob ibarra played a central role in planning terrorist acts in new it. as the right hand man of senior leader, uphill mohammed al agnoni. according to i, dean, apple barrow and iraqi is the man behind the mosque to vacate as a non his sight, messa a val mom, a thought 90. if up non he wanted to send someone to germany or france, for example, or other lock. he was asked whether he thought the person could be trusted, a kid or any use of what about the explosions in 2014 audi 2015 were all organized under the supervision of abala oligarchy. and rocca will not topic that's a fact we bought out of can and, and western intelligence services know it as well as i do that. gotcha video lot. but the list of qualified women when and i even yoletta nani, the terror strips chief strategist was killed in the u. s. military drone strike 4 months before the attack in berlin. his deputy algebra oligarchy,
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allegedly responsible for directing the christmas market attack, was also hit by an air strike at the end of 2016, at least, according to his former accompanies america by them. on that day, i was in a rock officer and i heard another explosion. danny, an announcement came over the radio saying nobody should move because it was still too dangerous. it will truck the colleague next me eventually picked up a phone or been found. an oligarchy, had been killed by an air strike ticketed. later. the strike was confirmed. little shogun, the kurdish authorities believe abdulla is still alive and could still be working behind the scenes for the terrorist group. they continue to search for him, of a know repaid letter here with google, as whether he's in europe or here, but dash, he's wanted as a major figure in the islamic state, terrorist group and give them on fee. oscar as the man in charge of foreign
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activities, though he certainly dangerous, had drugged put into a saying, dove, and he's also of key interest to germany, georgia shun affair. i think it's important for our co operation that we find out where he is, the fish and better yet put him on trial in for a good day. back in germany, we asked prosecutors whether they're investigating attleboro, but they didn't want to say our findings alarm to lawmaker been humans. teresa yonder was i'd, as all, it's also about securing germany against future attacks. if it's possible, but master minds of the berlin christmas market attack a still alive and at large and integrated into the structure of ins, then that's a danger to germany. security alice. so it's not only in the interest of victims and survivors in terms of bringing the perpetrators to justice. it's also vital for
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us, for germany, for that such people be tracked down with her mentioned awesome for candidates. all german investigators were previously wound about avalera following the 2015 attacks in paris, which left a 130 people dead more than a year before the christmas market attack in berlin. adult barons name came up internally as a likely plan out of the paris attacks. meanwhile, german police plant additional security measures under the code would galaxy then on nevada and dice, and the name was known to german security authorities. and what's more disconcerting is the fact that at some point they stopped really paying attention to it. and as the witness explains during our inquiry wise all us yet, that's why i expect the federal prosecutor to carry out follow up investigations and actually traced this lead to determine whether this man is still alive and
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whether he actually ordered the attack on the bright side. plots, christmas market and, and flock. pie chart. latin of pot the game. what, who would could is done assist german police? absolutely, absolutely. we'd help to of course, sure these schools that have trained terrorists are still active in europe in over there, a threat to europe. i guess i feel they're certainly a threat to europe too because they have no chance of a normal life here in their villages and provinces in iraq. anita, if they want to survive, the only thing left for them to do is leave the country forbid. you believe so it's possible the terrorist network continues to be a danger. ah, may easy fingerprint in 20. 17 burnham unveiled a memorial at the start of the attack, but it provides little comfort to the survivors and victims. relatives had it had
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to endure constant revelations about mistakes made by authorities who failed to prevent the attack. as well as the ongoing uncertainty about who else may have been involved. for almost 5 years with kept in touch with astrid placene. his father was killed and near tech think i'm v 6. this is the other side. what's essential to me is that we can be certain who was responsible for facilitating the terror attack and how it came about to stand the come us. i'm having trouble talking right now. it's not just the sorrow of losing her father. i seen told us the pet she purification of the states. various missteps is also gut wrenching. she's brought together other relatives and people injured in the attack to talk through all they know the supposedly good ones on how we try with the strength we have left to process the terror attack. however,
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we can in to find inner peace in the water. and if that is even possible, lucas, and come we went in search of honest unrest. i as connections. we began by following the trail of the groups to facto later in germany, the preacher, apple valley. in 2016 german police rated this mosque in the northern city of hilda's hon. investigators found evidence that the mom gave his blessings for the christmas market attack plan to a private audience. something a blue valid tonight, 5 weeks before the attack abu velaz suspected to be germany's top i s late at is arrested and late a sentence to 10 and a half years in prison on terrorism charges. he declined at an interview, but a man who worked with abu viola and who was a close associate of honest amory in the year leading up to the christmas market
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attack. did a great to talk with us for the condition for interviewing boban. s was that his face would not be shown. he is currently serving an 8 year sentence at a prison in western germany. for security reasons were separated by bullet proof glass. bob m. s is believed to have brought young muslims to ins, france including many who would like to carry out suicide attacks. he claimed to have no idea on re would turn to tara rodney dunn. were you surprised to say the news on television in december 2016? you were already in prison at the time on the ultimately not to your house or shall . i regarded him as unpredictable. but i didn't see that coming. i didn't think for a moment. he do something as crazy is that. i never thought he carry out an attack . yeah, dr. bob, i'm lucky. aneice henrique was involved in crime at an early age is to new jersey
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and hometown. he dropped out of school at 15, after a series of 5th and drug related offenses. i'm re went into hiding from police in 2011 smugglers got him as far as lamp the deuce in italy, not long after he set fire to refugee a shelter in sicily. man was sentenced to full years in prison. there he encountered other islamists. amory arrived in germany in 2015 the same here as hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers at a dormant mosque he came into contact with the islamist group that included boban, s. and ios is alleged later in gemini, ob yuvalar. i'm his only corpus, though honest armory could read the quran very well, which surprised me that he gave the impression of some one who wanted to be cool. who didn't know anything about his lamb. but when he read,
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he read really beautifully adhering to all the rules. i was quite taken aback from recently by amy brush at least 15 supporters of the group were brought to our highest battlegrounds, several died, some of them in suicide attacks. among them were brothers, kevin and mac k, from jim and his room valley, they carried out attacks in iraq that killed more than a 100 people radicalized by unrestrained. baba miss christine. what's your view of the violence displayed by i, as in recent years, as young as a lesson, young brother says with the i'm, you know, michelle michelle from i've always wondered why they carried out such gruesome executions. and i thought maybe they were just trying to intimidate certain people, but i didn't want to think about it. i didn't really engage with it. and i didn't want to see it though, but i shall also mostly unto boban as claims. he was unaware that his
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friend and his army was plotting violence. despite the fact that henri made no secret of his international contacts and tara plans that's according to an informant. sent to infiltrate the group by german investigators. the informant also reported that i'm re wanted to acquire kalashnikov rifles and searched online for how to assemble bombs. apparently unaware boban s blamed the radicalization of his friend. i'm re on the police informant that they're off to buy your guns. he used to talk a lot about various attack scenarios, awards, for example, slashing people with a knife, blowing them up. he kept trying to talk about it. whenever it came to attack scenarios, he'd start talking as though he was trying to encourage people to carry them out leg azurie every longer, possibly being a police informant acting as an agitator. he later vehemently denied the clients
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6 months before the attack, a german authorities received dramatic surveillance intel am rates suspected, the informant, and threatened dog to the phone to kill him. to slaughter him like a peek. according to the origin, audio recording ganglia, i'm re maintained contact with ios fighters in libya. they are telegram chats from very early on woodside shelter. if you think about it, loads of people left the country to go to syria as good. there's always some one among them. you know, perhaps a family member, i mean it doesn't come from the look on his face. i thought he'd probably just gotten a cold that someone he knew had been killed, or that they'd been a drone strike through long dead i, as fighters and armories family. his extremist network already took root in his community, growing up into his young a 3 hour drive from the capital tunis. i'm his home town mosque was a known place,
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which he had us the time from the year 2012, several he had strong armies. p a group left to fight in his combat science among them i'm race friend, bill l. carby as well as the brothers. while lead and car lead abdallah to from the chinese in sellers. this group died in suicide attacks in libya. the 3rd associate and notorious highest executioner, is thought to have been queued lighter fulton in syria, another childhood friend of unread, i'm in copy, and to other members of the abd dolly family later supported him as he plotted his terror attack in germany. i. e. e. e, e, before the christmas market attack, investigate is listened, didn't on phone conversations between ambry and i'm and copy and ashley, if a dolly copy and dolly, which will come from an ice base in libya, discussing plans for suicide attack. they said,
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my pray for us and for our success. i'm renee a had will lightest ahmed, high for lies. i'm a noticed i've been a mid sounds of combat in the back a lot about going to say about him on the lie a high do i is he a lie? at the same time i'm result contact online with safe, another abdallah, relative working with i. as in syria and an acquaintance from back. com, i'm re evidently hope safe could help find someone seen you who might order an attack. on re deleted his facebook messenger data ahead of the christmas market attack. bought it's possible his childhood friend facilitated an introduction to a powerful contact. we discovered that unrestrained is connected online with fight is associated with one of germany's formerly most wanted terrorists, the berlin, except dennis coo spit who left jimmy f. i. s battlefields
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who spoke as seen. he on the sidelines of a koran distribution event in berlin in 2012. at the time he was a key i as feca, recruiting young muslims. shortly before he disappeared into the fray, he issued this threat to chancellor miracle and the interior and foreign ministers . you are waging jihad on our countries. we will bring the war to your countries. jihad has clearly arrived in germany, one year before the berlin terror attack, his would sound like an official. i iss declaration of war on gemini bush. we bought it rudolph of legal as he does the golden rule. don't make a whole lot of crispin wrapped about terrorist properties, allegedly preparing to attack germany, presumably no empty threat. it is. meanwhile, a gym and counter terrorism unit noticed phone calls between close but and
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islamists in berlin. a place in to me to he also reported to crisper, dispatched a team of terrors to germany, a lead which authorities took seriously or vision of what role did danny's qu, sped play, leading up to the attack law. there was this suspicion at the time that he sent people to germany from syria going orthodontal. clerk, that remains the case. he was a very charismatic person, a knew how to command an audience. we believed he was a leading figure in this particular group. no question is at what he actually set into motion. i can't cite the shoals with his dog, crisp its contact, cypress. i. donnie was sold to a in a to z, an anti terry unit. born in the same place as amory. he evidently changed sides. lot. he disguised as a refugee, he came to germany as one of the leaders of coasts was purported, tara, tain't,
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or another, was believed in a nash, elated make friends with m ray investigators. notice that once he arrived in jam, nate st. dannie, so content with hospice in syria several times it came to the attention of investigators on several occasions for one g to evidence of potential bomb attacks. 3 tapped phone conversations, men this can be heard saying they will blow up berlin and burn the germans. armory and the t lead is of the suspected, tara team. psy, donnie and ben amar met at a mosque in berlin's temple huff districts and became friends for years. the place of worship had been viewed as a gathering point for ice activists. the mom had been under investigation for years . he suspected of rallying fighters to the i. s corps,
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something the mom denies. his son translates. good gun, you monica, he and how can someone who lives here has his children here he walks here as his mommy and as job here. like all for them, asked people to fight against this country. due to insufficient staffing at berlin state criminal police office, the case was shell for a long while before being closed with no concrete conclusions. lou, i'm race i johnny and ben. a mar stayed on the investigators radar. but at the time, police couldn't prove the 3 committed any serious crimes. this meant the group's back, our former rappa dennis coast, that was probably still pulling strings from syria. i'm re increasingly began devoting his time to the fuselage mos in the berlin district of mullah beat police believe the spot to be an elias outpost in
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a cham and capital armory periodic. he lived in the rooms of the mosque. he slept, prayed, and partied here. it is not known whether this was where he kept the weapon he would lay to use in the attack. in any case, this is where amory encountered a group of hard line iron supporters, including many individuals known to police and labelled as threats to the state. however, he was evidently preparing for what he believed to be a holy war. what may look like, a light hearted gathering is gravely serious. they shout, god is greatest, and pledged an oath of allegiance to the leader of the group calling itself is lanika state. oh, bernard funk, a frequent visitor to the fusillade mosque, previously prayed and spent the night here with henri, the former left wing terrorist converted to islam during a long prison sentence. folk walked us through footage. we were able to fill
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out the mosque was shut down. this should lead to the basement right there. what was there in kilo in the basement, there was a kitchenette provision with a small counter top frantic rosie the showers. were there lose? yeah, you know, when you start? yes, if you go that way, you'll find the cooking area league. the larger bedroom is on the left love home. the house wasn't just where g hottest slipped over the years, several operatives was sentenced to years in prison. percolating money and military equipment from the so called islamic state, or for recruiting and sending forces to syria. home, why did henri become a terrorist? germany had taken him in of him food and
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a roof over his head. hadn't he received plenty of chances. here though was moses, it was awfully eel. that's not quite true. m a, but he was someone who couldn't find his place in society. virgil was confronted with the official directives that he should just get out of the country, which was his love. and that's exactly what would have happened to him on those 50 before watched on the moon. people facing that you respond either by giving out bob or acting out toughly next order june. i'm re found accomplices in the fuselage mosque such as the caucasian islamist, michael, mit ali c o. the french convert clement b, who had been in contact with the initiators of the paris attacks. a prior
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later analysis of emory's phone suggested he was on the constant lookout for potential targets for an attack such as berlin's ober bound bridge, which is also part of the city subway system. the berlin cathedral, and chancellor. michael's residence also about 7 weeks before the christmas market attack, he scouted a busy shopping mall in berlin, susan cronin area. the target was meant to make a statement and result in as many dis as possible, was planned as part of a series of devastating attacks timed to happen simultaneously in paris and brussels. investigators believe necessary. explosives being kept by one of amerys accomplices in an apartment on the outskirts of berlin. when the police came knocking, at least one suspect managed to escape over the balcony unrecognized. there was no trace of the explosives. police hoped to find later i'm res. french
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accomplice was arrested in ma say he had 3 kilograms of t a t p. in his possession. the same explosive used in the paris attacks apparently unsettled by the police right arm returned away from his fusillade. accomplices, but the mosque remained an important base in the weeks before the attack. there was a hidden camera in the police station across the street that filled the mosque around the clock. but these images would no longer being analyzed, not in the weeks, days and hours before the attack. susie agents did not notice that not far away. amory was recording a video, confession climbing responsibility for the attack and send her to i yes. in syria. they also didn't realize that right before the attack he likely came here to pray.
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a close friend of henri told us that the last time i saw on these shortly before the attack or the same as always, i will be a bit more withdrawn. he didn't talks, i'm out here later, but otherwise he seemed relaxed around. he was a bit warmer and hugged longer than usual, but he also said see you next week of a heavy there wasn't supposed to look like a good bye. oh, the plan of action for the terror attack was likely presided by someone i'm re didn't know personally, but whom he was put in touch with through ice contacts in syria and friends in berlin, including the former rappa, dennis crisp. it was in his video likely from the end of 2016, shortly before the attack hospital wrapped instructions for how to carry out an attack with a truck he said, steal the vehicle or take it by force and speed into
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a public celebration or marketplace. just what happened at the attack on the christmas market. the evening before the attack ambry met his friend from coast, but supported tara chain. bill el, been a mom, the restaurant security cameras show them having an animated conversation. the following day, the day of the attack on multiple subway surveillance cameras, 3 investigators would lay to believe they recognized omnes. friend ben amadi, near the crime scene, was he there been a man denies his allegations. but on his phone, investigators even found pitches of the attack site, which been a mom, had apparently scope down months in advance. it c
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exec spot went unrelated speed into the crowd, and yet investigators would deem the evidence to flimsy. amerys friend been a mar and the man apparently sent by co spirit sy donny wood to portal a few weeks after the attack. the fact that others who were working behind the scenes went free without any further investigation of pulled opposition. politicians in the parliamentary investigative committee as well as survivors and those who lost loved ones in the attack. green parliamentarian irina mc college had trained police officer, an f. d. p. member benjamin strasser, met bereaved relative astern, pacin, and 1st responder gearhart. savanski. both considered the lawmakers allies in the fight against the government and intelligence agencies. silence. we how do you feel now, standing here after 3 or 4 years of investigation i on oft. well, it was got,
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i know who exactly is fighting for all right. who wants to shed light on the matter that you could sense it out? it was really important for us to see and recognize that can in filing law become defeated. above all, i believe we were able to disprove many of the security agencies initial theories through our inquiry which blight this will as i said in the end, there are still this lasting uncertainty. and miss anita, we may not have managed to shed light on every single fascinating but silver visor directly, elephants lift sibling, williams hunger in was of i had to get used to the voices in the background that kept interjecting whenever something didn't match their expectations in the past those were tense situations where i thought to myself, please not now i need to know if i was so disappointed when the processor didn't deliver what i expected, thus, capacity vestment of advertising, but that's why it was so terrible that they withheld so many files from us or delivered them in such a state that they couldn't be read properly acting funny,
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then we couldn't prepare the way we would have liked. he didn't fight for white glove young school, double bonds dispute. donald, i think we covered a of ground and that you, with your experience as a police officer and me as a lawyer. our background certainly taught us how to question witnesses and discern if they're not being upfront. an excellent will for gemacht with the i slot corners under the voters, i'm best it's best described as chronic amnesia. at times it was unbelievable. how little recollection eye witnesses had toyed no fun. i had the impression that was often taken advantage of that they were allowed to testify or that part of their memory had been wiped orders of unknowns from the im. complex divers english far on on his armory was many things, but no lone wolf at once. gainsay, only reasonably if we were mostly concerned with a question of whether others were involved, these people might still be alive when they might still be at large. the fact that they didn't look into this more carefully to see if other people were involved in
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the attack is a huge failure of december 19th, 2016724 pm. on his armory, hijacked, the truck killed the driver and headed towards flood shad class. his video confession was already in syria with the eye as propaganda division. it was sitting there for weeks, waiting to be published. i'm re chatted via misinger with his so called mentor a contact he presumably made through his childhood friend in libya. that man provided remote support during the attack. inside the truck, i'm re sent his mentor, a picture showing only his hand, and the tip of his red sneaker. he reported to quote, i'm in the car now. god is great. pray for me.
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just after 8 pm, the alleged lung perpetrated killed searching people and injured over a 100 some severely. one of them was gear, had savanski, his whole life was turned upside down. instead of running away, he was one of the 1st responders who tried to save lives and watched people die unable to work for a long time. after 5 years, he's too haunted by the question. why? so that's he sees a specialist therapist to ha assign a router has been treating some 20 terror victims for years. some of her were at the christmas market because afternoon, a lot of her. i talk a lot in my sleep from floor one. sometimes i get up in my sleep i and scream for someone to go there and take care of them. the system, the see human come at the tire indians or i must have tried to coordinate things for sort of and i re lift this experience at night when i'm asleep. when he leapt.
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isn't being out and not in class. i've heard about victims of other attacks and girls got like this guitar asked who was playing in a bar when the bomb went off. guitarists wasn't, if all the other band members die, been madrid of a few items. he was the only one who survived it lifted, it would just let it happen. it's completely fine. okay. does he seemed okay, no fuzzy and then 30 years later he was tuning his guitar and a string snapped and he burst into tears. oh, that's exactly what it means and that's why you're still affected scientifically speaking on after a terrorist attack. and even after a certain number of therapy sessions, it's not possible to be discharged fully healed. that would just do more harm because it stays with you your entire life until you draw your last breath from. that's an option. so unanswered questions and inner turmoil. 5 years after the attack and savanski is not alone in this hermana is as guns room to some what the
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investigations on cover is very painful, hardly any glass. some people lose their faith in justice and humanity because they feel alone, you abandon i the and the glosson that has the my as most victims of the bright shide plots attack are filled with bitterness forbid. and that leads straight to a severe depression said tal. indescribable. soon, ant says could help. when a summer morning in 2021 victims of the attack are on their way to the german parliament. with the armory investigative committee is presenting its final report, bringing the political process to close to it. of course it hurts mine and constantly to us. the investigation is still not over. it's still not 100 percent clear. what happened yet. germany's federal police and intelligence agency declined to comment. all of the attackers contacts shown in this film when known to german
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or international security agencies to be dangerous. ah, you know, nuclear power. that's what the brock doors protest is about. one last time after 35 years of struggle. by the end of 2022, germany will start using nuclear power. other countries, meanwhile,
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are stepping up production. why is that global 3000 in 90 minutes on d w? are you ready to get a little more extra? ah, these places in europe are smashing all the records step into more bold adventure. just don't lose your grip and the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of europe's wykard breaking sites on you tube. and now also in book form landscape, a reflection of a turbulent history. the cities, the mosaic of different people and languages. the ron's mountains reveal
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unparalleled beauty. ah, a special look at a special country. he loan from above. starts december 27th on d, w. ah ah ah, this is dw news alive from berlin authorities across europe scramble to slow the spread of the omicron variant. the netherland leads the way with a hard christmas lockdown, closing pubs and shops. the new corona virus variant is said to be the most contagious, yet.


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