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countries, it's also a vaccine that doesn't require the sort of cold storage that the amount of axes do . so it's potentially a vaccine that can be used much more widely across the lower middle income countries where cold chains may not be quite. and the same rate of data quite with m r. renee vaccines. having said that, of course we don't know what the effectiveness is against on the crime. you know what the boosting is required in the same way as like other vaccines and when so i think those are questions that need to be urgently answered. as we understand its value overall in terms of global vaccine equity isn't what we need right now. vaccine, that is specifically a targeting, alma kron so i don't think that in itself is sufficient. i mean, the thing is we've had about a new way into every 3 to 6 months. and unless we able to slow down the evolution of the virus by containing transmission, it's very, very likely that will be faced with a new variant in another 6 months or so. so what we need is multi valid vaccines that hit multiple radians, as well as other measures to slow down transmission so that we can actually slow
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down the rate of evolution of the virus to we're not faced with a new variant. every time we develop and other vaccine against a previous variant. so do you then and visit your situation where we'll have to get vaccinated more often every couple of months whenever a new variance, well manifest itself. i think that's why i can't, i don't think that's something novel. i mean, we need to remember that, you know, we get vaccinated for flu with whatever straight and flu is circulating every single year. so i don't think that in itself, you know, is, is massively problematic, but i do think that given it takes a 6 month period or so to approve when you vaccine and test it out. we do need to still slow the spread. the virus boost does will help even boost as against previously because they provide very, very high levels of unity which can override that sort of escape that we are see. even mccormick on. so getting boosters is vitally important, but it's also important to take other measures alongside to reduce transmission so
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that the virus is not constantly ahead of vaccine development and texas or but what is the most important metric right now? i mean, we're talking about a con, being very contagious, and spreads very easily. should we be paying attention to the number of infections or the number of hospitalizations. what do you look at? so i mean, the way to spread is going to be the most important determining factor for impact when you have a meeting that spreading or doubling every 2 days. that's faster than any beta we've seen so far. it doesn't matter in some ways how severe it is because the impact will mostly be determined by the number of people infected. so even if a b against is less of yeah, that just by you a few days given cases a doubling every 2 days. so, you know, given on the current is spreading very, very rapidly, it has very, very high potential for population, in fact, an old welding health care services. so we need to really act early because we are on that sort of curve of exponential spread. and we already see what's happening
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the you can't denmark and we need to preempt that and other parts of europe. and dr . a final thought from you, of course, a lot of people are hoping to see loved ones during this festive season. what's your message for even to those people? for those people? i think my message would be we're in a crisis. i think there's a real possibility that many people across europe will not have emergency care available to them in january. the way things are headed and the on the kron bade will spread in other parts of europe as it has been in denmark and, and the u. k. admiralty, similar crisis. so if you can't just hunker down for christmas, and you can have social contact with people later on, because this is sort of an unfair in price is most of us can't, can't even say what the predicted anti impact is going to be. but it's not worth taking the risk, dr. deep to your good assign the epidemiologist at the queen mary university and london. doctor, thank you so much for answering our questions or deliveries of the new novak's
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vaccine are expected to start within weeks just as europe battles of surge infections from the on the chron variant. many countries are tightening travel restrictions and the netherlands has imposed a strict logged down, closing non essential shops, restaurants, and other public places until at least mid january is a big blow for businesses hoping for a christmas boost. did have your correspondent christine wound, while reports from amsterdam christmas is already over at this local market in amsterdam. so this was supposed to be a christmas market, people spinning the day here buying. also. christmas festivity treats like lu via and cetera. but as you can see within hours, everything's been taken down. one gentleman i spoke to the fact he's right behind me. he wouldn't come on camera, but he's fuming, he's raging. he spent the last 2 weeks preparing for this. and basically the st. abrasions are over before they've even begun after the holidays were canceled. last
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year, this christmas was supposed to be different. but the new restrictions which mean no shopping or restaurant dining. on the surprise gift nobody wanted. and even the outdoor national favorite past time has been put on ice. yeah, the restrictions makes it again impossible to, to operate the the ring for this year last year. we close. so for this year we finally had a and you know, but unity to open up again and to, to make the losses of last year to, to make it a little more profitable. hopefully, we don't have much to look for, you know, the next couple of weeks because we can't really go ice cream. it's not just the locals. the cities, visitors are also losing out on amsterdam, must see and do favorites or whatever. we are here from florida. and we were going to go to the van, go museum,
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are going to go the and frank house. unfortunately, it's all closed. so we have to improvise and walk around and look at everything. the dutch government said the measures were unavoidable. as cove at 1900 infections saw among the population, the new variant omicron, which was 1st reported here 3 weeks ago, is expected to be the dominant variant before the end of this year. oh, oblique outlook. but some are still trying to keep the festive chair. it's dark times at the moment here. hold on. and what i'm trying to do is to tear people a little bit up. wish them merry christmas and make the make some loss on the faces . ah, never report by christine went about from amsterdam. want to tell you now about the other stories in the headlines right now where germany's new chancellor all actual
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is in italy for his 1st meeting with presidents mario bradley. the 2 leaders announced a joint action plan aimed at coordinating government policy in the area of diplomacy, defense, and green technology. the chances are also repeatedly praised at least vaccination program and response to the pandemic. the death toll from typhoon ry in the philippines has risen to 375. dozens more. are still missing. entire communities have been leveled. many are without electricity. water or food. military has been called in to help and hundreds of thousands have been displaced with the typhoon triggering landslides and flash floods. for china, candidates have swept to victory in hong kong legislative election as expected, but turn out was at its lowest ever interest. 30 percent. all candidates were vetted for their loyalty to beijing opposition. candidates have been silenced,
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jailed or have fled the territory in an interview with a chinese new chinese newspaper, tennis star punch, white has denied saying she was sexually assaulted by a top. chinese leader pong says her post from november was misunderstood. but the women's tennis association says it's concerned about her ability to communicate freely chilly has elected a former student activists to become it's next president. leftist gabriella bridge was just 35 years old. defeated his far right rival. jose antonio cast by a wider margin than expected. while at the new president's victory promises a shift toward more progressive policies and a generational change. ah historic and jubilant victory. with 35 year old gabrielle butch chile now has its youngest ever president. he was
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helped to vote the barricade, to take to the stage and recognize the people who have put him in power. the left wing fullness student leda had tapped into that anger the countries economic model and inequality. it is brought to when 56 percent of the vote. what do you feel good? am i guaranteed that i will be a president who cares for democracy and does not risk it? who listens more than he speaks? seeks unity and attends to the needs of the people daily. i will firmly fight against the privileges of a few. and i will work every day for the quality of the chile and family he a little likely they'll get from you. his promises range from protecting the environment to tackling chiles. private pension system, and his followers are full of hope. a nameless can wait any moment. they still legal, i mean, none of them are not,
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is no placed in the history of chile. surely emotional sienna, most of it is made so much progress. now we will move forward with social rights and continue to advance and fight against the far right. like them. c with a high though to turn out burridge squarely beat the far right candidate. jose antonio cast, but cast was dignified in his defeat either mitigate or saint equality that earth king i want to do is congratulate gabrielle bowditch. he deserves all of our respect. he won fairly many children's trust him and we hope he will lead a good government going and in the ways we can with our legitimate differences. we want to hound our nation and will said when i bought the battle about the the night though, belongs to burridge, who harolds a new political dawn for chile like to reach out now to the reporter benjamin alvarez gruber. he joined us from santa with chile, where he is of course,
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covering this story for you were so good to see a benjamin what is chile going to look like under president bridge? good afternoon, layla. he promised to continue with the path of this constitutional assembly distracting. and you can see tuition, including the indigenous population, strengthening women broad women's rights also. and that's why you see a start, a really, really big difference to his father, right? candidate to the for a candidate with the antonio that we just saw in the report there, he was indeed a protest leader, student protest, ledia and 2011 and in 2014 with other colleagues. he made it into parliament from there, he pushed also with the politics and continued when he was then and now that he will be the presidential candidate, also of the left tween party from the right wing. they always accused him of being far left with varying due to the fact that he was also with the support of the
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communist party in the enter communism. not only in chile, but in latin america is pretty strong and will back to the last presidential election. it will set that if the left wing candidate wins surely would be. she lit sweller, so always referring to nicaragua and venezuela. 2 but govern, bori has a clear stand when it comes to the human rights abuses in its will and also in the car. and of course, the human rights crisis, not only during the past years of the president, the of the president of the year, but also during that the dealership played a huge role in this vote. and in conclusion, benjamin how polarized is truly at the moment and can't present elect war. it's unify the country. it will be a very big task, not only because he will be the youngest ever president of this country have to be at least 35 years old to be a president. and he has no clue majority in congress and parliament. so they will
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have to try to find agreements with a right me, hans, and it's different between being a candidate and being a president, and that's one of the advises that outgoing president, the conservative, a outgoing presidency of us. dampier. i gave gabriel board so he has a lot ideas he wants to tackle it problems when it comes to education, when it comes to inequality when it comes to the pension system. so he will have to see also specially when it comes to the economy of chile that has seen also severe problems during the co it 90 pandemic over the past years. if you will be able, he sadly will be in difficult. yesterday, when he approached tens of thousands who joined him in the center of santana to celebrate his victory. and now we will see if it will be possible. and of course, you will need to find agreements not only with people that are on the left side, but also of right wing parties and of politicians. benjamin others, a group of reporting from santiago that she like. thank you so much. benjamin, great, catching up with you turkeys, currency,
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the lira has tumble to an all time low against the us $1.01 day after turkey's president cited. mustn't teachings to justify his decision not to raise interest rates to stabilize the currency on the weekly or as driving prices ever hire many people in turkey are struggling to buy food and other essentials. the esteemed evaluation also has seen foreign invest visitors rather mostly from greece and bulgaria, crossing into turkey to take advantage of their new found purchasing power. i. let's get you more. a d. w. correspondence to dorian jones is standing by, is stumble. what does this mean for the people in turkey? well, it means suffering. turkish people are facing a sooner meal price increases today. so petro price is going up. dairy products have gone up over 50 percent in the last few weeks rent, so also soaring as landlords try to pay the rent for rent rises to the the rising
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dollar on top of that, there's expectation of a heating bills will be soaring as well. thus winter snows, an hour heating turkey, that because turkey import over 90 percent of his energy and for turkish businesses . the story is also believed. they are warning that they are fearing that people will no longer be paying their bill, so they are holding off paying their invoices. and on top of that, they're soaring, a raw material prices and a heating costs and even turkeys exported, who have been tremendously well out of the claps in the currency. they are wanting that this uncertainty and chaos is leading them not to expand their production because they don't know what's gonna happen next. and that will be a dash, oppressive nerd one who is pinning this crap in the currency to boost the country's economy. we'll talk just a little bit about there in terms of his popularity. how do people view president to airlines role in the lira cray says will turkish or economy has been struggling all year and that has hit prison. earth one's
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ratings in his ruling aka party. but this late is cracked in the last few weeks of the currency which has seen a clap over 35 percent in 30 days. has seen his ratings now reach rock bottom. they are record lows, people of impulse, a 55 percent do not want to see him as president, as opposed to $35.00 who do and his own party itself is also at reco los, even though it's still the largest party. but the main opposition parties are ahead as a coalition to urge one is in a very deep predicament here, and it's very unclear how this will play out for the president. as all the expectations of situation will continue to work with prisoner one ruling, no step back from his very controversial policy of cutting interest rate with inflation. sorry. so if the president continues to dig and what option does a present air to one have to stabilize the currency? well, these prisoners one does reverse his policy or if he a introduces
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a major high can interest rates, people are talking about possibly 15 even 20 percent increase in interest rates. the stabilize the or the turkish lira with inflation. wiley to wiley expected to be reaching 30, possibly 40 percent in the coming weeks. and if he was to establish are an independent central bank chief, then why expectation the country is the earth one runs the central bank, not the central bank himself. if he was gonna return autonomy in independent, then the layer would stabilize, but they will be very painful for the circus economy and prisoner one has rule that out over the weekend, saying that the cut in interest rate is part of his muslim belief. according to the koran interest rates are forbidden. so i think all eyes are now looking at her as a nerd ones, parliamentary deputies as boring pressure on them to defect in large numbers to which would lead them to an early election. and if you speak to growing numbers of business leaders are much of a country. the only way out of this crisis say, see is an early election. did have correspond. and dorian adjust reporting from
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istanbul. he's been talking to us about the dramatic and evaluation of the lira. thank you. we turn our focus now to the horn of africa, specifically the conflict and ethiopia, where the to grind people's liberation front as announced. it will be, we're drawing from several regions. they had captured that of the to grey forces claims. the move was a step towards peace. if your p has been fighting a civil war for more than a year, now, forces from the to gray region have been battling government troops and a conflict that has drawn in neighboring eritrea as well. both sides are accused of committing atrocities. meanwhile, tens of thousands of civilians have died and millions have lost their homes. access for journalists has been very limited, but our correspondence visited the government controlled am har region embedded with local authorities from their maria girth. nicholas group filed this report on the people caught in the crossfire. this is all that is left of our you but hans
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house to it. it was demolished by artillery fire, wendy tube in army, and to grand forces clashed in the area. yet i'm obama norman. hey, this is where the table was a whole. it's all broken now. you know, look at it. it was a nice house. it was beautiful and wonderful. beth. she hid in a forest for 9 days. well, to gran rebels occupied her village on their way to the capitol hill about it and what we feared for our lives. we didn't know if they were going to kill us. we had children with us, we were scared or whatever. i was with my neighbors at night it was very cold and the conflict has not spared civilians. anderson and his village resident was a 21. people were killed by a romal antiquarian rebel in your bedroom, la mcgovern. in this mass grave. we buried 4 people per hole that they weren't soldiers yet. they were honest civilians. local people buried them. we collected
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the bodies after they left, and there were some bodies which they hi, eunice had started to eat. hundreds of thousands of people had fled. the violins meet the bellagio and her children sought refuge in this makeshift camp inevitable hun, but she says it lacks everything by layer. as another child, there is nothing to eat. we have children, and there are no clothes people left their homes without their belongings. if we're being told it's safe to go back, but what we have to go back to, they burned down our houses. it's not just people's homes. public infrastructure has also been destroyed. this hospital in dessie was heavily looted and could, i could, i could look with antibiotics here and now we have nothing around here. we had medicine to treat hypertension, mental health issues. yeah. moment i have the hospital was a referral center for 8000000 people that we thought were going all this waste material. you see here they did through their below,
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this is trasha. but among there also medicines which we could have used to take home with us at the imminent that on, but the medicine in the people in m herrera already had difficulty accessing food. the war has made death worse. the un says armed men and local communities looted 8 warehouses such as this one. and the government accuses to grand forces of disrupting the harvest. canada that came on the crops from its shore and ready to be harvested. so they destroyed them. not only the crops hadn't been harvested, but also those that hadn't been collected yet. there was no one who loved without a global jim. the conflict has affected everything. these people and i'm her, are the ones we can see in the neighboring to gray region. a great humanitarian crisis is also unfolding, but no one is allowed to go there and report on it. and that was a report from did of you said maria girth. nicholas go in, am hara where the announced withdrawal of to grind fighters is now raising hopes of
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a possible ceasefire with government forces. the corona virus pandemic is taking a toll on tourism around the world. but lamb revered by christians as the birthplace of jesus, is usually festive and colorful this time of year. but with israel having closed its borders to most foreigners, and beth land located in the occupied west bank residence, are getting ready for a muted holiday season. christmas in bethlehem with the palestinian town, with ert as the birthplace of jesus here on munger. square, the tree is once again the center of attention. there are fewer restrictions than last year, but life is not the same as before. the pandemic with i have elected by i love bethlehem. i love coming here later. it's the 1st i know actually the 2nd time i've been during the holidays last year with corona, it was impossible. i said this year i'd come with my friend lemonade had that issue
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. might have been this mega span. it's great to be here. oh, i'm quite surprised. there was so many decorations stickler because i didn't expect much ashlynn the that the money marked in the field. once again, this year, visitors from abroad will find it difficult to visit the occupied westbank. israel has closed its borders to foreigners with few exceptions, for at least 4 weeks because of all me gone, most visitors foby are up, is re lease and glucose palestinians. global situation is not so good. we heard about news about these a new vaviante over covey 19. but despite of these bad news, we hope that makes the sound would be possible for the figures to come here. to bet lamb 2 syllable 8 together. read the locker at least else the church of the nativity has been while coming visitors for centuries. the building has been completely renovated over the past decade. the leaking grew fixed and precious
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mosaics brought to light from under centuries old plaster. christmas is usually the busiest time, but it's quieter now, even here in the grotto where the silver star marks the supposed actual birthplace of jesus. tanner kramer and bethlehem there stick where they're set up next to morrow to day art, science magazine, my laraca, berlin, i'm of all of us here. thank you very much for choosing to be with us. we hope to see at the top with, with
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you a so close to the store, a james web space telescope is supposed to bring distant galaxies within reach. oh wow. with today's new super lenses,
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not even black holes are safe. good tomorrow today. next on d, w ah, with to the dark side, where we tell entrance agency or pulling the strings, there was a before 911 and an after 911. he says after $911.00, the clubs came off where organized cry, rules. genuine use a global network of companies, banks, and operators. we will provide those services to anyone operation, the criminal economy. where conglomerates make their own laws. they invade our private lives through surveillance. hidden
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opaque, secretive work is true, was vague. it doesn't matter. the only criteria is worked, we'll hook people up. we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind, who benefits and why are they a threat to us? all? opaque worlds starts january 5th on d, w. how can drones both cheap and versatile advance research? both on the show we had to japan when new and old technologies are being used to make stunning replications of.


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