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tv   Inas Nacht  Deutsche Welle  December 20, 2021 4:30pm-5:31pm CET

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they invade our private lives through surveillance. hidden opaque, secretive. what's true? what's vague? it doesn't matter. the only criteria is walked. we'll hook people up. we shed light on the opaque worlds. who's behind her benefits and why are they a threat to us? all opaque worlds starts january 5th on d, w. how can drones both cheap and versatile at valence research posts on the show we had to japan where new and old technologies are being used to make stunning replications of art. but we begin with
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a close up look at the james web space, telescope scientists, and have great hopes for it to discover the i'd love ah, welcome to to morrow to day. the sun shone on d, w. 321, and withdraw. well, to play some discovery with the hubble space telescope window on the universe, just over 30 years ago, travel space telescope was launched into orbit. it's been sending back stunning images from the depth of space ever since. thousands of publications have been written based on his observations, but with advancing age they comes advancing new technology and thus hubble is due to be replaced by the james web space telescope. soon after the launch has been delayed several times in the past,
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of the most expensive scientific endeavours is now ready to go. oh, humanity is new i and the sky succeeds the renowned hubble space, telescope, hovels, e particle discoveries were only possible because astronauts could reach out to install a new instrumentation. hubble is positioned only 500 kilometers above the earth. the new james wham telescope, however, will be beyond human reach. it will remain in the earth's shadow, some one and a half 1000000 kilometers away. tracking the planets orbit around the sun. the base of the satellite telescope will permanently face sun words. a sun shade, the size of a tennis court will stretch across its supply unit. it will shield the telescope and it's instruments from light pollution. with the wind telescope, 6 and a half meter mirror dwarfs hovels reflector,
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it's made up of 18. hexagonal segments coated with a thin layer of vaporized gold, which reflects in for red light especially well. the mirrors body is made of beryllium, a light white metal which holds its form even an extreme cold, hard to believe. but it took only 48 grams of gold to coat all its segments. remote controlled actuators are mounted on the back of each segment. the small motors can pivot and turn them in 6 directions. to take really clear photographs, the segments will be adjusted exactly once the telescope is out in space. the main mirror collects light and reflected on to a smaller mirror, which focuses at via 2 more to the telescopes, measuring instruments, probing the universe is mysteries. the universe is constantly expanding,
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and the further other galaxies are away from us, the faster they're receding. as the objects move away from us, the wave length of the light emitted by these distant objects shift towards the red . so web is especially well suited to capture the longer and for red wavelengths. it will be able to look much further into the past than humble. capturing images of the universe is 1st stars and galaxies. it's in for read, i will be able to penetrate dense clouds of dust, to see what's hidden behind them. mm. astronomers are expecting to gain totally new insights into the creation of stars and planets within our own solar system. when will investigate the remnants of its ancient past, the icy bodies plowing their way through the costs most far beyond the planets. but for blast off, the huge james webb telescope will have to be folded together like
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a piece of luggage. james webb, the full manasseh chief, is said to have discriminated against homosexual people in the workplace. science has signed a petition to change the telescopes name, but nasa says the allegations unproven. so the telescope still bears the name james web. black holes are among the most fascinating phenomena in the universe. these gigantic objects, test the limits of human imagination, research into them as by german astrophysicist high hot again. so for instance, was recognized with a nobel prize in physics in 2020 but there are still many mysteries surrounding black holes. we meet an astrophysicist who wants to explore black holes using the james web space telescope. domenico violet selleck will be among the 1st induct research using the new james web space telescope.
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her team is one of 13 that had been chosen to begin work as soon as it's up and running them an hour. thanks. matt asked me to vegas when i start to really delve into astronomy and realized that what we see with our naked eye when we look up at the starry sky, is only minute part of what is actually there. it does something to you and done with, i'm guns and i still get goosebumps when i think about it. a game as it stands out, and metabolic nevada. the astrophysicist is interested in super massive black holes embedded at the center of large galaxies. as they devour the material around them, they blast out powerful radiation winds. she says, these winds can promote or prevent the formation of stars in a galaxy. the link between
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black holes and the evolution of galaxies is one of the key questions in modern day astrophysics. the land that my get, i who laughed over the course of all tosh when you think about the size of a super massive black hole, the galaxy and the size of the galaxy that host it, that the difference is huge. normed of us when they say, well, it's like comparing a one st coin smith with the moon, with headlight, and taught them. and yet during their active growth phase, these super massive black horse are able to exert such an enormous influence on their galaxy. just how they do that is what she wants to understand. after all, we to live in a galaxy the milky way already as a child. dominica, violet. aleck, began to wonder where the edge of the universe lies and what's beyond it.
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ah, because she never got a satisfactory answer. she decided to study physics and specialize in astronomy as and i felt as if whatever about us as my v nick habit vest, i'm just so happy to have the privilege of studying the universe as my profession on the razzles and hustle, and that i get to discover the secrets of the universe. hi, mrs. only razzle often close. ok. and soon, thanks to the james web telescope, she'll be able to study galaxies that are far, far away. ones that even with the hubble telescope only appear as docs in space. the new telescope will provide a much clearer view of these objects. the light from those distant worlds has taken more than 12000000000 years to reach us. so it dates back to a time when black holes were gobbling up huge amounts of material and blasting out powerful radiation winds. the data should reveal what effect that had on the
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galaxies around them. does madden topples i angles and if the data won't just be 2 dimensional, a picture cut out from a larger image, but 3 dimensional anonymous and so going on. so in other words, there's a spectrum hiding behind each and every pixel on that 2 dimensional image is that's my day off mama and spectum, fresh text. those spectra will show how much gas is contained in these distant galaxies. how fast that gas is moving and even in what direction it's moving. vullez aleck says that data will allow us to better understand how galaxies are formed. a filter wheel like this one is also installed in the camera that she'll use to study those far away galaxies. it was developed here at the mox plant institute for astronomy. as the launch date approaches, the sense of anticipation is rising. the launch of the james web telescope was
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initially planned for 2007, but was repeatedly postponed. now, dominican violet select can't wait for the arrival of the 1st data ins often. and i'm, we have a certain responsibility to convince the public and the astronomical community of the james web telescopes, quality with the data which we will obtain after donald and from eons on fast. therefore, we'll have to be well prepared. owned them as military sig, rudolph robertson. both of the big telescopes, so called wings were folded so they can fit into the launch vehicle. there's never been a satellite with so many moving parts, able take 2 weeks to get everything unfolded and in it's right position. in that time, nothing can go wrong. 6 months after the launch date, the new telescope should finally be ready to begin studying the secrets of the universe or so. and now let's change perspective and view things from above
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with drones. these devices have many uses, like, for instance, observing volcanoes. the global drone market has been steadily taking off and the growth promises to keep soaring in the future. science puts drones to good use with collecting environmental data. we meet researchers working these flying laboratories, a disused airfield in northern germany. far away from residential areas, roads and rail tracks. an ideal proving ground for scientists from brownish bikes. technical university. they're testing drones with
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a maximum take off weight of 26 kilograms. extensive aerospace safety zones are mandatory for airborne equipment of the size to day 3. different systems will be taking to disguise a fixed wing drone and to multi copters. ah, the 1st is called mess spar. it's a flying laboratory. ready as this is hostile form, it's a pollution drawing it carries instrumentation to measure pollutants. saw stroke, missed the brit like roadside monitoring stations. this cup to monitor, sued particulate matter ozone, and of noxious substances washed over. miss bar will be deployed alongside auto bonds and the like. it can be programmed to autonomously fly over a different checkpoints and varying altitudes transmitting air quality data in real time fire radio. the
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branch, my team are also supporting other research projects with their monitoring drones. in 2017, 2 of them joined the polish down research vessel and the arctic one of their tasks was monitoring the distribution of the greenhouse gas methane in the polar region. there kwan copped or collected air samples up to an altitude of a 1000 meters to day as mass bar returns after a short flight. the team are preparing their 2nd drone. it's a fixed wing model called ella dina. it records meteorological data, might temperature, humidity, and wind as well as aerosols, like fine particulate matter when you can only collect that kind of gotten with their bonds, his guns, and when you check pollution at ground level, you don't know what's going on in the atmosphere. it's important to understand the individual processes and their interactions, so you can decide how important which methods are vivas dixon. ala dina's job is to
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collect data for fundamental meteorological research. the data is essential and the battle against climate change, but also as tool to improve, weather forecasting, take off and landing are remotely controlled, but once airborne, ala, deena flies autonomously. this drone will soon be circling above berlin, 50 meters above ground. over berlin, it will be measuring how much the opening of the new berlin brandenburg airport has increased pollution levels. but right now it's going to land and make way for a drone, which has a totally different task called arrow inspect it sport. so $100.00 megapixel camera under its fuselage. arrow inspect, we'll scan the old berlin brandenburg, airport buildings. it's batteries only last for 40 minutes, but that's long enough for it to fly. 35 meters above the old buildings and take
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pictures from directly overhead. every 90 centimeters, it takes a high definition picture. the resulting photo jigsaw is then transformed by a computer into a 3 d model. even though the camera only takes overhead pictures of the buildings, they're still precise enough for scientists to gauge the pitch of the corrugated sheet roofs down to the last millimeter. a decent void as could cite of us this building shows what we can do. if you had to map this roof accurately for a construction inspection, so you can take these measurements and monitor over the long term how the building changes him and kind of how a deformed ng of upside, but will both be far enough to chicago to be fulfilled to say that probably doesn't matter as far as this roof goes, lit up. but when you're looking at the rail tracks for large cranes and, and also for trains. and then you want to be certain they don't warm and for deform with time. estes's finished for full and that they don't ship with their position and dusty types. and if they do that, you notice it in time all would a crash, cited her father vince, his niece,
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ms. later in the brown buying research institute. adina gets a new transmitter. it'll improve data transmission to the ground station. kind of technology has progressed in leaps and bounds in recent years. hm. commer, drones are being used everywhere as new applications are constantly bang developed . if they're more available, they're becoming more shaped and they fill a gap. so there are plenty of measurements being made at ground level and from aeroplanes vessel. but in between, ned says big gap was small scale monitoring that can be done relatively cheaply skipped on. they can also be used father. things like locating dia, fawn, off to food. an increasing number of farmers now scanned their meadows with airborne infrared cameras before they caught hey, because when farms feel threatened, they ducked down and remained still. the airborne infrared camera picks up their body heat and the drone pilot can direct rescuers to the panic creatures. yes,
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m o d regional ride that way, the brit further. no 5 degrees left and you there was another 5 steps. thousands of fonts are sliced and ripped to bloodied shreds every year by combine harvesters. when it will take it over there will wide spread deployment of drones could save many young animals from a hideous fate. and this drone can shoot london's imperial college wants to use it to attach monitoring probes, to trees. del collect data on the health of plants and remote forest areas. drones are rapidly changing the things of research. they're cheap and versatile and brown like technical university, scientists are constantly updating their systems, giving these flying robots almost limitless potential. if i look,
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let is read, why are they bottom with now? it's your turn. do you have a question from the field of science? get in touch, send us a video text or voice message. if we answer it on the show, we'll send you a little surprise as a thank you. come on, just off this week, terry baker from the u. s. asked us about clouds. i don't clouds fall out of the sky. there's water vapor everywhere in the air. that's water in its gas form. consequently it's invisible to us. but when warm air, which is which in water vapor rises, it cools. and then the water it holds, condenses out in the form of tiny water droplets, a kind of water dust. clouds began to form the water droplets are so tiny that warm air can lift them upwards. we can see this principle at work in everyday life by
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watching a cup containing a very hot drink. as long as the droplets don't become bigger and heavier, the cloud will stay aloft. even though a cloud can weigh an enormous amount. the weight of a cloud can be determined using satellite technology. they're on board radar instruments can penetrate clouds to ascertain how much water each of them contains . a passing summer cloud can weigh several 100 times if conditions like temperature change and it develops into a thundercloud. it can grow to weigh millions of time because it's liquid water content increases as more condenses into droplets. the tiny droplets get swept around in the air, currents colliding with others to grow in size. they also provide a surface for further condensation. whilst the small droplets continue to float, the larger ones begin to lose height. on their way down,
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they collide with other droplets and a crate. correspondingly faster the droplets eventually reach a point where they are so heavy, they fall to earth as precipitation. bottom line clouds do fall out of the sky, but only after their droplets are big enough to fall as snow. hail or as raindrops . oh, what should be done with looted aunt from colonial eras bomb a debate that has intensified in recent years. but priceless artworks are not always sacred to oh i go sometimes there are people seeking to destroy them as 2001 and i've gone east on in the valley of balmy on with the extreme as taliban group sought to decimate buddhist culture. but in her pal stolen, damaged,
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or even destroyed artifacts can now be given a 2nd chance at life. putting on the final touches hit a t o she. now mickey is using a paint made of lapis lazuli. similar to that used on the original the 7th century mural was inside the balmy on caves and afghanistan destroyed by the taliban in 2001. this is a replica i had to go, i caught it at all this one year old could once be seen by the african people, if you got it. but after it was destroyed, that meant they could no longer know their own culture. they will know suitable to that. i think those mural will be able to tell the africans about it again. oh, of i think of instead of both of us can thought using records from the destroyer unesco world heritage site. japanese experts have created a stunning reproduction in japan. conservation is being taken to the next level at the heart of the capitals museum district and c of leading art institutions. tokyo
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university of the arts is bringing together scientists and artists to rescue cultural heritage. in the lab, there are making stunningly realistic copies using high n technologies. this is one of the lamps masterpieces of facsimile of a buddha statue, which is located in hor, uti temple, and nora. the actual national treasure has survived, but not unscathed. elements were missing in the original, such as the hairs color, or a circle, carved arrows around the figures head. the laboratory has set itself the challenge of recreating the statue to looked like it did back in the 7th century. oh ok, so give us a duck in with some of it. we measured the real sketchy, all we scanned it with a straight a scanner and based on this data, we made a 3 day printed prototype of this statue. some of the, the did the look on me on
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a your now the dc from this prototype, we then mode, i didn't measure the actual composition of the bronze looking and adjusted it to match the parent composition. the same but owns and all he said with the multi okay, if we then made a wrap like her in metal which we then corned into a cultural object accessing could on with even though it started off as a computerized model. now artists are well on their way to re creating the form, as well as the texture of the artwork. here, a thin upper layer of clay is being carved by hand on this reproduction of a buddhist sculpture from the mogul cave. near done hong and china's far northwest leader still go won't goal need did with the update on the scene. we believe food is our job. if you do make it possible for the viewer to have an experience as if
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they had actually same the real object themselves to on this day, the wall for destruction is a part of human nature. but i believe that we also have the power to restore the political artist and scientist must saki mosacco, leads the project which uses modern technology to super clone cultural heritage and take audiences back in time. oh wow. i know this alone is shiny gold. same as when it was built in severe criminal pin. of course, this can be seen in both a record and both. no one you can, but i think it's very rare to find an actual reproduction like this in order for your campus children to deal with all the missing parts. i have been replenished,
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who actually quoting model is not a problem with them, but i know what you is. this is one way to go beyond imitation by reproducing the wood carving 1st and filling in the missing parts. i'm done the whole cups of a choice of stuff, the, the photograph moon. these very special replicas are already displayed in certain exhibitions all over japan. but the method could have been global potential. the experts say it could resolve the thorny issue of looted art for thermal cutout properties. how's the rent the abroad? and the collect, leaving the museums. so originated country house, nothing in the up cave football grown culture property turn gave the offer to choose what is you know, what grown culture property could art clone soon be feeling the world's museums. first, a major cultural difference will have to be branched, the japanese people link authenticity with craftsmanship rather than original
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substance. they're used to rebuilding their cultural heritage because of natural disasters and their use of non permanent materials. the west seems to have a different understanding of authenticity. so more stories from the wonderful world of science and tech, find us on the web at d, w dot com slash science and on twitter. that's all from to laura today for now. we hope you'll join us again next week for another fascinating addition of our sign ship. until then. bye bye. ah, ah ah, ah
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ah. ah. with who a 5th grader with a developed over mentioned home the forge. i'm told me that we can about a valley that the last dragons in this world had called to home for 2 years.
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dw books on in the amount of plastic is increasing every year. many im gonna working on landfills with holiday destinations drowning in plastic white line and that we could look at the car with every year year of the exports over 1000000 tons of plastic with. is there another way? after all the environment isn't to recyclable. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. lesson up people. you're headed for climate disaster. and yet every year government spend hundreds of billions of public funds on fossil fuel subsidies. imagine
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a bridge spent hundreds of billions per year subsidizing giant media yours. that's what you're doing right now. around the world, people are living in poverty. don't you think helping them would make more sense than i don't know. and for the demise of your entire species, you've got a huge opportunity right now as you rebuild your economies and bounced back to this pandemic. so here's my wild idea. don't choose extinction savior species before it's too late. establishing and humans to stop making excuses and start making changes like hulu. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection developing what measures are being taken?
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what does the latest research say? information and context with the corona virus update that goes in special monday to friday on d. w. ah, ah, ah, this is every news lie from berlin, another tool in the arsenal, against the pandemic. european drug regulators approve a new corona, virus vaccine. the u. s. made novak shots is protein based and a 1st of us kind in the region deliveries to europe. it starts within weeks and
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a shift to the left chilly. alexei former student protest, we're as president leftist gabriella, which defeats his far right rival to become chili's youngest. ever leader. ah. all right, thank you so much for joining us. the european union's drug regulator has approved a new kona virus vaccine made by u. s. biotech company novak's. it's the 5th shot to be cleared for use in the you for people 18 and older. the regulator set trial data showed the nova vac shot had no serious side effects. it requires 2 doses 3 weeks apart, and it's shown high effectiveness against older corona virus variance. but it is unclear how it will perform against omaha. new of acts uses
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a more traditional protein based technology raising hopes that it might convince people who are hesitant about taking newer m r n. a vaccines like to bring in now dr. deep t, we're dasani and epidemiologist at queen mary university in london. doctor, thank you so much for your time. 5 vaccines are now approved in europe. what does this latest novak's shot bring to the table that the others are not? i think it brings and other vaccine, which is always a good thing, given the supply shortages that we have across multiple countries. it's also a vaccine that doesn't require the sort of cold storage that the amount vaccines do . so it's potentially a vaccine that can be used much more widely across low and middle income countries where cold chains may not be quite in the same rate of data quite with him or any vaccines. having said that, of course we don't know what the effectiveness is again, so i'm a crown and you know whether boosting is required in the same way as with other
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vaccines and when. so i think those are questions that now need to be urgency on such as we understand its value overall in terms of global vaccine equity and isn't what we need right now, a vaccine that is specifically a targeting all micron. so i don't think that in itself is sufficient. i mean the thing is we've had about a new weight in every 3 to 6 months. and unless we able to slow down the evolution device by containing transmission, it's very, very likely that will be faced with a new variant in another 6 months or so. so what we need is monte valiant vaccines that hit multiple radians, as well as other measures to slow down transmission so that we can actually slow down the rate of evolution of the virus. we're not faced with a new radiant every time we develop and that the vaccine against a previous variant. so do you then and visit your situation where we'll have to get vaccinated more often every couple of months whenever a new variance,
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well manifest itself. i think that's way like it and i don't think that's something novel. i mean, we need to remember that, you know, we get vaccinated for flu with whatever straight and flu is circulating every single year. so i don't think that in itself, you know, is, is massively problematic, but i do think that given it takes a 6 month period or so to approve a new vaccine and test it out. we do need to still low the spread. the virus boost does will help even boost as against previously because they provide very, very high levels of unity which can override that sort of escape that we are see. even mccormick, cronsa getting boosters is vitally important, but it's also important to take other measures alongside to reduce transmission so that the virus is not constantly ahead of vaccine development. and thanks for but what is the most important metric right now? i mean, we're talking about our micron being very contagious, and spreads very easily. should we be paying attention to the number of infections or the number of hospitalizations. what do you look at?
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so i think the way to spread is going to be the most important determining factor for you for impact when you have a meeting that spreading or doubling every 2 days. that's faster than anybody we've seen so far. it doesn't matter in some ways how severe it is because the impact will mostly be determined by the number of people infected. so even if a b against is less of yeah, that just by you a few days given cases a doubling every 2 days. so, you know, given on the current is spreading very, very rapidly, it has very, very high potential for population, in fact, an old welding health care services. so we need to really act early because we are on back sort of curve of exponential spread. and you're already seeing what's happening the you can't denmark and we need to preempt that in other parts of europe. and dr. a final thought from you, of course, a lot of people are hoping to see loved ones during this festive season. what's your message for even to those people? for those people? i think my message would be in a crisis. i think there's
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a real possibility that many people across europe will not have emergency care available to them in january. the way things are headed and the on the cron bade will spread in other parts of europe as it has been in denmark and, and the u. k. admiralty, similar crisis. so if you can't just hunker down for christmas, and you can have social contact with people later on, because this is sort of an i'm president, price is most of us got, can't even see what the predicted anti impact is going to be. but it's not worth taking the risk, dr. deep to your good assign the epidemiologist at the queen mary university and london. doctor, thank you so much for answering our questions. while deliveries of the new were novak's vaccine are expected to start within just a matter of weeks. just as europe battles, a surge infections from the arm across variance. many countries are tightening travel restrictions than unless, as imposed a strict lockdown closing non essential shops, restaurants, and other public places until at least mid for january, i should say, it's
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a big blow for businesses hoping for a christmas. bruce to dubuque, responded, christine, we're reports from amsterdam. christmas is already over at this local market in amsterdam. so this was supposed to be a christmas market, people spinning the day here, buying. also, christmas festivity treats like lu, via and cetera. but as you can see within hours, every piece being taken down, one gentleman, i spoke to the fact he's right behind me. he wouldn't come on camera, but he's fuming, he's raging. he spent the last 2 weeks preparing for this. and basically, the celebrations are over before they've even begun after the holidays were canceled. last year, this christmas was supposed to be different. but the new restrictions which mean no shopping or restaurant training or the surprised gift nobody wanted. and even the outdoor national favorite past time has been put on ice. yeah,
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the restrictions makes it again impossible to, to operate the the ring for this year or last year we close. so for this year we finally had a put unity to open up again and to, to make the losses of last year to, to make it a little bit more profitable. hopefully, we don't have much to look for, you know, the next couple of weeks. because we can't really go ice for her. it's not just the locals. the city's visit is also losing out on amsterdam massey and do favorites. we are here from florida. and we were going to go to the van, go museum, we're going to go the and frank house. unfortunately, it's all closed. so we've set the improvising walker, i'm a look at everything. so the dutch government said the measures were unavoidable. as cove at 19 infections saw among the population, the new variant omicron,
5:09 pm
which was 1st reported he had 3 weeks ago, is expected to be the dominant variant before the end of this yet. oh, oblique outlook that some are still trying to keep the festive chair. it's dark times with the moments here in holland and the, what i'm trying to do is to tear people a little bit up or wished him a merry christmas and a make thought makes him lawful the faces. ah, i saw you now about the other developments in this pandemic. israel has bound travel to the united states of germany and 8 other countries due to the spread of the army kron variant. the measures will come into force at midnight on tuesday. the world economic forum, the annual gathering of business and political leaders in the swiss mountain resort of davos, has been postponed until summer and south african present sara ram. a poser has returned to work after testing positive for the virus and completing
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a week of isolation. and now let's get you caught up with the other stories in the headlines right now. russia has expelled to german diplomats in response to a spence with berlin over a german court ruling last week. judges root the kremlin was behind the assassination of a chechen exile in berlin, calling in an act of state terrorism. berlin says the latest expulsions would further strain bilateral relations. germany's new chancellor, olaf schultz is in italy for his 1st meeting with president mateo, that the 2 leaders announced a joint action plan aimed at coordinating government policy in the area of diplomacy, defense, and green technology. a chance also repeatedly praised at least vaccination program and response to the pandemic. the death toll from typhoon right in the philippines has risen to 375. dozens more are still missing,
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entire communities have been leveled. many are without power, water or food. the military has been called in to help, hundreds of thousands have been displaced with a typhoon, triggering landslides and flash floods. want to turn or focus and now to south america to lay ins have elect at the leftist former student protest liter, gabrielle butch, as their new president, following one of the most polarizing elections in decades, forces that supporters celebrated the victory. in santiago, chile, you ran on a platform in support of public education, healthcare equal rights for indigenous, and l g b t q people. his opponents far right. ultra conservative. jose antonio cast phoned bridge to concede, defeat, president elect is sent to take office on march. the 11th and the stick you now to chile did a be reported benjamin albert, is that group or is there he drove his from st. jag with the chile,
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where he has been following the elections from the start. a benjamin. what is chile going to look like? under president bridge. good afternoon, layla. he really wants to tackle one of the main problems in should and society. this inequality, it chile, our country will. one percent of the population owns more than 25 percent of the wealth according to the united nations. and therefore he wants to do this reforms to the health system that you mentioned to the education system and also to the pension system. so he has many plans a for his new government. is he actually going to be able to deliver that's a big question now. that outgoing president gave him an advice and sat that it's different between being a candidate and also being a president. because he needs to find the agreements across the political spectrum, not only within left to parties, but also when we look at right it right when parties,
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they have no clear majority in congress. so it will not be easy for him as well. and the fall right candidate will say anthony cast has been indeed pushing all this fee, a monitoring of saying that if boris burridge will be elected, if it chilly, could move towards the more communist regime, also referring to the support of the communist party. and that's the anti communism, and she has been pretty strong not only on this campaign, but also 4 years ago. and it was said if the left wing candidate wins it, sheila would become jealous. well then of course, that's not true. how polarized benjamin is a chile and, and can't president elect porch unify the country? it will be a very, very big task for him. not only because boys will be the youngest of a president, you need to be 35 years old to be a president, and he is a 35 years old. and that of course, it is a polarized a society. the have been pretty intense weeks and month now with a this campaign with a lot of lives with
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a lot of attacks and it will be difficult for him and also to, to see what happens, how others will react. what are the business sector will say, we saw the stock exchange today also plunging. there's a lot of fear it. what will happen with this reform? so we need to find a broad political consensus, not only within his campaign within his party, but also with the right wing politicians to try to find in to see if he can move in if he can delivers with those promises. and also the economy was, plays a really huge role here, a country that has been hit it by the cove at 19 pandemic, benjamin of iris, a group of reporting about santiago they, she lay. thank you so much. well, if you think you've tried everything to shake off the cold weather blues, switzerland might have something for you on the annual christmas. ca brings together the thick skin to take a dip in the icy cold waters of wake geneva,
5:15 pm
while the painful splash from a bucket is just the beginning, the congested. then after take the plunge and swim some 100 meters to the finish line of this year's event saw record 3000 people strip down and jump into the 7 degrees celsius lake. that's 44 degrees fahrenheit. i just got the chills watching it anyway. ok, next is a business news and we'll be back with another both at the top of the hour for now . thank you so much for spending this part of the day with ah, does a more and eternity
5:16 pm
time? it can be measured precisely. and did everyone experiences it differently as if there are different forms of time time? a phenomenon, a dimension. if we know we won't live forever, an illusion. about time presenting futures past starts december 31st on d. w. ah . another blow for the independence of one of just biggest financial hobbs, pro beijing parties, sweep legislative elections in hong kong that all but shut out opposition. candidates. as a deep chill in the islands, democracy continues. could the latest events give pause to international investors?
5:17 pm
also on the show 30 says it wants to boost its trade and influence in africa even as an economic crisis rages at home. and as if there weren't supply problems enough in europe at the moment, an outbreak of bird flew is threatening a holiday staple. in germany for welcome to the show, i'm seeing beardsley in berlin. hong kong selection resulted in the expected pro beijing outcome and plenty of outside criticism. the pro china candidates dominated the legislative elections and a vote that independent observers widely condemn as on democratic only 30 percent of the population turned out to cast their vote. a record low participation, hong kong government had jailed scores of democrats who wanted to run in the hong kong legislative election and its force, others into exile. human rights groups say that most people stayed away from the voting booths to constantly boycott the election in a show of their discontent. steve song is director of the so us china institute. he
5:18 pm
joins me now from london for more. steve, good to have you on the show. these are widely expected results given what was coming in the days before this election. is there any likelihood that they'll give more pause to businesses and investors operating in hong kong? it may be counter intuitive. i think the chances that it is no fee international banking, financial services and in lester's communities, will try to ignore the and democratic elections in hong kong. they are used to operating in non democratic and rounds. so they will, it is in their stride and try to focus more on what hong kong still has an independent tradition. to what extent has badging care about hong kong reputation as a hub for international investment? o, beijing does care a lot about hong clones status as
5:19 pm
a global financial center and china's reputation globally. but the way how she jumping does it, is that she campaigns, we're late to project in history, used to correct interpretation of what hong kong east and what chinese policy ease . rather than let people decide wanting ease. and anybody who is agree with him will be billed as anti china, and therefore not should to functioned in hong kong. to what extent does china fundamentally need those companies in hong kong to make it a success? it's learned a lot of or basically forced a lot of chinese companies to come back to the island and do their i p o 's there to bring their capital there. do they still fundamentally need that outside capital, or are they hoping to build up more domestic capital?
5:20 pm
do you still need the international capital? they still want them. but hong kong, since the problems started about 2 years ago, has not really suffered so much as a financial center. because of the wider lessening of relationship between china and united states means that a lot of chinese companies that were listed in new york we listing in hong kong which keep hong kong status as a global financial center, relatively strong. in spite of all the problems that have been created, the chinese government is quite happy with that. and they think that this was to provide a basis for hong kong to function as a global financial center. moving forward that we may change in the international community. but unlike any change in china, all right, steve, song, director of the so us china institute speaking following those controversial elections in hong kong. thank you. you're welcome. and let's go now
5:21 pm
to some of the other global business stories making headlines. police in india have released dozens who had been detained, falling protest that a fox con plans hundreds had taken to the street. the workers had to be hospitalized last week due to food poisoning. it's the 2nd instance of unrest and an apple suppliers factory this year. deutsche bank j, p. morgan and other international are switching to a monday through friday work week in the united arab emirates, starting with the new year. that's as the country itself is aligning its official work week with global markets. and moving away from the traditional sunni muslim schedule of a sunday through thursday work week toilet paper is that to become more expensive. swedish company, s a t, the world's biggest producers of consumer tissue, says that it's preparing to hi gets prices on paper hygiene products up to 20 percent in reaction of storing costs of raw materials and energy.
5:22 pm
well, turkey is quoting african countries as an alternative partner to europe or china and with a measure of success. for the 3rd time this past weekend, a partnership summit brought african leaders to assemble to explore possible opportunities, ties between turkey and many african countries are already close. and if the turkish foreign minister gets his way, those ties will be even closer still, was it represent them other be looked at cal camera, we would like to walk together on the path for development and welfare and enhance our cooperation in the future was i bet i bet you to mc is really him is a get a jet as your mike is. jewel turkey already has a presence in africa where they're building hospitals, school saw streets or offering capital and technology. trait volumes between turkey and africa have increased nearly fivefold between 232020
5:23 pm
turkish president avalon visited several african countries in october, took his footprint on the continent, has gotten bigger than those of most european countries in just a short period of time that's according to the head of the u. s. economy commission, fire africa, i must have her money was sued as an after expert with the conservative turkish thank tank. the institute for strategic thinking. thank you for joining me on the show. what do wider trade relations with africa bring turkey a country that right now is facing a very acute inflation crisis at home. ok, thank you for having me. first of all, let me start saying that africa is very important for texas ball and in the sense that it's going to allow tricky to place. it's a major player in the world speech beyond the threshold of regional you know,
5:24 pm
a power. and the 2nd thing is that the turkish economic situation is currently facing some downturn. but still, that would be an opportunity, according to the target president for african countries to be able to be able to buy new products from turkey due to the low currency. so this in a sense, will allow tricky to boost. it's was african continent knowing that african economies, and mostly the middle class is having low income. so turkey will now be very good. exporting countries towards african nations. all right, that's a very rosy picture and a very dire situation there in turkey, given the falling rates of the lira. but perhaps that would be good for those who are selling to the country. what sectors in turkey can benefit the most stand to benefit the most from trade with africa?
5:25 pm
well 1st of all, we can say for sure that the construction sector is one of the things that is really, really important in relationship, but also other sectors than just the text on industries model. so different industries right now because tricky is now presenting itself as one of the countries that having good technology in terms of drone technology anyway. and we have seen in the recent days and weeks, many countries trying to seal deals with the turkish, you know, a government in order to purchase drone. we have example to be fuel. here we have examples, nigeria, urine, public. recently, we have seen a deal with one target private firms to buy errors. all right, mr. romani masoud with the think tank. the institute for strategic thinking, excuse me, thanks very much for joining us. what lisa?
5:26 pm
let's shift gears a little bit. go to germany. roast goose is a traditional holiday dish in the country. but this year there's a problem. bird flu is raging on the viruses even been found in wild birds and some parts of germany. and that's threatening to take a holiday staple off the table. ah, under normal circumstances they should be out grazing, but in a growing number of german counties, these are restricted to their barnes these days. like here in lower saxony, it's a precautionary measure due to the bird flew. now it is tough horn as plenty to worry about each day in march, them on every morning when i opened the barn door, there's dead animals or there's some other kind of problem. it's so stressful to live with this fear all the time. to leave. early of this year, 2500 keys had to be called at or farm as many were infected. the state only compensates for a fraction of the enormous cost. i mean,
5:27 pm
if the animals have to be called again, then i'll probably have to quit. i can't lose that much money each here it can have it. as top one has rebuilt her flock, many of her keys have already been slaughtered and put into the deep freeze. to day, a merchant from berlin picks up 200 of them. all of them are already sold. german christmas eith are in high demand, and supply is limited due to the bird flew. those who want to roast goose must order early and get a bit lucky. according to the poultry association. christina, if i ask everyone who wants to christmas goose can half one, but most are frozen and are fresh and some are from eastern europe and they're not as humanely treated. they are as here in germany and will be the daughter a christmas goose costs up to 30 percent more this year, about 16 euro per kilo, such as here at hanover's farmers market. but that doesn't stop most customers from
5:28 pm
buying one yesenia so much snake. but when i do with an act, lathan pay more for its deaf and line of it closed. almost as for most of all, it has to taste good and be cost effective, and it's not unimportant that the animals are kept properly. this is better to raise your hand, you invested on skipped. we'll definitely have a goose drumstick. it's just the 2 of us. we used to be 6 and back then we'd have a whole bristow, christmas dinner that are done often by nuts tissue. it seems despite recent difficulties, a christmas goose will very soon beyond many plates once again. ah aright. his reminder of the top business story were falling for you at this hour. on kong takes another step towards beijing. as pro chinese candidates score wins and an election that many have deemed on democratic business, climbed in the city seen as further deteriorating. right,
5:29 pm
that's our show will be back later in the day with more in the meantime, you can find out more about these and other stories online at d, w dot com slash business. we're also on youtube. under the dw news channel checks out of facebook as well. for me and the business team here berlin likes watching. ah ah ah, what secrets lie behind these walls? discover new adventures in 360 degrees. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. d w world heritage 360. get. now
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