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starts december 27th on d. w. how long does it last awe or an eternity time it can be measured precisely. and yet each person experiences it differently as if there are different forms of type. type a phenomenon, a dimension and illusion. about time starts december 31st on d, w. ah, ah, this is day w news, and these are our top stories. the european union's medicines regulator has approved an ye corona virus, back st. made by us company nova vex, trials date or indicates that it's very effective against older karen of ours variance, but it's not known how it it will perform against on
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a chrome. a vax uses a more traditional protein based technology raising hopes that can convince people who a hesitant about taking newer in are in a veterans sheila has elected the left as former student protest lay the gabriel burridge as its new president. the 35 year old to fated a conservative candidate in a highly divisive campaign boards rose to prominence during long running mass protests against corruption and inequality. he's promising a generational shift in july and politics. you'll be the countries youngest, if a leader oh, well, in ethiopia to grind people's liberation front, says it will withdraw from several regions that had captured, saying it was a step toward pace. a theo, p a has been fighting a civil war for more than a year. now. forces from the teak ride region had been battling government troops in a conflict that has killed tens of thousands. this is d. w. news from there. then you
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can get a lot more information at our website to be found at d. w dot com. ah, i had of sundays run off a chillies presidential election looked like it was a neck and neck race pitting an older far right candidate. sort of a former german nazi soldier against a young left winger allied with the communist party. and the historic turn out 100 left is to gabriel burridge. resounding with i'm fil gail, this is the day. ah, i will be a president who cares the democracy and does not risk. it was made so much progress . now we will move forward with the fight against the privileges of a few. if we don't, you know, we expect peace, we expect unity and above all,
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we expect social policy and that i work every day. but the quality of the children and family is also on the day a month ago, chinese tennis superstar parish re talk to social media alleging that she'd been raped by a senior chinese politician. now in shanghai, she's given a very different account. so well, 1st and foremost, i must emphasize all i have never said or wrote about any one sexually assaulting me since she did. she all, that's a very important point. ah, open to the day i chileans have elected a new president after an awful polarizing election campaign. the victor left us to
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gabrielle borage. she is a 35 year old former student activists, one to resign. the 56 percent of the vote defeating his far right rival. jose antonio cast by a wide margin than expected polishes victory promises a shift towards walk. progressive policies and a generational change. ah historic and jubilant victory. with 35 year old gabrielle butch chile now has its youngest ever president. he was helped to vote the barricade to take to the stage and recognized the people who have put him in power. the left wing, former student leader, had tapped into their anger at the country's economic model, and the inequality it is brought to when 56 percent of the vote. i guarantee that i will be a president who cares for democracy and does not risk it. who listens more than he
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speaks, seeks unity, and attends to the needs of the people daily. i will firmly fight against the privileges of a few. and i will work every day for the quality of the chile and family. and you know, from your, his promises range from protecting the environment to tackling chiles, private pension system. and his followers are full of hope. a legal, i mean, i know that my son is a patient in the history of chalet. surely emotional, most of it was made so much progress now we will move forward with social rights and continue to advance and fight against the far right with them. c with a high though to turn out burridge squarely beat the far right candidate. jose antonio cast, but cast was dignified. in his defeat either middle you get or said accredited, that earthing i want to do is congratulate gabrielle bowditch. he deserves all of
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our respect. you unfairly many children's trust him and we hope he will lead a good government going and in the ways we can with our legitimate differences. we want to hound our nation and will said when i bought the battle about the the night though, belongs to porridge, who harolds a new political dorn for chile, australia to santiago did chalet where we joined the derby reporter benjamin varner said group. welcome ben. so this presidential runner brought out a historic vote. what was it that made so many people a want to vote it wasn't historic, voted was a record vote was the highest voter turnout since voting is not mandatory anymore. in chile, it was even higher than for the referendum off the new constitution. a big reason for why so many people went out and had to the streets. is that the, the options and opinions and the ideas that both candidates a so m orridge on the left wing and also cos anthony cost the far right candidate
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have, are opposite when it comes to many things and they were appealed by the ideas of copper and borage when it comes to increasing air rights of women when it comes to including and the indigenous population. also similar ideas that are being treated in this constitutional assembly. there were more appealed by his ideas and that's what they went out. of course, when they only had 2 options, it was not the 1st case in the 1st round when they had 6 candidates who wanted to become jill as next president. right? so, so what are the top 2 things and, and the president elects and tre. so what's most important for deborah? lori is something that has been repeated over the past month, is reducing inequality. if we'll look at sheila, we're one percent of the population has earned more than 25 percent of the worth of a chile when we look, it's a really, really big difference. it chilly is not a poor country, but there is a very big difference when it comes to
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a small part of the population that has a lot of money. and the big part of the population who don't have enough much. and therefore he wants to reform the health system, the pension system, the education system. he also wants to look at climate change in chile, in regions that have a lot of problems with that. so he has many plans for his presidency that will start in march of next year. and it all sounds you, you went through alyssa, welfare education, pensions that all sounds really expensive and he was painted a sort of radical communist in quite a vicious campaign. so how does he convince the rich not to take their money and run, but rob is to stay and invest quite a vicious campaign you saturday. it was a toxic campaign that we have, and the far i'd candidate always attacked. gabrielle burridge calling him from the fall left you to the support of the communist party, even though he has different stand than the chilean communist party when it comes, for example, to nicaragua,
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to venezuela. that's nothing new the campaign and holding someone common. it's not only in chile, but also in latin america. when we look at what it does it mean to vote for a left wing candidate? it's not new in the past presidential campaign because the left when candidate the they said that if he won the presidency, sheila will become sheila swell as always pointing to was direction saying that if there is the left when candidate, it will become either and cut out well, venezuela, but of course the markets have reacted and there are a lot of companies who are not so sure about all these changes and all this reforms . and that will come so he will try with to see with the message. and of course, what's important is not the promises that he made during this campaign, but the actions that if he will be able also to fulfill this promise. yes, let's talk about that then because right, he's got the job now. now he has to, to, to put his campaign, his, his election platform through congress. water is, ties
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a to the parties in congress and how, how amenable is congress like you should be to his agenda? of course, congress is important for the president. he has no clue majority in both chambers, so he will need to find agreements not only within his in the left wing parties, but across the political spectrum. he has to see how he can people, for his ideas formed the left wing parties. there are divisions, there was a lot of fighting also during the campaign, so we will have to see and will be outgoing. president told him as and advise it's not the same thing being a candidate than being a president. so he has to see if he can fulfill this idea, especially now with a country that has been struck by the co with 19 pandemic. and of course, the economic situation in chile also, well, maybe not let him with you can see it and to succeed with the plans that he has on mind right now we're, we are, we saw very gracious concession speech from murph jose antonio cast. despite this
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vicious campaign, so how does a president burridge now stop showing politics on society becoming hugely divided that's very important. he has had a unified approach. he sat that his talk with co sampling of gas with a the fall right candidate that conceded. and that talk with the conservative president, he met him in the lamb on in the presidential palace today said it's very important . and that's quite incredible. if we think that poles close at 6 p m local time in less than 2 hours later, he had a talk with the outgoing president and also with the other candidates. so that of course shows how important this democratic process is. and that he also thinks that it's important now to be the president of every one. and she'll and not just for those voters for him. okay, thank you for that. benjamin alvarez gruber reporting from santiago to chile. ah, just over a month ago, chinese tennis,
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a superstar peng way, a claim she'd been raped by china's former vice premier john gully. her allegations came in a detailed post from her account on chinese social media part waiver. now she is denying that any sexual assault took place late. the statement was made during an interview with singapore bass, chinese newspaper. chinese language newspaper pen was apparently in shanghai promoting next year's winter olympics in beijing is a click of the video that emerge from that exchange. for 1st and foremost, i must emphasize. i have never said or wrote about anyone sexually assaulting me. she did she, that's a very important point. it's a very interesting when you consider the wording of that to denial. she says she denies saying or writing about
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a sexual assault. very roundabout way of denying that an assault actually took place. she could simply have said no, there was no sexual assault or comments the latest in a series of events that appear to down play, the initial allegations she made in november. this is nothing to see here. palm fly now says she never wrote a social media post accusing form of vice premier jungle lee of sexual assault. it's the latest doubling down to avoid a potential public relations fiasco for china's ruling communist party footage of pung, posted by a state media reporter on twitter shows, who had former envy a basketball star yell mean yeah. was probably the most recognizable chinese sports though overseas, and the member of the communist party is top advisory body, singer posley and goods. i'll ball, chinese language, newspaper, rend, video of punk in full petro, it gob, a china log on her jacket and a red t shirt, bearing the characters for china. the newspapers report
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a aspen for clarifications about her allegations. and this is what pung said when we were on the way, bo post. that's my personal issue. i think, you know, i know there are many misunderstandings, 3, but there is no distorted interpretation. they seem to be no distorted interpretations when pung, initially made the post in november, but then it was quickly scrub from the chinese web, but not before. screenshots were posted on twitter, setting off a global outcry. she disappeared off to the accusation, and there were concerns for her safety. she reappeared at a tennis tournament in beijing weeks later, with the message that she was safe and well. the international olympic committee supported the official version and held a video chat with punk some 3 weeks after the initial posting. it remains confident
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that she is fine, and her stuck to its message despite criticism. we all are her. we're having the same impression and her that her we could not to feel her being under under pressure the i see was accused of staging a publicity stunt as pulls grow to boycott next years, winter games in beijing. and the women's tennis association remains unconvinced. c, e o steve simon said in good conscience, i don't see how i can ask our athletes to compete there. when punctuate is not allowed to communicate freely and has seemingly been pressured to contradict her allegation of sexual assault. there still no comment from john gar lee or the communist party hierarchy about the accusations, nor any expected. but for now repeated claims that nothing happened. and that ponies find being greeted mostly skepticism. let's explore this river jato wang
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who is a senior china researcher for human rights watch. she joins us at from new york. welcome to d w. m. if publish wife says she's fine and she didn't. and she didn't say all right, what we all thought she'd said and written shouldn't we believe her? just let her get on with a life? i don't think so. i don't think we should have believed the interview because the chinese government has done this so many times. before to so many people, they forcibly disappear somebody, they don't like. what is that human rights? lawyer, activist, celebrity, obedient near them, make them reappear, or some videos seen there. i'm doing great. don't worry about me. or i confess to this crime. these had been played out many times before. push ice case just fits into this historical pattern. that's why we shouldn't believe it. and so what is your concern about? so what do you think has happened or might be happening too?
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well, i believe she's out of surveillance. she is on to harassment. if she's be watched by the government, not only her people around her must be, you know, washed by the government. the government is threatening her with some kind of message and tell her to say, what did they want her to say? again, this has been played on many times before. some of those people went on tv to say, you know, i confessed my crime eventually left the china and they said, you know, i didn't want to say that i was tortured. so i have to say that. so what would satisfy you that punctuate is actually safe where i think, you know, is i want to leave china, let her to leave china. and, you know, then she will have some freedom to say what she wants to say at least to her physical pra, simply would it be guaranteed. oh, the other hand, if the chinese really wants to prove that he's, oh wow, she's all fine, then stop answering that, let everybody discuss the issue. oh lastly, you know, had initially a large, exceptional thought allegations land a fair,
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an investigation into this allegation. okay, well that would be quite a, quite a change if trying to work to actually launch a fair and transparent investigation. to weston, i is the chinese government's efforts to qual, be international interest and criticism. in this case, it looks clumsy. we have but the hostage videos is i've seen them described and now this so it because it's so clumsy, 11 does what, what, what are they trying to to, to achieve? do they really expect us to believe this? well, i think that's what they wanted to do and they are out of, you know, seems from there to walks and because the rest of the worry is not convinced about this, but i think that's what they try to do on the, on it, it doesn't then you know, they're still insulated on a standard that the rest, the road doesn't work. you know, as the chinese government, as they can use media environment works. you know, there are independent voices,
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their media, their ways of verifying information that the, the government is completely foreign to that kind of environment that they don't know how to convince the rest of the world. right. okay, so the united states and others have announced a diplomatic, a boycotts of the, the winter olympics. should that we go further? well, i think this is the 1st step to, you know, show that we don't want it to be used as a political to, to legitimize your human rights abuses, to validate your governance model. we don't want it to be part of that, but that's the 1st step in the u. s. government, and in many european governments should do more than that. i mean, the u. s. government just passed a law to prevent, you know, of course the labor product from china on entering the country. i think of any other comments the same as there should be. thanks. more sense, again, is the trend is companies who are in a complicity, human rights violations. yes,
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that's the 1st step needs to be done. thank you so much for joining us. that's very clear. i yet show one from a human rights watch. thank you. thank you for having ah, europe is battling a certain infections from the only croner variance of corona virus in many countries. timing trouble restrictions in response. the netherlands is imposed strict lockdown, closing non essential shops, restaurants, and other public places, until at least in mid january. it's a big blow for businesses hoping for a christmas boost. as the w correspondent, christine manuel reports from amsterdam christmas is already over at this local market in amsterdam. so this was supposed to be a christmas market to people spending the day here buying. also. christmas passivity treats like blue, 5 cetera. but as you can see within hours,
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if we taken down one gentleman, i spoke to the fact he's right behind me. he wouldn't come on camera, but he's fuming, he's raging. he's spent the last 2 weeks preparing for this. and basically the st abrasions are over before they've even begun after the holidays were canceled. last year, this christmas was supposed to be different. but the new restrictions which mean no shopping or restaurant training or the surprise gift nobody wanted. and even the outdoor national favorite pos time has been put on ice. yeah, the restrictions makes it again impossible to, to operate of the ring for this year. last year. we close. so for this year we finally had a and you know, but unity to open up again and to, to make the losses of last year to, to make it a little bit more profitable. hopefully, we don't have much to look for, you know, the next couple of weeks because we can't really go for her. it's not just
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the locals. the city's visitors are also losing out on amsterdam. must see and do favorites. we are here from florida. and we were going to go to the van, go museum, are going to go the and frank house. unfortunately, it's all closed. so is set the improvising walker and the look at everything. so the dutch government said the measures were unavoidable. as cove at 19 infections saw among the population, the new variant omicron, which was 1st reported here 3 weeks ago, is expected to be the dominant variant before the end of this yet oh, oblique outlook that some are still trying to keep the festive chair. it's dark times at the moment here in holland to enter. what i'm trying to do is to tear people a little bit up. i wish them a merry christmas, and i make thought makes them laughs on the faces. ah.
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oh, the pandemic also casting a shadow over football with numerous fixtures postponed that we can because of a search and covert 19 cases in the u. k. a. despite this english premier league clubs have agreed to continue to play the games that have been scheduled for over the coming holiday period. the cove at 19 pandemic is taking its toll on premier league football. only 4 matches out of 10 were played over the weekend because teams didn't have enough healthy players. and other clubs like chelsea wanted to postpone their games. but we're not allowed to buy the league. we were just worried about the safety of plato's. the players were concerned about their health because we had several causative quoted tests in several for in consecutive days. and that was it. but at
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a meeting with league officials on monday club executives rejected the idea of postponing the round of fixtures scheduled for over the coming festive season. coaches who want to break now have no choice. we have no idea what will happen. we was, we will do tests, we will continue to test on a daily basis and we will go to training like we did for now the games must go on. but that could change if the british government imposed further pandemic restrictions or tom joy from dw sport can tell us more. he joins us from campbell in the u. k. welcome tom. initially there had been talk of a fire break pausing games from the 28th of december to try and ease the pressure on premise ship squads. so what happened to today's meeting? well, today's meeting saw the 20 premier league clubs come together to try and work out a way through the kind of chaos. and one of the options on the table,
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as you mentioned, was the circuit breaker to pause account of the upcoming games. there are very many now come to i, according to the current schedule, to play 3 times between the 26th and the 26th of december, so boxing their course. and the 3rd of january, one of the suggestions was to give each club just one of those match days off. another suggestion was of course to postpone totally, but that is the nuclear option to really nobody wants to go near. and of course, the scene that the clubs have elected for is to carry on carrying on where possible in an ad hoc way. because of course, further coded interruptions can't be ruled out. and given how many games had to be postponed on the most recent weekend, it seems very likely that that might continue to occur over the christmas period. right. so how contentious decisions some managers and coaches wanted to pause, but they've been overruled. yeah,
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absolutely. now one of the managers who wanted to pause as we heard the in the report was thomas took who the chelsea coach. he was fuming that chelsea were required to play off. the number of cobit cases in there scored on the weekend you saw has also been vocally critical of the english premier league christmas scheduling. anyway for a very long time. he's often been of the opinion and very publicly de too much. of course, at the moment is also very concerned about coded, but the decision has been taken to press on where possible. like i said. and of course, one of the major factors in making that decision is that the schedule is tight wherever the clubs look. so of course, christmas is about every busy, busy period, but many clubs are playing in international competitions. there are 2 other domestic competitions happening, of course, parallel to the premier league in the u. k. for a lot of these teams. so, you know, even if the clubs give themselves a little bit of free room now postpone one game for a bit of a while, it's going to have to be played at some point. and i think that's part of the
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reason why they've just chosen to try and get through this as soon as possible across get it to very briefly give us an idea of how badly english football is been hit by the pandemic tone yet. well, i mean if it's of course causing chaos, the fact that we're talking about this means that the issue is very serious. i was on my way in towards aston villa against burnley on saturday just recently in that game was cooled off with just 2 hours to go until kick off. so you can imagine how sort of erratic the situation is at the moment. the real difficulty for clubs, for clay is for fans, particularly who are often traveling very long distances to attend games, is that there's no predictability. but this isn't the 1st time that cobit has caused chaos, even in football, and it's unlikely to be the last. so this could be a conversation that because at some point in the near future, ok. thank you for that. tom tom deny my date of new sport and that that's it for another. the week the conversation continues on line. of course, you'll find this on twitter. i've at the w,
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newsweek full of the with with ah, she beautiful and christine. so culture were both island off the horn of africa. and unusual part of him and i'm touched by the civil war, discovered by just
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a few tourists. the forgotten paradise. so 60 minutes on d w. they want to know with love about it that way, but i'm not even know how to work my own car and everyone with later holes in every single day. just getting are you ready to meet the gym and then join me, right? just do it on d. w. global ideas. it is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities greener? how can we protect habitats? we can make a difference. global ideas, environmental series in global 3000 on d, w, and online. ah, in many countries, education is still
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a privilege. hardy is one of the main causes some young children work in mind. trav, instead of going to class others can attend classes only after they finish working with millions of children all over the world can't go to school with we ask why? because education makes the world more just i make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines ah, ah, stop applied as fresh worries at wall street. jo biden's, $1.00 trillion dollar stimulus bill is under threats. while the spread of the owner con variant is forcing governments around the world to re introduce restrictions. also.


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