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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  December 21, 2021 11:30am-12:01pm CET

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your platform or reliable information? ah, ah, in eternity. time, it can be measured precisely. and yet each person experiences it differently as if there are different forms of time. time, the phenomena, a dimension and illusion. about time starts december 31st on d, w. ah big tech me to big government. the e u is moving to rain intact giant but can it's long arm reached the matter verse. also on the show, the world by the if tech event is due to return in person in january. but industry
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players are already expecting disruption and not the kind they like. and it's not all just reindeer games when climate change is an existential threat. we take you to the arctic circle. this is the w business. i'm janelle dumas unwelcome. we began with europe's efforts to regulate big tech. the european commission is gearing up for official negotiations to start in january with you countries on major pieces of legislation. the digital markets act aimed to force more competition for tech giants like google, apple, and amazon with a list of do's and don'ts. on the other hand, the digital services act is focused on protecting consumers from illegal or harmful content. the principal being what's a legal offline should be illegal online to now that you hopes that these rules will apply in 2023. but the question is, where would that leave big text?
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big plants are reporter daniel winter steps into facebook's met averse for announcer. a wonderful magical experience here i can live my true self business and pleasure. this is the met averse. at least that's met his vision for the future. the company formerly known as facebook, had a rocky ride in 2021. but could this bold new plan help it faced the future? when mr. at the end of october c, e o. mark zuckerberg gave you is a taste of the met of us, a virtual world to live, work and play. at the same time, announcing a rebranding day, our company is now made a big commitment to the grand vision. however, critics called the dumping of the name facebook a distraction the company had been played with scandal and the brand name. facebook
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was increasingly associated with privacy breaches, dis information, the trump insurrection, and that's the main reason why the company changed their name. that came after explosive accusations from whistleblower francis hogan, who claimed facebook knew of harm that was causing vulnerable users. and that it didn't take enough action to intervene, telling d, w. facebook was too focused on english language content, moderation. mark zuckerberg has said, engaging base ranking is dangerous, as people are drawn to extreme content. but don't worry, i will save us. the problem is that strategy requires us to build those a i, systems over and over and over again, each language for the platform in the safe. and right now facebook is not in them. but is it even possible for facebook to properly moderate posts by 2900000000 monthly active users? perhaps meta has just become too large owning dominant social platforms,
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not just facebook, but what's up and instagram to would be really want a meadow bird to be dominated by the very same private companies that already dominate the internet today. and i think the answer for democratic society should be definitely not. but those are the key questions that we need to be talking about . questions of power, questions of who control of these spaces? and only the 2nd step can we talk about, what does it even mean to live in a metaphors? the real question to always be is that the future we want. if the company formerly known as facebook can control the effect it's already having on the real world, how can we trust it to least a bold new virtual one? indeed, we're now joined by christie plod sin and bon. let's start with that christie. is there an answer to other facebook could be trusted with a virtual universe? well, i think we should emphasize the fact that a, this universe wouldn't be built or controlled by facebook or meta as they're now
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called a marxist berg set him this himself in the rebrand that the met averse would be a collaborative project involving many players. now that being said, of course, the spree brand ties this company very strongly to this new initiative in a very aggressive way. and yeah, there was actually really a lot of pushback against this move after after zuckerberg announced this as we just heard facebook, facebook or formerly facebook. now meta has been really played by scandals for years, but especially this year i and the whistleblower francis house actually called for him to step down and really allow facebook or meta, pardon me to move on from the sort of assorted history they've had right now. we saw many founders of these major big tech companies stepping down this year, also recent years. we, you know, amazon, twitter, microsoft zuckerberg is really the main founder still leading his company and a, based on his company's track record. there's not a lot of reason to think it won't be the same going forward with the multiverse. so
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bit of a last man standing vibe there. now at the top of the show, christy, we talked about e laws in the making. how could you regulation shape, tech players in europe? right, well this regulation has been moving along was surprising. the surprising speed was really just announced just a little over a year ago, and we're already, i'm, as you said, going to be heading into official negotiations in january. so much quicker than people had expected. what we're seeing in the, in the drafts of these laws are, for example, rules that would limit how these companies can use user data, for example, to leverage for advertising revenue. that would be a major blow to zuckerberg, a company's business model. and we're also seeing discussions of, of financial penalties as high as 10 percent of these companies are global turner annual turnover. so this is an amount that is really enough to make, make them finally pay attention. they've gotten used to sort of getting away with breaking the rules in the past, and if this law passes that way,
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that could change things while you're talking about major blows to the business. what does this mean about the feasibility of enforcement? right, well the rules themselves and how they would be enforced us still needs to be hashed out by the you players involved in, in passing this legislation. but some the i elements were seeing as i would there would be not only a list of rules for these companies to follow, but they would also allow the laws would also allow for the european commission to carry out investigations. shouldn't think it's necessary. there have also been calls to include legislation that would protect whistleblowers like hogan, of course, insiders are often the ones with the real information about the, about the dirt that's going on behind the scenes. and that will also be seeing some discussions about how a, what is the responsibility of the commission and what is the responsibility of the individual countries in terms of carrying out the that these laws. so, but that all remains to be seen. christie plaid said not with dirt,
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but with reporting. thank you very much. thanks. the consumer electronics show is one of the world's biggest technology events and its opening its stores again in las vegas in early january that many companies will not participate. and it's not just because of pandemic restrictions. these very friends, well mom, the highlights at the last public consumer electronics show in 2020, where visit us flock to see the latest tech gadgets thought up by companies beacon small. but this year, many will skip the event among them google h t c, and soon us the organize a say the global chip shortage rather than the corona virus pandemic is keeping some exhibit us away. not only the chip shortest but the whole distribution and changes in my use, i think probably produce more cancellations of exhibitors than anything out on the new recovery. at this point we've heard from users and ers are not participating
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because they just can't get their product. they can't get their prototypes together, things like that, and that's definitely been an issue demand ha, semi conduct us in everything from game consoles to tablets and webcams has exceeded the ability of chip make us to quickly increase production capacity. the entire auto industry has also been impacted severely. there is based on research we've done in the industry, a sense that it's not going to be solved quickly. it. so i think people are more optimistic 6 months ago when we did our 1st at a research than they were 6 months later. so it's, it's an overhang for the industry. at the last in person c. s and 2020. more than 4400 companies participated in las vegas. this time the numbers down to around half of that few of visitors are also expected to show up at the,
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for the event that set to open on january 5th. now to some of the other global business stories making news, turkey has launched a package of measures aimed at countering the drastic decline in the value of the lira including protecting peoples deposits against losses from future exchange rate fluctuations. the lira what has recovered after government help was announced the international monetary fund has extended debt service relief are $25.00 low income countries. the final trends of an almost $1000000000.00 debt relief program went to mostly american countries, as well as hey, tina paul and some central asian nations to help them cope with a pandemic. now a days to go until christmas santa might be somewhere out there worrying about how to deliver all the presents with his team of reindeer. meanwhile, in finland, just north of the arctic circle, real reindeer herders are struggling with much bigger problems. climate change, friends, they're very livelihood. when an or lela and just the corral,
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her reindeer are getting excited. that's because only law brings food, pay or tweaks of ivy. they don't like it as much as lighten but they it helps them to survive. the reindeer need, the extra help for years winter has brought more rain. when rain falls on snow, it freezes, locking in like in and other plants, the animals are unable to smell the food or dig for it. and warm a winter's aren't the only problem. oh so summers are getting ah, warmer and rain the is not very good handling heat. it cannot sweat so ah, it very easily over heat and leave might go hot summers might kill a lot of rain at a climate summit in glasgow. this past november, walt leaders agreed to fight climate change and keep global warming under one and
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a half degrees. but that doesn't reflect the situation north of the arctic circle. the nose, essentially the temperatures, those going faster is not like other $1.00 is or it would be a threshold there shouldn't be or crossed. but i mean, here we're going to go beyond that. i mean there are some projections or they even talk about 3 degrees there would mean incredibly tough conditions for reindeer, who are still an important part of the economy in finland. they are kept for their meat and milk, but their fur hides and even the antlers and hoofs are also used usually for clothes and tools, but hurting the animals in warmer conditions as expensive. you'll guarantee the economic profitability behind there so much. because you have to put a lot of money in there compared to normal situation that the radio it leaves out there in the way though to finding his own whining its own fault. and you have the
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key with your no people usually call they are where they have the economic profitability don't get they living. but for some her nurse there's also optimism. i'm hopeful bit reindeer hurting because we have lasted so far and think we have a good future future in head of us, but the use needs to be more active politically. that's her shell. thanks for watching. ah the fight against the corona virus pandemic? how has the rate of infection been developing? what does the latest research say? information and context? the corona virus update, because 19 special next on d,
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w. sometimes a seed is all you need to allow the big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning paths like global ideas. we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing, download it now for free. with o. protests across the world, demonstrations against vaccination, sometimes peaceful, sometimes violent police often have to intervene when protesters, without mosques and social distancing contribute to the spread of the virus. debate
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seems few while for many conspiracy theorists. after all, what do you say to an activist who thinks that bill gates is trying to embed secret micro chips and people using the coven vaccine? but when you draw the line between extremists and skeptics, and how can radicalization be prevented? i'm daniel winter. welcome to our coven. 19 special vaccination rates. show what the majority of the public believe that jobs are safe and effective. but not everyone agrees. and of those people as a fine line between skepticism and conspiracy. then there are the extremes. in recent days, several prominent politicians here in germany were threatened with violence for supporting covered measures. so why does a loud minority seemingly want to fight for what could harm them or even kill them or their loved ones?
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their views are seen as radical and although the number of so called clear thinker or lateral thinkers is relatively small, they're certainly vocal. what did the protesters have in common? one study suggests that in southern germany they often share esoteric and answer, pacific or beliefs. they're generally highly educated and many a former green or left party supporters. however, in eastern germany, the far right plays a much greater role. in mentioned the these people lead largely civil and autonomous lives. but now they feel they're being dictated to by the state. again, although multiple esoteric aspects play a role. but there are clear differences of opinion, even among esoteric think is tobias to human, is a pediatrician in fryeburg. he believes in patient autonomy and holistic medicine,
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but it's still vaccinated against cove at 19. many of his patients are skeptical, but he tries to ease their fears. as i know, if it is our men, is a common concern, is that the vaccines were developed so quickly warden, the under another fear is that people believe that there has to be people out there who have had some negative side effects. baker didn't wilken doubtful. i tried to reassure them and ease their doubts, also convinced them to a certain extent is a bidding to niemen. and when it comes to children, having to wear a face mask at school, to buy as to suburban, says he won't issue exceptions. especially after a corona of ours outbreak at this nearby veiled off school infected dozens of children. authorities later discovered 50 pupils had been issued fake musk exemption certificates. they're always going to be debates about what's right and wrong to do in a pan, direct, independent make paranoid conspiracy is particularly dangerous phenomenon. so let's
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speak to psychologist and each disco. thank you very much for joining us. and you've written extensively about so called national narcissism. and the spread of conspiracies during the pandemic. what were your findings? thank you for having me. in our research, we find that national narcissism tends to be positively associated bed. the believe in conspiracy theory is related to covet 19. so national narcissism, we can think of it as individual gnosticism, on the, on the social scale. so it is the concept that people have an insulated belief of how great their country is. but at the same time, have also the desire to have that greatness being recognized by others. we would call that, sorry, continue. yeah, yeah. so we find a this related to the believe and covet 19 conspiracy theory. and then there's also a relationship to the believe to with us health behaviors to combat the virus.
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what do we draw the line between skeptics and extremists? this is a good question. i think get things open for different opinions and to consider eternity and extreme with them. it's more associated with not being open to having discussions and updating one's belief and how strong these movements after all, we can see in most western countries, majority of people have accepted getting the vaccine. yeah, related pan. we looked at 56 countries and we saw that there is quite a variance in how popular corbin and conspiracy theories are and also how popular this national narcissistic ideas are. so for example, what we find is that in india and greece, this idea of national narcissism,
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i'm conflict, spend cobit 19 conspiracy theory believes are actually very high, whereas, and we, then we see that both of them are actually very, you know, so we have to look at the countries on an individual scale to understand the psychological process. when you look at the countries on the individual level or even regions within countries, what are the causes for those differences in the strength of conspiracy movements between different places? yes, so it is, we know that conspiracy theory believes are associated with a sense of uncertainty as sense of having been left behind by for example, the government and country to really do for, for in how people feel about being considered by governmental policies or how good policy makers where in communicating the complexity of the virus. and what can we do with this research with the studies
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that you've been doing and, and other people like you into racks in conspiracy theorists. one of the, the takeaways and how do we use them? i think to take the take away that we found in our research is we have to distinguish between people who are skeptical su, that who just need more information about the vaccines. and then people who are strongly conspiracy theory believers who need to be more addressed in their overall molded to believe the theory that says feeling out of control or feeling uncertain . so we have to meet these needs before talking about and be a c theory. believe that them ok, so it's also about meeting their needs and understanding them in a way as well, and we can't reach out to them without understanding them. so if there's someone who's watching this right now and saying here they go, spreading their propaganda again. what is your message to them?
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because now you can reach out to them. what would you say to that? i think you would say that 1st of all, how likely it is, how likely is it bad? these cover wouldn't have been uncovered yet when we think about how many people would be involved in, in covering up that are actually deadly or harmful. or is it really likely that there wouldn't have been a whistleblower just yet? and then on the other hand, also thinking about how many people around me are actually believing it. and how many people might actually say they believe these ideas to fit in that group. and having an open discussion might be actually very fruitful. so it seems we have to be skeptical about the skeptics on eastern disco psychologist. thank you very much . that is very insightful. now it's time for you to ask the questions and for us to reply his of your question about why the vaccines can have long term delayed side
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effects. answering it our science correspondent, derek williams. o, has there ever been a vaccine that has caused side effects? yes, in the future. 0, one of the justifications that people who are vaccine hesitant often give for why they don't want to be vaccinated as that. we don't know what kind of effects coven vaccines might only have years down the road. and of course, that's an argument that can't be refuted, because none of us can see the future. we can only make decisions about it based on the severity of the pandemic now. and the data that we have at hand, both as individuals and as societies, it's all we have to go on. it's not a perfect system, unexpected stuff happens all the time, but it's the only system we have as we seek on to stop suffering and save
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lives. and, and one great source of data is the information that we've gathered from vaccine drives in the past. that past experience with many, many different vaccines for a wide range of diseases makes a couple of things really clear. first, is that given a large enough sample size, some side effects are inevitably going to crop up. and very rarely, a currently approved coven vaccine can cause, for example, someone to go in to ana, lactic shock, or develop a thrombosis or develop my own cardite us. but billions of doses had been distributed so far over the course of nearly a year. and there is nothing indicating any wide scale trends or
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delayed term of facts for any of the approved coven vaccines. that's because the experts say vaccines are only given a couple of times and break down quickly in the body after initiating an immune memory. which means if side effects are going to occur, they pretty much always do so within a few days or weeks of vaccination. so while it's true that for a very few unlucky people, a vaccine could cause a side effect that might have an impact on their life for years to come. the experts say there's no evidence linking any vaccine to side effects that only show up many months or years later. and finally, worries over an all micron wave huff even reached the edge of the arctic circle
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tourism operators and finish lapland are still recovering from a disastrous 2020. now there are hopes and fears as the frosty regions. winter tourism season gets underway at santa claus village, amusement park walkers of pudding finishing touches to this ice restaurant and hotel. but how many guests will experience this, sir? fun park as anyone's guess. it's not a case of finish restrictions, but other nations responses to the only one variant, including travel restrictions, test requirements in quarantine measures. and that's it for me. your. busy coven 19 special. i'm daniel winter in berlin. thank you for watching. with
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aah! with a pulse! with the beginning of a story that moves us and takes us along for the ride. it's all about the perspective. culture
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information is, is dw and d, w. made for mines. ah fantastic, good, beautiful. and christie in the so culture. a remote island off the horn of africa. an unusual part of him and untouched by the civil war, discovered by just a few tourists. the forgotten paradise. so cool. cool. so 90 minutes on d w o. how many push it out in the world right now?
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the climate change, very hot. the story. this is my flex, the way from just one week. how much work can really get we still have time to go. i'm going on with what? 5th, his subscriber all morning. he was like go interest a global economy. our portfolio, d w business. beyond. here the closer look at the project. our mission. to analyze the fight for market dominance. east this is wes. good. a step ahead with the w business beyond on you to ah,
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ah ah ah ah, this is dw news y from berlin b oma cron. very in to races across the globe. all of the makers here in germany are flooding their response to the fresh wave. they're expected to impose contact restrictions, even on the fully vaccinated ant those recovered from coven 90.


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