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find to them we will have further restrictions on private contacts, so we're well prepared for the spread of the new virus mutation all over europe was them all hers a huge, wild and novel house fighter. what the new curbs will look like is unclear. the government is discussing possible measures with the leaders of germany states, if case numbers saw they could be tough. is glover when the speech dated father, if experts predictions are confirmed and what we're seeing in neighboring countries continues the allied, and we can't rule out a general lockdown, including everything from businesses to education, to private gatherings, yet, mismatch reason for starters, that'll likely mean large new year's eve parties will be canceled and those making fitness resolutions for 2022 might need to postpone hitting the gym until the only con wave is over. when i bring in, i did of his chief political editor, michela kaufman mikella. we understand that the germany is political leaders are meeting virtually as we speak on how likely is it that they could possibly impose
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a national lockdown and as locked down is very unlikely actually even what became known as a lockdown in germany was often and always more flexible than in neighboring countries, like france will britain for instance, at the same time, it is opposite. sure that there will be new tough measures, dots about a hot dog documents here. what we seen in that is that there will be no big new year's celebrations, even amongst the vaccinated, and those who received the boost assaults and it will be most likely a maximum of 10 people who are allowed to gather with children. not counting in under 14. now these appeared to be details because against this backdrop, we've now seen a message come out like a tweet that was quite, quite an explosion into this whole thing of the whole lot call institute demanding effectively. and by saying a maximum as is that would be a lockdown beginning right now. and now politicians need to figure out whether they
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will stick with their draft or double up on fresh measures taken. this is open tension here between this chief advisory institute on the politicians who would have to break the news to and fro, to a public that frankly, is tired of a pandemic. how much of a stress test is this for the new government? as you know, a was sworn in barely 2 weeks ago in terms of public trust. do people have faith in this government under chancellor shows that it is capable of tackling the search? well, there is a high level of trust and also and probably exactly because carlos about himself a doctor is the new health minister if anybody could have voted for him directly, most germans that most likely would have done. and and, but what we also can see is that there will be no $100.00 days for this government
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to prove itself. it got dropped to rights into right into the midst of an ever deepening covert crisis and appears that the on the cron variant will pose is already posing complete the new challenges. this is a different dimension. this is a government that is forced to hit the ground running, or else public confidence will sink very fast. all right, she political editor, mckayla griffin are reporting. thank you so much for now. we'll catch up with you later. like to tell you now about the other developments in the pandemic. the use cove at 19 pass for travel is set to expire in 9 months after vaccination, unless the holder has a booster shot. the new rules. new rule rather, is due to come into force in february. the use drug regulator meanwhile says it's still unclear if existing vaccines need to be tweak to better fight on micron. but during a says, it could begin work on
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a new booster shot within weeks. and thailand is reinstating a mandatory hotel quarantine for foreign visitors. and it concerns over the arm across variant was turned to the horn of africa. ethiopia, government says it's forces are read, taking territory after fighters from the to grind people's liberation front, announced their retreat to all the central government claims. their withdrawal is a result of their recent offensive against the rival forces. to grand leaders now demand a no fly zone and arms embargo to avoid retaliatory strikes. it has been a year long war with bloodshed on both sides. but could the tide now be turning in the war between ethiopian government forces and te gray fighters? after the prime minister abbey are met, went to the frontline himself to lead the army of new government forces, have made strategic gains in ethiopia, taking back darcy and comm bolt,
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sher in the north, and pushing the te gray people's liberation front on to the back foot into the camera and afar regions where these satellite pictures show ethiopian forces. mustering this footage from t great t. v appears to show how addis ababa might have gained the upper hand. drones strikes from weapons. some report say come from china, turkey and iran. however, it has been achieved, diplomat, see the withdrawal as a positive move. so in fact, if we do see a movement of to grand forces back into to t. great, that is something we would welcome. it's something we've called for. and we hope it opens. i the door i to an i to broader diplomacy that lead follows an international effort to get negotiations in place amid questions about human rights abuses. our office continues to receive credit will reports of severe human rights violations and abuses by all parties. the humanitarian impact of the conflict is
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increasingly dramatic. perhaps those violations might now abate and with the debris of war strewn across the country and civilians emerging from the crossfire hopes for peace on the ground of beginning to develop. although despite their withdrawal, the t p i left could still have the capability to fight again. these are the other stories we're keeping an eye on right now. german chancellor, all af sholtes and chinese prison gigi bring have discussed deepening bilateral ties in their 1st phone call. prison g reportedly urged chancellor sholtes to explore new areas of co operation, such as green, clean energy and digital technology. china is germany's biggest trading partner and the single most important market for the german auto industry. the turkish lira rebounded after president richard type air to one launched a series of policies to prop up the ailing national currency. the government has promised to compensate lira denominated bank account holders for drops in the value
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of the currency, which is seen drastic losses in recent weeks. and a south african court has allowed former president jacobs who went to appeal a ruling that he must return to prison. he was released from jail early to undergo surgery. my resume is serving a 15 month sentence for contempt of court after refusing to testify in a corruption inquiry. the philippines is still reeling from the aftermath of last week's powerful typhoon. local officials are pleading for aid. japan and china now they would send power generators, water, and food. i phone right, killed almost 400 people. and this place hundreds of thousands. poland has a near total ban on abortions. well, now the government wants to go even further by creating a national register of all pregnancies. did use alexander phenomena reports on a controversial issue that often pits individual women against hospitals and even
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the police. claudia could still 26 years old on to a new earlier this year she decided to and an unwanted pregnancy, using abortion pills. she ordered on the internet for one looked with ela. i went to a hospital just to confirm that i am not pregnant anymore. oh i was, but once they are, i was brutally examined though on the doctor didn't providing any medical information. instead, she scared me saying the state prosecutor needed to know that she would report me to the authorities about those wall. she, jonathan washing despite poland, sneered total ban on abortion, women who terminate pregnancies cannot be prosecuted under polish law. that however, didn't prevent the police from interrogating her. a. claudia coast oak tells me, oh sam. okay, says look what we asked and they wanted to know how the pills were delivered out what the package looked like. so i'm open. i had to give them the names of all my
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friends who knew i had an abortion. not, no idea what that was for help. also. last year, a court ruled that abortion in poland is only permitted in cases of rape or incest . or when the mother's life is threatened, thousands took to the streets in protest with the intact until nina vandals to come with one of them in the reproductive rights. activists says that the results of the new law, amounts to torture is found. an abortion means that polish women are forced to carry pregnancy with fetuses that have no rain that have no call if they are in distance outside of their body. we have legal har hart failures. it's just impossible to describe how it feels like to be a woman enroll into date. as of january, the government also plans to introduce a centralized register were pregnancies and miscarriages are reported. pro choice activists fear this data base could be used to cause legal problems for women who
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use abortion pills or find other ways to an to pregnancy. pos shit or shapes key is the gynecologist in which he says the concerns about the register are justified. as the data is available anyway, but he also says he is fed up with the issue being politicized in poland, if jelly bush with her we as doctors would like to be left alone by politicians. we want them to stop using us for their purposes or both sides of doing it. go. piazza or chef ski fears they're restrictive abortion rules in poland will have floss, think consequences. first, go with the boys who they shows there are women with who now are afraid to get pregnant. so she has a job. they think, what am i going to do when i find out my thetis has an illness or gene damage your school. so that's why they decide not to get pregnant at all. so that is the lack of mothers against your prenatal examinations because they fear the results above a wrinkle. but the debate in poland continues with pro life activists demanding
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father restrictions and criminal charges against people selling abortion pills. the activists who sell the feels or any money on that, and this is what we want to stop, we want to stop this business of ah, business of deaf. you could say claudia could still cannot come to terms with what's going on in poland. she's hoping for a political change soon. otherwise she says she is going to leave the country that report by alexander phenomena from poland. so sports for you now before i leave you, an american football ledgent tom brady has edged his name into the record book. so once again, while the 44 year old has been named to the pro bowl for a record setting, 15th time of rating widely regarded as the greatest a quarterback of all time when his 7 super bowl last season with the tampa bay
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buccaneers. and this nfl season released the league in passing and touched out you're watching the w news said this is our top story right now. german federal and state leaders are discussing next steps in curbing the covert surge cases of the highly contagious on the chronicle. rona virus variance are on the rise, the countries public health agency has called from maximum and immediate contact and travel restrictions will have a lot more on that in our next bulletin. but for now stick around up. next is business news, and i see we can at the top of the art i every day for us and for our planet. global ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do
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we make cities greener? how can we protect animals and their habitats? what to do all our waste? we can make a difference by choosing reforestation over deforestation recycling over disposable smarten solutions overseas said in our ways, is truly unique. and we know that, that uniqueness is one allows us to live and survive global ideas, the environmental c global 3000 on d, w, and online. ah, ah, big tech meet, big government. the e with moving to rain intact giant. but can it's long arm reached the matter verse . also on the show, the world by the tac event is due to return in person in january. but industry
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players are already expecting disruption and not the kind they like. and it's not all just reindeer games. when climate change is an existential threat. we take you to the arctic circle. this is the, the over your business. i'm janelle dumas unwelcome. we began whether europe's efforts to regulate big tech. the european commission is gearing up for official negotiations to start in january with you countries on major pieces of legislation . the digital markets act aimed to force more competition for tech giant like google, apple, and amazon with a list of do's and don'ts. on the other hand, the digital services act is focused on protecting consumers from illegal or harmful content. the principal being, what's a legal offline should be illegal online to. now that you hopes that these rules will apply in 2023. but the question is, where would that leave big tax?
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big plants are reporter daniel winter steps into facebook's matter, verse for announcer. it's a wonderful, magical experience. here i can live by true self business and pleasure. this is the met of us, at least that's met his vision for the future. the company formerly known as facebook, had a rocky ride in 2021. but could this bold new plan help it faced the future? the missing at the end of october c, e o. mark zuckerberg gave you is a taste of the met of us, a virtual world to live, work and play and field at the same time, announcing a rebranding day. our company is now met a big commitment to the grand vision. however, critics called the dumping of the name facebook, a distraction company anthem played with the scandal and the brand name. facebook
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was increasingly associated with primacy breaches dis information. the trump insurrection, and that's the main reason why the company changed their name. that came off to explosive accusations from whistleblower francis hogan, who claimed facebook knew of harm that was causing vulnerable uses. and that it didn't take enough action to intervene. telling d w. facebook was too focused on english language content, moderation mark zuckerberg has said engagement. base ranking is dangerous, as people are drawn to extreme content. but don't worry, i will save us. the problem is that strategy requires us to build those a. i systems over and over and over again, each language for the platform to be safe. and right now facebook is not doing them . but is it even possible for facebook to properly moderate posts by 2900000000 monthly active users? perhaps mehta has just become too large owning dominant social platforms, not just facebook,
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but what's up and instagram to would be really want and members to be dominated by the very same private companies that already dominate the internet today. and i think the answer for democratic societies would be definitely not. but those are the key questions that we need to be talking about. questions of power, questions of who controls the spaces? and only the 2nd step can we talk about, what is it even mean to live in a metaphor, is the real question to always be is that the future we want is the company formerly known as facebook. com controlled the effect it's already having on the real world. how can we trust it to lead a bold new virtual was indeed are now joined by christie plaids and, and bon. let's start with that christie. is there an answer to whether facebook could be trusted with a virtual universe? well, i think we should emphasize the fact that a, this universe wouldn't be built or controlled by facebook or meta as they're now
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called a mark zuckerberg. set him this himself in the rebrand that the met averse would be a collaborative project involving many players. now that being said, of course, the spree brand ties this company very strongly to this new initiative in a very aggressive way. and yeah, there was actually really a lot of pushback against this move after after zuckerberg announced this as we just heard facebook, facebook or formerly facebook. now meta has been really played by scandals for years, but especially this year and the whistleblower francis house actually called for him to step down and really allow facebook or meta, pardon me to move on from the sort of assorted history they've had right now. we saw many founders of these major big tech companies stepping down this year, also recent years. we, you know, amazon, twitter, microsoft zuckerberg is really the main founder still leading his company and a, based on his company's track record. there's not a lot of reason to think it won't be the same going forward with the multiverse. so
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bit of a last man standing vibe there. now at the top of the show, christy, we talked about e laws in the making. how could you regulation shape, tech players in europe? right, well this regulation has been moving along was surprising. the surprising speed was really just announced just a little over a year ago, and we're already, i'm, as you said, going to be heading into official negotiations in january, so much quicker than people had expected. so what we're seeing in the, in the drafts of these laws are, for example, rules that would limit how these companies can use user data, for example, to leverage for advertising revenue. that would be a major blow to zuckerberg, a company's business model. and we're also seeing discussions of, of financial penalties as high as 10 percent of these companies, global turner annual turnover. so this is an amount that is really enough to make, make them finally pay attention. they've gotten used to sort of getting away with breaking the rules in the past, and if this law passes that way, that could change things. so you're talking about major blows to the business. what
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does this mean about the feasibility of enforcement? right, well the rules themselves and how they would be enforced us still needs to be hashed out by the players involved in, in passing this legislation. but some the elements we're seeing as i would there would be not only a list of rules for these companies to follow, but they would also allow the laws would also allow for the european commission to carry out investigations shouldn't think it's necessary. there've also been calls to include legislation that would protect whistleblowers like hogan, of course, insiders are often the ones with the real information about the, about the dirt that's going on behind the scenes. and that will also be seeing some discussions about how a, what is the responsibility of the commission and what is the responsibility of the individual countries in terms of carrying out the these laws. so, but that all remains to be seen. christie plaid said not with dirt,
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but with reporting. thank you very much. thanks. the consumer electronic show is one of the world's biggest technology events, and it's opening its doors again in las vegas and early january that many companies will not participate. and it's not just because of pandemic restrictions. these, sorry friends, well, long the highlights at the last public consumer electronics show in 2020, where visit us flock to see the latest tech gadgets thought up by companies beacon small. but this year, many will skip the event among them google h t c, and soon us the organize a say the global chip shortage rather than the corona virus pandemic is keeping some exhibit us away like the chip shortage, but they'll hold distribution and changes in my view it's i think probably produce more cancellations of exhibitors than anything out on the new coveted this. what we've heard from her is a nurse or non participating because they just can't get their product. they can't
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get their prototypes together, things like that. and that's definitely been an issue demand. ha, simi conduct us in everything from game consoles to tablets and web cams has exceeded the ability of chip make us to quickly increase production capacity. the entire auto industry has also been impacted severely. there is based on research. we've done in the industry a sense that it's not going to be solved quickly. it. so i think people are more optimistic 6 months ago when we did our 1st at a research than they were 6 months later. um. so it's, it's an overhang for the industry. at the last in person c, s, and 2020. more than 4400 companies participated in las vegas. this time, the numbers down to around half of that few of visitors are also expected to show up at the,
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for the event that set to open on january 5th. now to some of the other global business stories making use. turkey has launched a package of measures aimed at countering the drastic decline in the value of the lira including protecting peoples deposits against losses from future exchange rate fluctuations. the lira has recovered after government health was announced. the international monetary fund has extended debt service relief for $25.00 low income countries. the final trends of an almost 1000000000 dollar debt relief program went to most the american countries as well as he tina paul and some central asian nations to help them cope with a pandemic. now a days to go until christmas santa might be somewhere out there worrying about how to deliver all the presents with his team of reindeer. meanwhile, in finland, just north of the arctic circle, real reindeer herders are struggling with much bigger problems. climate change threatens, they're very livelihood. when an or lila and just the corral,
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her reindeer are getting excited. that's because only law brings food, hey, or tweaks of ivy. they don't like it as much as lighten, but they did help thrive the reindeer need, the extra help for years winter has brought more rain. when rain falls on snow, it freezes, locking in like in and other plants. the animals are unable to smell the food or dig for it, and warm winters aren't the only problem. oh so summers are getting ah, warmer and reindeer is not very good handling heath and it cannot sweat so ah, it very easily overheat and leaf might get hot. somers might kill a lot of rain at a climate summit in glasgow. this past november, walt leaders agreed to fight climate change and keep global warming under one and
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a half degrees. but that doesn't reflect the situation north of the arctic circle. the nose, essentially the temperature so is going faster, is not like other $1.00 is a, it would be a threshold there shouldn't be or crossed. but i mean, here we're going to go beyond that. i mean there are some projections or they even talk about 3 degrees. there would mean incredibly tough conditions for reindeer, who are still an important part of the economy in finland. they are kept for their meat and milk, but their fur hides and even the ant or send holes are also used usually for clothes and tools, but hurting the animals in warmer conditions as expensive. you can't see the economic profitability behind there so much because you have the book, a lot of money in there, compared to norma situation that the radio it leaves out there in the way though to finding it own whitening its own fault. and you have the key with your not people
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usually call they'll where they have the economic profitability, they'll get they living. but for some her nurse there's also optimism. i'm hopeful bit reindeer hurting because we have lasted so far and think we have a good future future in head office, but the use needs to be more active. politically. that's her shell. thanks for watching. ah i ma'am for sky hi. nice. doing an important document was drafted in this very sweet. the politician was found dead in vain.
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317. they bull revise in geneva. the stage of human tragedy and political intrigue in our series. legendary hotels in 45 minutes on d. w. what secrets lie behind these walls? discover new adventures in 360 degrees and explore fascinating world heritage sites. d. w world heritage 360. get the app. now, with this as it had been years, asia coming up today, helping of hermiston without helping the taliban agencies are desperate for cash and resources to about the humanitarian catastrophe. but how can that get her on the frozen funds and international sanctions on the polar bond? all.


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