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we are living during the most extraordinary time in history of transport. we'll go pull the electric with red. the auto and mobility show with india's electron mobility sector is picking up pace and getting ahead on the market here puts you in good stead for global success. once you become popular in india, i think the technology was mature. boston and i think that has a global policy it had the emissions, no pollution wanted me to what that you know before it ever fancied the trailer lifestyle. how about doing it? the american way with a classic air stream. you look out the window and like in the morning you can see the right, my desert,
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and then at night you can be at the beach watching the sun go down of the ocean. right now on ranch. i think the majority of the market will be more or less completely brittle or topic of another biggest contributor to you know, got a lot of them still do you really? i think your brother machine, i think it was really hard to bring in, but, but it's a victim. because when the thought with the advent of the electric to wheeler has begun and complete the school, that domination seems imminent. but what does the arrival of the school coming from? the average indian commuter and what challenges lie ahead. as more indians stay to adapt to electric mobility. welcome to what's up where we talk about everything electric ah, back in august 2021. all our electric announced pre bookings for their s one and s
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one pro scooters. these eas could, as could be reserved for as little as it will be $500.00, which is under 60 or within 24 hours. they had received over a 100000 bookings, but not before their website temporarily crashed because of the number of people who flocked to it a month later. customers who pre booked their easton, those were allowed to make a partial payment on them to go further in the buying process. in just 2 days. last names that made rupees 1100 floor, or 127000000 euro. now all things considered that's a pretty decent chunk of teams. but other than the fact that all last corporate seem to be quite right now, what truly interest is the interest in electric blue. see all those potentially the biggest fear in the indian e the market right now, but they're truly just the latest entry and in the, in the us burdening to really be seen. so who the existing player,
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the well, this heater electric, they don't need the entry level. if go to market, then there's all came out that operate in the same segment, although they sell the bad scooters that are manufactured in other parts of the world. but judge with that you took electric and t v. s with the i q of the 2 big or e m 's that are selling electric scooters in india right now. although not enlarge numbers. and then there's a plucky start up named energy who had the $450.00 x and eco for 50 plus on offer. it started out as an energy company founded by foreign matter and swap new gene to graduates of the prestigious engine institute of technology. they wanted to manufacture battery backs and tell them to existing school manufacturers. in the interest dividing the, they bought existing e scooters and began writing them about 6 months. we decided for the fixtures and then destroy them because the usage was pretty heavy. we destroyed them because they were really bad records, but after using these products,
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we convince us to we very contrasting things. first, we will convince that electric in the future that the technology is the right people would absolutely love a good well build electric vehicle. and the other thing you know about if that vall, every single product on the road is that it will, we need to pick because from scratch, we need to build a good experience for the customer. now it wasn't just the found as a favor entity who were disappointed with the school does on offer in india at the time. see in the early days of to wheeler e. v, as in india, consumers were looking for low sticker prices, low running costs, and due to book product, they might have found the 1st $2.00, but they certainly didn't find the 3rd. these were normally not very good quality to us, and they were low speed just to keep the sticker price below a certain range and ended up creating expeditions. but not that it's, those things have certainly turned it on since then. out went lead acid and in came
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lithium ion batch, these qualities range technology and connectivity. because let's face it who doesn't like controlling everything with their phone and all became priorities. the smart school was born and as tackling climate change and poor equality became the focus. government policy and subsidies came into play and the mobility train found firm footing in india, but for the strand to truly become mainstream, appeasing the famously tricky indian customer who belongs to the world's largest willow market is important. so what does this very specific end user truly, why the do extremely value lunches? i think many people confuse that and being got to do that in, in consumers, are willing to pay money for the product that they have high value, but average to will use in india is looking for 1st and foremost
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consistency of product and quality. i think it's a mit that the into will customers looking for the cheapest product. ok. so the content seems to be that the average indian customer wants value for money and a discernible sense of quality from their products. and getting this just right is critical for any will manufacturer with electric emissions. afterall, if they can impress this very strictly customer, the whole was their oyster. let's take a look at all. the s one s one pro might be be on the go app scooter, but they have since been worked on considerably by law. and the final school does that go into production, have been innovated upon and built, keeping the indian customer in mind. in fact, other than the sales that go into the batteries. everything is built at all as massive 500 e g, future factory, and christian giddy, which is stopped entirely by women, then posing for them. and as for output, well, all that got their eyes on big numbers. one production capacity with 2000000 users
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. and then when you finished your employer understand that this factory and non domestic market for the same day, middle market from this actually it will make it a new one. okay. and bill have word on the national side. you can truly appears when you buy a unless you adjust the biggest confirms ranging and the charging dilemma. the battery swapping is the best thing because it will reduce the time. i think it just like filling the and patrol or something they just don't need to lose time. i would prefer to charging that but i mean battery swapping unless there is one type of battery for all vehicles. it's unlikely you might run into trouble with charging . i think can be more universal where different manufacturers have found different
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solutions. you don't want a car. he started up with ty, bachelor, swapping jain, google, although we haven't seen the results of that collaboration just yet. but most of the customers want to go in and use kuda in its entirety. with bachelor swapping the bat, she is one competent that you don't own battery stations are also a lot more expensive to set up in mindy, and you need more. you're listed a lot of spare batteries and personnel demand stations. charging stations on the other hand require less space and don't need to be left is the fact that it's a lot easier to achieve standardization of charging ports than it is to achieve that universal. one size fits all battery, then the heater electric. they've done away with the need for charging stations thanks to portable batches, which can be unplugged, get it up to one whom or one's office and charged the standard, treat them socket. but this hadn't stop them from tying up with. he's got a massive mobility to invest in
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e v infrastructure in india. they have an m to set up a grand total of up to $20000.00 charges over the next couple of years. all 900. how? who surely pushing forward with charging infrastructure. it has that in one charge due to what they call the ether grid. they hope to end up with 500 fos charges across the country by the end of march 1022. then there's all the plans on having 100000 charges across 400 different people, even in death within the next 5 years. then that are one charges which can be set up to make life bad, less easier for the consumer. but in a country like india, where in big cities, people tend to live in really large apartment comp, getting the required permissions to set up a home charger seemed to be really complicated. and i went back to the office, but a story, not because it was by going to be to check whether i could get a charging point installed or where i normally park my motorcycles and my society despite being
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a progressive affluent part of the war. they didn't know how to start the process, so they said by don't do right as a little and then we evaluated and then come back to you. and they told me to take them 3 months to make a decision. this means that they have not evaluated installing the charging point in this id even at the 1st stage yet. ok. so however you manage to get that battery loaded. you're fully charged. you doesn't do out nasty emissions into the you've gone green. but in yes, been a country that relies heavily on call me to energy needs. thought i. e v 's dooley green if the energy going into them isn't. so if you're able to keep pace with the electric mobility demand of electricity and intended to create the cleaner sources of energy, that is a larger objective. so you can say that unless you have d, you shouldn't have electric mobility bought, can go in tandem and i believe india is ready for this type of change. they're
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largely due to so much focus on solar, wind, and other forms of the, the energy inputs. we would be at least feeding most of our electric mobility. so cleaner sources and also there could be some sort of smart metering on some sort of incentives being given for using the like city and future for electric mobility visual bigger to complete into in 0 polluting solution. india and indian even manufacturers have lost ego. they're hoping to convert in 200000000 lows to evie in the hopes of a cleaner and green future within the next few years. but school does make up their yearly tiny part of that massive number. it feels like every manufacturer has an electric motorcycle that they're being very tight lips to both but working on in the background. but india contribution to the electron mobility dale is about more than just india. when india finds a solution to problem solve because numeric problem than most. ready of the words
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simply because we have a population and baker. so once you become popular in india, i think the technology will mature fossil, and i think that has a global follow up. what excites me about the product in that sense is not specific about the product, but it's the big picture. because when be solved, it will fall for the world. and this plenty to solve. battery waste management will be critical in the next few years. the recycling machines that have become obsolete will be imperative and managing the country's energy resources will be crucial. but overall in get to wheeler, e b journey looks promising. where in play exciting time washer ragin owns an electric motor bike making her one of a small group of pioneers in the indian city of bank alu road. only about 15000 of the cities, 12000000 inhabitants use east scooters like marshes. she travels 30 kilometers to
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work with it every day. banga lulu formerly known as bangalore, is congested and full of smog. marsha, rajiv wants to help cut the harmful air pollution. the 26 year old also preferred a cheaper and climate friendlier way of getting around. i was looking to buy a new art to willard that he's in my i switch tried her electric. waco was one, was the height true? i tried this and 0, one more thing is dying vitamin i showed so it has 0 emissions, no pollution. so de, wanted to watch that i. e, are up to florida and integrate the indian state of karnataka aims to turn transport from gray to green by 2030 at the latest the state capital bank. a low roof is expected to lead the way, but only $5000.00 electric cars are on the roads here right now. price is a major obstacles. e cars cost 2 to 3 times as much as their gasoline powered
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counterparts. marcia raunchy works as a lawyer and a legal firm i can afford to buy this model made by a local manufacturer, but most of the cities inhabitants simply can't afford and e scooter like hers. yet, the need for them is huge. 70 percent of all vehicles in the city are motorbike san motor scooters. in this unremarkable workshop in the southeast of bank of europe, business man brackish m k is working on a pre magic in affordable solution. his melody company converts conventional motor bikes into hybrid once they can run on battery or gasoline is needed. the conversion costs 240000 rupees 450 euro's retrofitting is a common man saw solution. so when he has his existing a sick and he wants to con,
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worked, or to nevi, we have a mortal with gets returned onto the existing rad real office photo. and the controllers will creep into a body of the panel and a throttle, which is that unique in our solution where you have both electric throttle and i, scenes, and throttle integrated along with a display kick. battery range is about 40 kilometers in. however, when the gasoline motor is running, it also recharges the battery. the company plans to rolled out its conversion service by the end of 2021. hybrid motor bikes could be an important milestone on the road to green mobility. but that promising future will remain out of reach unless more vehicles go completely electric. incentives do help. cya chic m doesn't have to pay vehicle tax per his new e motorbike. though the auto engineer was primarily persuaded by the much cheaper running costs. like $200.00 and it all put betral like
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a compared to electricity. if i am daily charging only hardly, it will be like $20.00 such i night at a city also it is compared to politic. ah, at oracle electric wicker is better. so you can see that i damn also who can save money also you can, ah, there isn't know much about servicing a lot in this car. so you need to would ireland, dog. but while legislation has supported the production of electric vehicles, the city is still in dire need of an extensive charging grid. the lack of which is a major source of range anxiety per most. small neighborhood shops known as herana stores could be the answer. with some 12000000 of them in india, they could drive the ship to electric motor bikes. this small charging unit was manufactured in bank lou by the charge or company. it's easily and quickly installed and costs around 3000 rupees, some 35 zero's. but it's likely to generate twice that in revenue every month. only
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300 of them are in place and bank elura and a few other cities right now. there are plans though, to roll out a $100000.00 of them to kick start the green transport revolution and send a signal to policymakers. electric lakers are different than that already compatible with the new 1000000000 id. so even if, let's say today, just 50 percent coming from the naval energy that says the 1st step. and then when government takes of the steps of moving to 100 percent with energy electric later that already compatible. so let's take the 1st from our side and start using electric lakers and government is obviously doing it, but latisha's need to provide the framework necessary to make green travel a reality. but it also needs innovative companies like melodies and chars, or to make it easier for banga larue citizens to make the switch. because ultimately as end users, it's down to them or no one to think that you know,
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with water when one electric waco law have an impact on the environment that is causing so much pollution. right? no 111 no way could, can do. but the thing is, is acres. oh, it's always a one step that makes us forward by opting for an electric motorbike butcher. rajiv has already taken that step. banga luce, other motorbike writers, now just have to follow her example. all 5000000 of them. it's a home from home, a work about one and a constant companion and with its own creature comforts. 5 years ago, chad and kate battles sold their house and moved into an ass stream, weather permitting. they can always shift the kitchen, living room,
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and studio outdoors. the couple a reveling in their new lives as modern no mads there as stream is an august model built in 1976 for artist kate's, one big canvas on which he keeps a painted record of their travels. nobody national park can. there's still room for further adventures. yeah, there's one of them said on my end, you know what, maybe some day we'll just have a clean slate and totally start over the 3 of them have seriously downsize to their home and their life in general. among the bare necessities onto the right, a bucket shower currently occupied by their laundry. reed. but there are plenty of perks to living their very own road movie will have to watch out everything you need is. i'd say basically in arms, each takes a 5 minutes to clean the place up. ah. and it's just easy. you look out the window and i like in the morning you could see the sunrise, my desert,
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and then at night you could be at the beach watching the sun go down of the ocean. and that pretty unique kind of experience. you know, every year the past spend a couple of months on the road before returning to oregon. kate is a travel blogger chant works on a vineyard. well, frankie is probably the most widely traveled goats in the u. s. there mobile home just has to be a vintage air stream due to its design and the philosophy of its creator, while e by him. maybe his spirit lives on and everyone else that loved their streams to know the sense of adventure, the sense of seeing new places the and um just learning new things, meeting new people. people who like them are adherents of glamorous campaign or glam ping. in their case of a more colorful variety than most in fact, the as stream is nicknamed the silver bullet. the classic version of the iconic
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travel trailer boasts of polished aluminum body. okay, her, her, the coach work is extremely lightweight, but is heather and david cook. no parking in a stream can be a real test of teamwork. you're away from. the picnic table that covered muddle is from 2013 and costs around $80000.00. me a lustrous bit of luxury that most 1st time drivers won't be able to afford. the cook spent 37 years building up their savings to make their dream and on the road reality. wow, from 1970 we started. and then we bought our 1st one and 2007. but along the way we had a child sent him to college thing. so the air stream was always there
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and they since crossed the entire us twice and went all the way up to alaska in a convoy of fellow aficionados and even their dog agnes has got the travel bug. it's a freedom to be who you want a bay and we just feel like grown up teenagers, but just a different the as stream club is like one big family up to like dinner and on convoy trips that to mean cooking clam chowder for 40 people. bran taylor is a huge fan of the cult trailers. he started out as a collector before quitting his job as a graphic artist and opening a restoration workshop for 1st trailer. and he said fascinated by the as streams 90 way. history, like cooper or streams are silver and shiny that immediately grabs your attention. oh, it's shiny ah, but also just the whole riveted structure of them reminds americans of the time
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when we built solid things. and when, when america was a builder. and we still build things, but they don't have the soul that ah, the old things had it all began in 1931. when we're leave. i am set up a factory to build his self designed ass stream band with demand exploding for the trade. a lifestyle in the us business soon boomed for the distinctive silver colored muddle. the 19 forties and fifties saw by him also launch special caravan trips. taking adventurous as stream as on epic rates such as cape town to cairo, he urged his compatriots to discover more of the world with the home comforts of a rolling american living room. 60 percent of the last dreams ever built still on the road with many of them already having enjoyed several lives. and this one was used as a chicken coop. you can still see the wire in the windows all my god. so there is
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something to do here, it's dirty. and it's a challenge that he's very much looking forward to chicken to work. but you're optimistic that to go to china again. oh, it will be good as new if not better. oh wow. 3 and labor of love that will take him 3 or 4 months. the exterior will involve a lot of work, sanding down the body and 4 rounds of polishing. but then the old, worn out, gray will be back to it, showing the mirror like splendor. as the sillies have done with their beloved 1958 to arabella keen camper, rebecca gave her husband harold's especial assignments to prepare for retirement spar. although not everything always went to plan my day at 1st was just, i'm not going to sleep on the ground anymore. let's just get one of those little teardrop trailers, just big enough for a bad m mrs. what he brought home, they do at some point, harold spent around $5000.00 on the dilapidated old trailer and 3 years on
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renovating it. but all that work which also meant hammering in several 1000 rivets, was more them were set together. you know, there is a sort of vacation feel to it. there's that kind of leaving everything behind. so it's just good to get out. it forces us to get out rather than sitting with the american dream on wheels and as light and liberating as a stream of that. we hope you enjoyed the ride. see you next time on reb ah, with
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unparalleled beauty. ah, a special look at a special country he loan from above starts december 27th on d, w. ah ah, there's a d w news line from berlin, olaf shoulds tightens social and restrictions as the country gets ready for omicron . the german chancellor announced his new measures for after christmas including a limit on social gatherings for everyone, regardless of vaccination status. large scale.


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