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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  December 21, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm CET

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revealed unparalleled beauty. ah, a special look at a special country loan from above. starts december 27th on d. w. ah. this is the w news line from berlin. olaf shoulds tightened social restrictions as the country gets ready for only on the german chancellor announced his new measures for after christmas, including a limit on social gatherings for everyone. regardless of vaccination status. large scale, new z celebrations have also been ruled out. also on the program is government says
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its troops are reclaiming territory as arrival to graham forces announced their retreat and call for a no fly zone to stop drone strikes on the malaysia counter. the cost of its worst flooding in years. tens of thousands of displaced and as the waters subside and go swell the government's response. ah i'm from gail. welcome to the program. to have a chance allah sholtes is outlined new restrictions super vent and expected jump in cove in 19 infections caused by the only chronic variant of the corona virus. following a virtual meeting with the country state leaders, mister shows that lines new measures that will come into force after christmas. private gatherings of fully vaccinated people will be limited to 10,
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non essential shops will stay open, but only for the vaccinated. night clubs will close them. sporting events will be held without fans. germany's public health agency it earlier called for the immediate imposition of maximum contact restrictions. the job has reported a deeper infection figures. the chancellor didn't want to take any chances because he is not looking at the 1st experiences of other countries facing. i'm a crohn, we expect a number of infections here to also ride significantly more infections mean a higher rate of illness than in any other phase of this pandemic. for this reason, we're asking all critical infrastructure services to activate or refresh their pandemic protocols, that fire services, police, emergency services, hospitals. so even if they have high rates of illness, they can keep basic essential services operating. they don't mistake political absent mikaela kirchner was a, at that press conference, and joseph,
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now welcome mckayla. i'm just rounded up the measures chancellor. sholtes announced this evening if you would well, 1st of all, he is keeping measures in place affecting those who are not vaccinated. and the real change here is that even those vaccinated will now face contact restrictions, but after christmas he says the latest this will have to stop that only up to 10 out of can meet who are vaccinated will be the 28th of december. so clearly, christmas may be on for mamma, many families, but new year's celebration simply off for larger groups. and also groups won't be allowed to gather in sports stadiums and other events will have to take place without any audience. the sound that we heard that is also a new tone. when assessing the risk, clearly this phase similar to the night it states that there will be such an overwhelming amount of people, overwhelming number of people who are ill,
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that critical infrastructure will potentially be affected. and that's something germany is trying to brace itself for calling on those providers for electricity, other basic facilities to talk to that into the christmas and beyond planning. and despite the advice of experts, these measures won't come into force until after christmas. or why is that? yeah, what i decided from is the paper that was actually decided today what also came out today was a recommendation by none other than the own government said chief advisory institute, which called for maximum contact restrictions, that can be translated righty. so as lockdown measures no later than immediately. so a clear, the politicians didn't go along with that, and that is raising the alarms on the ex but side, while the government is saying yes, it will implement title measures. it's also leaving open, piling,
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more measures on top of that, but clearly politicians, both in the states and at the federal level, side away from ruining christmas for the country. i've said we've been doing this for 2 years now and it shows no sign of ending people must be getting fed up houses, news likely to be received. yes. well nobody likes the news and can you will have self didn't like bringing the news today. but what is notable that when you see public service, they is overwhelming support for tighter contact restrictions, the tight amazes but not for closing down restaurants fully, not for closing down hotels of a christmas, all these vital things for families to get together. and i don't think it's just a coincidence that the paper we see from the government today leaves out those areas that are so important for many germans at this moment in time. i thank you for that mikaela mikaela. currently, the w chief political editor,
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united states is also battling a surgeon only crone infections. the new variances quickly become the dominant, stray mer causing 73 percent of all new infections. that's out from 12 percent. just a week ago, his president biden addressing the challenge posed by this variant. we should all be concerned about. i will cry, but not panic. if your fully vaccinate the, especially if you got your booster shots, you are highly protected that you're on vaccinated. you're in a higher risk ready, severely, often co, 19 getting hospitalized and even die. so the best thing to do is get fully vaccinated and get your booster shot. and no, this is not march of 202200 1000000 people are fully vaccinate. we're prepared. we no more just have to stay focused. let's get more from the dub lisa washington bureau chief in his po, welcome
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a illness. so at what measures as president biden contemplated? well, phil, he really wanted people had to convince that they should god vaccinated. he said it's no reason to panic, but he really empathize the fact that the numbers are increasing, that the hospitals are right, running out of capacity. and he really try to make it clear that people can do something. and it was very interesting that we've referred to president donald trump to former president donald from twice in a very positive way saying he was, or he is booster. and that he also paid credit, that the form of government really help being prepared. so that shows that he really one to reach out to those who are hesitant to get the vaccine and economically way. it's interesting where this is all going because pandemic subsidies that run out to the beginning of next year. and what is the president said about dealing with the, the economic impacts of this current pandemic?
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that's true. that is a huge concern, especially for families for low income families or what happens if schools will be closing. who is taking care specially if you just mentioned it at the the, the program which is called child tax credit is running out. so he didn't really talk a lot about the economic excel itself, but he stressed the fact that it is important that people again get vaccinated and they take the responsibility they can take and of the pandemic is just one of a number of friends. the president is fighting on at the moment. i'm at precarious as his position. yeah. his presidency is at the bring and he feels it. and that is one reason why he is addressing the nation today to show that he is still in power . he experienced a huge defeat to one of his most important pieces of legislations died over the
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weekend because he couldn't get the support of his, of all his party members. that means that he will have a very hard time to get his ideas through before the midterms. which will come in november 8th next year, which might end him losing the majorities in both houses. that again, would mean that it will be even harder for him to, to kind of fulfill his campaign promises. so, phil, he's in a very, very dire situation and amazon obviously doesn't help thank of that. it is in his poll in washington. so source from around the world now will start in south africa, where a court has allowed former president jacob zoom to appeal a ruling that he must return to prison. if the zoom is serving a 15 month sentence for contempt of court, after refusing to testify and corruption inquiry was released from jail early to undergo surgery, special german chancellor. alas, sholtes and chinese president,
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gigi, and ping have discussed deepening bilateral ties in the 1st phone call president. she reportedly urge gentle sholtes to explore new areas of cooperation such as clean energy and digital technology. china is germany's biggest trading partner and the single most important market for the german car industry. philippines is still reading from the aftermath of last week's powerful typhoon, as local officials played for aid, japan and china and, and they would send generators, water, and food. i food re killed almost 400 people and displaced hundreds of thousands of malaysia is recovering from devastating floods that swept the country. last weekend, least 14 people died and tens of thousands were displaced. after some of the heaviest reigns for years, countries prime minister admitted the official response have been too slow. yeah. carefully lifted from her flooded home in blankets. lo love rescue as
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take of bed ridden elderly lady to safety by boat in malaysia's richest state slang, or one of the 8 states hit by floods, soldiers, and now helping with the relief operations. roads here are still under water. so stranded residents receive supplies. however, they can oh, but across the country, tens of thousands of their compatriots are living and evacuation centers. these are the worst floods in years and over the weekend. a months worth of rain fell in just a few days. and while the flood water slowly recedes, anger is surging. this petrol stations owner checks the fuel is still usable and isn't happy with the relief efforts. i'm disappointed with a politician with
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a member of parliament members, always a fit go one. they don't come during the time of disaster. they only come the days, all 4 days of good disasters about the usb you are not being warned by the government that the the where though would be that serious and then of what we will that as well reacted he lost everything. i'll have a house like that been everything gone. malaysia's prime minister is my al sabri yackel, but admitted that the government's coordination of the disaster response was inadequate. he has promised improvements, but parts of the country are still under water and weather forecasters. a warning of more rain and floods in the coming days or sans as team of reindeer might be some of our favorite christmas characters, brit life or their real life counterparts is less than magical reindeer herders are
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struggling with the problem of climate change which threatens their livelihood and their livestock when an or leila into the corral, her reindeer are getting excited. that's because only brings food pay or tweaks of ivy. they don't like it as much as lighten but they it helps them to survive. the reindeer need, the extra help for years winter has brought more rain. when rain falls on snow, it freezes, locking in like in and other plants, the animals are unable to smell the food or dig for it. and warm a winter's aren't the only problem. oh, so summers are getting warmer and radio is not very good handling heat and it cannot sweat so ah, it very easily overheat and leaf might get hot. summers might kill a lot of rain. at a climate summit in glasgow, this past november,
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walt leaders agreed to fight climate change and keep global warming under one and a half degrees. but that doesn't reflect the situation north of the arctic circle. the knowles, the social is the temperature is the, is going faster, is not like gerda, $1.00 is or it would be that threshold there shouldn't be a crossed but i mean, here we're going to go beyond that. i mean, there are some projections that they even talk about 3 degrees. there would mean incredibly tough conditions for reindeer, who are still an important part of the economy in finland. they are kept for their meat and milk, but their fur hides and even the ant or send holes are also used usually for clothes and tools, but hurting the animals in warmer conditions as expensive. you'll guarantee the economic profitability behind there so much because you have to put a lot of money in there,
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compared to norma situation that the radio it leaves out there in the way of finding its own whitening its own fault. and you have the keep it the or not people usually call they are where they have the economic profit that billy did, they'll get they living. but for some her nurse there's also optimism. i'm hopeful bit reindeer herding because we have lasted so far. and i think we have a good future future in heard of us, but oh, there use needs to be more active. politically the government of ethiopia says its force is a retaking territory after fighters from me to ground people's liberation front announced they were retreating. the central government claims a withdrawal as a result of their recent offensive to grand leaders and our demanding a no fly zone and arms embargo to avoid retaliatory strikes. it has been
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a year long war with bloodshed on both sides. but could the tide now be turning in the war between ethiopian government forces and t gray fighters? after the prime minister abbey are met, went to the frontline himself to lead the army. government forces have made strategic gains in ethiopia, taking back dessie and con bolt sher in the north, and pushing the tea gray people's liberation front on to the back foot into the camera and afar regions where these satellite pictures show ethiopian forces. mustering this footage from t great tv appears to show how addis ababa might have gained the upper hand. drones strikes from weapons. some report say come from china, turkey and iran. however, it has been achieved. diplomat. see the withdrawal as a positive move. so in fact, if we do see a movement of to grand forces back into to t. great, that is something we would welcome. it's something we've called for. and we hope it
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opens i the door. i too, am i to broader diplomacy that lead follows an international effort to get negotiations in place amid questions about human rights abuses. our office continues to receive credit will reports of severe human rights violations and abuses by all parties. the humanitarian impact of the conflict is increasingly dramatic. perhaps those violations might now abate and with the debris of war strewn across the country and civilians emerging from the crossfire hopes the piece on the ground are beginning to develop. although despite their withdrawal, the t p i left could still have the capability to fight again. so if you can work out what's going on there with william davidson who's a senior ethiopia analyst with the international crisis group. he was both in the field for many years and joins us now from cambridge in the u. k. welcome to d, w. and we're getting different accounts of how and why this retreat of to ground
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forces is happening. what are you hearing? think the details of course contested, but i think the broad brush strokes are clear, the efforts by the great forces try and capture ideas and impose the transitional government that was not achievable also their efforts to try and control the booty card or the main trade route. also not successful and the challenges seem to be a combination of this new drone capacity that your report referred to, that hit to to great and apply lines. and then there was also this major, major non mobilize ation, which meant they also said a lot of challenges on the ground. i think those are the key element here, let the withdrawal and so is this an opening for piece as a t p? i've described it yes it is. it's an opening piece because of the withdrawal which satisfies the conditions or the,
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the request that the demands of the federal government. so it's, it's something the international community, you know, it to be the us, but it's called for also the fact that the great government is explicitly called for station a possibility. they've also shifted the negotiating position here. they said that the issue of western take, right, which is taken over by har region, the beginning of the war. they said that the return of that is not a precondition for talk, but it could be something that can be discussed as part of the process itself. so yes, this is a significant opening, right? because you, you, so using the, the, if your government as being genuine in that, that house the place on this because that has been, there's been some pretty nasty behavior on both sides. of course, it's been an absolute, brutal civil war. polarization has as increased, trust is diminished further and of course, the build up the war was, was characterized. and by those things as well. i mean, there's a huge distance between the parties is
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a long way to go. but i think the point is that now we have the condition, we have new condition, which creates an opportune moment for peace. and what we really need to see now is a positive gesture by the federal government to a need to get something started perhaps in terms of a cessation of hostilities before moving on. some of the more complicated issues here. i'm one of those complicated issues. it is bound to be that they ethnic tensions that have been inflamed by this conflict. so even if the fighting engines, how does the country deal with that problem now in the future? well, it is ethnic tensions and a large degree and they are a consequence of the political power struggle we have. there's lots of reasons for the civil war. it is partly an elite power struggle, but also the res, longstanding issues, disagreements over the structure of the state. should it be
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a multinational federation? should it be a more centralized state? is the multinational federation in increasing segregation, or is it necessary expression of the desire for self determination by ethiopia, ethnic communities? these are political problems though, and if we can get a political process underway to address them, then eventually those sorts of communal attention that you refer to will dissipate good to you. thank you so much for joining us. so william davidson from the international crisis group. thank some war stories that from around the world. now, i started in turkey where the lira has rebounded after president rhetoric type heard one launched a series of policies to profit bailing. currency governments is promised to compensate. lira denominated bank account holders for drops and the value of the currency, which has st. drastic losses over recent weeks. japan has carried out the death penalty for the 1st time in 2 years. a 3 death row inmates were hanged on tuesday,
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had all been convicted of multiple murders, capital punishment as widespread, supported in japan, despite criticism from rights groups. after western troops withdrew from afghanistan, many governments halted shipments of humanitarian aid. now the countries economies in taxes and the taliban are unable to feed their own people with more than $20000000.00 afghans estimated to be at risk of malnutrition. the organisation eunice, half a step tend to fill the gap. they're getting delivered to those it need is a major challenge. the only road leading into this remote area along the border to pakistan has been partially destroyed by mines. we're driving to an area where the afghani army and the taliban fought for decades. the people who live in this village were caught between the 2 sides. now they suffer from extreme poverty. women and children have been especially hard hit by the situation midwives sent by
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unicef, are trying to help the desperate mothers who am i need medicine. but the streets are blocked out and there has been a drought for years. there has been no rain. our children are suffering from what i hope they give us something. i need food for my 2 grandchildren. they are sick and don't have enough to eat. we have a better for the taliban, used to shoot at the 8 workers, but now the women are allowed to enter the village. how you, most of these a hawaii has to bring more medicine here because every day more patients come did get us. a leverage is more, we're having problems getting supplies, but i thought they had to have the problem or had come with be deco love. a lot of the fact that women speak openly with us. anger's, the taliban. i could. wow. i'm 1st love of them on our women must cover their faces . well, let's do the upper did that duty was, they push us back up about and we have to stop filming. only after we are joined by
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the unicef communications team and their accompanying taliban. does the situation calm down? they drive with us to the next village? it wasn't that this woman is pregnant. the mobile units have health team examines her. the next hospital is 2 hours away. her children are malnourished. a woman wants to show us how she lives and invites us into her house. her family has many children and little space, no heating and nearly nothing to eat. but this is what i will cook today. i will give it to the little ones so they can have something warm to eat. it's a small bowl of corn meal. that's all we have. oh, i can work. more and more people crowd around the unicef aid workers. they don't
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have enough of anything including food. the needs are so immense and because we're not only providing basic humanitarian assistance, we are also having to support a system from collapse. the taliban riding with the unicef workers are heavily armed. they repeatedly make it clear that in afghanistan, the un organization can only help people in need if they allow it a twist on the martial arts. brazilian jujitsu is gaining popularity in russia. so what's the twist? well, let's find out what happens when you replaced the matt with a car just when you think you've seen it all along comes the worse 1st ever kashi to competition in russia. simply put, it's wrestling inside a car. does abreast of if i wanted a car like that, i tried it out so to speak. i like the law, but it would be
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a problem with another person inside the official to the wood. mushing, at the wood. motors matches consist of 2 rounds. the fight a start in the driver or passenger seats and switch in between. you get points for forcing your opponent into submission. granite, the seat belts the steering wheel, end the seats are all fair game. go feel the personal intent has an advantage. there are gaps between the seats under the steering wheel and so on. the personal top pushes and pushes and there isn't much oxygen the car. so when you push someone with your knees and wait, the person at the bottom has a difficult time escaping multiple to follow. but there is no escaping the attention while fans won't see cause it's too at the olympics any time soon. the sports unusual playing ground has attracted plenty of curiosity. oh, this is dw,
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live from bell in his reminder of our top story. this, our german chancellor laughed shelters and i'm still restrictions on social life to prevent the spread of they only convert into the corona virus. private gatherings will be limited to 10 people, even for the full evacuated measures da scheduled to start after christmas and will effect new year's eve celebrations. we get the, you know, get d w. news on the go. just download the app from google. play all from the app store that will give you access to the latest news around the world, as well as push notifications for any breaking news. and if you bought a new story, you can use to send us photos and videos of the world. there's at the top, i'll be out in just a moment. i'll be back with the day. have a good with
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. ah ah ah. we'll use crime fighters are back africans,
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most successful radio drama series continues season. the stories focus on hate speech, color of prevention and sustainable charcoal production. all episodes are available online, and of course you can share and discuss on d, w, africa's facebook page, and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in now. oh, the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing? what measures are being taken? what does the latest research say? information and context with the corona virus updated the coven teams special monday to friday on d. w. ah, does a moment a war and eternity time
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. it can be measured precisely. and yet everyone experiences it differently as if there are different forms of time. time. ah, the phenomenon a dimension. if we know we won't live forever and illusion about time presenting futures past starts december 31st on d. w a. it's like deja vu all over again. an american president talking about doing everything possible to save lives, countries contemplating locked downs and travel bonds. a german leaders going into another house, another hust huddle to decide what to do about the pandemic. and this is with covey vaccines.


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