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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  December 22, 2021 7:15am-7:31am CET

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wright's office is calling on both places to address the crisis in line with their obligations to international human rights and refugee law. here watching d w news, just a quick reminder of our top story we're following for you german chest, but all of shots has announced new restrictions to slow the spread of the on the ground. corona virus variant. the measures which will come into force after christmas include limiting public and private gatherings, even if are vaccinated people, other european countries are taking similar steps of next it's business news. i'm terry martin. thanks for watching with her. again that i think that tags and in the end is a me, you are not allowed to see you anymore. we will send you back her. are you familiar
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with this? with the smugglers with lions as of the. what's your story with . ready women, especially and victims of violence take part and send us your story. we are trying always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not the guests. you want to become a citizen. in phil migrants, your platform for reliable information. with ah, for global supply chain issues be the grinch stole christmas. we take you to southern california where one of america's busiest trade hubs is working around the clock to clear out a backlog of ships and get people their presence on time. and it's not all just
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reindeer games. when climate change is an existential threat. we take you to the arctic circle. i'm chelsea delaney. welcome to the show. america 2nd busiest port in long beach, california is running at full speed. but even a 247 work schedule hasn't been enough to keep up with a massive wave of consumer demand this holiday season. long beach is far from alone . shipping bottlenecks have led to delayed deliveries, surging prices, an empty shelves around the world. that has also sparked calls for a rethink of our immensely complex, complicated global supply chains. oh, nothing absolutely. nothing is beginning to look like christmas here at the los angeles and long beach sports in california. these trade helps of the world's 5th
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largest economy or anything, but in the holidays, both boards are battling a supply chain crisis. they're working on a 247 schedule now. however, it's too little too late for the hungry american market. an issue here, so to tell you that every major container gateway, in this globalized world, here, the aftermath of the 2020 call would condemn. it looks like this. at any given day, an average of almost a 100 ships. most of them from asia are forced to line up and wait, anchoring off shore for weeks wasting time until they can finally dock and offload their cargo onto american soil. as you are aware, the epicenter manufacturing of the world is asia. more specifically china. so obviously when we talk about the corporate 1900 buyers, if at any point in the supply chain, it's impacted by the buyers because of the impact on labor and the impact in terms of closures of factories and manufacture centers. this is
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a domino effect. americans want to buy things, lots of things. however, they're often face surprise and disappointment when strolling through the aisles of the store or when browsing online. this is the top house in san marino bike implant shop and here is where the logistics challenge and the supply chain problem hits actually home. how with those kits bikes, for example, there's just about a dozen here. normally, this shop has many, many, many boxes of those kids, vice ready for consumers to grab for christmas or any other time. now, that's all they have. it's not just customers effective for businesses big end, especially small across the country. to do that for the pandemic, you would just go to a brand website and you would buy everything on a b to b, which is, which is the backend where retailers go to buy things and you would just order at will. now we take deposits for sometimes over a year out for
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a bicycle. latest find a majority of americans regard the so called supply chain crisis. as a big concern, there seems to be no easy fix. the underlying reason for the supply chain disruption and shorter just a multi dimensional and complex example. the tracking that the american trucking industry says it is $80000.00 truck a short. not enough people want to become professional truck drivers any more energy. no c. tina started this trucking, driving academy just 3 years ago. permission training, a new generation of truckers and bringing real change to the industry. so when you talk to companies, especially larger companies who are trying to recruit large volumes of drivers, they are recognizing that they are working. i think they were not with the flow of people's demands. and so they're recognizing that work life balances are important and benefits are important. besides those new reform for it's tina things,
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the entire logistics industry must change more fundamentally. sentiment echoed by many experts. so what we can use to or last 30 years is taking manufacturing across the globe and pinning everything under one node, one country, one continent. and we created this long string supply chain. and we've really lost the true supply chain resiliency which is to diversify your network. and not put all your eggs in one basket back to the los angeles and each ports processing around $20000000.00 containers a year now. and with more to come will be a major challenge. it will take the rethinking and reforming of every aspect of the global supply chain for more or less talk to us quarter. our correspondent on wall street, the ends we've heard for months now. warnings that global supply chain issues could
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ruin the christmas shopping season. we have a few days to go. is it actually all that bad? well, at least here in new york, when i look around, i do not see mt a shelves. maybe some a products are tough to get to game console. for example, that still seems to be an issue like last year, and maybe you just have to rethink and get your child, for example, something different than what you expected originally. what is a difference is if you might be a small shop or a big chain because some of the big chain, for example, they reacted to those supply chain issues with chartering, their own cargo ships. so that helped and change like a wal mart, for instance, if you are a smaller toy store, let's say, i mean that's a different story. and then clearly the big question is, how much longer those issues might be going on referred from nike, for example, just yesterday evening,
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that they are hopeful that all those issues will be solved. that was the next year and hope on the horizon, their supply chain issues also haven't been a burden for everyone. boeing for one seems to be benefiting yeah, that's a trend that we are seeing that at least some of the business that usually would be done by it or across the ocean is done with traffic. so our cargo has picked up quite a bit in the past couple of months and it seems to be to the benefit of boeing when we talk about boeing. when we talked about going in the past couple of months, it was mostly was all the issues that they have with their passenger planes. but if you look at some of their cargo planes, they're actually has been a record to years. so just today they've got to another agreement with u. p. s over
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united parcel service to deliver an additional 19 cargo planes. and that news actually did help. and boeing quite a bit. the stock gain almost 6 percent here in there tuesday session. and was that boy was one of the big winner some here on wall street in general, by the way, also quite up to market environment at the ends quarter in new york. thank you. now to some of the other global business stories making news, the international monetary fund has extended debt service relief for $25.00 low income countries. the last tranche of a, nearly 1000000 dollar debt relief program went mostly to african countries, as well as haiti, nepal, and some central asian nations to help them cope with the pandemic. the norwegian oil company acro b. p. 's says it plans to acquire the oil and gas services of sweden's london energy. the merger is valued. i close to $14000000000.00. the company will be the
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largest operating purely on the norwegian, continental shelf, and a new heavy weight to rival nor waste state owned energy giant equal nor, and just days after the electric truck maker, nicola delivered its 1st vehicles the company has agreed to pay $125000000.00 in a fraud settlement. the us securities and exchange commission have charge. nick, allow with misleading investors about its products. technical keep keep the capacity and business prospects. nikolai, which would public in 2020, confirmed the settlement with days to go until christmas santo might be somewhere out there worrying about how to deliver all his presence with his team of reindeer. meanwhile, and finland, just north of the arctic circle. real reindeer herders are struggling with a much bigger problem. climate change is threatening their very livelihood. when an
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o leila and just the corral for rain, you're getting excited. that's because only that brings food, pay or tweaks of i b. they don't like it as much as lighting, but they it help simplify the reindeer need the extra help for years winter has brought more rain. when rain falls on snow, it freezes, locking in like in and other plants. the animals are unable to smell the food or dig for it, and warm a winter's aren't the only problem. oh so somers are getting ah, warmer and reindeer is not very good handling heat and it can not sweat. so ah, it very easily overheat and leaf might get hot. summers might kill a lot of rain, had a climate summit in glasgow. this past november, walt leaders agreed to fight climate change and keep global warming under one and a half degrees. but that doesn't reflect the situation north of the arctic circle.
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the knolls they such was the temperatures. those going faster is not like the $1.00 is a, it would be a threshold, there shouldn't be a crossed. but i mean, here we're going to go beyond that. i mean there are some projections that they even talk about 3 degrees there would mean incredibly tough conditions for reindeer who are still an important part of the economy in finland. they are kept for their meat and milk, but their fur hides and even the ant or st hopes are also used usually for clothes and tools, but hurting the animals in warmer conditions as expensive. you can see the economic profitability behind there so much because you have to put a lot of money in there compared to normal situation that the radio it leaves out there in the weight of finding his own, whitening its own fault. and you have to keep it, you know,
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people usually call they are where they have the economic profitability, they'll get they living. but for some her nurse there's also optimism. ah, i'm hopeful bit reindeer herding because we have lasted so far. and i think we have a good future future in heard of us, but oh, the use needs to be more active politically and that's our show for me. the team here in berlin, thanks for watching you know, to nuclear power, that's what the brock doth protest is about. one last time after 35 years of struggle. by the end of 2022, germany will start using nuclear power. other countries, meanwhile,
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are stepping up production sat global 3000 next on d. w. ah santos, good, beautiful and pristine. so coltrane, a remote island, off the horn of africa. an unusual part of human, untouched by the civil war, discovered by just a few tourists. the forgotten paradise. so called close up to 60 minutes on d, w. o. o does a war and eternity time
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. it can be measured precisely. and did everyone experiences it differently as if there are different forms of time? time. ah, a phenomenon, a dimension. if we know we won't live forever, an illusion. about time presenting future's past starts december 31st on d. w with welcome to global 3, thousands. profiting from poverty, how slum lourdes in nairobi exploit those.


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