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i can understand every one, and each of you who doesn't want to hear any more about corona, about mutations and the virus variance that we cannot and must not close our eyes to this next way. that's beginning to loom over us. corona's not taking a christmas break. despite that most of those buying last minute gifts will be able to hand them over in person on christmas day than you restrictions will only be compulsory from the 28th of december. new year is said to be unusually quiet with sports events played in empty stadiums and dance menus closed. as, as to say, this is not the time for parties and social evenings in large groups of goals of under. the government is putting hopes on continuing the high rate of vaccination through the christmas period. they hoped to deliver millions more jats by the end of the year and $30000000.00 in january. in berlin. many people seem unfazed by the prospect of tougher measures, said it in i hadn't planned anything big anyway,
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just a small family gathering that is best they ran as a thin, lighter aren't. we're 10 people and of course we would like to celebrate christmas together. yeah, adults are all boosted that and i get a p c r test every other day. so we feel we are on the safe side through we on say off the has the right to the person on us. we'll get together with friends. unfortunately, without family there in stuttgart, munich, and we don't want to get on the train and driving to stressful, so we'll visit them next year. as mahard underneath, the chancellor says though infections are currently falling, it's only a matter of time before the grown is the dominant cove. it variant in germany, corona has not stolen christmas, but the strain it is putting on the public and the politicians is not over yet. i'd like to welcome and now we're paula. p. shot us. she's a member of parliament for the green party and a radiologist herself. thank you for your time. germany appears to be ahead of the
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on the crime. very, especially a compared to countries like denmark for now at least, why is the government putting off measures for another week when i truly putting them off, i mean, what we agreed on now is one of the most potent non pharmaceutical measures against co it meaning contact restrictions to 10 people and the holidays themselves, they are kind of a natural covert breaker because schools are closed universities a close, a lot of businesses are closed. so we are thinking that for now, this is quite an adequate response. but it is important to say the co with, as always, nothing is off the table and we are going to evaluate the situation constantly. do you fear that this might send or send a wrong mess signal this delay, i mean lulling people into a false sense of security over the gravity of armor crime. i think if
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you, if you see all the communication at a stand right. no, i think that no one can say that we are not alarmed and that we are not communicating that the situation with on the, on the quad to be. and i think also looking at those people from berlin you just showed one minute ago. i think most people, the majority of people, the majority of gems have understood that all can is quite an important threat that we have to deal with from now. and can you give us the lay of the land? how confident are you that critical infrastructure in this country can continue to function? if in the unfortunate event, many people get some simultaneously? i think they are quite some critical things. we have to keep them keep in mind and have to keep an eye on that. if a bolstering the functionality of those structures,
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for example, making sure that the staff is adequately staffed, etc. but it's also important. we can reduce the spread of on the can, even if not perfectly, we can reduce it by boost doing as many people as possible. and that's why we are pushing so hard for the vaccination campaign, especially for boosters. and we want to achieve 80 percent fix a nation raid by january. and that's when you go to the german ethics council. we understand is now backing, extending the vaccine mandate beyond health and care workers to all adults. is that the way forward? i think when you compare the different measures that could be taken out against a 4th and 5th possible covert wave, i think it would be the mildest solution to have a general explanation. men die because it is just not sustainable for society to have could choose to have the context restrictions because we're switching over and
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over again from all them to you. however, if we lucky enough and i going to have very potent medical opportunities like back living in the future, they might be able to give us the opportunity to not have to think about facts and mandates. but i think that is still unclear and nothing right now. the mildest opportunity for getting control over cobit is a vixen mandate, and jimmy p shot a member of parliament for the green party and also a radiologist. thank you very much for your time. thanks for having a such a south korea because that country has now introduce some of its strictest covert measures so far to cope with the arm across waves. and while the public has largely cooperated with restrictions so far, more voices are calling for the freedom to go about life as normal and say no to
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the vaccines, including teenagers. frank smith has this report from sol. so grand high school student, young day rim and his friends don't want to get vaccinated. neither do many of the 23000 followers of his youtube channel. his live streams emphasize risks associated with the vaccination, while downplaying, the benefits and argue the government's vaccine pass violates they're human rights . all good things, no one knows what the future side effects will be. questions about whether it is effective or growing because there are many cases of infection with delta variance and omicron variance even after being vaccinated. so individuals should decide whether or not to get the vaccine, which i don't think it's right to be disadvantaged for not being vaccinated. woozy again. oh imani, tell you that we see that oh, pick from february. first, teenagers will have to prove vaccination or a recent negative coven 19 test to inter libraries, private academies, cafes,
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and other facilities. yang argues that the government should be focusing its efforts on the elderly and not the young girl corona high mortality rate of the elderly who can explain the justification for the vaccination of the elderly. but the fatality rate for young people is low or young and yet the side effects vaccines are many. so i don't know why young people are vaccinated picking up an appeal. somebody didn't swoon some. so the grandparents have also mobilized together with support from some doctors to protest against the vaccine pass. a mother of 5 children. kim su, jen is even taking the case to the countries courts. well, i didn't, i think the vaccine past policy is against constitutional law. it's a serious violation of children's right to land and violates their right to my education because they can't go to the library or private academies because of the vaccine passes within the company that as south korea scrambles to provide care for
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the record number of serious cases each plus young g hospitals, $34.00, coven, i see you beds are full. infectious disease department head e g young says that well, vaccines may cause some side effects. he supports the vaccine pass and stresses that the risks of infection for the in vaccinated are far greater. the picture about this, so i mean, facts nation prevents 60 to 90 percent of infection. and when a breakthrough infection occurs, that person is 90 percent less likely to die or require severe treatment. media should not spread fake news or insignificant news, but deliver the voice of medical professionals to the public law. couldn't seem to get out and don't get mad for most of those greens, the medical communities message on vaccines and the vaccine pass seems to be thinking in i think that it's fair because individual freedoms are guaranteed only
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so long as they are non infringing upon social safety so i believe that people should get vaccinated as soon as possible. we do use public places as well. back teen pass. the vaccine path was introduced for adults, december 6th. so 3 is now dealing with a high surge of the cobra. 1900 pandemic, with more than $5000.00 new cases per day for weeks. as the debate over vaccines and a vaccine pass for the nation's youth, continues fioma, cron variant may cause those numbers to rise and from so i'm joined now by journalist frank smith who filed that report that you just saw a frank. how big of a problem is mr. just information about cove it axis in south korea? well, i think it's, it's quite a big problem here. if you look at the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic that
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we're caught in, in the changes in government policy, it's, it's difficult for people to have faith here in south korea, social networking services. as you saw, the youtube channel of young, a rim, and other social networking channels are really emphasizing again, some data taken from the many, many studies and taken out of context without really carefully looking at all of the data. and certainly not relying as much as people should. some people should on medical professionals. now, the government has recognized this problem now and the prime minister as promised to share information with young adults and children more accurately as well. they also plan to role of vaccination opportunities or hopefully vaccinations at, at schools. in fact, put this in perspective for us. it's vaccine skepticism. they're more prevalent
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among young people. yes, i think it is. i, i, i've been out on the street asking, you know, young people about this and, well, the report that we just saw had a young person saying that, you know, he supported the vaccine path. i spoke with, you know, some young people that said that they really didn't want to get vaccinated and, and didn't trust the medical professionals to follow the really the best science. and if we look at the numbers, it's reflected there, 90 percent of adults and south korea, so it been vaccinated almost all fully vaccinated. whereas as of december 6, when the backseat passed was institute for adults, that rate for teenagers was only around 30 percent. so they've got a ways to go to convince young people to get their shots here. and it's not just young people are frank,
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as we saw your poor business owners. i understand also oppose tougher measures. how is the government responding? well, business owners came out today actually, and demonstrated on the streets of the capital. the government is in a tough position there because it's deficit financing their, their borrowing money year. and they've given another, you know, support, financial support to small businesses about a $1000001.00, which is about $850.00 us dollars. but i've spoken to, you know, several small businesses that i said, you know, that's not enough. this is 2 years now, we've had repeated social distancing measures and restrictions on our businesses and their shedding workers and, and going out of business. ironically here in south korea, however, the high manufacturing base is seen the g d p actually increase a little bit which gives more credence to those in the service industry. good or
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calling for for some more support from the government. i thank. thank you, frank. as a journalist, frank smith, as a journalist in korea, and he's been talking to us about the growing opposition among young people in south korea to strict crone of iris measures. thank you. as being up to speed with the other developments in the pandemic authorities in china have ordered 13000000 residents in the city of ging she on that to stay at home after corn a virus outbreak was detected. there she on is the capitol of version g. a province is central china, israel has announced it will begin offering a 4th dose of vaccine to medical personnel and people over the age of 60 and u. s. presidential by and introduced new measures to battle a surge in corona virus cases, including providing 500000000 free rapid tests. i'm a crown is driving infections. they're causing some mas, 73 percent of new cases present by not so called on unvaccinated americans to get
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their shots. let's get you caught up now with some of the other stories in the headlines right now. the world food program has warned that millions of people in yemen will face hunger after it was forced to cut aid to the war torn country un agency has received only half of the funding it requested in march to keep up food supplies at t. m. and the european commission says it's taking legal action against poland for undermining the law and the independence of its national judiciary. the move comes amid an ongoing spot between brussels and warsaw over the rule of law that began when poland, ruling nationalist and hero skeptic law and justice party to power in 2015. libya's long awaited presidential election has been cancelled. a parliamentary committee said, holding the vote schedule for this friday would be quote, impossible. libby is election board has proposed postponing the pole to the 24th of
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january. the election was part of a you and led process to bring peace to the country. to the u. k. now and when the abernethy hope family lost their son, billy and a motorcycle accident 3 years ago, they decided to start a project to ease their pain and keep his memory alive. they created a new local currency billy chips to help homeless people. the bill chips can be used by the homeless to purchase food and hot drinks. in the u. k. homelessness is on the rise with charities, estimating that up to 8000 people don't have a roof above their heads did of years. berrigan moss reports from the southwestern english city of bristol not simply to walk on by but to help others. that's one thing meghan abernathy hope learned from her brother biddy. right. is there anything that i can get you she'll from stops and bristol city center to talk to homeless people like laura. i think you need a bit of courage and if you see,
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because it's just like having a chat with anybody out. and i think that fair and worry of approaching people is what stops that love and natural vaccine in i'm harmony for megan and her father, john, it's a way of channeling their love for billy to others who needed the way he was only 20 when he was killed in a motorcycle accident, but he was already concerned about those with no were to call home. billy said, why don't they just invent a token that you could buy and then exchange for food and drink. and i think he saw that that would reduce the barriers because people would know it was a safe, secure thing to do. and then people would also, you know, communicate more with homeless people. after billy died, john and megan decided to go ahead with a project creating tokens which can be exchanged and cafes for food and drink for
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the homeless. the chips with q r code on a window sticker is while dozens of outlets in and around bristol, have joined the scheme using the tokens known as billy chips. they cost $2.00 pounds each enough for a hot drink with an awful. how changes mostly. and i think it though something about the reassurance of how it will respond, which is good as well. the right of the over charity say the number of homeless people in england has doubled in recent years. many of them in bristol have come across megan and john and the billy chips. yeah, they're really good. what do you like about them getting free coffee is absolutely vital to have a warm drink through the cold night. if you're on a visa. mm hm. phenom voyager and even though the economy, those people will still give money. but john and megan hope the billy chips will
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reassure homeless people that they to a part of the community. we poured our love that was our grief. we could no longer pour into billions and we put it into the billy chip. we created a legacy. we've in a way immortalized key values that billy had as a human being. his father and sister know that if billy was still alive, he would be proud of the scheme named after him. a mass reporting. so will it be the red pill or the blue pill? that was the choice basic january's more than 20 years ago. and the ground breaking science fiction epic, the me tricks all the your film and it's 2 sequels depicted a dystopian future in which humans are trapped by machines inside a simulated reality. on our matrix for has hit cinema screens and
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a premier delayed several times by the pandemic, but doesn't measure up to the original thomas boss who would 2 decades in the matrix revolutions homeward, harper, thomas anderson, aka neo, is living an ordinary life in san francisco. when events take your turn for the weird my, chris, we don't use our dinner and he finds himself mixed up again in a war between humanity and robots. the matrix resurrection sees keanu reeves and carrie, anne moss, reprise their roles as deemed rebel lovers, neo, and trinity, i think it's everything that you can hope for in a matrix film and, and then so on. i think hopefully you can be inspiring, you know, help us always sort of a matrix films as a tool your income. and that help us,
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you will direct to lana with chowsky is back at the helm of for the 4th outing of the science fiction action thriller filming began in february 2020. but it was interrupted by the panoramic. that's that the release date back 7 months . but the wait was worth it, anticipation has reached fever pitch and the matrix resurrection is expected to be one of the most successful cinema leases of the year. after all these years, to be going back to where it all started. back to the matrix. ah and weren't very lucky man, our very own master of the movie, scott roxborough: sh, got to see the matrix. so let's find out what his verdict is. scott,
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while we envy you on, tell us, should we take that wrap pill and dive back into the matrix? yeah, i think that depends a bit on what your opinion is of the 1st matrix films. a particularly the, the very 1st film for 1999 because this new movie is a real callback to that film. and there's a huge number of, of easter eggs and serve nostalgic reminders of that movie. and this, this new film is actually always a retelling of that story. again, it's about this character neil play by kiana reeves, who's a programmer who is sort of in a dead end job and, and doesn't really know if he's living in the real world, or if he's in a computer simulation, i'm and what the director, lena chowsky ad so to this is another meta level where she sort of criticizes the original matrix films and particularly the fans response to those original film. so there are several levels going on at once,
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which is kind of typical for a matrix, a movie. and that's all quite fun, i'm but then this film as well, like his predecessors, is a big action block buster. and that's where i feel the movie sort of falls down. because if you're region, remember the original matrix film, it was really groundbreaking. so visually groundbreaking, if you're meant with never those of bullet time sequences, i mean justice made cinema history and the action here a really doesn't take it any further. i feel like linwood chowsky is almost playing as her own cover band here. she just giving the fans her greatest hits. i'm and there's nothing really a new there i'm. i think it is great to see canneries and carry an los back as neo and trinity. that's a lot of fun. but for me, this resurrections feels less like a 2nd coming of the matrix and more like a reanimation of a film franchise that maybe we should have let die with dignity. oh, harsh, you're tough crowd to police got tough crowd. or the release was already delayed
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because of the pandemic. several times. i understand well now cases again of course, as we've been reporting our searching again across the world ab, i mean will keanu reeves, i mean, he's able to fight off killer robots, but, you know, can this movie survive this new surge? that's a big question. i mean, we saw with the recent spider man film, which had huge box office that there our audience is willing to come out to theaters. if there's a film they really want to see, i'm, but you're right on the com is surging. um, we've seen countries like the netherlands, like denmark shut down all their cinemas, more could follow in europe and maybe even the united states. so it could be the case that this matrix film arrives just as cinemas are starting to shut down again . but for the real matrix fan, there is hope because warner brothers is releasing this film simultaneously on it, sir, streaming service h, b o max. so if you have access to each b o max, where you are, then you can pop that red pill from the comfort and safety of your own sofa at all . that's very costa and generate is always a good idea as got rocks for. thank you so much,
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great. having you back on well, one of the best preserved dinosaur embryo has ever seen has been discovered inside a fossilized egg in southern china, the at least 66000000 year old specimen which belongs to a toothless birdlike thereupon, dinosaur has been called baby young liang scientists say the embryo was in a tucking possession. this has long been thoughts unique to birds, but now appears to be present in non bird dinosaurs. amazing, all right. stick were the same, made in germany, is affects and i hope to see again at the top with, ah, with
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who to own or not to own. what about a sharing economy instead?
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a change in thinking is changing the economy to create something new the economics magazine, labor in germany next on d w. ah, we'll get to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the there was a before 911 and an after 911. he says, after 911, the clubs came off where organized crime rules, genuine he is a global network of companies, banks, and operators. we will provide those services to anyone operating in the criminal economy. where conglomerates make their own laws. they
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invade our private lives through surveillance. hidden opaque, secretive works through what's vague. it doesn't matter. the only criteria is what we'll hook people up. we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to was all opaque worlds starts january 5th on d w with ah ah ah ah, not everything is what it seems. just take these grapes a sweet treat.


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