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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  December 22, 2021 11:00pm-11:31pm CET

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ah, an eternity time it can be measured precisely. indeed, every one experiences it differently. as if there are different forms of time. time . ah, the phenomena, a dimension we know we won't live forever. an illusion. about time presenting future's past starts december 31st on d w. ah, this is d w. news. and these are our top stories. germany is infectious disease agency is warning that alma cron will become the dominant variant within weeks. the hobos cough institute says the country's health system and critical infrastructure
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could be compromised. if the latest wave is not stopped. it's warning that 11000000 unvaccinated germans are at serious risk due to the amok. on variance the world food program has one that millions of people in yemen will go hungry and that it will have to cut food aid to the war torn country. the un agency has received only half of the funding it requested to keep up food supplies to yemen, long described as suffering the world's worst humanitarian crisis. people across spain have been popping champagne after winning big in the countries bumper christmas lottery. the lottery called l. gordo, or the fat one, is one of the world's oldest draws, having run annually since $1812.00, some $2400000000.00 euros, and winnings were dest out this year for many spaniards. this marks the beginning of the festive season. 6 this is dw news from berlin. you can find more on our website, that's dw dotcom. ah,
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the only con corona virus varied means rich countries are now urging their populations to get vaccinated and to get boosted israel, which has had one of the fastest pandemic. rollouts is not considering for boost jobs for the over sixty's and for health care workers. but the director general of the world health organization says we can't fax united our way out of this crisis, especially while there is so much vaccine inequity. so who do you choose to believe? i'm fill gail in berlin and this is the day ah, 2021 was a year in which we lost 3500000 people to call it 92. i would assume that
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a so called 4th vaccine will be necessary and yeah, it's frankly difficult to understand how a year since the 1st vaccines were administered. 3 and 4 health workers in africa remain unvaccinated. v sticks. the most important thing apart from vaccinations is reducing contacts. so i called one is again on countries to support those who are further behind. also on the day, it's that time of year again, all eyes in spain are on l. gordo, the fat one, the world's biggest lottery, with billions of euros in prizes. i don't know why i haven't processed it yet. i was in the mountains with the dogs, and i came here because i received a call. my wife didn't believe it. she began to scream, turned the t v on look for the number and check that it was actually, we're just not used to winning anything all over with.
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no country can boost its way out of the pandemic. that word, self world health organization director general tedra gabrielle us. as wealthy countries owed their citizens to get vaccinated or get boosted out. a gabrielle us argues that a blanket booster program would prolong the pandemic as the w h o. c, set vaccine equity is the only way forwards. our projections show that supply should be sufficient to vaccinate the entire global adult population and to give boosters to high res populations. by the 1st quarter of 2022. however, only letter in 2022 will supply be sufficient for extensive use of boosters in all adults. so i called once again on countries and
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manufacturers to prioritize callbacks and advert and to work together to support those would furthest behind. but there was one ray of light from the w h o, they say existing vaccines do seem to be effective against only crohn, preventing severe disease, especially if people are boosted. so should rich countries give booster shots to their own citizens or give those doses away to other countries in the name of vaccine equity. and for so it's not just about a 3rd shot. here's germany's health minister car lauterbach speaking today. if you're the person just isn't just other personally as a scientist, i would assume that a so called 4th vaccine will be necessary. anya does not an example. this is germany's infectious diseases agency was at o record will become the dominant variant within weeks. the robert kalk institute says that if the latest wave is not stopped,
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the health system and critical infrastructure could become compromised. the government is responding by stepping up its vaccination efforts and tighten restrictions on gatherings. the festive preparations might be continuing across germany. but the country's top public health body has won people not to let christmas be the spark that lights the army on fire. there are no official restrictions on festive celebrations, but small gatherings a bean encouraged a mystics. the most important thing apart from vaccinations is reducing contacts, but less people come together, the smaller we keep our social contacts, the less the virus will spread. everybody's behavior is crucial in this instance and try on tuesday german chancellor. oh, la sholtes said the limits on the number of people who can meet will come into force from december 28th lodge. public events will also be banned,
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including prohibiting funds at football matches. while protests against mandatory vaccines and coven measures continue. many german support the new restrictions as a, i'll be honest, the numbers are actually going down again a little bit. but i have to say in order to finally end the whole thing. it's actually quite good that we haven't the locked down so that everything just comes to an end so that we can may be celebrates again. afterwards. vaccinations will continue during the festive season. as people hope this is the 2nd and last cove at christmas has kept more from date of new political correspondence. simon young welcome, simon. yesterday the robert cock institute wanted maximum contact restrictions immediately, but the government has gone for some restrictions, but not until after christmas. people are bound to look at this and suspect that politics as trump science welfare is the question of where you put the emphasis.
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of course, the politicians don't want to even sound like they are even thinking of cancelling christmas. they prefer to rely on appeals to people to behave sensibly and responsibly. and also on the, the fact that christmas itself is a sort of de facto lockdown. a lot of schools and businesses are closed. people tend to stay at home, many of them any way for 2 or 3 days. so they're just to keep their fingers crossed . the medical advisors on the other hand, of course, ah, i'm not worried about what people might think about it. they're looking at on the kronon, it's advance in germany, and they're simply saying the more restrictions, the better and the sooner the better. so it's a question of how you, where you put your emphasis. i think it probably would be better if everyone was
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saying the same thing, but in terms of the analysis of the situation, everyone is saying it's pretty serious. right. and so if things do get worse, are we likely to see further restrictions in the new year? if this doesn't get turned around we could do a physician. politicians have said much tougher measures are needed or even some on the government. benches are in fact nothing's been ruled out. i think the government a very key to keep schools and businesses open up, but they are in a race against on a chronus where they're massively ramping up the vaccination, the in particular, the booster campaign, the vaccinations generally it's going pretty well. again, on tuesday, germany managed more than a 1000000 vaccine doses. so nothing has been ruled out in terms of possible new restrictions. the chancellor has said that he and the state leaders will meet again
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on the 7th of january, but he didn't rule out bringing that forward because they know that this is a very fast changing situation. and they're in particular to keep the pressure of the health care system. they may have to take out more sudden measures. of course, some states can press ahead by the way, earlier before christmas, and some of them have announced that's what they're going to do. there will be a vaccine mandates, fur, fur, some workers and next year. and there will that there's the likelihood of a 4th job has been raised. how is that likely to go down with the public? well indeed, the health minister said to day that he's already ordered $80000000.00 doses of the biotech vaccine adapted for armor cronner, expecting that to come out to be delivered in april or may. and also they've ordered more madana. so it's pretty obvious that that will be offered in many cases to people have already had a 3. jad so that will be a 4th,
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jad. as to public acceptance. i think the numbers speak for themselves is clear that a lot of people think vaccination is the way out of this. 70 percent of germans have now been double jabbed and as i say, the booster campaign in particular is going forward a pretty quickly. so i, i think possibly if a 4th jazz, particularly one specially adapted to armor cronies offered a lot of people will take it up or thank you for that assignment for little correspondent. israel is already a planning to introduce a 2nd boost, a shot and prime minister naphtali bennett is tweeted, the world will follow in our footsteps panel from the countries. the health ministry has just recommended that over sixty's, health workers and people with compromised immune systems should receive a 4th covered shot. it's also recommended reducing the time between 2nd and 3rd shots from 5 months to 3. as part of the preparation for the 5th wave of the
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pandemic, lat recommendation still has to be approved and put into action. and he drew a mixed response on the streets of jerusalem. basically, i'm very unhappy that 3 is not going to be enough. over 60, on the risk, and i'm going to do because i want to get to some of it should only be a 4th vaccine. if it's research that proves its effectiveness. if not, there is no use, especially when 1000000 citizens didn't get the 3rd. when we read them off, i am in favor of it. the virus is changing all the time as an apple and our body does not. as so as such, a vaccine is given, our body can update itself. and if the virus enters again, we will know about it and our body will be able to fight it. i do shall only holly, mother elizabeth, let her, but i definitely think that we should accept the experts opinion if they
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say, for vaccine, i'll be the 1st to go get it immediately without any doubt. just as i did with the previous 3 vaccines with me. ah, well as pandemic health restrictions dampen, christmas celebrations the 2nd year in a row, people in spain are taking heart in a 200 year old tradition. the l gordo, lottery, l god means the for one and its top prize. a $4000000.00 euros is paid out to everyone with the winning number there also lots of smaller prizes with a total of almost 2 and a half 1000000000 euros paid out every year. oh. 2 2 didn't they think me piano, but in that yard? so i mean, 086148. this year's winning number and go to the as the top prize is known, was sung by 2 people from madrid. santa defrances school as tradition dictates
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across the city. the celebrations quickly got under way of madrid's a torture train station. spain's busiest rail hub. the majority of the winning tickets were sold by these lottery center o. e went over. it's a very widely distributed number. i'm pretty sure people from all over spain of board of your i think it's everywhere at about the lucito into you from the region of kentoria on the north coast. and on the lucy and the south. all the way to the canary islands, off the african coast and order those sparked celebrations by the lucky winners. and what is a fee like to win $1.00 of the many they prizes. so i don't know if that was my haven't processed it yet. i was in the mountains with the dogs, and i came here because i received a call. my wife didn't believe it. she began to scream, turned the t v on look for the number and checked that it was correct. we're just not used to winning anything with that one on
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a sheraton. and i'm really happy and how many people have won a prize? well, that's almost impossible to know because of the complexity of the dural. but a total of 2400000000 euros was given away in prizes both big and small. in the centuries old and world's richest christmas lottery drove this here. oh, i mean with me about supplies for christmas as a lead, had to be a spanish capital, where we find our correspondent to jaime velasquez in madrid. welcome, jaime al gordo, i'm tell us about it because going 200 years and it has massive cultural significance for spain, doesn't it? yes indeed. well, hey, every is funny or this friends around 60 euros in a great mass lottery. and that tells a lot about how popular is
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a luxury in the country. they spend 3000000000 euros the lottery, but basically what they do is they buy the share them with family and friends. so it's basically an opportunity to celebrate something, to gather most of the people, for example, a give them a lot of people, for example, take their tickets and divide it in different. but if you patients, and for example, neighbors associations or a small glass, they sell them. for example, one euro. they play the same number, for example, you more. busy village a little black, so that 2000 small tickets in a village of 10000 people and they gave away 9000000 euro. so that tells a lot about the kind of a luxury that we're talking about here just on the fund. one is
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not a very big price is for me. euro's compared to all the larger is that they gave way bigger prices. but in fact, if a lot of the smaller prices are $40000.00 euros, and basically a lot of people, every spiny at least get a little bit of money, but at least a little bit of joy. when they see around that somebody got something in the group luxury or the joy was spoiled or event is going on strike it today. but the drill still went ahead. what were they looking for? the lottery vendors? well, other vendors, they get a small commission for h t kits that they sell at these commission hasn't gone up for more than 17 years. and basically they are getting $0.80 for each ticket that they sell. they believe that they are not getting
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a fair share regarding that they are on the streets with shops and making the spanish government earned at 600000000 euros that they are taking away from, from the, from, from, from the draw. and then a 20 percent on taxes for every ticket or every brice higher than $40000.00. so this is what they are saying. we're doing all the work here and we're just getting more share just 4 percent on the whole. bryce, the lottery is given away. i say, i'm sorry, it's run by the spanish government. well, what did they say about these protests based on the strikes? well, it's a basic day and they need to review these, these commissions. they're normally all the prices and all the draws that we
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have a lottery vendors, they get 7 percent, at least, and here in the biggest bryce and the event for the national lottery is they just, they are just getting for us and they are threatening probably with more actions and maybe not a strike. we still don't know there's and all the big event for the national lottery on the seat. and they are probably putting pressure in the government. but basically it wasn't what g g, i fall, this body has to know what they are going through because so much money as i think that laundry vendors are actually doing very well because they are selling 2 or 3000000000 euros. right. it's ok correspond jaime velasquez in madrid. thank you so much of you
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and has repeated its call to bella, rue, some poland, to address what it calls the appalling situation of migrants on that joint border. hundreds of people, mainly from iraq and syria, remained stranded that poland and the a you accused by lucy and leader, alexander lucas shanker, of encouraging them to travel to banners, to try and gain entry into the european union that i was denied. this is, as you is to blame for the humanitarian crisis. will soon authority say almost 600 people remain at this warehouse on the better side of the border. despite the cold weather and the terrible conditions, they swear they can't go home and they have to move forward to have a future with food or none of it. yeah, we came here too close to erupt. we want to go to german,
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what we need to go, but that path is blocked, and many migrant say, so to is the way back to minsk, the united nations human rights office accuses both poland and fellers of pushing migrants back and forth across the border. it refers to statements made by migrants interviewed by a u. n. team in early december describing human rights abuses on both sides of the frontier. the majority said that while in belgrade they had been beaten or threatened by security forces, and also alleged the bell. russian security forces force them to cross the border on team also had numerous reports of people being immediately and automatically retrans allred from power. the human rights office is calling on both nations to address the crisis in line with their obligations to international human rights and refugee law. ah. so what will it be?
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the red pill all the blue pill? i was a choice facing keanu reeves more than 20 years ago in the ground breaking science fiction epic of the matrix. the filament. it's to see calls depicted the dystopian future in which humans are trapped by machines inside a simulated reality. will now matrix for has hit the cinema screens in a premier, delayed several times by the pandemic, but doesn't measure up to the original. is are thomas fast forward to decade for in the matrix revolutions? tell me what happened, thomas anderson, aka neo, is living an ordinary life in san francisco. when events take a turn for the weird like crazy. we don't use that word in there. and he finds himself mixed up again in a war between humanity and robots. the matrix resurrection sees keanu
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reeves and carrie, anne moss, reprise their roles is deemed rebel lovers neo. and trinity, we may, i think it's everything that you can hope for in a matrix film and, and then song. i think hopefully it can be inspiring, you know, help us always singular matrix films as a tool you kind of and that help us see the world direct to land with chowsky is back at the helm of for the 4th outing of the science fiction action thriller filming began in february 2020, but it was interrupted by the panoramic. that's that the release date back 7 months, but the wait was worth it. anticipation has reached fever pitch and the matrix resurrection is expected to be one of the most successful cinema leases of the year . after all these years,
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to be going back to where it all started. back to the matrix. ah wow, let's get the verdict been from d w as master of the movies, the scott roxborough in cologne. welcome, scott. so what do you think a should we take the red pill and dive back into the matrix? yeah, i think that depends a bit on how much you liked the the, the 1st films in this franchise, because this new movie is really an, a stallion callback to those films, particularly the 1st movie. it's very much based on the same sort of plot as, as the 1st matrix of film, though, lena, which house t a very cleverly adds a sort of neck, a new met a level i to this story and a lot which allows her to sort of comment on the actual matrix films themselves and
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fans, response them and also to poke fun at the studio warner brothers. and they very well publicized attempts to try and make a 4th matrix them without her approval. um, that's all quite fun. and also it's of course, great to see can a reeves and carrie anne moss back together again as neo and trinity, i really love seeing that. i'm where i think this, the falls down a little bit is in the action. if you remember the 1st matrix film in particular, it made cinema history with a weight. it depicted actions of bullet time a sequences. and the action in this new film for me felt a little bit phoned in as if berlin, which housey was almost like a cover band. just sort of giving us her her, her greatest hits again and not adding anything, anything really new. so at, for me at least a matrix resurrections feels less like a 2nd coming of us than my classic and more like an attempt to sort of resurrect a dying film franchise to see do money left in it. did it,
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did that doesn't sound good and this is the 4th waters as you mentioned. so what you think made by north shasky a field in the to return to this well, and that's it quite interesting because she said herself that, um, it was really in response to, to the death of her parents a couple of years ago where she felt that if she couldn't bring them back, that navy, she could a resurrect her 2 most famous, fictional characters, neo and trinity. and. and the whole production of this film was quite troubled. it had to be stopped of her time because of, of coded. and there were many casting changes, hugo weaving a one to return to play the villain agent smith. another only had in the 1st 3 films, but he had a scheduling conflicts of the role, had to be rewritten, and the new character a new actor cast. and that, and there's also a new fan of morphis in this film character played by laurence fishburne in other originals, the whole movie i think, can be seen in a way as which housekeeper, trying to look back and rewrite her sort of own fictional past, which is kind of interesting,
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but the only problem i see is because the matrix was so influential, i mean, so other many, so many movies since have, have, have imitated and copied it. it's very hard for this new movie to really feel truly original r. i a scott ross for ah, oh, equivocal, i crim casing about on the matrix and thank you so much for joining us. and that's it for another day. but the conversation she had, the conversation continues online, you'll find this on twitter at d w news, or you can follow me at phil. gail, i thanks for watching. have a good day. ah ah
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ah ah, with ah, the plight of the refugees and cali, despite the freezing cold, thousands of migrants are waiting here. their destination. britain.
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many pay for the journey across the english channel with their lives. finally, france and england want to focus on europe. in 60 minutes on d w. y, subscribe to d w books, you'll meet your favorite writer. sometimes you the story calls me and you have to respond. you know, when you book on you tube, welcome to the dark side. where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and and after 911, he says, after 911, the clubs came off where organized cry rules. every genuine use a global network of companies, banks, and operators. we will provide those services to anyone, operation, the criminal economy, where conglomerates and make their own laws. they invade our
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private lives through surveillance, hidden, opaque, secretive working through what's vague, it doesn't matter. the only criteria is worked. we'll hook people up. we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind who benefits and why are they a threat to us all opaque worlds starts january 5th on d. w. ah ah. visors at home, colbert 19 treatment, get the green light and the u. s. the pill has been shown to be highly effective at keeping people out of hospitals. what impact will that have as the spread up oma, chronic celebrates. also.


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