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tv   Quarks  Deutsche Welle  December 23, 2021 12:00am-12:45am CET

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experience outstanding shopping and dining offers. enjoy our services all. be all a guest at frankfurt. airport city managed by frappe, bought, ah ah, ah ah, this is deed of the news live from berlin. germany expects alma crohn to become the dominant, coveted cobit variant within weeks. that's as contact restrictions are set to tighten, and officials plead with the public to get vaccinated. also on the program, the world food program sounds. the alarm over yemen is by millions of people
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starving from war. you and agencies says it has to cut food aid in the new year. ah, well, in spain the prize money is flowing in the countries traditional christmas lottery . ah, i'm ami a niece of welcome. germany's infectious disease agency has worn that alma crohn will become the country's dominant variant within weeks the whole. but coke institute says germany's health system and critical infrastructure could be compromised if the latest wave is not stopped. the government has responded by stepping out vaccination efforts. and tightening restrictions on gatherings. there will also be limits on social contacts, but not until after christmas. ah. the festive preparations might be
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continuing across germany. but the country's top public health body has won people not to let christmas be the spark that lights the army corps on fire. there are no official restrictions on festive celebrations, but small gatherings being encouraged a mystics. the most important thing apart from vaccinations is reducing contacts, but less people come together, the smaller we keep our social contacts, the less the virus will spread. everybody's behavior is crucial in this instance and try on tuesday german chancellor. oh la sholtes said the limits on the number of people who can meet will come into force from december 28th lodge. public events will also be banned, including prohibiting fans at football matches. the new german health minister also said it's likely, but a 4th vaccine dogs will eventually be needed and nothing should be ruled out in the
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fight against cove. it wounded gordon within. i believe that with the measures we agreed on. we can master the pandemic in the coming weeks, but we do not want to categorically exclude anything. we will consider everything if necessary. currently, that is not the case. yes. is that only stevie ah, while protests against mandatory vaccines and cove, it measures continue. many germans support the new restrictions as a, i'll be honest, the numbers are actually going down again a little bit. but i have to say in order to finally end the whole thing. it's actually quite good that we haven't the locked down so that everything just comes to an end of it so that we can maybe celebrate again afterwards. vaccinations will continue during the festive season as people hope this is the 2nd and last covert christmas. d w political correspondence, simon young told us more about the current situation in germany and just how tight
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the restrictions could get. what we could do. our vision politicians have said much tougher measures and needed to even some on the government benches. in fact, nothing's been ruled out. i think the government very keen to keep schools and businesses open, but they are in a race against oma chronic, whether massively ramping up a vaccination, in particular, the booster campaign to vaccinations. generally it's going pretty well. again, on tuesday, germany managed more than a 1000000 vaccine doses. so nothing has been rolled out in terms of possible new restrictions. the chancellor has said that he and the state leaders will meet again on the 7th of january, but he didn't rule out bringing that forward because they know that this is a very fast changing situation. and in particular, to keep the pressure of the health care system,
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they may have to take out more sudden measures. of course, some states can press ahead by the way, earlier even before christmas. and some of them have announced what they're going to do. the united kingdom has logged 100000 new cases of covered 19 for the 1st time. the new record comes as the country struggles with its own fight against alma crohn. the fresh wave of infections has also begun infecting effecting the economy . there's no christmas rush in london this year. the number of shoppers and tourists down dramatically on even a few weeks ago. i'm across rapid spread, an a record number of infections keeping many people at home. britton's newspapers summing up the mood but the u. case health minister gave weary britons a glimmer of hope by announcing the purchase of millions more anti viral pills to combat omicron alongside the booster program. these sup, pharmaceutical defenses,
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you taken together are a huge new way to defend ourselves against cove it. there's no need for any further restrictions before christmas. we will certainly keep the situation under review. but across the u. k. conditions very while england has reduced the number of days, people with covert have to isolate from 10 down to 7 wales scotland. a northern ireland are introducing restrictions after christmas. what they do agree on is that vaccine boosters on reducing contacts are the best ways to reduce pressure on a health care system, stretch to the brink. so we know there's lots of cases in the community that actually people are not getting say thank but there are still people being admitted to hospital and they are still getting very unwell needs having pneumonia. and, and that's quite stressful for us to be looking after world. i think that much better now that we have more caitlin most alpha. another holiday season, overshadowed by the coven, 19 pandemic. another new year on the horizon filled with uncertainty.
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despite the rapid spread of the on a cron variant, the world health organization says it's still too early to tell of people if it also makes people sicker than previous variance. like delta, the w h o warns that rich countries risk making the pandemic last longer by hoarding vaccines for booster shots. while much of the world remains largely unvaccinated blanket wooster programs are likely to prolong the pandemic, rather than ending it. by diverting supply to countries that already have high levels of fascination coverage, giving the virus more opportunity to spread and mitigate. here's a round up of some more developments in the pandemic. spain is making face math mandatory in outdoor settings, to slow surging infections. prime minister pedro sanchez announced the measure following a video conference with regional leaders. a new study says south africans diagnosed
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with the armor cranberry, and were 80 percent less likely to be hospitalized than those who contracted a different strain this autumn. it says previous high rates of infection could be partially responsible for the lower hospitalization rate. and u. s. regulators have authorized for the 1st pill to treat coven 19. the food and drug administration has approve the use of pfizer is pax. love it for people. age 12 and above, but the white house says it will be month before the pills widely available. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. for and 10 african media outlets have had to close that taliban to power. a new survey by reporters without borders reveals the thousands of journalists have lost their job since august. female journalists have been hardest hit, with nearly 85 percent, no longer working. so the island of madagascar is reeling after at least $64.00 people were killed, were over crowded, boat sank and then a helicopter,
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searching for survivors crashed. madagascar, his police minister survived the chopper crash by swimming for 12 hours. the safety, 2 on board, the helicopter remain missing. the european commission says its taking legal action against poland for undermining you law and independence of its judiciary. the move comes amid an ongoing ra, a route between brussels in warsaw over the rule of law, which began when poland nationalist and euro skeptic, a law and justice party to power in 2015. the pillar of shame monument at the university of hong kong commemorating the 1989 tenements, square killings, has been taken down. the area around 8 meter high sculpture was boarded up by workers and removed, laid on wednesday. city authorities have been cracking down on descent. the world food program has issued another dire warning to the international community about the ongoing conflict in yemen. they say millions could be pushed into
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starvation because the world food free program will have to reduce food rationing for 8000000 starving people from january. the un agency says donors have failed to fulfill their pledges of assistance. it's meal time for this yamini mother and had 3 daughters. the families village was destroyed by air strikes. now that live in a camp for internally displaced people relying on i'd from the world food program seventies of fighting between hootie rebels and sadie back government forces has created what many consider the world's worst humanitarian crisis. food and medical shortages are causing millions to suffer, including many children. in the children's ward of the al sabine hospital in santa, the suffering is plain to say dangerously malnourished. their bodies bear the
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marks of war. and this is happening even with the current levels of food assistance provided by n jose soon, families will start getting barely half of the world freed programs. daily minimum ration you in agencies including the world food program, received only about 2 thirds of nearly $4000000000.00 requested from donors this year and fruit prices of more than doubled in yemen currency to valuation and hyperinflation. a driving economy to near collapse. that's as far as it could use to force families to play their homes. the camps like this one. if don't countries don't step up soon, these people would know where to go. will be left with nothing to 8. did the news asked the world food programs? annabel simonton, what these food cuts will mean for the already dire situation in yemen? well, by now we're in a really difficult situation whereby we just,
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we just simply don't have the funds to be able to maintain assistance at the current levels. so what we're doing from january is that we're cutting to $8000000.00 people last $8000000.00 out of the total of $13000000.00 people that we support. so they will receive about half rations and then, and then that allows us to maintain full rations for the 5000000 people who are the most acute acutely food insecure. so those are the ones that immediate risk of famine. but really, it's an impossible this situation to be in because we are in effect being forced to reduce food assistance to the hungry in order to feed the hungriest north. america's national hockey league says it will not allow its players to participate in the beijing winter olympics. in february, the decision follows disruption, so that any child regular season schedule because of the corona virus outbreak, the league has postponed at least 50 games this season. and h l players are in the teams of 11 out of 12 countries and qualified for i thought
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he at the games. the only exception being host china. and as the pandemic health restrictions, damp and christmas celebrations for the 2nd year in a row, people as spain are taking hearts in a 200 year tradition, the l. gordo laudrie. the top prize of 4000000 euros is paid out to anyone with this year's winning number. but there are many other smaller prizes to with almost 2 and a half 1000000000 euros paid out each year overall. i. 2 2 think they think me piano, but in that yard, so i mean, 086148 bits years winning number and go to the as the top prize is known, was sung by 2 people from madrid. sunny left once a school, as tradition dictates across the city, the celebrations quickly got under way of madrid's a torture train station. spain's busiest rail hub. the majority of the winning
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tickets were sold by dis, lottery center. o. e went over. it's a very widely distributed number. i'm pretty sure people from all over spain of board of no, i think it's everywhere about the lucito seen to you from the region of kentoria on the north coast and under lucy, undecided all the way to the canary islands, with the african coast. a lot of those sparked celebrations by the lucky winners. and what does a fee like to win $1.00 of the many they prizes. i don't know what the my haven't processed it yet. oh, i was in the mountains with the dogs and i came here because i received a call. my wife didn't believe it. she began to scream, turned the t v on look to the number and checked that it was correct. we're just not used to winning anything with that one on a sheraton. and i'm really happy and how many people have won a prize? well, that's almost impossible to know because of the complexity of the drawer. but
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a total of 2400000000 euros was given away in prizes both big and small in the centuries old and world's richest christmas la, april this year. oh yeah. you're watching dw news business news up next week. chelsea delaney. don't forget you can get more news and analysis on our website. that's d w dot com. i'm mommy annisa. thanks for joining us. with . ah.
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ah. ah! our visors at home coven 19 treatment gets the green light and the u. s. the pill has been shown to be highly effective at keeping people out of hospitals for impact tool that have as the spread of oma, chronic celebrates. also coming up, airline hope,
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the worst that the pandemic was behind them. now the only con variant and the return of travel restrictions threatens to send them back to square one. i'm shall spill any in berlin. welcome to the show. and we start with drug giant, pfizer who's covered 19 pill has become the 1st at home treatment to secure us regulatory approval visors pill possible that was shown to reduce the chance of hospitalization or death among high risk people by 89 percent. up until now, anti body treatments have mostly been administered at hospitals. it will begin shipping the pills in the coming days. pfizer ceo said pax lavette will quote, change the way we treat coven! 19 as similar pill from murk is also expected to be approved in the coming days. now our course been our correspondent ins corda in new york has more in this, jens, i remember how much excitement there was on markets when the 1st vaccines were
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approved. do investors see this as a similarly groundbreaking moment? well, it, it seems to be a big step in the fight against the pandemic, especially as people can get treated at home was just taking those pills. i mean, clearly not everything changes overnight, even if find the pfizer announced that the 1st, the doses, so to speak of the 1st appealed them. it can be delivered within the next couple of days. but not the entire pandemic vill vanish. but at least people in the high risk area, if they take those pills them early on, they could avoid to, for example, to go to the hospital. so in that respect, that could be really a great step for the entire health care system here in the united states. i mean with cape is increasing tremendously in the past couple of days. some hospital really are getting close to their limits. so if that pill is working and will be
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delivered soon, that would be a blessing in that respect. now again, stay with us. we're going to have some more questions for you and a couple of minutes. meanwhile, amazon workers have walked off the job for about 4 hours, wednesday morning at 2 delivery stations in chicago. the stoppage comes at a crucial time with christmas just days away. it was the 1st time ever that amazon workers organized a work stoppage, impacting multiple sites. the workers are asking for raises and other quote necessary improvements to our working conditions. amazon, now employees around a 1000000 people in the u. s. it has faced repeated criticism of its treatment of workers. they tried to be a little ha style. yesterday they did threaten. they said that whoever walks out might as well just leave their badges and, you know, we're not going to be pushed around. and again,
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it doesn't seem like this is just amazon. it seems to be really a big moment for the labor movement in the united states. why is that? yeah, definitely is, i mean, i live in this country for more than 20 years, and i have to say that in many areas working conditions have not really improved during that time spend. but now what we're experiencing in the united states is the shortage and the labor market. and that gives workers a much better bargaining tool. and then they probably had in a decade. so we just heard to him, yesterday the kellogg workers decided to end their strike that went on for 11 weeks . and as far as i've seen, of the workers got all their demands fulfilled, we have people in hollywood threatening to go on strike. and we have people in google having their demand so. so yeah, definitely there is a big movement going on and with the labor shortage and workers definitely have an
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historic chance to make and push for some changes yann's court at new york. thank you so much. now ryan air expects its annual loss to more than double things to travel restrictions being put in place to contain the spread of the omer cranberries, in europe, largest airline by passenger numbers now expects to lose up to 450000000 euros. it also is forecasting only 6 to 7000000 passengers in january instead of its previous forecasts of 10000000. the irish carrier blames new travel restrictions being put in place and the u. k. france in germany as well as restrictions on travel to morocco. and it's not just ryan era, the return of travel barriers could deal a major blow to the entire airline industry. most airlines have only in the past few months started to see trouble pick back up the industries fragile recovery and
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their hopes for a better 20. $22.00 is increasingly up in the air for checking and most passengers are standing in front of the check in counter for the canary island, 10 aretha they're looking forward to their christmas in the $22.00 degrees sunshine . but the number of corona virus cases is rising sharply on the island and the risk of an infection with the omicron variant is considered high for those who have been vaccinated only twice. and those who have recovered benefit, if i knew how bad the situation is, i probably wouldn't have booked this trip or shyness most of a talk to them. but it's still nice and we really need the rest of the a horrible because it know you're, you're still young and we've survived everything so far will be fine, then that's in october. so if we knew in october, we wouldn't have booked it at all. a book, a bitter pill for an lines to swallow. while recovering from the pandemic. lufthansa had to be rescued with billions in government aid after the lockdown began. now omar,
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chronic threatening the recovery with new quarantine rules looming, aviation experts are warning that the virus has to be brought under control soon. them on a mission. and if we don't get this under control quickly than the industry would, of course, face further losses and the billions on the airlines would have to massively reduce capacity and try to write it out and listen fulness lighter. it's also possible that government aid would have to be provided again for those who can't finance it on their own line of finance young couldn't and something else worries the travel industry. the corona virus has made travel, complicated, uncertain, and inconvenient, leaving many with little desire to planned and next vacation. now, omar con infections are multiplying across europe in the world health organization warned that within weeks omicron could push already stretch european health care systems. to the brink,
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that's why the german government has announced new measures which will take effect after christmas. those include restricting private gatherings for vaccinated people up to 10 people before new years as well. fireworks will be banned. this new year's spectators will also be banned from concerts, cultural shows and sporting events, including football matches. but does that go far enough? some experts insist on much tougher restrictions. the robert cock institute, which is responsible for div can disease control and prevention here in germany recommends maximum contact restrictions that should start immediately. they've also discussed a possible lockdown, including the closure of restaurants and central shops, non essential shots, excuse me. it also urge the reduction of travel to the absolute necessary. i mean, in our full cost we, we see a very strong recovery after this winter. i mean all the elements for recovery i
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place and the soonest the most recent way for the current wave of cubic will be controlled. we think that germany economy will be strongly covered because, well, it has been held back by a lack of semiconductors. in 2021. the manufacturing industries, they have full auto book, so they are going to produce as soon as the semi conductor shows they are just the germans have saved roughly 200000000000 years in excess to what they usually would have saved. and they're going to spend that as soon as infections come down in the spring. meanwhile, in south africa, the spread of the omar con variant has the government considering another her locked down, coven 19 infections. there have been rising at a rate of around $20000.00 per day that the rate of death remains low from the virus. many small businesses are tired of seeing virus app outbreaks. i've been their business and they see the african continents 1st vaccine mandate as the solution. this bottle printing factory in johannesburg is one of many businesses
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struck down. after the discovery of all micron in africa's most developed economy. the rapid spread of the very end has led to a proliferation of infections and workplace absenteeism. a big deal quite because we got real people. the symptoms are not as good as the previous way. but the people will take the day off with us initial travel bands and government warnings to respect social distancing after all microns emergence, so shocked to the tourism and hospitality sectors of the economy. but now other companies like this hairdressing salon, are also feeling the pinch as the possibility of another hard lockdown looms lodge . at the start of south africa's main holiday period. corona dropped our business
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turn over by 60 percent. we are now gearing up for the vista season buying extra stock. another lockdown would result in us closing down our business. the south african government is currently considering the idea of enforcing africa's 1st vaccine mandate. this would require all members of the population to get vaccinated or face refusal of entry to workplaces and public spaces. we know that vaccine mandates have been very up in the air globally. some countries have already implemented them and others are considering them. in the case of south africa, our government is looking to implement some sort of vaccine mandate. but by now we've already seen many big businesses as well as the labor unions coming out in support of this. this in our world will actually help to prevent business outages in the long run. and for enterprises like bottle printers, such a mandate cannot come soon enough often thought they do go
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with becoming possible to deliver them. already all to come up with a mandate. already. we can carry on with all and all mcclellan threatens and mason economic recovery from previous covered waves. it's hoped a vaccine mandate may cushion the blow and you're up to date with d. w business. i'm chelsea delaney in berlin for me and the whole business team stay healthy and thanks for watching the plight of the refugees and kelly. despite the freezing cold, thousands of migrants are waiting, hear their destination quickly. many paying for the journey
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across the english channel with their lives. finally, france and england want to focus on europe next on the d. w. into the conflict zone with tim sebastian. a brief, a dispute about fishing, where i could judge of my goodness, crossing from bonds to britain consigned anglo french relations. that would be free . my guess is who comparison, bruno banal and impede of the ruling. how much party is brenda michael. scott foreign policy enough to woo right wing voters. conflict. in 60 minutes on d w. o. oh, up to date, i don't miss our highlights. the d w program online. d,
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w dot com highlights or an eternity time it can be measured precisely. and yet each person experiences it differently as if there are different forms of type type phenomena. a dimension and illusion. about time starts december 31st on d, w. mm. mm ah, hello and welcome to focus on europe and most people here in europe share just one which during what is normally the festive season that somehow the coven pandemic
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can be overcome. instead, what we're witnessing is the worrying spread of the aggressive ami kron variant. will meanwhile, in southern europe, countries like portugal and spain have come up with large scale campaigns, starting in the summer vacations to combat the spread of the virus. early on children have been included and it made a real difference. well, vaccination rates in italy are also significantly higher than for instance in many countries in central and eastern europe. and one place doing particularly well is paulette. so adriano in sicily with the horrors of the 1st wave of coverage still fresh in their minds, the entire adult population of the small town has signed up for a vaccination program that's been taking place in a very special location. a small miracle has once again been achieved
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by the sicilian village of palazzo adriano. 30 years ago, the town square was made world famous by the movie cheenam are part of the so and now the township at the foot of their monte dela rosa has again managed the extraordinary in their fight against the corona virus. they still remember the fear they felt during the 1st wave. senora mima recalls watching footage of military trucks transporting, piled up coffins out of bare guerrmo in northern italy. people here wanted to prevent something like that happening in their own town at all costs. and now i would abode elvita said that good leader that he died. nobody when we know that we were scared of the virus. we're now in brain cell multiple maninder. in the beginning, we thought it was a type of this. if he, if lib liberal law the summer will look like it will, she will then she doesn't. what we saw on television. ha ha, ha, told us that it was something that we will it altogether different, but we had them and he said,
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and the entire village had the same thought. and theory that vaccinate toilet that you not say yet in this hardware store, everyone has to wear a mask. mima wants to do all she can to protect against the new ami kron variant. know c, a just so go see a bit k. yes. and it's the right thing to do. i'll tell you how to protect yourself, just like you have to protect others. when i say we are vaccinated it still, you have to be careful that tonight the we're must say attained it. in fact, palazzo adriano has a vaccination rate, other european cities can only dream of going by official statistics. a 104 percent of the population are vaccinated. mm. that statistical quirk isn't a cinematic fantasy. but due to the fact that the figure includes visitors who were vaccinated right here in the chin him up at a d. so museum, which just happens to be housed in the town halls,
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largest room equates to in will so that she them up early. so this is the chima paddy. so museum. yeah, the film is still important. that was the last alone. so locating our vaccination center here was common sense about also about a sense of community that's the only own since all the buttons and so against a backdrop of movie posters. 3 major vaccination campaigns were held here for the met a well functioning vaccination campaign is about more than numbers or g ill. but sheila, elizabeth and these times vaccination means freedom. you're provided to us by the government eventually, but it's about freedom for every way media. and i'm sorry that vaccination opponents don't understand that. there's also a lot of democracy in the vaccines kiddo each latino shale of them of the theda. ha . and there's a lot of hope to the infection right here has being close to 0 thanks to the measures taken which is important also because as in much of rule,
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cecily and above average number of elderly people live in palazzo andreana, such as ceo to me was 88 year old father here, doctor for county is vaccinating him against influenza. his 3rd covered shot will follow as soon as the vaccine is available. again. it's not what he may see going on there. no, not yet. we haven't had a pleasant case here in town for several months. say we need not yama boardwalk a bottle. and if any one got infected somewhere, i stuck it on. isaac off, they at least didn't require intensive therapy. oh, special medication. and they had a bit of a sore throat of fever and a speedy recovery. and that suddenly down to the success of explanation, different back to you know, just as i don't that long and that evening mima and her husband invite friends to the house for dinner. they plan to once again, watch their own local cold film chima parody. so back in the day me,
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my husband helped build the set on the piazza. they all know the dialogue by heart little means everything to most volvo. it's the hope that our town has a good future of it. so he'll move, they're proud of their town and of their corona virus response. here in palazzo adriano people stand together so that the virus doesn't stand a chance. ah, now the body of water that divides england and france is known by the french as la mosh wild people in the u. k. call it the english channel, and many migrants come to what is the narrowest part of the channel, where the hope to cross over to british shaws and start new lives. but those crossings are often deadly. which is why photographer and activist abdougla boy does all he can to persuade these desperate men women and children not to take the
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risk rain or shine. abdul comes to cali's beach and scans the horizon for small boats containing refugees. they speak to people who were saved injuries you on from not route this year. we want to go don't have the choice. i think so. so so, so do you live with you going to the seeds? me going to the did. the young afghani arrived in calais 2 years ago and quickly abandoned his plans to continue to britain. after his asylum application was approved in france, he found work at an aid organisation and taught himself photography. this site is where the notorious camped of the jungle once stood. some refugees still remain here, illegally sleeping and flimsy tents. a so called is windy in reading the people i talked in the came, they said the water's coming inside to the tent. this stretch between the freeway
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and the train tracks is especially uninviting migrants here are from afghanistan, the kurdistan region of iran and syria. it's time for breakfast, a moment of solace amidst a sea of worry. that is the number one ship saxony. we meet sir rush from iran, who tells us he fled from political persecution in his homeland. he survived a harrowing boat ride on his journey to france. we were 70 full people in a 12 me to a boat on the way from greece to italy. ah, we lost those u p. s, and we lost connection and we were trying to go after big boats, cruise ships, and nobody stops for us. and one day we saw birds and we changed them to
12:39 am
a we got connection and got to italy. from there he travelled farther north to the french coast. the journey took longer than expected. sir. osh never imagined he would be sleeping on the ground outside during winter time. it was open. this much . so bad time to be here. the place is crowded. it's filthy. at sonata, how a human should live. sir, rush has family on the other side of the channel. he's desperate to reach britain, even if it means being cold and wet. i just write out my sucks. he surf. i. i'm staying a year. if it is possible, i cross, if it is not, i'm still saying here because i have no way back. i have to go. most migrants here know how dangerous crossing the channel is. but they see few other options. many who end up in this makeshift camp have had their asylum
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applications rejected, or they think their chances are better and britain like cameron from afghanistan as the wizard, nap muffler above. you're not going to put away turkey and greece to quoted people a lot. and there was no chance in bosnia and herzegovina, a sylvia or its elegant flowing doesn't move on. that's why i came to france and why i'm now trying to reach england. been with her again and, and donna, god, help me. i've got to send my children money somehow, the bridge on her, but it will live another well, but it's far from clear what law is in store for cameron and his friends of dual tells us people here have disappeared at night. no one knows what became of them, lost them. so when people who was dead in the board and their friends still didn't know if there were actually in the book, we don't know what's happened to them. and word that the budding photographer sends his photos to a newspaper. he's become a prominent chronicler of the camp,
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and he also documented the fate of the kurdish hussein family who came to calais with 20 other refugees in november, only to drown in the channel. the story made international headlines that when i looked to the mother, she was worried and she knew it's difficult and she knew it's not easy. i thing the kids, they believe they. i live in euclid because they were smiling in they have this happiness in their faces. i think is it was so justice with them. it went to day when i went to the beach for as things it's remind me the beach, it's them. but that the problem is, is the ignoring the data story and nothing change it and no one talking about it of dual can't forget the fate of the hussein family. he fears others could meet the same tragic n. and so he keeps returning to the makeshift camp. nothing changes. that's why
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abdougla boy will keep scanning the horizon for bucks. now, with the panoramic sweeping across europe, many of us are thinking again about how we want to live our lives. especially in big cities like the spanish metropolis of barcelona, where once a week a district has created dedicated routes, keeping cyclists, including children on their way to school priority over most severe coves. initially, it seems like just an interesting idea. now, however, 4 year old liam grant is among the youngsters joining what has become a veritable movement. liam grant is preparing for a special commute to school. this friday, he won't be riding on the back of his mother's bike as usual. instead, the 4 year old, the cycling on his very own bike,
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alongside dozens of other barcelona youngsters, a bike ride, neither on the sidewalk or in the pipeline. but in the middle of the street believes was dumb woodshop vertical as thou don't. o mia? had children loving us against them, independence or is it something different and it's no, ah, it's a little party on wheels ah, with music and applause for the kids. with a whole street to themselves. they don't have to worry about the thousands of cars that usually drive here. each friday for about one hour cars aren't allowed on to this road leading to the school. so the children can cycle in safety. parents who wanted to see a change in the neighbourhood initiated the beefy boost project to lay their their for their posse. got the idea is to freed this street from traffic and other roads to in a future. lizzie, out there are bike lanes, but it's difficult for children,
12:44 am
especially small kids to cycle straight inside a bike line in the near la x. on an incredibly busy i mutual spot, the nathan will class. there are many scooters on the lanes up you and some people cycle really fast back. it will be dangerous for the youngest kids again, your district city counsellor pow gonzales, supports the initiative. he's just approved another route for the beef. he bruce, lucky that marie ah, this city is a hostile place for young boys and girls candidates, but this way we open up space for the children to ride their bikes to school. that is to lead alcala. and he hopes that soon families will be able to monitor the route on their own without the help of police. meanwhile, the children are enjoying their friday adventure because we're together and we like to write our bicycles. is that lee? yes, but at 11 it's great that we can cycle on the street without fear. the parents are also keen to lower c o 2 emissions, but their main focus is on making their children safer. barcelona has been
12:45 am
expanding its bike lanes network, but competing needs are taken into consideration by city officials, including those of pedestrians and motorists dusky. i that garza alice walking from your home to school is already an option. that is no problem there. let me think. and now cycling is being added for school children, ohio from we're working to improve the situation and school neighborhood when and we're adding by pan milton. but i'm just glad as you'll empty. a feeling villarreal is with the idea is to build wider, more family friendly bike lanes. clearly separated from the other traffic sick as theater. okay. the plans are promising and the city council is working on them lobby, seattle, but it's going to take a long time until there is actual change. i need a clear yes. come here from wellington. until then children in barcelona will keep cycling to school on fridays with a beefy boost project.


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