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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 23, 2021 7:00am-7:16am CET

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or why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah ah, this is the w news coming to live from berlin. the united states deploys a new tool in the fight against the pandemic authorities. there have given emergency authorization for an antique cove at 19 pill made by pfizer. some see it as a milestone in efforts to treat the disease. also coming up the number of coverage
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19 cases in the u. k. reaches a record high passing 100000 for the 1st time. since the start of the pandemic and in spain, prize money is flowing in the countries traditional l. gordo, christmas lottery. ah. hello i'm terry martin. good to have you with us. the united states has authorized an anti cope at 19 pill made by the pharmaceutical company visor. it's aimed at people at risk of severe illness from the disease. the drug approval comes as the u . s. suffers a surge of cases driven by the highly infectious ami cranberry it visors packs, lobbied pill will be the 1st oral treatment for covered 19 researchers hope it will
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be effective against the new variant trials have shown it to be to reduce the risk of hospitalizations and deaths among at risk people by nearly 90 percent. the country's top infectious disease specialist doctor anthony fall, cheese explained how it will be rolled out. when someone comes in with an acute infection and is in a risk group, which is what you want this to be for a since we have a limited supply that we would have a prioritization of what the best approach would be. it almost certainly will be a physician writing a prescription for someone who within the 1st 3 days of notable symptoms of covered and is in a high risk group to get it. meanwhile, the united kingdom has logged 100000 new cases of coven 19 for the 1st time. the new record comes as the country struggles with its own fight against omicron. the
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fresh wave of infections has also dampened the christmas mood. does no christmas rush in london this year. the number here of shoppers and tourists down dramatically on even a few weeks ago. i'm across rapid spread and a record number of infections keeping many people at home. britton's newspapers summing up the mood but the u. case health minister gave weary britons a glimmer of hope by announcing the purchase of millions more antiviral pills to combat amik wrong. alongside the booster program, the sup, pharmaceutical defenses you taken together are a huge new way to defend ourselves against covet. there's no need for any further restrictions before christmas. we will certainly keep the situation under review. but across the u. k. conditions very well. england has reduced the number of days. people with coven have to isolate from 10 down to 7 wales scotland. a northern
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ireland are introducing restrictions after christmas. what they do agree on is that vaccine boosters and reducing contacts are the best ways to reduce pressure on a health care system stretched to the brink. so we know there's lots of cases in the community that actually people are not getting sick, but there are still people being admitted to hospital and they are getting very unwell, decent pneumonia. and that's just for, for us to be looking after all those things are much better now that we have more treatment. most of us another holiday season, overshadowed by the cove 19 pandemic. another new year on the horizon filled with uncertainty. as omicron spreads countries around the world are urging their populations to get vaccinated, but the world health organization has taken a firm stance against rich countries, offering 3rd or even 4th shots. while much of the world's population has yet to get their 1st one. the w. h. o 's, director general,
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explain why blanket was their programs are likely to prolong the pandemic, rather than ending it by diverting supply to countries that already have high levels of fascination coverage. giving the virus more opportunity to spread and mitigate. it's important to remember that the vast majority of hospitalized ations and does are in and vaccinated people not on boosted people. well, here's look at some more developments in the pandemic around the world. china has ordered 13000000 people in sean city to stay at home after over 200 cases were recorded. and officials said the beijing winter olympics would likely see some transmission of the virus. south korea has set a new daily record for covered 19 deaths over a 100 people died in 24 hours. social restrictions have been reinstated,
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and in australian states are re imposing mask and contact tracing requirements in public places. that's after a record breaking rise in new cases. hospitalizations though, remain low. the world food program has issued another warning to the international community about the ongoing conflict in yemen. they say millions could pay starvation because the w. r f. p will have to reduce food rations from january. the u. n. agency says donors have failed to fulfill their pledges of assistance. it's meal time for this yamini mother and had 3 daughters. the families village was destroyed by air strikes. now they live in a camp for internally displaced people relying on i'd from the world food program seventies of fighting between hootie rebels and sadie back government forces has
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created what many consider the world's worst humanitarian crisis. food and medical shortages are causing millions to suffer, including many children in the children's ward of the al sabine hospital in santa, the suffering is plain to say dangerously malnourished. their bodies bay, the marks of war. and this is happening even with the current levels of food assistance provided by ngos. soon, families will start getting barely half of the world food programs. daily minimum ration you in agencies including the world food program, received only about 2 thirds of nearly $4000000000.00 requested from donors this year and food prices of more than doubled in yemen. currency to valuation and hyperinflation. a driving economy to new collapse. that's as fighting continues to force families to flee their homes. the camps like this one. if don't
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the countries don't step up soon. these people would know where to go. we'll be left with nothing to 8. the catch up on small, the stories making headlines around the world, a monument to the victims of the 1989 gentlemen square massacre has been dismantled and removed from the university of hong kong. the area around the 8th meter high pillar of shame was boarded up and workers wielded away in sections late on wednesday, the city authorities have been cracking down on descent in the chinese territory. a review of afghan media has found for the countries. 10 media outlets have had to close since the taliban took power. the survey by reporters without borders showed thousands of journalists have lost their jobs since august. female journalists have been hit hardest, with nearly 85 percent, no longer working. a government minister in madagascar is being hailed as
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a hero, and an example to follow after surviving a helicopter crash should see says joe swam for some 12 hours before he was rescued . the police minister had been helping to search for survivors after a cargo ship illegally carrying a 100. 30 passengers sank off madagascar in northeastern coast. fishermen who sit out before dawn spotted some one in the water exhausted and still in his wet uniform, madagascar, police minister recorded the message of them didn't. i'm alive and well in 24 hours. i can be back at work. i'm not injured, but very cold. my doctor, i'm thankful to the people of mumble for saving my life and taking care of me. money and figure. the fisherman brought that 57 year old, safely back to shore. after he spent 12 hours at sea,
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and other survivor and air force mechanic managed to swim the entire way to the beach. the body of one of the men and the helicopter has been recovered, but the pilot remains missing and is presumed dead. authority say the cause of the helicopter crash has yet to be established. the minister says something suddenly destabilize the helicopter, potentially causing it to go down and eat and username identity little my omission was over at it. we saw the accident and we were about to go home. but like all accidents, something unexpected happened. did an al helicopter may have been caught in the gust of wind or something and fell. the helicopter was one of to taking part in a search and rescue operation. after a small cargo ship sank on monday, an official says the ship was overloaded from carrying too many people.
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last week, n she lands elected gabrielle burridge to be their new president. he marks a departure from the past in several ways, not just his left. his politics and youth at 30 by burridge will be the country's youngest ever president. but the forest student organizer is turning heads for other reasons as well. not least, his tattoos when rising political star, gabrielle burridge, wanted some tattoos, hart as you mel gongora came up with strong images. a tree standing steadfast in the wind, and a lighthouse and a raging sea bartch his body. art sets him apart. the bearded 35 year old leftist is an unconventional figure who represents a break with tradition in chalet. he won the largest majority ever recorded in a chile, an election where he ran on a platform of ambitious changes in a country reeling from inequality and corruption. gongora never thought she would be inking her country's future president. nor did burridge back then
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out now and then. now. well, it's strange to think, remembering the present that moment when i told them, maybe i'm to 2 in the future president. in fact, i asked him, i don't remember when, but noah birch was already a congressman that i think i asked him something like, are you, are you going to run for president ankle? and he said no, that was too much of responsibility. a lot of things and whatever he, i am, which i will say, with the economy battered by the pandemic, a widening gap between rich and poor, and under pressure to rewrite a constitution written during the era of dictator. august opened o'shea for a chest to prove he can face those responsibilities even if it means hiding his adorn skin every now and then as the pandemic health restrictions dampen christmas celebrations. the 2nd year in a row, people in spain are taking heart in a 200 year tradition. the l gordo lottery,
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the top prize of 4000000 euros is paid out to anyone with this years winning number . but there are many other smaller prizes to with almost 2 and a half 1000000000 euros paid out each year overall. oh. 2 tindy think me kinda what in the yard so well, 086148 these years, winning number and go to the as the top prize is known, was sung by 2 people from madrid. daniel, the funds of school as tradition dictates across the city. the celebrations quickly got underway at madrid's a torture train station, spain's busiest rail hope the majority of the winning tickets were sold by base lottery center o. e winnable. if it's a very widely distributed number, i'm pretty sure people from all over spain of florida. here i think it's everywhere at about the lucito seem to you from the region of kentoria on the north coast. and
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on the lucy on the south. all the way to the canary islands, off the african coast and order those sparked celebrations by the lucky winners. and what is a fee like to win $1.00 of the many they prizes. i don't know where the my haven't processed it yet. oh, i was in the mountains with the dogs and i came here because i received a call. my wife didn't believe it. she began to scream, turn the tv on, look for the number and check that it was correct. we're just not used to winning anything with that one on going to share it. and i'm really happy. and how many people have won a prize? well, that's almost impossible to know because if the complexity of the dural but a total of 2400000000 euros was given away in prizes both big and small, in the centuries old and world's richest christmas lottery drove this year. for go, let's take a look at how various cities around the world are addressing themselves up for
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christmas. it's all about the lights. lots and lots of them coming up next. business news. i'm terry martin. thanks for watching. ah ah ah ah, ah ah, ah. the landscape.


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