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oh as if there are different forms of time to time the phenomena, a dimension and illusion about time starts december 31st on d w ah ah, this is day w. news live from berlin. the number of cove at 19 cases in the u. k. reaches a record high passing 100000 in a single day for the 1st time thought new studies suggest omicron is less severe than delta. also coming up,
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russian president vladimir putin is hosting his annual news conference. we hear what ordinary russians think of their long term lead up, plus profound dark and monumental justice. some of the words being used to describe a new exhibition in paris by one of germany's most celebrated artists. ah, i am rebecca writ as welcome to the program. he studies from the united kingdom suggests the army kron karone of iris variant may be milder than the previous versions, such as delta. but scientists say their findings must be treated with caution. as hospitals could still be overwhelmed by the she it number of cases. the news comes as the u. k. records more than 100000 new daily cases. for the 1st time. there's no chris,
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this russian london this year. the number of shoppers and tourists down dramatically on even a few weeks ago. all microns rapids spread an a record number of infections, keeping many people at home. britons newspapers summing up the mood but the u. case. health minister gave weary britons a glimmer of hope by announcing the purchase of millions more antiviral pills to combat, omicron alongside the booster program, the sup, pharmaceutical defenses. you taken together are a huge new way to defend ourselves against cove it. there's no need for any further restrictions before christmas. we will certainly keep the situation under review. but across the u. k. conditions very while england has reduced the number of days. people with covert have to isolate from 10 down to 7 wales scotland. a northern ireland are introducing restrictions after christmas. what they do agree on is that vaccine boosters and reducing contacts are the best ways to reduce pressure on
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a health care system stretched to the brink. so we know there's lots of cases in the community that actually people are not getting say fake, but there are still people being admitted to hospital and they are still getting very unwell to covet pneumonia. and, and that's quite stressful for us to be looking after old. i think that much better now that we have more caitlin most alpha. another holiday season overshadowed by the coven, 19 pandemic. another new year on the horizon, filled with uncertainty of more on there. that's bring in day of new correspondent charlotte chelsea pell, in london. charlotte and k says passing a 100024 hours. how is prime minister bars johnson handling this? rebecca? that's right. and it is believed that case numbers may actually be considerably higher than what's reflected in that data that we know that confirmed cases are off
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59 percent, week or week. so it does appear that that tie the wave of on the chron cases, that the public key was wound about does seem to be a transpiring. now, prime minister boys johnson is yet to introduce more restrictions and policies, rule them out over the christmas period. he says he wants to take a closer look at data emerging on the severity of the micron variance in the hospitalization. so that result from this new wave that's a slightly different part from other places. why not, as you mentioned, does not report that they've laid out a roadmap thing. they plan to introduce more restrictions after christmas the government they are relying very, very heavily on it to program. it aims to get every adult to offer every i don't abuse to job by the end of the year. very ambitious plan, but we know that the priest jumped really, really important in combating on the kron base. the numbers have dramatically gone off over the last week,
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2 weeks as well here in the u. k. that really is what the government here is, is putting it on this coming. of course, just before christmas, these huge numbers. what does this search mean for people in the u. k? as many of them gathering you say there are no going to be no more restrictions pre christmas. but what does it mean for people who want to meet with their families? i think 1st off, the really, really big concern at the moment his staff, shortages potentially and emergency services in hospital for example, by reporting stop shortages as people are isolating with co it. and just because of the sheer numbers of people inspected, that could cause real problems using problems and businesses as well. even though there are, as we said, no additional restrictions right now, a lot of people are making their own choices in how to handle this and just finding the limit contacts and limit their risk and run up to christmas. the business is very badly affected and then of course the public making very difficult decisions out since the case around the world at the moment about how many people to see before they meet with family. elder older relatives in particular,
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people who might be waterville, some simply deciding to exercise more caution and not to meet people in the run up . the question is the limit that gathering took the course huge, disappointing. hey, off the christmas, essentially with with counsel for many in the u. k. last year. there is some cautious, good news data from the u. k. suggesting that only chrome is highly transmissible but may cause less serious illness. what one can you tell us about that? yeah, this is really, really data. so scientists are stressing that caution does need to be exercised when analyzing the data. but there are 2 studies that have been the one from england, one from scotland, that seems to show that the rates of hospitalizations with alma crohn is lower when compared to the delta variance. so taking the english study as an example, they found that there's a 40 to 45 percent reduction in hospitalization lasting one night or longer compared to delta. scientists are saying that that is very, very encouraging news, but on stressing it is still early. they're also wanting that, as you say,
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we know that variances fall far more transmissible. they fear that just because of the sheer numbers of people infected, the resulting number of hospitalizations, other results could still thrust into everyone health 7 d w, correspond to charlotte telson. pill, thanks very much for the russian president, vladimir putin is holding his annual press conference way of up to 500 domestic and international journalists. expected to attend. the event comes against the backdrop of wakes of international concern of a rush as true build up on its border with your crime data. please. emily show and reports from moscow. lucian good review. vladimir putin has been thinking about his future. last year he oversaw a vote on constitutional changes that allow him to run for another to charms as president of russia. he could stay in power until 2036. recently he addressed the issue again. asperger said to make one of those disney, when it comes to my plans,
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according to the constitution, i have the right to run against the immune. i haven't made the decision yet whether i will or not. but the very fact that i have this rising stabilizes his domestic political situation in russia. more than me. she had the opera. i noticed that means you don't really teach group. but the kremlin may have a problem. putin's approval ratings have been falling for several years now. a survey by the independent pollster le vada center shows. they're currently at just over 60 per cent, comparatively high for such a long serving president. but a near record low for putin. normal pressure. people are living in poverty. there's a political crank, down going on who brought us off the charts? level up lever here. not everyone is sick of prudent, although you have seen what she was not. everyone needs stability. it was a lot of me of who came has been with us for a long time, but a little so that's why people vote for him. we'll cut off she chilly, which is a good guy. i'm grateful to him. had that m a r. good jared?
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my mode up with him for a long time now, but he's just made enemies of all countries are sure yet. in 2014, the annexation of crimea from ukraine sparked western sanctions. but it also gave vladimir putin image a reboot. he presented himself as a patriotic defender of russia's interests on the world stage. his approval ratings went up to a whopping 80 percent. now, tensions between russia and ukraine are on the rise again. the satellite images allegedly show russian troops stationed near the border to ukraine. u. s. officials put their number at around 70000. but experts say this time around, an escalation won't help putin's popularity was modernised. no is blizzard. student has exhausted the potential of using his image as a key geopolitical player in order to push up his popularity with in russia. a nice sure palmer booster talking about how we have returned to russia. his previous
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greatness is fine, lawyer village. but people are more concerned about what's in their refrigerator's g, or was wrong with many local support putin because they think it would be worse without him sport. or it's not a question of hope for a better future. it's about preserving what they have, my years them a will shibel to share at those lines for you to still use with tension soaring over ukraine. the whole world is watching the kremlin next moves. but vladimir putin may have to change strategy if he wants to keep the attention of russians at home to joining us now from moscow as a bureau chief erie rashonta, here in president putin's press conference is under way. what's he been saying so far? order because this press conference traditional consists of 2 blocks, is the domestic and foreign policy block and to domestic issues have been predominating so far. right at the beginning, put in spoke in great detail about it comes about the social problems that of
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course have to do with the corona virus here in russia. i corona virus remains high on the agenda in this country. the presence of the army crone variant has been confirmed here as well. so the russian president to, once again has encouraged to the russians to get vaccinated because vaccination rates are quite alone this country and interesting detail put in the side germany as an example of one of the best health systems in the world. and mentioned the high number of fool vaccinated people in germany compared to far fewer in russia are when it comes to foreign policy issues. i think we can clearly expect put into focus of the ukraine conflict and nato expansion, which wouldn't cause russia's red line. and to which moscow wants to prevent at all costs. so he's likely to mention that because he has a huge concern globally about that, the tensions between russia and nato, the u. s. claiming, of course, the russia is preparing to invade ukraine. something that russia denies has he addressed that yet? not yet,
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but booting has made his red lines over nato's ex eastern expansion in advance, clear clear several times and will certainly mention them with again what today i'll we know that to after the meeting of us present biden and putin, russia already presented to the u. s with proposals for new security doctrine. ah, moscow wants an ent of to nato military exercises or activities, including in ukraine and georgia. i also put in demands that there will be no expansion of nato, especially inter ukraine, and no big military exercises in certain areas. close to russia, these are demands that the u. s. doesn't want to discuss without it's nate to pardons and also without ukraine. but russia is arguing that this is a bilateral issue and to want except to that are other partners get involved. so there are a lot of stumbling blocks, rebecca, and it's unlikely that putin can remove those. oh, it's today's press conference. the annual press conference says really about your is the president really being subjected to public scrutiny here or is it more of
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a carefully orchestrated p r exercise? i think the real target of the russian president is not ask for a correspondence. and today's question and answer show is clearly aimed at the domestic audience. putting needs more popularity, he needs it. in particular, we how to do the report of emily because he may want to run for president in 2020 for the president. just recently attracted to media attention when she said that he doesn't exclude the possibility of running for president again. ah, when it comes to ukraine, putin has to explain in a very, very convincing way to his compatriots, why moscow would ever attack t if russians clearly don't want, it was a consider ukrainians to be their brothers. that's what people say. you are a thank you for that data does hear every shadow in moscow. france has opened classified files linked to the algerian war of independence. the
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files could shed light on the alleged use of torture and extra judicial killings by french soldiers during the war which ran from 1954 to 1962 d. w, spoke to an algerian who fought on the side of france during the conflict as part of a group known as the key. like many algerians, he feels betrayed. agirri and borne sales carol felt incredibly proud when he started to work as a translator and intelligence adviser for the french colonial army. in algeria, in the 1950s, he'd never have thought that in 1962 france would leave our keys like him just behind acoustic or premier is wanted, is amir. the french took all weapons away and abandoned us aft keith. it was a disgrace. how france behaved satilla all good of horse luck repairs on too many
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of us were arrested by the nationalists. they wanted vengeance and tortured us. come back on with you if an end is over suave. the volumes sash narrowly escaped execution in algeria and fled to france. but there he was far from welcomed with open arms. the appeal dude on the stories of horses, an officer told me that i had lost the french nationality. the army had given me. and i replied with so when france needed as our keys, we were french, and now that we no longer needed, we no longer french knocker up your bizarre during, during the 1st few months i unloaded freight carriers at the train station. i could just about afford food. most of the time i slept in the carriages. it was so disappointing that france didn't help me. after all that i had gone through soon gone, does have shot in manner. my client, the 1st president in french history, recently apologized to sash and other archies and bassier woocommerce. those are
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bonded to the combatants. we abandoned to their families who suffered the camps that a prison. the denial, dinny, i ask forgiveness, said them, we shall not forget. no, nobly on by president my car, also promised a new law to acknowledge frances historical guilt. but this historian doubts, this will be enough to make up for the archie's suffering is of little if, if all says or suv orange, what additions have often said vague and superficial things about the axis. that part of our history still needs to be told in detail. yet if we all learned what happened that would provide some peace of mind to lead her to the archies themselves, their children and grandchildren were they all traumatized wild though they pass. young sash often participates in common durations and has received many national decorations. but he's now asking for a concrete actions such as free elderly care. he says that's the least france can
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do for, for good of us. it's all frances fought her answer. our bond on this is on for france, abandoned its children, and by abandoning them it sentenced them to death. oh, lazar been gone. and his own way or more sales hopes that the new law will help him finally feel accepted by country that abandoned him. when he maced needed its support let's turn out some other stories making headlines around the world. china has locked down the city of she on home to 13000000 people in response to just over 200 cove. at 19 cases, china has pursued a 0 case strategy. measures come just weeks before beijing is to host the winter olympics. government is urging elim pans to get boost to jobs. in
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mexico, several 100 migrants have boarded bosses heading north as part of a deal. they have made with the mexican government to bring them closer to reaching the united states. they're part of a migrant caravan that's been traveling since october. $3000.00 people started out, but hundreds have given up on the tough journey by foot. a monument to the victims of the 1989 tenement square massacre has been dismantled and removed from the university of hong kong. the area around the 8 me to high pillar of shame was boarded up and work as wielded away in sections light on wednesday. city authorities have been cracking down on the sent in the chinese territory, german artist on. so anselm keifer has devoted much of his work to the atrocities committed by the nazis during world war 2. in a new exhibition in paris,
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kieffer focuses on the german language, poet, poll, salem, and his suffering during the holocaust lines of verse, scribbled and chalk on paintings next to a bunker everywhere. the dedication to paul salon, the poet who used verse to process his memories of the holocaust, is the artist and some key 1st personal hero, oversized work, stand like proud panels in the sparsely illuminated space. then you go to, i thought i could write a poem up on the slate, up there go. i think the skies like a big slight go to the island in most of all. i wanted the audience to concentrate in ceylon, not the painter to is bargained. i'm good when easton, mister dan is tamala oh, the pieces are dark, but also shed light on war persecution and death. the elements include straw textiles and stones, national socialism and the importance of never forgetting. these are reoccurring
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themes for kieffer. the show is a wake up call for europe via motion of we have to be careful because what's in our past, what we think is in our past it could very easily happen again. can we to so for da, side common ground rather than confrontation, learning from german history. how does that play out in france? so paul girl says it grams you who could be, exhibition is very, very intense. you were so the large scale pieces, the venue, which is really magical and compliments everything very well. i was very moved off of all of his eval. it works by an artist who lives in france, but his german here, it shows the strength of the bond between the 2 countries. this is the young headphone twisted and i saw his, his, the, i bought a book by the police said it would have been even more moving if the verse written on the paintings had been translated, the wrongful visitors even get a glimpse of kieffer studio and his materials ranging from shards to ash.
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the paintings are on wheels easily movable from one place to the next. everything is fluid, including the artist's creative process. it's been a sequence it, i'm always frantic because my pictures are works in progress. i'm constantly reworking them, but apart from that, i'm generally cheerful. and johnson and who's to commend works in progress, they may be. but this exhibition makes a lasting impression of a more i'm joined by karen homestead from our culture desk. karen? hi. oh wow. i mean monumental day this works. i absolutely huge. i'm losing base, but it was the exhibition was actually requested by french president emmanuel mac hall. what's the connection there between macro on the out well and some. kiefer is definitely michael's favorite artist. he makes no secret of that and has even in the past in the very recent past. just last year,
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commission very important works by key for to put into the pantheon in paris, which is something like a temple flash crypt for frances most famous citizens. so that was a very, very big deal. but this all i think has to do with the fact that that key for is really something like a bit of a state artist in france. he's lived there for the past 30 years. he's been awarded there. the countries, arts and letters and order order of arts and letters back in 2011. he's been exhibited in some of the most important spaces like the song of do to name just one example. so i think michael is, is you know, by requesting this sort of playing to his own personal love here with this artist. but also has very clear political message like we've heard earlier on in your show . you know that he sees very much and you'll need for us to deal with our collective fast as europeans and that of course, france and germany are inextricably linked through this past. and now this whole
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exhibition honors the poet poll salon. tell us a little bit about him for the audience. you may not have heard of him before. exactly. he was born in romania to german speaking jewish parents who, both of whom died during the holocaust and salon himself matters. he did spend some time in a labor camp, but he managed to survive the war and later emigrated to paris. so his entire of work is really defined by this experience by this, by the trauma of being a holocaust survivor. in fact. and he's, he's since considered really to be one of the greatest of the great of the german language poets, right alongside the likes of greek and grew tonight and said keith, i was born in march of 45. so he didn't exactly experience the war. but he certainly experienced the silence that, that descended on all of these atrocities after in the media years after. and he's essentially spent his entire life very, very troubled by this,
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by germany's horrible legacy. and when he read salons, most famous poem, it's called, told us from good death, few back in 1981. it was as if a window open for him and he suddenly had a way to connect to these experiences. and to understand it's interesting because salon always said, you know, that there was no language for what happened during the show. and he nevertheless, was able to express it through poetry. and it's as if he gave words to the on expressible. and he was one of the very 1st one of the early earliest examples to do that. so kieffer very much relates to the imagery that he uses and you see it coming up again. and in his work things like straw, sand, and ashes. and that he finds himself there, i mean, such dense, subject matter, but so important. it's a shame. this exhibition is only on for a short while. while that's right, it's all it. i was shocked myself to see that it's only on until january 11th. it started on the 16th of december, so barely 4 weeks. really. i know it is definitely for the occasion of francis
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taking over the presidency of the council. so i guess it's a, one of a kind of vent, you know, one of a kind location and very lucky for reasons it yet maybe hope for hope for a because of because of the corporate numbers. i can help you that thanks very much pleasure. you are watching data, but in use a is a reminder of the top story we're following for you. the number of cove at 19 cases in the u. k. has reached a record high passing 100000 in a single day for the 1st time. by new studies suggest the only con variant may be milder than the delta version. before we let you go, let's take a look now at how various cities around the world have dressed out for christmas. all about the lots, lots and lots of lots coming up next is database. stay tuned for that on rebecca
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griffith. thanks for watching. ah mm
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the plight of the refugees and kelly. despite the freezing cold, thousands of migrants are waiting, hear their destination. britain. many pay for the journey across the english channel with their lives. finally, france and england want to focus on europe. in 60 minutes on d, w. welcome to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and an after 911. he says after $911.00, the clubs came off. were organized crime rules. genuine use a global network of companies, banks, and operators. we will provide those services to anyone operation,
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the criminal economy. where conglomerates make their own laws. they invade our private lives through surveillance, hidden, opaque, secretive working through it. vague, it doesn't matter. the only criteria is worked will hook people up. we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind, who benefits and why are they a threat to us all? opaque worlds starts january 5th on d, w with ah, american retailers breathe a sigh of relief in the days leading up to christmas. there shelves are mostly stocked. but our businesses, really in the clear, also on the show,


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