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tv   Helden auf vier Pfoten  Deutsche Welle  December 23, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm CET

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don't it is with getting 200 people around the world more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. yes. why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines with this or did other news asia coming up to date, the growing anti vaccine movement in south korea. more and more young people are refusing the job as only grown forces are tod do restrictions. a report on the pushback to pandemic measures. and as many filipinos face the devastation left
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behind by typhoon bry, we'll see how the christmas spirit is being tested in the philippines. ah. i british manager, welcome to the w news asia. glad you could join us. much like western europe, south korea is reproducing pandemic restrictions to control a sudden spot in corona virus cases. more than 5000 over the past few days. and much like in western europe. many aren't happy about it. that includes teenagers who from the 1st of february, next year, we'll have to be vaccinated to be able to enter shops and establishments. it's a measure already in place for adults, but some teenagers and their parents want nothing to do with vaccination. so the green high school student yang de rim,
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and his friends don't want to get vaccinated. neither do many of the 23000 followers of his youtube channel. his live streams emphasize risks associated with vaccination, while downplaying, the benefits and argue the government's vaccine pass violates they're human rights hold. good thing, no one knows what the future side effects will be. questions about whether it is effective or growing because there are many cases of infection with delta variance and omicron variance even after being vaccinated. so individuals should decide whether or not to get the vaccine, which i don't think it's right to be disadvantaged for not being vaccinated woozy again. oh imani, tell you that was that oh, pick from february. first, teenagers will have to prove vaccination or a recent negative covey 19 test to inter libraries, private academies, cafes, and other facilities. yang argues that the government should be focusing its efforts on the elderly and not the young girl kwoana. the high mortality rate of the elderly can explain the justification for the vaccination of the elderly. but
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the fatality rate for young people is low or young and yet the side effects vaccines are many. so i don't know why young people are vaccinated picking up an appeal somewhere even swoon some. so the green parents have also mobilized together with support from some doctors to protest against the vaccine pass mother at 5 children. kim. so jen is even taking the case to the countries courts. well, i don't, i think the vaccine pos policy is against constitutional law. it's a serious violation of children's right to land and violates that right to my education because they can't go to the library or private academies because of the vaccine pass it out within the company that as south korea scrambles to provide care for the record number of serious cases, each plus young g hospitals, $34.00, coven, i see you beds are full. infectious disease department head eager young says that
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well, vaccines may cause some side effects. he supports the vaccine pass and stresses that the risks of infection for the and vaccinated are far greater. the picture about this it's, i'm, it's explanation prevents 60 to 90 percent of infection. and when a breakthrough infection occurs, that person is 90 percent less likely to die or require severe treatment. the media should not spread fake news or insignificant news, but the liver, the voice of medical professionals with the public lawn could on this. i seem to get on this and get demand for most so the greens, the medical communities message on vaccines and the vaccine pass seems to be thinking in i think that it's fair because individual freedoms are guaranteed only so long as they are non infringing upon social safety so i believe that people should get vaccinated as soon as possible to use public places for back pain pass.
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the vaccine path was introduced for adults, december 6th. so 3 is now dealing with its high surge of the cobra. 1900 pandemic, with more than $5000.00 new cases per day for weeks. as the debate over vaccines and the vaccine pass for the nation's youth continues the omicron variant may cause those numbers to rise. so how do you address vaccine hesitancy in the face of a new virus variant? jerome came in director general of the international vaccine institute in so all he says it's time for more forceful messaging. so as a, as a medical professional, we always leave. and i think you heard one of the physicians earlier say, we need to have the right information. we actually need to do more than that. we present been presenting the correct information about the ability of axioms to reduce infection by 5 times to reduce hospitalization and death. by 10 times we can
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talk about the risk of severe complications of koby infection in the unvaccinated versus the vaccinated. and we've talked about it, and we need to be forceful about that message because oma kind is adding a new level of danger because it's coming on top of a delta outbreak that is already filled the hospitals in korea. so we need to be more forceful in the messaging. we need to change the messaging. now you heard about the newspapers and the television, but are those reaching the people we need to target now? the high school children, they are the kids in high school that young youtube, with 26000 followers. are we putting the messages out there, the correct messages, the ones that emphasize not only right, but responsibilities. not only to protect yourself, but to protect others. these children will be going out and having and meeting their family over the holidays. are they going to make sure that the people they
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meet aren't going to be there a victim of, of lack of vaccination, and lack of protection. ah, double tragedies have mar christmas celebrations and it shows the largest catholic country, the philippines. the country was already facing economic and health was brought on by the crow nevada panoramic. and now the devastation brought on by typhoon ry has made things worse. at least 275 people have died and more than 680000 people rendered homeless in the strongest storm to hit the country. they see it's forced president rodrigo to tell to declare a state of calamity. so relief. what can be speeded up for those who need it the most? there is nothing left but a path of destruction. days after typhoon rise trucks, the philippines, residents are picking up the pieces. here in lubbock, conception to amanda, cannot hold back her tears. didn't get him in monday and i
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didn't, i can't express my feelings mom. i feel empty. it's painful. a mongrel, it's painful to see our house. what will happen to us now? we don't have a house any more housekeeping menu. i mean, i know hundreds have been left homeless. many communities are an urgent need of water and food just when they were expecting long christmas. holidays and corona restrictions were east islands popular with tourists, fear the economic impact. i think we expect electricity to come by maybe in half a year and we expect communication to come back maybe in 2 months. so definitely all establishments here will be closed. in the meantime, manny i'm waiting for support and allow repair. let me know by phone later,
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we will just have to repair our house when we receive a donation to fix it. a lie and if we receive a would and roofing and then we can repair it. oh, it's a fussy with the government has promised to 36000000 euros for the recovery of affected communities. money that people do now heavily depend on ad journeyman. now for more is john was jessica singer in manila. jesse is remiss, walk picking up based now that president therapy has declared a state of calamity it's, it's difficult to say be that she know the swath of destruction is very large. it covers practically 2 thirds of the country and half a 1000000 people are still an evacuation centers. another 123000 according to the government are displaced but not in evacuation center. so they could be living with
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their relatives or out in the streets. ah, aid has been slow going because for one thing, the philippines being an archipelago $7000.00 plus islands, it's difficult to move things around under regular circumstances. now, there is, there has been a buy food. our roads and ports and airports are not yet operating. you know to their best capacity. so logistics is a problem. the other thing is supply. there's just too many people who are needing help right now and who are desperate for food, water, shelter, clothes, or things for their personal hygiene before it used to be that if there is an area of the country that's badly hit, the neighboring province has come to the rescue with their stockpiles, but the case now is that the neighbors are in distress as well. the, yet the dad, the devastation is to so huge. so there's a lot of desperation on the ground. and then in areas where that by phone did not
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hit in where people are having this discussion, 1st frustration because you know, this is not the 1st time that this has happened. yes, of course, this is also, this is like the 2nd tragedy. if i can call over to hit the philippines in addition to the continuing corporate pandemic that has been affecting the country and you're in a country that basically celebrate christmas, for example, for about 4 months in comparison to other of the missions. it's one of the largest or catholic missions of the world. i mean, i wonder how does that affect the mood, or is it or is it is a dumping christmas celebrations in the country all this negativity, or there's negative news or on people i'm. it's kind of a mixed mood right now. yes. the typhoon has definitely dampened the festivities, especially in those areas that are badly hit here. in manila, we're not, we're, we're, we were rather spared our hearts go out to our country, many other parts of the country. but there is,
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there's high war festivity now than last years because our case load of grown a virus is rather low. and although we've reported at least 3 cases of the omicron berryanne, at least it seems as though that's a little bit far off in terms of whether case kid, the case load is going to search. so right now the government's messaging is go ahead with caution ad without putting, you know, keeping an eye on safety precautions. go, go and meet your family. celebrate christmas. but then of course, the fact that you know, many of our countrymen are languishing and evacuation centers and may be out in the streets. of course, that's also putting a damper on the festivities here, but brother jesse reliever, bear for the time being but a merry christmas to you and 2 other filipinos or from a deed of news. thanks so much for talking to us. thank you, merry christmas swell, bearish and that's it. so now keep watching a d. w over the next week for on news asia special editions where we're taking
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a look back at some of the biggest stories across the region this year. after we leave today, though, with the christmas lights in downtown shanghai 5 love to fight against the corolla virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing? what does the latest research say? information and context? the corona virus update because 19 special next on
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d w. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word. niko is in germany to learn german with why not learn with him. with the chef, it's simple online on your mo bile and free t w's e learning course. nico speak, german made easy. ah, ah. the coroner virus pandemic has also become an inequality panoramic. never before have we seen such a single tanius increase and the gulf between the haves and the have nots around the world. the virus has exposed fet off and increased existing inequalities of
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wealth, gender, and race. hundreds of millions of people are being forced into poverty. while the richest, both individuals and corporations are getting even richer thanks to soaring stock prices. the crisis has exposed the inability of our deeply unequal economy to work for all. at the same time, it's revealed the vital importance of government action to protect our health and livelihoods. this is your coven 19 update? i'm chelsea delaney, in berlin. no part and the world has been untouched by covert 19. but the effects had not been evenly shared. the world's poorest had been hit, especially hard by lockdown school closures and disruptions to health care. this next report takes us to the suburb of calcutta, india, where internet poverty has worse than throughout the pandemic. for 20 years to by his focus has been working with the 8 organization german doctors in the suburbs of
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calcutta. he saved countless lives during that time. but now covered 19 has made life here even tougher than it already was. masks and disinfectant, too costly for most and it's virtually impossible to stick to corona virus health regulations jamini and he lost it. he should get those in the inner city areas where we work at typical and the, and family of 710 square meters of living space, etc. and what that means, the already have to sleep on bunks and then shift the stars. if on top of that we say now, please keep your distance from each other, it would almost be cynical to demand something like that. phosphor sunni, so us is our to buy a spoke to knows how tough life can be for people here. in 2020 india's economic growth dropped by 23 percent. the corona virus lockdown had disastrous effects and overwhelming majority of the population a day laborers. according to
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a study by action, aid, 80 percent lost their employment as a result of the pandemic. here lockdown means starvation. the situation is not that different in many latin american and african countries. in early 2021, the international aid organization oxfam published a study called the in the quality virus. it showed that since march 2020, the number of people living in poverty has risen from 200000000 to 500000000. on top of this, 621-2000 people die each day from starvation. less english. this isn't feeling. and i'd say at the end of the day, how many governments in the global south had been forced to make some very difficult decisions. unlocked ons that because the knock on effects of locked downs are far more serious for people. there's more than we in the global north can
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really imagine in goodbye unorganized foster. additionally, any improvements made to providing access to education for children have been negated by efforts to curb the pandemic. according to unesco, more than 880000000 children worldwide have suffered educational disruptions as a result of partial or full school closures. built on the dance and education is the key factor when it comes to helping people escape poverty on view. and we now see that as a result of the pandemic, as many as 33000000 school age children are not returning to education. researches like debt left molar man from the university of bon have been collecting data on corona virus regulations in africa. fact is, africa is young. people over $65.00 who are the most at risk age group make up just 4 percent of the population there. that's in contrast to 20 to 25 percent in the
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global north. for dim hint i want to send a visit, raises the question as to whether the tough corona virus regulations may end up having far more serious consequences than the pandemic itself. as the pending museum during the pandemic, agriculture and trade have suffered prices for staple foods have more than tripled . farmers were not allowed to sell their goods at markets. rural medical staff were recalled to the cities. one new book last on us. i'm one of the of asian from a project i'm involved in in ethiopia. he says that the government's actions have resulted in a disruption of relationships on 2 levels and in length. first of all, between rural communities and neighboring small towns and large cities and the capital of this advise. and secondly, due to a certain extent, between the rural population and state institutions. on former german development minister, gout mila has said, quote, far more people will die from the consequences of the lock downs. then from the
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virus itself, we talked to murphy, a flat spot, former parliamentary state secretary to the federal minister of economic cooperation and development. we asked her, what long term damage could come about? from the pandemic restrictions, equality i suddenly found, in the worst consequence of the pandemic, has clearly been hunger asked as tailor those and i formal jobs don't mollify for government relief spending about, nor do they have health insurance hypotheses. yet the 2nd direct impact is not only the effects on health from the current of irish dissolved don't, but rather the interruption to wider vaccination distribution of all kind in 9th and yours. for example, vaccination programs against measles, yellow fever in whooping car, mazda get and get feedback. inquiry was on the african continent alone, experts are predicting an additional $400000.00 deaths due to malaria and h, i. v. along with another half
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a 1000000 deaths from tuberculosis. although these numbers are very high, few people were paying attention to the problem of tuberculosis. the same thing is happening in india, where all the focus is on covered 19 as the following year when i started 20 years ago, around 500000 people, a year died frontier berkey low to india. and that has been slightly improved. it's about 350000 or 400000 people die from annual yard in indiana to work with all these figures. they're on the rise again, and yet they are really reported on one side effect of the global fight against covered 19 has been that the overall global help situation is deteriorating. tourism has also largely collapsed world wide. 25 african countries are on the verge of national bankruptcy. germany's foreign development minister cold for
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50000000000 euro sterilization program made up of european loans and emergency aid aid organizations like oxford, i'm calling for an internationally financed global social security fund. time is of the essence, it also may i get it, we need more money, and the more people to commit to fighting both the immediate and long term consequences of the pandemic of ignorance. otherwise they will come back to haunt us. that is of once we did select, that's because the worst the situation gets, the more people will try to flee poverty and disease, leading to more migration without much needed aid. the global south may be sit back decades in its development. but right now, industrialized nations of busy with their own crises, that inequality virus will likely cause long term damage around the world. now it's time for you to ask us to answer shares of your question for our science
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correspondent derek williams. oh my, are vaccines still not universally available? many of the experts i've read tend to talk about 2 different aspects of this issue of the 1st is vaccine shortages, which are caused by factors rooted, mostly in logistics. for instance, i'm the fact that production of any medical product is going to be limited by bottlenecks in upstream feed stocks of the ingredients that go into it. it simply takes time to ramp up the entire production chain of these highly specialized vaccines to the kinds of scales that we need to fight a global pandemic on the challenges surrounding vaccine transport and distribution also contribute to shortages. but at least the vaccine shortage problem is
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theoretically solvable, right? i mean, we just have to get production up to speed and we're doing that. but the same can't be said for other factors that have gotten in the way of universal availability. they're what the experts mean when they talk about vaccine inequities, the program that was supposed to prevent them. the kovacs initiative has struggled from the beginning to meet distribution targets for poorer countries. not only because the logistics are hard, but because wealthier countries quickly snapped up nearly all of the available stocks for their own populations. according to the w h o. vaccine manufacturers are currently churning out around one and a half 1000000000 doses of vaccine every month. so the issue has now become
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a lot less about shortages and a lot more about ongoing lopsided allocation. and that's continuing, even though we know that the fastest way to end a pandemic is to make vaccines universally available. how scientists are still learning about the i'm a con variant of the corona virus, but already there is evidence that it may be evading as existing vaccines. also worrying, research indicating that important therapeutics called monoclonal antibodies might work poorly or not at all against the new variant. mono clonal anti bodies which are produced in bio react us mimic the naturally occurring antibodies made in the body. often infection with sas cove to if given to patients why they are still in the early days of the disease, they can help mitigate the cause of cov 19 and prevent it from progressing to
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a more severe stage. at least with early a variance they did. but the latest results conclude that in the case of omi crohn 2 of the 3 mono clonal antibody treatments regularly used in the u. s. those manufactured by pharma giant eli lilly biotech summary generally would not help prevent serious illness in leapt tests on cells. only the monoclonal antibody therapy made by black. so smith klein continue to have a significant impact on, on a crohn's replication. thanks for watching. ah, ah, with
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who the countries distances. ah, the views from the windows hinted them and went to the passengers expect when
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they disembark, riding the rails across mongolia. an extraordinary experience in 75 minutes on d. w. i the fight against the corona virus pandemic. ah, no. has the rate of infection been developing with what measures are being taken? what does the latest research say? information and context with the corona virus update and the coven machine, special monday to friday on d. w. in the landscape. a reflection of a turbulent history. the cities, the mosaic of different people and languages. iran's mountains reveal
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unparalleled beauty. that april yes, the scenery is magnificent, but people are warm in our position as optional. ah, a special look at a special country. iran from above. starts december 27th on d. w. well go to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and an after 911. he says, after $911.00, the clubs came off. where organized crime rules were conglomerates make their own laws? what's true, what's vague? it doesn't matter. the only criteria is what we'll hook people up. we shed light on
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the opaque world who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to us all opaque worlds starts january 5th on d, w. ah, ah, this is news life from brooklyn and germany reports its 1st army cron related debt . the country's top public health body says the person was one of $3000.00 confirmed cases of the new variance that is expected to become dominant by the new year. also.


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