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tv   Helden auf vier Pfoten  Deutsche Welle  December 24, 2021 1:00am-1:31am CET

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they invade our private lives through surveillance, hidden peak secretive work through it big. it doesn't matter. the only criteria is what we'll hook people. we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind her benefits. and why are they a threat to whistle? oh peak world starts january 5th on d w. ah, ah, this is d w news, and these are our top stories. a jury in the u. s. city of minneapolis has convicted a white, former police officer of manslaughter, and the death of a black motorist, kim potter said she mistook her hand gun for a taser when she shot 20 year old dante wright. the case has rekindled racial
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tensions in the same city where george floyd was killed by a police officer last year. germany has reported its 1st death related to the i'm a chron. corona virus variant. more than 3000, i'm across cases have been confirmed in the country with numbers surging by a quarter and single day. health minister carl lauterbach said he expects i'm a chron will become the dominant variant in the coming weeks. and i guess russian president vladimir putin has held his 17th annual press conference. he denied russia is acting aggressively toward its neighbors, but refuse to rule out an invasion of ukraine issue. it follows weeks of international concern over russia's military buildup at ukraine's border. think if you with this is dw news from berlin, you can find more on our website. that's d w dot com. ah
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ah rushes president vladimir, vladimir of each porton held his 17th annual press conference today. and he didn't bring presence unless what you crave really wanted for christmas was a 120000 russian troops and assorted heavy weaponry on its doorstep. tonight, we'll pick out a couple of topics from the for our marathon ukraine, of course. and what's going on between mister putin and someone else who's off jo biden's christmas last, china's president sheesh and pig. i'm fil gail in berlin. and this is the day ah, you know what you were not wanting to do? these is what we were told in the 1990s. we were brazenly,
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do you know that everyone is sick of proven to children, teens? a good guide? i'm grateful to him. it's not us who are threatening. we didn't come to the borders of the u. s. the u. k. you came to us good up with him for a long time now that he's just made enemies of all countries. also on the day, it's beginning to look a lot like another cove it christmas. germany has seen its 1st to only con, related fatality, and with strict rules just days away. a highly infectious corona virus at variance . it really is dampening holiday spirits good on the anger killers in vibrick, the children and grandchildren a far away. of course, it's a bit sad. that's why we came to the market to so cut the atmosphere. well enough, not say last, 2 of us at christmas before the emily is quite large but all far away. and so we make ourselves comfortable at home in the leash.
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russian president vladimir putin. hughes potter, his annual press conference to repeat his demand that the west rules out allowing ukraine to join its military alliance and undertakes not to deploy weapons. there is, of course, is against a backdrop of whigs of international concern over russia's true build upon its border with ukraine before our event addressed a broad range of issues. but on ukraine, mister putin accuses the west of duplicity and stoking tensions. yet no one knew him were not one inch to these. that is what we were told in the 1990s. and what happened? it would make, we were duped. mad, we were brazenly julia the mag ala monday. there were 5 waves of nato expansion or a shooting another. and now these missile systems are appearing in poland and romania. but we will later. that's what we're talking about. what the human reason
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you have to understand who is not us we're threat name, which deliberately today we didn't come to the borders of the u. s. or the u. k. lead the annual you came to us or to help us understand this or better that's bring in that cadre leak who's a senior policy fellow at the european council on foreign relations. welcome to the w. does president protein really believe the west is threatening russia? i think he understands that there are no evil intentions without me russia, but i think his fair ease, but thrushes hold away. your crane is a row with inc. and while ukraine might not become nato member, a western military help will actually still be available to ukraine. and that is, of course, something that defense planners in russia would pay attention, so hence the escalation and, and hence he has made but the nice to,
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and now when president biden has also put in to discuss 3 things, he has dramatically widened the agenda to include everything his bitter about including nathan lodgement and all the things he mentioned today. ok, so the, the troops on the board with ukraine are essentially a bargaining chip if he doesn't. so does that mean that you really don't expect him to invade ukraine? i do not. but many other experts do. so actually we are all guessing, and none of us knows what will happen military experts will tell you about, but build up the serious. it is much more profound than what we saw in. ready the spring get solar so done much more covered play by myself. i think it's politically with the mass. nice also in terms of domestic politics, but the trophies, but none of us really knows we own guessing. well, let's talk about domestic politics because it is ukraine apprised that russians
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would allow their sons and husbands to shed blood for no, i don't think so. it of over the, a crane would definitely not be a popular thing for the russian society. and i think the kremlin ought to know, but they are conducting their own opinion balls and they keep a keen eye on public opinion. and all that the a crane cannot are something made popular. i mean, crimea was popular, but that was a blog less quick. swift take away off a piece of land that has immense emotional value for many in russia, the rest of phil crane has none of these qualities. and that is one that one aspect that makes me think that attack is not so likely. ok, let's set to ukraine aside and look at some, some other subjects. but came up in this for hours. china, of course, was another topic that came up today. let's listen to part of what president putin said about relations with beijing. from us legion at national as president she and
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i have a very high level of mutual trust today which is contributed to the developments of practical relations between our 2 countries. in the economic field, asia is growing very rapidly to me, and china is the country with the most vigorous economic growth on them in asia. you pan the world? i just came from him a country league. would it be overstating things to describe russia and china as allies at the moment? it's not based slightly. yes. because they are on the same page on, on many issues. they understand each other quite well. but they don't want them to formalize relationships, and they don't want to any kind of alliance commitments. they can, they have an alliance in 19 fifties and, but did not, and very well,
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both sides ended options appointed and paid away for china turn west. so right now we're is understanding to have a flexible relationship. china is not obliged to support russia in russia's adventures in ukraine. and likewise rush, i probably would not like decide load, try not on the sea of time on, but i say it's on many other things, varies, varies understanding and quite likely also with personal relationship as we hurt. right. so we can see was what russia has to do to gain from the, the coming super power by, by chumming up with them. what does china again, from, from siding with russia? well, i think in its standoff where they and i did states a russia is convenient, their life for china. and that is actually something that one could see. but
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china became much more important. sorry, russia became much more important force china, when the stand off the united states started when donald trump made it clear of china is a big issue for him. then many more chinese officials started coming to russian conferences, et cetera. so the change was, was visible, the country they can use in our standoff. understood. so we've discussed 2 of the topics that came up to in today's, for our press conference. clearly covered a lot of ground deviates. however, shift the needle in either direction in terms of russia relationship with the west, or was today more about mister putin restating his position. well, today actually many many questions were about copied and economic issues, pensions, economic recovery, lation. so i think that also answers your question on about whether
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a war with the popular it's, it's not russian, people are worried about other things. and i think, you know, if we try to look at the de leaves, the president put then also said his hope pull up all the negotiations with united states. they are hoping to have a 1st round in january. so my $0.02 would be that will be no invasion of any kind. at least riskier. next year we will see we value your $0.02. thank you for sharing them with us. a country leak from the european council on foreign relations. ah, the u. s. micro chip maker in town has been caught up in a row with china. it's apologized to beijing after it called on suppliers to avoid goods and services from the jin chang region. and that angered the government in many countries, including the united states, accused china of
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a brutal crack down on the meat on the muslim we got minority we live in ginger in town now says that statement was made in order to comply with us sanctions against china. of the issue and was not a letter of intent or position. the chinese government has rebuked the manufacturer . woman, truly though you, when we want to make a statement, you are your once a year. we hope the relevant company can respect facts and tell right from wrong will murray, the we have repeatedly stressed that the so called forced labor and other allegations about shinji, an a complete lies concocted by anti china forces in the united states. to discredit china's image disrupt shinji, i'm book and contain chinese development. so don't go farther. well that's intel and you told i'm chelsea delaney from dw business can tell us more about what to go and welcome chelsea at what made intel issues such a grumbling apology. well,
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it is very strong language and i actually just read out part of those just to give you a sense of how strong this apology is. they say we express our sincere apologies for causing trouble to our esteemed chinese customers, partners and the general public. so they are really apologizing here, and i think that this comes down to money. this is a huge market for intolerant accounts for about 26 percent of their revenue. so those customers are crucial to intel. and we're seeing a huge backlash right now. it's not just on social, meet social media, one of china's biggest boy sanders kerry wang. so he's canceling his brand new master deal with intel now. so there's a lot of money on the line for them. ok, and so would it sounds like intel would rather turn a blind eye to accusations of, of genocide in gene jack for the sake of that this, this massive market. yeah, i think i think they don't really want to acknowledge that because there is so much
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at stake for them. and it's really not just intel, we're seeing a lot of western companies, really, any company that has a major stake and china face the same issues. we've seen this earlier this year with a de does with nike with h and m, where they've made comments about the potential for the labor engine jong and been absolutely blasted on social media. h an m last about 40 percent of their market share in china after that. so this is a really big stakes for these companies. and for a lot of them, they just aren't willing to, willing to take that risk. so they just don't want to talk about it because this is really their biggest and most important and potentially fastest growing market in the years i had so. so intel said it made its original statement because of us sanctions. so now that it's turned around and, and made nice, china, where does it stands in terms of the us government? well, i think reading between the lines here and tell us saying we're sorry, but we do have to follow this us law,
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which was signed today by joe biden. so they do have to remove potential force labor from their supply chains until it's already said that they've done that. they had an investigation into this and they said they don't have products from jazz that were made by force labor. but of course, there's a lot of questions over how accurate the supply chain investigations are. it's very difficult to trace these very complex, very winding supply chains. right? so that, that, that they've effectively agreed with, with both china and the united states. we've, we've done what the u. s. wanted, we've taken that john products out and we've apologize to you. so please everybody love me. right? i'm definitely trying to, to walk the middle road here and, and, and keep everybody happy. this points up to why the question that's going to affect us all now i gotcha. i phones i games console. as i laptops, laptops the on board computers are cause they all depends on china. they're either built in china or they depend on the rent that the china is, is a commanding the,
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the market. and so, so that leaves us all vulnerable. it does, and we've famous, especially throughout the pandemic where global supply chains have been really caught in the cross areas of lock downs of, of different and bottleneck issues. and we've seen just how interconnected these markets are. and we've also seen that through trade wars where suddenly you can get products from china, you can't get them from the us. so we definitely are really at the mercy of different economies. here i would say where metals are definitely a big concern because china does have be a vast majority of the market there. the u. s. has been trying to build up that market, but it's really difficult. it takes 2 decades really to do that. but it goes the other way as well. the other way for china, because we've seen this with intell, actually they say they to boycott and tell. but actually they don't have a lot of other options, especially because we're in the midst of a global semiconductor shortage. they really have no other place to go for those
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chips that they need to make their consumer electronics. so when we have all this talk about the coupling really that's, that's kind of like mutually assured destruction because we are still so reliant on each other. ok, thank you that chelsea chelsea delayed me from d. w. business india, where the coven 19 pandemic may be hiding. another silent pandemic suicide. recently released figures show a 10 percent increase in the number of people taking their own lives last year. experts believe the economy and personal stress brought on by the pandemic of affected all sections of society. debbie d. w met with some of those who are trying to help. 025 years ago. a gym, a little truck or founded a center for a problem rarely addressed in indian society. a crisis intervention center to make 3 operates a health line for the depressed and suicidal. over the years,
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the center has helped countless people by providing them emotional support. at a time when they felt we had no option left but to dig their lives to deep, my little tries taking calls in the center alone. do people talk to us and we listen to them in a non governmental meeting read order. i really agree or disagree, the we're going to end in life, re she of their feelings. we don't share the of situation, but we share their feelings. my notice, as the court 19 pandemic has had a huge impact on people's mental health. and that the number of distress cause they receive has almost doubled since the beginning of the crisis. in his experience, emotional and financial troubles are the 2 biggest reasons behind suicidal thoughts of the corners. according to the n, c i b, or the national crime records bureau data, there has been a sharp rise in the number of debts by suicide in the country in the year 2020. while daily wage laborers made of the largest share of the total number of suicide, they've been a significant jump in the debt by suicide among the business people as well. last
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year's love down to club the spread of forward lead to any konami and humanitarian prices. small business men and vendors had to shock shop, and many workers lost their employment. triggering a master saunders of migrant laborers back to their towns and villages. economists santos from hirata, says the suicide has increased mostly among those who are the poorest, who lost their jobs and savings during the pandemic. it is entirely due to economic distress, which has caused mental stress, family dentures. and my suspicion is that you are going to see a repeat of this data in in 2021. my daughter says unemployment has only increased, which will lead to a worsening of poverty. with no end to the pandemic in site, my daughter also believes that it will take time for the situation to improve. people have gone through a lot of things like that. loss of job loss. so for this and i don't believe cycle,
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they're gonna prove it is going to be impacted on the end of my info in a slightly longer day. because we're not coming and daily out of it. like no matter how emotionally drained the feel, my holds. i believes everybody deep down has the desire to live grandview. that's why they reach out to the crisis center. and he and his fellow warranty ers are here to help you want to take some time. i can hold on. if you feel like you're suffering from serious emotional strain or from suicidal thoughts, don't hesitate to seek professional help. no matter where you live, you can find information at befriend us world wide. at the web address, you see on your screen a germany has reported its 1st omicron related death. the new corona virus variance is spreading rapidly across the country and authority is expected to become the dominant strain in a few weeks, as millions of germans prepared to celebrate another cove at christmas that also
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facing strict rules on social gathering, which come into effect. i. d, w has been out assessing the mood of travelers and revelers of a famous crist christmas markets. the bags are packed there our presence to wrap and trains to catch at berlin's main station. the christmas get to we is on. and travelers are reckoning with looming restrictions and household headaches reformers cove. i'm looking forward to celebrating with the kids. one of our christmas tree base can only hold christmas trees up to 2 meters, but our christmas tree is 3 meters high. so now i have to figure that out, took mcgriff, it's not losing his class. i think you're alluding to whether the corona situation is a burn. and of course as, as a depressing situation. but there are plenty of other world events that don't make you feel happy. the ign hatnus furnished unless
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the highly contagious omicron variant has cast a shadow over this year's celebrations. and made the journey home on busy trains. fraught with risk at the lexia christmas market, nearby corona continues to loom large, but it appears to be no match for glue vine and festive spirit. and let people like it when i show this one real freedom like could emma, who had to contend with the threat of consolation as markets were shut down elsewhere in germany. that one is very popular. there's also another version of the one in this is in for that we are glad that we were allowed to be open, that we were allowed to sell. i can't complain. everything is great spot for this gen mika. the market caps off a rocky year. problems and global supply chains forced him to rethink his business
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. oh yeah, we had to change a lot. were we now we manufacture in germany completely. um and we do some, a craft men's work on our own. so we, we manufacture goods on our own completely now to make sure that we can deliver our goods all over the market. stories of people making the best of the situation because on the anger can laws in vibrick, the children and grandchildren are far away. of course it's a bit sad. that's why we came to the market to so cut the atmosphere. enough not as 2 of us at christmas before. the family is quite large, but all far away. and so we make ourselves comfortable at home in the leash. as germany and the world hedge into another year of uncertainty. one thing seems: indisputable. no one knows when the coven 19 journey will end. escape
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warranty doubly political correspondence, simon. a young welcome, simon. and 1st of all, what, what more can he tell us about germany's 1st on the chrome fatality? well, we don't know whether it was a male or female patient, but we do know the age between 60 and 79 years of age. so that puts them squarely in the, at risk group based on, based on being a bit older. and folks were saying, we don't know for sure that they died from covey 19. but what we can say is that doctors believe they strongly suspect the patient had the micron barrier when they died. and you know, this is, this is worrying trend it's, we're saying that not every test that's done in germany at the moment is a sequence. so we don't necessarily know which variant is involved, but it's, there's a clear trend of rising wave of
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a micron cases. that's what the authorities have been saying that they're worried about, that in spite of the fact that we're also hearing positive news about a micron, possibly not being as dangerous as the delta variant before it is of course highly infectious. and a big problem for that reason alone. right now, job is looking at more restrictive measures from the 28th. is a lockdown likely? well, the measures that have been agreed by the central government and the state governments don't exactly amount to a lockdown. i mean businesses and the restaurants will be able to continue, at least that's the plan. but a lot of private gatherings will be much reduced. no more than 10 people in most private gatherings and even tied to restrictions for the vaccinated. what was also
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agreed was that to big outdoor events would have to go ahead if at all with no spectators. but interestingly, today, berlin has said, well, it's got a slightly different plan there. it thinks that to outdoor big events like sports events over the holidays could have up to $3000.00 spectators. and they say they weighed up those, you know, the health race to the one end. but the, the business culture sport cost. the downside on the other side as well, and they say that, you know, it's better to have a few people there than that. then in that effect completely cancel these big, important events. so you can see already, some of the, some of the german states going slightly different way. we've seen that before in this pandemic. right. and how close is germany to mandatory cove? it vaccinations? well, that's a discussion that's going to continue and certainly
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a lot of senior politicians have said they are in favor of that idea. they think in the end that's the only way to stop it. but there are significant opposition, as well as going to be a vote in the, in the buddhist talk next year on this. i'm pretty sure some politicians saying, you know, you can't force people to take vaccines into their body. but on the other side, people say, well, actually, when there's a pandemic and there's a huge threat to the health care system and massive disruption potentially, to national life as a whole, while then possibly you can impose that. and the legal people seem to say, would be in line with the constitution. so we'll have to wait and see how that discussion plays out. i simon w. political correspondent, simon young. and i said for another day and another yes, the day will back in 2022 with a conversation you can always continue on live. you'll find us on twitter. i've
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asked d w. news. you can follow me up. phil guy, i was with all use a very merry christmas with farming and kenny without harmful chemical pesticides, not feasible new, you can produce enough of it to be able to put on the acidic forming end up raising . because really, while the politicians are still debating,
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the 1st farmers are very successful with degree. we cannot understand that you all were doing that these no down to our cost or mike pico africa next on the w. a jolly old man from the far noise on christmas eve. he brings presence to children, all in the world. really a closer look at his life. tell us a different story. this is the true story. a in 45 minutes on d w. ah, ah.
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