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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  December 24, 2021 2:00am-2:31am CET

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the w business. beyond the closer look at the project, our mission. to analyze the fight for market dominance. this is wes, get a step ahead with the w business beyond on you to a ah, ah, this is dw news live from berlin, a white ex cob guilty, and a black man's killing. kim potter says she meant to use her taser and not her gun when she shot and killed 2000 year old dante wright. the case has re ignited racial
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tensions in the u. s. also coming up. germany reports. it's 1st i'm a cron related debt. one of 3000 confirmed cases of the new variant in this country announcement comes as britain post another record number of daily corona virus cases. and russian president vladimir putin uses his 17th annual national press conference to point the blame back at nato for escalating pensions over ukraine. you want to promise that you praying won't join the western military alliance. ah, i'm ami and isa welcome to the show. a white former police officer has been found guilty in the shooting death of a black motorist in the u. s. city of minneapolis. kim potter claim she missed took her gun for her taser when she shot dante wright, the case has reopened racial divisions in the city where george floyd was killed.
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we say cheery on the charge of manslaughter in the 1st degree while committing a misdemeanor on our out of april 11 2021 in handling county state of minnesota. find the defendant guilty. the jury reached its decision . after more than 3 days of deliberating, potter was convicted of 1st and 2nd degree manslaughter. were now joined by dw corresponded oliver salad, washington, d. c. oliver thinks being with us. so why was this such a closely watch case in the u. s. a because of different armina and for years and if not decade, so there were no charges made against white police officer killing black people in duty. and those times might change might be changing right now, especially after the killing of george floyd in 2020 and those like lives matter of protests that sparked it across the united states and all around the world. every
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other case that is happening, that is similar in comparison comparable, is drawing special attention and that was the case with don to right as well as now kimberly porter, the former police officer, as you mentioned, has been found guilty in 2 charges twice. a homicide charge other fence argued that potter mistakenly reach for a gun while she wanted to grab her taser. the jury did not buy into that. kimberly powder showed some remorse, that is rare. and then the jury did not find her guilty for a murder. but for manslaughter instead, so the maximum sentence she could be facing would be 10 and 15 years. and that certainly bring some closure for the family and has also celebrated why the bill and movement. yeah, i wanted to talk about the closure that it's brought for a lot of people who are watching it, but especially for the family. how has dante wright's family reacted? and we saw the mother by the way, a white woman, a live interview,
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right out of the room, was bred. and she said that the verdict is the result of a long fight for accountability. and that is essentially what this verdict comes down to. and there was also video circulated on social media showing the family members waiting outside the courtroom as the verdict was read. really, you saw the relief among the family members they were celebrating, and the family attorneys issued a statement saying that, quoting the family is saying that this killing is just another example why american needs to change in police training and protocol. and so perhaps this is another step here, this verdict in a shift of the u. s. justice system. is there a sense in the us right now that things are changing in terms of police shootings? well, it's a slow process army and perhaps not because of this verdict alone, but we have to look at the bigger picture. and there has been police reform
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happening on the local level also on the state level. but it's a slow process and verdict like this. of course, the more verdict like this come, the more difficult it gets, of course, for similar killings to be repeated in the future. that was impossible, essentially before george floyd or just a few years ago. so again, it's a slow process, but it's raising the question, is this the, the beginning of the new trends that we're seeing here? and it really raises hopes among many supporters of the black lives matter movement across united states that we're seeing change to just a system. and it's also for sure a signal to the police that their officers will be held accountable. or i d, w, correspond oliver salad. washington, thanks for being with us. germany has reported its 1st death related to the alma kron variant of the corona virus. that's as an as infectious with the, sorry, that's as infections with the highly contagious variant are increasing at an
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alarming rate. so far, germany has confirmed more than 3000. i'm a crohn cases up 25 percent in a single day. meanwhile, the united kingdom has reported a record $120000.00 and front of virus cases in the last 24 hours. but a study shows that the new variance may result in 50 to 70 percent fewer hospitalizations than delta. earlier on we talked to viral just mohammed money or from the university of lancaster in the u. k. he gave us this take on a study before we all have a modeling data. and these are one of the few studies that we have information from real life, which mean the people who have been infected with me, crohn they've been compared with what has been the situation with the delta variance. and based on that, it was concluded that the solidity of the disease is very low, and particularly for the hospitalized ation and for the emergency. but there are certainly copy it in this data collection, is that most of the data being collected from people who are very young,
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40 years old, because that is where the crowd has been pretty prevalent. and also, there is no cohort under vaccinated people because most of the time the micron has been vaccinated previously exposed people. but all in all, the overall trend is that it is miter compared to the del cover. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. hundreds of women have protested in sudan over a legit recent sexual attacks by security forces on at least a dozen women and girls. several western countries have condemned the troops of sexual violence as a weapon and demanded an independent investigation. german foreign minister, another bareback has pledged to do more to resettle thousands of local staff left behind in afghanistan after the country fell to the taliban. she says she wants to reduce red tape and open up evacuation roots via afghanistan's neighbors have to help some 15000 people leave the country. one belgium has agreed to shut
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down its nuclear power plants. i 2025. as long as certain conditions are met. rolling coalition reached a compromise deal after long negotiations, but the prime minister cautioned that he might still decide to keep some reactors open as if the country's energy security can not be guaranteed. the american author joan ditty and has died at the age of 87 from complications from parkinson's disease. the novelist played right and s e s. was best known for her descriptions of american culture during the ta mulch with 1960 s. she was one of the pioneers of the new journalism movement, which combined reporting with a literary voice. while vladimir putin has a welcome dialogue with the u. s. as fears mount in the west, over russia's military build up near ukraine. but he says, meetings alone won't be enough to cool things down. the russian president used his
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annual press conference to repeat his claim that its nato, the raising tensions by encroaching on russia's borders. tensions between the kremlin and the west are stretched almost to breaking points. but there was little sign of strain on russian president vladimir putin, his face, elegant as he opened his annual press conference earlier, if you will. but with russian troops still massing on ukraine's border. he blamed the situation on what he sees as ukrainian hostilities and reiterated his support for pro russian separatists is good at right now are told war, the ukrainian government is preparing another military operation against a separate us and warning us beforehand is the do not get involved do not defend those people who are you. he also blasted nato. did you say in the military alliance was forcing his hand by encroaching on russia's borders, which, which looked fillum my reading book, yet no, we're doing. we're not one inch to the east is what we were told in the 19 ninety's
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. and what happened? we were duped. we were brazenly duly brought the mag law one. there were 5 waves of nato expansion or should in another. we have to understand. it's not us who are threatening them, who garage, i am wish to live briefly to the we didn't come to the borders of the u. s. o d u. case if you came to us canal previously met with talks as when russia and the us plan for early next year. you russia said the ball is now in washington's court, taking it earlier. we spoke to cod re league. she's a senior policy fellow at the european council on foreign relations. we asked her whether putin really believes the west is willing to go so far as open conflict with russia. i think he understands that there are no evil intentions without me russia, but i think his theories, but russia is who will the way ukraine is a robot thing. and while ukraine might not become nato member,
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western military health will actually still be available to a crane. and that is, of course, something that defense planners in russia would pay attention. so hence the escalation and, and hence he has made about the nice to and now when president, by them has also put in to discuss re things. he has dramatically widened the agenda to include everything. his bitter about including nathan enlargement and all the things he mentioned today that was caused relief of the european council on foreign relations. in football news, the english premier league has postpone 2 more matches due to outbreaks of covered 19 cos between liverpool and leads. as well as the one between wolverhampton, watford will not take place on boxing day as scheduled. the premier league has now postponed 12 games due to covered the last 2 weeks, but has rejected breaking off the season over the holiday. organizers of the
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winter olympics and beijing said they're prepared for a quote, small scale of coven, 1900 cases at the upcoming games in china. they acknowledged that the probability of transmission is high with the influx of foreigners, but don't expect it to affect the schedule unless there is a large outbreak. winter games will take place in february. no overseas fans will be allowed and athletes will live in a closed bubble that contains spread of the cronum barrels. the final days before the christmas holidays are a busy time for many not least for delivery. people rushing christmas presents purchased online to inpatient customers before the big deadline, but there still some places on earth that move at a slower pace like this remote canyon in the north west of the us. take a look. this isn't a sightseeing tour. it's the weekly postal run through hells canyon gym and jill
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coke to leave a letter in packages to some of the most remote homes in the us. the postal service on this river has been around for over a century. they're excited to see us as anyone would be in the middle of nowhere when they know something's coming in the mail, they're waiting for air or veterinary supplies or groceries. if we have medications, we're delivering these time christmas presents. there are 52 houses in the canyon waged between oregon, idaho, and washington, and hardly any roads. much of the wilderness is only accessible by whole spackle boat. so it's up to jill to spread the festive chia. and then this came up from michael. all right. today is very special because it is the, the last mail boat delivery before the holidays. and you can see i have a gold mine here. i struck it rich. a good chance for a chance up just as important as the delivery for many. oh, nice. yeah. well,
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that's good if you were 28 years of servicing the root julian, jim know every one here and after a 6 hour shift, the years last postal run is done time for the pair to take the scenic route home to celebrate christmas. and speaking of christmas, santa claus has visited rio's villa cra, 0 fellow to greet children and distribute fruit. santa arrived by helicopter, for the event hosted by an india called cooper gras words a grassroots organization created by young for valid dwellers to promote development. cooper has been working in brazil's village for over 20 years and wanted to present a more socially representative santa who this year is played by a black man. food distribution drive takes place throughout brazil in the final days before christmas. nearly 400000 food aid packages being handed out to families in need. 2
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ah, you're watching the w news. we'll have more news at the top, the our stay tuned for our doc film on the true story of santa claus. don't forget you get more news and analysis on our website. that's d w dot com. you can also follow us on twitter and instagram at the w news. i'm ami and is it for me and the team here. thanks for watching and stay to, ah, the landscape. a reflection of a turbulent history. the cities, a mosaic of different people and languages. e ron's mountains reveal unparalleled
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beauty. a special look at a special country. he ran from above. starts december 27th on d w. ah. blue. i think i could tell nana o'connor canadian o t ah with bonnie it's the day before christmas. a festive day. the day santa claus fetches his reindeer.
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this is comet, his old companion to day santa will load toys by the thousands on to his sleigh. the words of the children's letters from around the world resonate in his ears as his sleigh takes off through the night sky, towards the many children excitedly awaiting him. santa is used to traveling the world, visiting many countries where he is usually well received. but one night in december 1951 in the french city of dijon in front of south bend in cathedral and effigy, was burning of a mannequin representing him they were burning santa. but why? soon a photo of the scene appeared in french newspapers with the following explanation.
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it wasn't an attraction, but a symbolic gesture for us christians christmas must remain the anniversary of the birth of our savior. jesus christ santo was being associated with ally and portrayed as a figure in opposition to jesus christ and christianity. this is the story of a conflict that goes back millennia. otherwise the santa claus is famous all over the world of all the basically he's conquered the entire planet. we're here for example, we have a brazilian santa from 19 o 7, a classic, but he's got the hood in front. i don't know why. here's a canadian santa, he's classic tube cookies and red. of course i'd audrey as for the african santa,
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i think he's great. he's made with glad talks packaging made to kill flies. this one is perfect though, cuz i don't have the japanese one here. but the whole world worships santa claus. otherwise ah, among the thousands of representations of santa claus, one stands out. the one of an early ancestor replugged ill settle you build the 1st ancestor of santa claus is found in mythology a 1000 years before christ guilty. there was a god in the scandinavian countries in the nordic countries suit who was called bowden hill. and this god, oh dear, there was very peculiar good out because gods are usually worship to play it. we
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give money to people who take care of the gods and to the priests for protection, yet we give material things to get immaterial. things sits in and this god, the 1st of his kind did the opposite shed. he was the one who gave he levied. so he had a thrown in heaven with 2 wolves of what is that he had to ravens are which he sent down to earth to find out whether the children were good or not. and he would reward them at the time of the winter solstice between december 17th to december, 25th, and we'll set gabe sick. and then in rome, it started in the 5th century b. c. until the 4th century. a deal there was a goddess called strain ya, a very important goddess, whose name in french means gift. and at the time of the winter solstice, vale, she wouldn't bring gifts at the thought. it was in her name that the roman patricians said jani. the people of the roman high society or offered gifts to each other, a toilet such as sweets or gold objects that he pulled it ah,
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among all of santa's ancestors, there's also a particular roman god who is worshipped at the end of the year. when the sun goes down on the horizon and seems to disappear forever, i didn't d e niecy. during the month of december, there were very important celebrations in rome. saturnalia festivities. people gave feasts and parties in honor of the gods, saturn, the god of agriculture, because he does have you, lima employee. he came to felicia during this period of transition, people would celebrate chaos. they would challenge the natural order of things, a waste of in this particular mood. a king was elected the key of saturnalia.
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yet he litany the fact of hulu, the king of saturnalia, is doomed to disappear yet to be reborn the next year. but in time such pagan writes would fade away as a new god rises. the god of the christians ah, 2000 years ago in palestine, a little baby was born, whom some followers came to regard as god. and over a period of time, they agreed that it would be a good idea to celebrate his birthday. in 354, a de the roman catholic church decided to place jesus christ's birthday on december 25th. during the pagan celebration of the winter solstice, the rebirth of the undefeated son. this was a very smart move by the christians, leading more pagan believers into their new faith. the child in an
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animal stalled attended by shepherds with angels in the background and mysterious visitors from the east bringing gifts. and these 3 astonishing gifts goal, frankincense and murder are the basis of giving at christmas. ah, the secret. among the many generous figures associated with santa history, one is especially central the one of saint nicholas. ah,
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here we are in turkey and his home town, myra, now called demarie. as you can see in the big square, a statue of santo was erected in his native land. this statue connect santa claus to saint nicholas. and in this church, a fresco recount the moments when nicholas his life turned in to legend. since then, bishop nicholas has become the patron saint of a great many cities. when he died, all kinds of wonderful mythology sprang up around him so that he became in time the most important saint in heaven. next to the virgin mary's, he had the power of flight. he could magically fly. he also had the power to be in several different places. at the same time, he's the patron saint of prisoners, sailors, butcher's, children,
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and of the french province of lane. this is bob lindsey oh, oh, fossil in france, everyone knows the legend of the 3 little children that a we could put your own. we could and keep it depending on the vision. wanted to cut into pieces and put in the soap barrel like pigs. and after 7 years, saint nicholas came into the in all to butcher shop and resurrected the 3 children . oh. in 108780. faced with the invasion of turkey by the saracens, italian sailors took saint nicholas his coffin to the city, bari enshrining his remains in the main church. then a french crusader brought his relics to a small town in la haine, named san nicolai depot. here every year on december 6th, his followers gather and sing to commemorate his birth.
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ah in addition to resurrecting the 3 boys saint nicholas his life was marked by numerous acts of generosity. he became the patron of children and a bearer of gifts. but be warned. although saint nicholas brings gifts, he's also the one who punishes michigan the those are for black, grew up in
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a suburb of luxembourg city, who are nope on that night as well. each little slip is in front of our bedroom door. read about dow in the morning. we look and sometimes we'd find a little stick, which meant deserved a spanking and no present day in fe. see because her father had a large, a sticky. spank as if need be, who, hey, give you have a man. we usually received a little, most of ham cake or something like that. all the must. but the gift was small. them some a pretty ah labor clash, a good question. thing on sa, her allah hum. gets a cook offensive matter of some shane and him and slammed by the dia, rusty nights. tell of him he's as yet, or by the name i think a hi. lay the head though. fear then yes or no feeling of spirit. good sigh. ah jemma beg cause you did my mom to pity?
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i remember when i was really little, i got a caught my dad in the carriage or the neighbor changing clothes a shot and i thought left to him is that all about? yeah, i didn't understand 6 of these 2 are because the big metaphysical problem for children to admit that he who is and nicholas fit, kiffany goler, ah, we can think of saint nicholas as a kindly man bringing goodies, but he was also very stern. and in this, he was also useful to the parents of europe because he could carry a switch ah, with which to beat children are who did not know their catechism that were disobedient. and sometimes in this mission, he accompanied by a rather terrifying figure, was always black. with him to look on someone who was dressed in black,
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it was 32 tall while he was a lumberjack. the man takes with him, graham, don't whip daily, gotten them off. don't don't leave her a long time. a things well separated. your field of religion was the one of baby jesus on the eve, december. the 24th the field of saint nicholas, who later became santa claus was on another date. may miss things got complicated, he ah, ah, what we have in the 1500s is an astonishing religious revolution that we call the protestant reformation. ah, europeans were very much against christmas and the post and his i'm in general
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because a central to the idea of post into them is to strip away all of the accretion. which if christianity got over one half 1000 years, him to go back to the christianity as it was in the bible. and one of the things they agree on is that the cult of saints has become dangerous. that the saints are in, in peril of replacing god as the object of one's prayers. so they abolish the cult of saints and wisdom go. saint nicholas. saint nicholas disappears as a christmas gift bringer in many parts of europe. bye bye. thank nicholas. at least they didn't burn you, but you will be back because as the elf se hiding a st doesn't make him disappear. so at that point, traditions that were taking place on december the 6th with pushback that will push
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back to christmas to the date one baby jesus was.


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