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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  December 24, 2021 6:45am-7:00am CET

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benefit at more than $65000000000.00 per year, primarily as coastal protection against erosion and as a nursery for fish they have a very high carbon density. so a lot of carbon per square meter of mangrove forest. a lot of that is in the said immense, not just in the bio mass which makes sense looking at the mangrove forest. it's not, i'm all that big compared to a tropical rainforest example, but in the sediments in the soil that they keep their, with their roots, that can be a lot of carbon stored. there is no one natural carbon st, extracting carbon dioxide, out of the atmosphere. but nature provides us with a number of options. and 1st and foremost, we need to reduce our c o. 2 emissions. well for us are important cobblins seats up to 40 percent of the odd salons is covered with grass land. these under appreciated biome is an important source of protein and stores
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come on as well. unfortunately, some of the expansive grasslands in south africa's eastern cape are threatened by mining erosion and oval gracie. i have a pool as a needy lakehoma. dabilla is happy. she just sold 3 of her cows, will be equivalent of over $1000.00 euros. she's a single mother and the mobile cattle options organized by environmental and rural solutions are a godsend. this options are very good for us and very right and for us because we don't have transport to take our doctor the slight fulfilling they come to us. and some, sometimes we do negotiate the price if we're not satisfied in the past. small how lives in south africa, grasslands could only buy from and sell to their neighbors. the big cattle auctions were held much too far away. the environmental and rural solutions. ers
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organization launched the auctions in 2014. since then, $3800.00 cattle have gone under the hammer for a total of $1700000.00 euros. that benefited more than $500.00 families. the cattle bred here on the grass lands are renowned for their excellent quality in environmental scientist, nicky mccloud and soil scientist lip. alyssa cc montela founded ers 20 years ago. oh, and how often do you think the cattle auctions are just one part of a wider scheme to promote sustainable practices in rural areas? where much of the grasslands has been badly degraded? the fragile ecosystem has been jeopardized by over grazing and mismanagement. the grasslands cover at 10 percent of south africa, but supplied 60 percent of the drought stricken countries. water needs
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against a backdrop of global warming and climate change. problems such as over grazing, soil, erosion and water security have become more urgent than ever keeping this beautiful grassland intact as a water absorb. that's basically the skin on the ground. the skim on the earth, giving us gross any tech to so important for replenishing on water, so sorry. but tackling the issue of over grazing in a region that depends on livestock farming is a challenge. all okay. one solution involves reviving an age old hurting tradition . my boy ella, in dog or we're donna folks. we saw the whole after i started a long time ago with our forefathers got him. him follow up my fellow. the way they used to do it was to pile up some stones and paint them. i'm a dell also that quote number. we had another guy that way the community knew which side was follow on which side was for grazing god. there were to be re record all
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draw now market. this traditional system of land rotation had been used for a very long time. but as more and more people left the area to find work in the cities, the practice died out. a lot of fact the young people didn't understand it. bad. if they talked to, they add as of the community, then it was easier to have this system more accepted rather challenged that we have that is major counties and livestock theft here and the grasslands. 47 percent of young people are unemployed and crime rates are soaring. but ers has found a solution to that problem as well in the village of a parent of sheep, a b into tud. so it's clear who they belong to. good, that makes stealing them pointless. the branding is done by eco champs young
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people trained by the ers team as a veteran, re paramedics what by themselves, distributing medicine and vaccinating livestock on remote farms? i don't really when i mean it's a very successful project. you know, i used to have a 12 kettle 5 sheep, but now drew to this are so c, h in helping us with the day vaccination and other made is, is i'm heaven now they a d n a la la la sheep. i am having grande general due to this leap, acela's, cc montela, and nicky mccloud have convinced many people here in eastern cape province, but living in harmony with nature, benefits them to help secure their livelihoods. now that's how it is done. an initiative is successful when nature can be protected and
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people can still make ends meet the creators of the project in the next report. also embraced that concept. thus right, sound run. next we go to to nisha with fishes ah, in proper waters, according to on e, you study, demeter in is c as been fish stokes dropped by. ah thought over the last 50 years. the vast majority of native species and are threatened by over fission. visitors entering the town of ozzy's will notice a work of art that looks more like wishful thinking than the reality on the ground . precious few fishers in tunisia bring in a decent catch these days. many simply abandoned their boats. and young people are leaving. when this villain was looking at the current situation and i have to say that there was no future in fishing, i can only tell young people to consider
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a different line of work. biologists from the national institute of marine sciences and technology and fox are looking for reasons behind the dwindling fish docs. the prime suspect toxic algae which repeatedly turn the see water read. climate change high water temperatures and rising phosphorus and nitrogen levels provide a perfect environment for the algae to flourish. nader species such as c, brain suffocate, and are dying off in huge numbers. on her i will not take her says if we discovered that a toxic species of algae is responsible for this phenomenon, all dominion is enough. in 2019, there was a very high concentration of the algae species called korea brevity level on the need of all astir sit, cancelling potassium in 2020 it stocks this like he loa good idea here. i need to be blood enough, if or so, but this yet, that increased again in eva, eva if once in a vast ya, the local,
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especially in the area around the port of galvez when you rule and you fall into this to make ends meet with fishers frequently resort to illegal methods, such as catching fish that are actually too young and small to sell, like this swordfish. at the fish market in fox, you also find cartilage in his fish like raise and sharks, which are in fact endangered and protected species. best years i edi a needle rebels, the are trying to reverse the trend, they want fishers to stop catching sharks and other endangered species. they're part of the project med bycatch, which was launched 2 years ago and began with extensive data collection. oh, nice though good. we've collected a lot of data up key which will used to make proposals on how to reduce unwanted by
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catch of endangered species. and we'll lock up for all of janisa minneapolis law. all due to the law. thin, easy leader for belle see has developed a good relationship with the fishing community in the port as are these. he tells them about the research results and provides insights into the concept of close season. this is when the different species lay their eggs and can't be fished. the evaluation of the samples makes it clear that fishing in the mediterranean must become more sustainable. one solution would be using different fishing methods. trawling can be replaced by long lining, which involves long plastic lines with sardine bated hooks attached at around 6 meter intervals. met by catch plans to recommend this type of fishing. lynn filled up with the long line and hook line fishing canada. the fish have the choice. if
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hillary barella and the fish that go for the bait wouldn't get caught, they began in the others don't. it's completely different to trawling can em, which basically catches everything in the scene. that was a hopper said deborah mcgrew, last been shoemaker is an advocate of the long line method. but today he can't go fishing. the wind is too strong and the waves too big conditions are simply too dangerous. so he heads back to the harbor, preserving the ecosystem in the mediterranean will also require more fishermen like las had been shewmaker to switch to alternative methods and not only ins are these . but across tunisia and along the coasts of other countries bordering the mediterranean sea. we've got to interact with our planet in a more sustainable way. nature has an incredible ability to regenerate, but we can't leave it up to nature alone. that's all from echo africa today. i am
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chris a lamps signing of from lagos. think it grief. i will say good bye to buck i hope of yours. do stay in touch vistas on all social media platforms all the best until next week. and deuced it says, i am thunder tween audio. good bye from compiler. here in uganda. ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, ah, with
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ah, with the plight of the refugees and kelly. despite the freezing cold, thousands of migrants are waiting hear their destination breaking.
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many pay for the journey across the english channel with their lives. finally, france and england want to focus on europe in 30 minutes on d. w. sometimes a seed is all you need to allow the big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning pass like global ideas. we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge gross through sharing, download it now for free week closely. listen carefully. don't know how those things you need to do, go ah,
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feel the magic discover the world around you try to d w documentary on youtube. ah, i'm skin that i want. that's hard and in the end is a me, you are not a lot us to you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this reliance of the what's your story. ready he wasn't on women, especially victims of violence in labs and take part and send us your story. we are trying always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor,
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not the guests. you want to become a citizen. in so migrants your platform for reliable information ah, ah ah, this is deputy news lived from berlin. the pandemic overshadows and melba holiday season. as christmas begins for many people are faced with a tough choice of taking the risk of saying that.


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