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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  December 24, 2021 7:30am-8:01am CET

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ah, an eternity time it can be measured precisely. and yet every one experiences it differently as if there are different forms of time. time. ah, the phenomenon a dimension, if we know we won't live forever. an illusion. about time presenting future's past starts december 31st on d w. mm hm. ah, hello and welcome to focus on europe and most people here in europe share just one which during what is normally the festive season,
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that somehow the covey pandemic can be overcome. instead, what we're witnessing is the worrying spread of the aggressive ami kron variant. meanwhile, in southern europe, countries like portugal and spain have come up with large scale campaigns, starting in the summer vacations to combat the spread of the virus. early on children have been included. and it made a real difference. well, vaccination rates in italy are also significantly higher than for instance in many countries in central and eastern europe. and one place doing particularly well is paulette. so adriano in sicily with the horrors of the 1st wave of coverage still fresh in their minds, the entire adult population of the small town has signed up for a vaccination program that's been taking place in a very special location. a small miracle has once again been achieved
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by the sicilian village of palazzo adriano. 30 years ago, the town square was made world famous by the movie cheenam are part of the so and now the township at the foot of their monte dela rosa has again managed the extraordinary in their fight against the corona virus. they still remember the fear they felt during the 1st wave. senora mima recalls watching footage of military trucks transporting, piled up coffins out of bare guerrmo in northern italy. people here wanted to prevent something like that happening in their own town at all costs. deborah would abode delgado sybert k w that he died normally when we know that we were scared of the virus. we're now in brain cell multiple manenda. in the beginning. we thought it was a type of this. if he, if lib liberal law the summer will look like it will, she will then she doesn't. what we saw on television lighthouse tag told us that it was something that we will, it altogether different. but we abdomen the cell and the entire village had the
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same thought, and theory that vaccinate toilet. that's enough. so yeah, in this hardware store, everyone has to wear a mask. mima wants to do all she can to protect against the new ami kron variant. know c a just so go see a bit k. yes. and it's the right thing to do or you have to protect yourself just like you have to protect others. certain i say we are vaccinated it still. you have to be careful that tonight the, the, we're must say a thing that in fact palazzo, adriano has a vaccination rate, other european cities can only dream of going by official statistics. a 104 percent of the population are vaccinated. mm. that statistical quirk isn't a cinematic fantasy. but due to the fact that the figure includes visitors who were vaccinated right here in the chin him up at a d. so museum, which just happens to be housed in the town halls. largest room equates the animal
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so that she them up early. so this is the chima paddy. so museum. yeah. the film is still importantly, was the last a win win. so locating our vaccination center here was common sense about also about a sense of community that's the only and since all the buttons and so against a backdrop of movie posters. 3 major vaccination campaigns were held here for the met a well functioning vaccination campaign is about more than numbers. oh gee ill, but sheila, elizabeth and these times vaccination means freedom. you're provided to us by the government. he let you know, but it's about freedom for every way media, and i'm sorry that vaccination opponents don't understand that there is also a lot of democracy and the lack seems, kiddo each latino shale of them will. garcia. ha, and there's a lot of hope to the infection right here has being close to 0 thanks to the measures taken, which is important also, because as in much of rule, cecily,
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and above average number of elderly people live in palazzo adriano, such as senora me mas 88 year old father here, doctor for county is vaccinating him against influenza. his 3rd covered shot will follow as soon as the vaccine is available. again. it's not what he may see a no, no, no, no, no. we haven't had a pleasant case here in town to several months. say we need no, not yet. oh, bought it. bought gave a whole. and if anyone got infected somewhere, i stuck it on, isaac, off, they at least didn't require. intensive therapy was special medication and they had a bit of a sore throat of fever and a speedy recovery. and that suddenly down to the success of explanation, just for going back to, you know, just how long did that evening mima and her husband invite friends to the house for dinner. they plan to once again, watch their own local cold film chima parity. so back in the day me,
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my husband helped build the set on the piazza. they all know the dialogue by heart little means everything to most volvo. it's the hope that our town has a good future of it. so he lou, they're proud of their town and of their corona virus response here in pallet. so adriano people stand together so that the virus doesn't stand a chance. ah, now the body of water that divides england and france is known by the french as la mosh wild people in the u. k. call it the english channel, and many migrants come to what is the narrowest part of the channel, where the hope to cross over to british shaws and start new lives. but those crossings are often deadly. which is why photographer and activist abdougla boy does all he can to persuade these desperate men women and children not to take the
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risk rain or shine. abdul comes to cali's beach and scans the horizon for small boats containing refugees. they speak to people who were saved injuries you on from not route this year we one ago. we don't have the choice. i think so. so so, so do, do going to the seeds me bring to the did the young afghani arrived and calais 2 years ago and quickly abandoned his plans to continue to britain after his asylum application was approved in france. he found work at an aid organisation and taught himself photography. this site is where the notorious camped of the jungle once stood. some refugees still remain here illegally sleeping and flimsy tense. a so called is wendy. in reading the people i talked in, they came, they said the water's coming answered to the tent. this stretch between the freeway
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and the train tracks is especially uninviting. migrants here are from afghanistan, the kurdistan region of iran and syria. it's time for breakfast, a moment of solace amidst a sea of worried. that is the number one ship saxony. we meet sir rush from iran, who tells us he fled from political persecution in his homeland. he survived a harrowing boat ride on his journey to france. we were 70 full people in a 12 me to a boat on the way from greece to italy. ah, we lost those u. p. s. and we lost connection and we was trying to go after big boats, cruise ships, and nobody stops for us. and one day we saw birds and we changed them to
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a we got connection and got to italy. from there, he travelled farther north to the french coast. the journey took longer than expected. sir. osh never imagined he would be sleeping on the ground outside during winter time. it was opened this much of a time to be here. the place is crowded, it's filthy and sonata how a human should live. sir, rush has family on the other side of the channel. he's desperate to reach britain, even if it means being cold and wet. i just write out my sucks. so i, i'm staying a year. if it is possible, i cross, if it is not, i'm still saying here because i have no way back. i have to go. most migrants here know how dangerous crossing the channel is. but they see few other options. many who end up in this makeshift camp have had their asylum
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applications rejected, or they think their chances are better in britain like cameron from afghanistan as the weaker map muffler above. you're not going to put away turkey and greece to quoted people, hello. and there was no chance in bosnia and herzegovina, a sylvia or its elegant form doesn't move on. that's why i came to france and why i'm now trying to reach england. been with her again and, and don't god help me. i've got to send my children money somehow, the bridge on her, but it will. it is another well, but it's far from clear what law is in store for cameron and his friends. abdulla tells us people here have disappeared at night. no one knows what became of them, lost them so enfeebled, who was dead in the board, and their friends still didn't know if they were actually in the boat. we don't know what's happened to them and were dead. the budding photographer sends his photos to a newspaper. he's become a prominent chronicler of the camp,
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and he also documented the fate of the kurdish hussein family who came to calais with 20 other refugees in november, only to drown in the channel. the story made international headlines at when i looked to the mother, she was worried and she knew it's difficult and she knew it's not easy. i think the kids, they believe they added in mucus because they were smiling in they have this happiness in their faces. i think is it was so on justices with them. it went to day when i went to the beach for as things it's remind me the beach, it's them. but that the problem is, is the ignoring the data story and nothing change it. and no one talking about it. abdul can't forget the fate of the hussein family. he fears others could meet the same tragic n. and so he keeps returning to the makeshift camp. nothing changes. that's why
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abdougla boy will keep scanning the horizon for bucks. now, with the panoramic sweeping across europe, many of us are thinking again about how we want to live our lives, especially in big cities like the spanish metropolis of barcelona. where once a week, a district has created dedicated routes, keeping cyclists, including children on their way to school priority over motor vehicles. initially, it seems like just an interesting idea. now, however, 4 year old liam grant is among the youngsters joining what has become a veritable movement. liam grant is preparing for a special commute to school. this friday, he won't be riding on the back of his mother's bike as usual. instead, the 4 year old, the cycling on his very own bike,
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alongside dozens of other barcelona youngsters, a bike ride neither on the sidewalk or in a bike lane. but in the middle of the street, bill is was i'm which of vertical as thou know, mia had children love in ice. it gives them independence. or is it something different and its new? ah, it's a little party on wheels ah, with music and applause for the kids with a whole street to themselves, they don't have to worry about the thousands of cars that usually drive here. each friday for about one hour cars aren't allowed on this road leading to the school. so the children can cycle in safety. parents who wanted to see a change in the neighborhood initiated the beefy boost project to lay their their for their posse. got the idea is to freed this street from traffic and other roads to in a future lives missing out. there are bike lane still, but it's difficult for children, especially small kids to cycle straight inside
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a bike line in the near la x. on an incredibly busy i mutual spot, the nathan will class. there are many scooters on the lanes up you and some people cycle really fast back. it will be dangerous for the youngest kid, sick in your district city, counsellor pow gonzales supports the initiative. he's just approved another route for the beef. he bruce, lottie, this marie, i, the city is a hostile place for young boys and girls, and that is but this way we open up space for the children to ride their bikes to school. that is to lead alcala, and he hopes that soon families will be able to monitor the route on their own without the help of police. meanwhile, the children are enjoying their friday adventure because we're together, and we like to write our bicycles. is that lee? yes, but i mean it's great that we can cycle on the street without fear. the parents are also keen to lower c o 2 emissions, but their main focus is on making their children safer. barcelona has been
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expanding, it's mike lane's network, but competing needs are taken into consideration by city officials, including those of pedestrians and motorists. tusky, i that garza alice water from your home to school is already an option that has no problem there. let me think. and now cycling is being added for school children or from we're working to improve the situation and school neighborhood when and we're adding by pan diligent, i'm just gladys, you'll empty a feel they lost carol is with the idea is to build wider, more family friendly bike lanes clearly separated from the other traffic seekers theater. ok, the plans are promising and the city council is working on them lobby still, but it's going to take a long time until there is actual change. yes. come yes, i'm willing to until then children in barcelona will keep cycling to school on fridays with a beefy boost project. great stuff. now in the
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shrinking world, in which we love those increasingly frenzied international competition for key resources, one of which is wood and one place to find out her base market works is c free. ross in belgium's southern were lonia region where chinese buyers snap a local work that goes on sale to an annual market. to then sell it back to european purchasers with a significant markup. oh is a highly sought after natural resource, especially if it's one or 200 years old, like these logs t reap his own runs a sawmill in belgium. it's a 4th generation family business. but this year has left him worried about the future. oak is becoming increasingly expensive and hard to come by. elizabeth rocha wo wiggle. i still have some trees left over from last year and some from the year before the cuckoo crew are low, so we still have all it we can process now. so,
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but only for the next 7 months or so. and then that's it shipped. we warm up up popish the planet base or his son to take over the saw mill. but now that future is uncertain. the economic situation in, well lonia in general, is difficult. unemployment is high here and following the decline of heavy industry wood was the only natural resource left. now that's also under pressure we made copied to eileen go, blay. he says that although he has plenty of clients, his business is facing trouble. he's been trying to secure as much timber as possible, the pi it bri shaleeko mont, our costs are rising. we're finishing orders where we are selling cheaper than we're by in this corner shit. the price of wood is rising faster than we can world is going up. wilma, fetid, hello. previously, business here had been good in times of climate change. high grade would like, oak has become even more precious and even lower grade log sell very well.
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the wood from local forests get sold once a year at an auction held by the municipalities. this has always generated considerable sums. but this year, the modest civically horse auction had a surprise in store to trade is bought 95 percent of all the wood on offer for a record some to be exported to china le dewberry reject will of his t mailed. we aren't twice as much as what we had estimated earlier in the year, but which is huge as she 2nd thing comes up. the problem is that if this continues, there will be no more competition in a few years. because if record sums of money are pumped into the market, is the people and sawmills here will go bankrupt. there is no way they can compete with foreign buyers, who, especially from china, is also piece of italian, not a model. she china ships the logs back home to be processed, undercutting european so mills wood is a desirable commodity in china, but the government also wants to protect its remaining nature. president,
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she ging ping has banned the looking of chinese forests for 99 years. ah, go minute. joshua is tish yan dunn. the chinese state has a lot of funds and it subsidized as companies to buy wood abroad because they're not supposed to cut down chinese oaks in the cuckoo was this creates unfair competition and could quickly destroy the european belgian french and german timber industry. r y law badge of wholesale more global demand is thus taking over belgium's local timber markets. but china is buying up would all over europe to protect its own native forests. so what should be done? should there be a fixed quote for the european market or an export ban on unprocessed would. and should these measures only target china? off to roll demand for wood has spiked all over the world. really emmanuel def i
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use is a forestry expert who offer norco. he cautions against any rash, ill considered actions live in for bah, who called on the lashing on block, we should not condemn china across the board. a shin, how much we need to recognize that for many years the china bought our low grade would and was our valuable ally dollars. but this ally is also a threat you for if you did, we shouldn't offend the china doctor you for in fact, we should maintain good business ties. oil the cog so to speak, a month to further boost trailer on his organizer. it is a delicate matter to withhold wood from china. a resource that wants so much. so to the much, did he get? it's true that chinese demand hasn't caused european forests to disappear, aligned, them all, shows us which trays will be exported. saucers, support in all law people that are often sick or damaged trees are selected in the interest of sustainability, but occasionally
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a healthy tree is felt to be sold and that hurts are yeah, both to sell them killer sir, fern would sudak this oak is thriving again. it's going nowhere, i don't want any one cutting it down like a ship. which trees a fell than which is sped, that still decided by the people of suffering haunts. now something else of value are these chips. why? well, because there is an inspiring story behind them and because they can bake all the difference to people living on the streets of the city of bristol, in southwest england, giving them a hot drink or something decent to eat. the scheme behind the chips was the idea of making our bethany hope, who wanted to do something to support the spiraling number of homeless people in her hometown while at the same time paying tribute to someone very dear to her. 0, one thing meghan abernathy hope learned from her brother billy was to not just walk
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by people in need. that's why she regularly sets off to bristol city center to hand out billy chips to people like laura. the chips can be used to paper food or beverages when you get a big code late. levey going with the nase, get yourself drink and trying cable. it's a kind gesture and an opportunity to talk. i think you need a bit of courage and a bit of humanity because it's just like having a chat with anybody out. and i think that fair and worry of approaching people is what stops that love and natural vaccinate 9 time for megan and her father. john, it's also a way for them to pass on the love they had for billy who died 3 years ago in a motorcycle accident. he was only 20 years old and had just completed his training to be an ambulance driver. even as a child, billy was deeply troubled by the hardships faced by homeless people and once asked his father why he didn't distribute all of his change and billy said,
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why don't they just invent a token that you could buy and then exchange for food and drink and i think he saw that that would reduce the barriers because people would know it was a safe, secure thing for vale. and then people would also, you know, communicate more with homeless people because that was something that vinny really struggled with was that people just ignored homeless people. and they sort of become invisible after billy's death, what his father and sister decided to realize that idea they developed chips that people can purchase which homeless people can then exchange for food and drinks and cafe i all right, well yeah, good, thanks. good. just thought we come in today and chat you about the ne billy chip star to pack. we've had some are currently 52 cafes and bristol, and the surrounding area participate in the program and sell so called billy chips for homeless people place for them to come in. our feeling is that some people are
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very happy to give money, but others might be a little bit conscious about, you know, how the money's being used, and knowing that it's going to towards something that will seed all those kind of sustain kind. the person that i gifting it to somebody came in that's for 10 to give away, presumably as part of their christmas giftings. so yeah, it's really popular and we have regulars who come back again and again to, to buy by chips to hand out to people. one chip costs to pounds and can be traded for at least one hot drink with an awful have changed and mostly and, and, and i think it bears something about the reassurance of how we spend, which is good as well. aid organizations estimate the number of homeless people in england has doubled in the past few years. in bristol, many people are now familiar with megan, her father, and the billy chip. right, well, can we be so anyway? yeah, they're really good get a free coffee is absolutely vital to have
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a warm drink through the cold night. if you want to v someone phenom void, you need another called a money. a megan and her father say one reason for the chips is that they show homeless people. they are part of the community to and that they are welcome and cafes we poured our love that was our grief. we could no longer pour into billy and said we put into the billy chip, we created a legacy, we've, in a way immortalized a key values that billy had as a human being that we love to buy him and that we feel everybody should kind of hopefully take a leaf out of his book with megan and her father. think that it billy were still alive. this project would never have come to be,
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but they're certain that if he knew about the work they're doing, he'd be proud. real inspiration. that story. and if you've enjoyed the slightest edition of the show as much as i often do, join us next time round until then seasons greetings for me and the rest of the focus on your team. for now go, i buy and trucks. ah ah ah, ah, with
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who farming and canyon without harmful chemical pesticides, not feasible new you can produce enough of a to be able to with an a cbs farming in deborah. i'm really, while the politicians are still debating,
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the 1st farmers are very successful. we were discovered to me, we cannot understand that you are wondering that these no town food food, our guys don't like eco africa in 30 minutes on d w. oh. we've got some hot tips for your bucket list with no magic corner chat. hot spot for food and some great cultural memorials to boot a d, w, travel off we go on the green. do you feel worried about the planet we to i'm neil, host of the on the green fence post coast. and to me, it's clear we need to change the solutions are out there. join me for
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a deep dive into the green transformation. for me to do with well come to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and an after 911. he says after $911.00, the clubs came off. where organized crime rules were conglomerates make their own laws? they invade our private lives through surveillance. hidden, opaque, secretive. what's true? what's vague? it doesn't matter. the only criteria is what we'll hook people up. we shed light on
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the opaque world who's behind benefits. and why are they a threat to us all opaque worlds starts january 5th on d, w. or, ah, oh, this is date ebony news live from berlin. the pandemic overshadows another holiday season. as christmas begins for many people are faced with the top choice of taking the risk of seeing their families and friends going it alone for a 2nd here in a row.


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