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tv   Liebe und Sex in Russland  Deutsche Welle  December 24, 2021 12:03pm-12:45pm CET

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this is our, at an all time high that some many seeing their loved ones is worth the risk our death noise that mccord under this is not the best situation. i have had to evaluate whether to leave like last year, when i could not do this or to take only to risk. and i have taken a risk acendo maryville half way across the globe. australians of also facing christmas with their micron cases here have sold to new records, fueled by the variant residents doing their best to keep safe adama. we've done the rapid ended and testing. so we're biggest things we can and saying as much as we can, we really can't but with our micron already racing, santa claus around the world, many seem set for another on merry christmas o from moorland spring and dw correspondence. charlotte chelsea pill who's in london and jensen of shots who's in
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seville, spain and philip, i'd like to start with you. we understand that the spanish cabinet a just a short time ago approved in new measures to curb the spread of the crone of virus . what more can you tell us? well, a lot of people here in spain are actually surprised that the measures are very relaxed, considering the sharp rise of faces. here in spain, one of the main measures you can actually see in my face of face moths have become compulsory, again, even outsides. and this is something that a lot of experts consider rather cosmetic, then effect it besides this, sir. and you measures are basically up to the different regions, the regional authorities, where it's traditionally have a lot of paula in spain, but prime minister sanchez and says that because of a i vaccination right here in spain, the current measures are, are sufficient. okay, well meanwhile in the u. k,
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the government has promised no new restrictions. charlotte, what is the situation like in the u. k. right here in england, no new restrictions are set to be announced this week making this festive period very different to last year when millions were essentially told christmas was cancelled no restrictions coming into play here. but in scotland while northern island, they're all expecting more restrictions to come in after the christmas period. now, prime minister boris johnston says he's been weighing up the severity of the all micron very, and he's very much relying on the booster program here. it's really has been rum top over the last couple of weeks, given we know the efficacy of boost is against the on the crone very and, but this is all set against the backdrop of an abstract, tidal wave of cases at the moment. the last 2 days have seen over a 100000 new cases in the u. k. that's the highest number of confirmed cases since
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my testing began since the start of the pandemic. so there is some concern, particularly about star shortage is an emergency subs is hospital transport for example, some good news though emerging over the last 24 hours from a couple of studies and one from the u. k. health security agency. it's reporting new evidence that on the chron may, in fact, be a mild or li results in a reduced number of hospitalizations. it found, according to this preliminary data that people with the on the chrome variant of 50 to 70 percent less likely to be admitted to hospital. now that's very early data based on a small number of people we've been warned. there is also that has also need to be counterbalanced with the trends miss ability of this variance, not so could result in hospitals being overwhelmed. but it's certainly encouraging news as we go into the christmas period. all right, so maybe something to be hopeful for that. maybe not as much severe disease as
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we've seen in previous waves. now young, i'd like to turn back to you in light of the new restrictions. you say they are still relatively moderate. one of people in spain been saying about how they intend to celebrate christmas this year. well, looking at her, i figure of new infections. a lot of people would probably, unfortunately spend christmas in south isolation or even worse covet symptoms. so wherever you, you look at you, you're about people being tested, positive, even in my own family. there been some positive for cases recently the, the rest of the spaniards, sir, they will probably be quite confused because they got a lot of mixed messages from, from the government and from the authorities. he w xian philip charles reporting for us from seville and charles of chosen pill and london. thank you so much to both of you and stay healthy
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while many hospitals in europe are once again being stretched to their limits and staff are more burned down than ever. still they are trying to bring warmth, enjoy to patients who are spending christmas on the wards dw, christine went, want visited belgium's leanne at central university hospital and has if this report tis the season, but much of the jolly has gone. there are more mosques than santa hats, a naveja, another variant, a never cove at christmas. at this hospital in the belgian city of the age, vaccines mean it's better this time around, but they're not sure how long that will last. this time last year this hospital was overwhelmed with cove at 19 patients. it got so bad. some of the i see you patients had to be a lifted to neighboring germany. the situation is under control for now,
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but the stock here are bracing for on the chron. this is the coven ward and stuff yet all hoping for the best. but they are preparing for the worst and keeping a nervous eye on alma crohn infection numbers. we're hoping that it won't be too fun because we know a soda 3 don't have all the stuff we would need if it was very, very big and we will do our best health work has have had a grueling couple of years. the hospital psychologist say's the uncertainty is making it difficult to cope in the mask of faculty. but on the latest, i don't see that people the nurses or doctors are afraid to do because they're more anxious that this might gone forever. that this or a petition just won't stop back because in the end one very and chases the last
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and it comes in race. it all which is very exhausting. cancer is assess it to julie, please don't tie it as they are nursing staff will, as they always do, tried to lift the spirits of those in hospital this christmas. but that's particularly tricky with covert patients. they're isolated and can't have visitors, but they will be a special surprise on christmas morning. we have some kids who are writing from cos every year since i'm here since years and years. so writing the cost for people. and the morning of christmas we put the coffins. and let me let me in and get it and casting a hello. i thing about you stop have created an oasis of com and key here, but they know it probably won't last long. outside infections are spreading fast
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to the united states now where a police officer in the city of minneapolis has been found guilty of manslaughter in the shooting death of a black man. dante, right, officer kim potter said she mistook her gun for her taser when she shot right. the case reopened racial divisions in the same city where george floyd was killed at the hands of police. the mother of dante wright wanted accountability for her son's death. when a jury returned to guilty verdict on 2 charges of manslaughter. katy bryant experienced all kinds of emotions. oh, my gosh, i'm the moment that we heard guilty on the man's letter. one emotions every single emotion that you could imagine just running through your body at that moment. i kind of let out a yelp because it was built up in the anticipation of what was the calm when while we were waiting for the last few days,
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police officer came potter and pleaded not guilty and the fatal shooting of rise in brooklyn center, a suburb of minneapolis, minnesota, in april in emotional testimony, she claimed she mistakenly drew her gun instead of a taser on killed a 20 euro during a routine traffic stop and slaughter in the 2nd degree. now we've been able to process that ah, we want to thank the entire prosecution team. we wanna thank community support. everybody has been out there that has supported us in this long fight for accountability for our supporters of rights. families celebrated outside the hennepin county courthouse after the verdict was announced. potter $49.00 faces about 7 years in prison under the states sentencing guidelines. but prosecutors said they would seek a longer term south korean president mangian has pardoned his disgrace, predecessor park gin. hi, saying it was for the sake of national unity. park was sentence at 22 years in
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prison in 2017, for crimes that included taking bribes shall be released from prison. other 31st of december as part of a mass pardon of more than 3000 prisoners. he was a trial that shed light on ties between big business and politics. in south korea. conservative president park gin, hey, was impeached in 2016 in the wake of a corruption scandal facing accusations of abuse of power and taking bribes from companies such as samsung park was sentenced to 22 years in prison. but after serving less than 5 years, park successor is granting her pardon. the liberal government, led by president mangia in said at heart, her release would heal old wounds and bring harmony to south korea. after 2 difficult years of the pandemic, he bones having a ne, single,
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ugly tag the top offers hopes the pardons conserved to bring in a new era of unity and reconciliation that transcends different thoughts and opposing views. yeah, ala had only with acted in either south korea has a history of pardoning officials convicted of corruption. the government cited the 69 year olds, deteriorating health, in their decision to release her will. parks right to vote, will be reinstated. but she's barred from running for office again. monday single presidential term ends next year. and south korea is preparing for an election in march. some analysts speculate parks released could bolster support for the conservatives, or it may divide them in the lead up to an election that current polls say will be a tight race celebrations to mar christmas, have begun in the city of bethlehem. in the west bank. we leave you now with them
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sights and sounds of the traditional christmas parade on manger square in front of the church of the nativity in bethlehem, and marian, i haven't seen from me and the entire news team. thanks for watching. ah hm. with the landscaping, a reflection of a turbulent history. the cities, a mosaic of different people and languages. iran's mountains reveal unparalleled beauty. the special look at
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a special country round from above. starts december 27th on d. w. ah. russia, the largest country on earth bound since the fall of the soviet union, its population has declined by 5000000 men. here have one of the lowest life expectancies in europe. alcohol, drugs and tobacco are all too often to blame. leading to a clear agenda. imbalance, women make up the majority of the population, 54 percent, placing them under even greater pressure to marry and have children as a young age. xena is marrying her partner carol in a traditional a christian orthodox ceremony. his views can only be described as conservative. this horse in the corner, according to our tradition. so men are both physically and intellectually superior
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to women. richard dylan were the patriarchal attitude is also embodied by president vladimir putin. his carefully staged media events promote a return to tradition and conventional notions of masculinity. many russian women are paying a high price, 60 percent of marriages here, end in divorce, leaving many children to grow up without a father. domestic violence is rampant. it's estimated that a woman dies at the hands of her partner. every 40 minutes here at the state sides with the perpetrators an alarming number of domestic violence cases go unpunished. in moscow, in st. petersburg, a small minority of young people, a starting to rebel against patriarchy, and called for greater sexual freedom. and yet, most russian women still lead
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a life marked my personal and social restrictions. in the largest country in the world, love and sex are still dominated by patriarchy. the seriana family is reminiscing about one of the most emotional moments of their lives. president vladimir putin publicly on them for their dedication. ah, it immediately is clean. if there were ordering you. there was no stanley. you should neil me or i did just get a little. you're more than just bernoulli junior, has what me. as measurements go to register on the lowest, i'm also going to have less than only fillum, lynette wolf. just we're a grown ha, so happy with the syrian off, sa considered
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a model family as a married couple with many children. they represent the ideal in a nation, grappling with demographic change, the road to brazil. i'll attach it just like fruit in the dark. would you moving on? we lovely, grassy. when would you be? he hasn't got there a couples who asked himself if it's even worth having children. a story mistook may be how example will encourage them to go for it. was we bullshit. proteins, model, family lives, 1300 kilometers east of moscow into a working class city of about 1000000 for the past 15 years. they've called this high rise home. i'm to eat. didn't all go 5 daughters, 2 sons, such large families are the exception in russia,
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where most women only have one child. for the government, they're a welcome sight, right? go ahead help you. so do you on saturday? a part number? yeah, i do not. whenever al son comes back for military service every 2 weeks we go all out on the last. we spoiled him so he doesn't forget it. oh wow. please allow them we're peggy. larissa is a home maker. i knew we death bottle youngest, but i wait till everyone's finished then i can eat and pays but out as otherwise i have to get up and fix it. isn't that the whole time is deepening? you see that he acts like he's just a guest. here we go. new. the new kitchen isn't my thing. yeah. wow. alexei is a chauffeur. he owns the equivalent of $800.00 euros a month, just above average here. they're $55.00 square. meta apartment is a bit cramped for a family of 9. what did not have gone the,
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this is our living room and bedroom, my wife and i sleep here, tanya and natasha here grow or the parker in the winter. i go to school by myself dar. what it is used to girls room where nastier masha and katya sleep nizer, martha garcia, he is the boys room, the one i was going to please let him here. and this is victor didn't as well or did this. victor, alexei and larissa got married back in soviet days when they were 22. contraceptives were hard to come by back then. sometimes you're so young here but strong. oh yes, strong. that is some people made fun of us. what they said stop. you just made yourselves miserable, but it was none of their business wide yellow. you never planned on having so many kids in you. so we just love each other so much. in the soviet era,
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large families were frowned upon and were usually among the poorest to day. the state rewards large families with a bonus equivalent to about 6200 euros for the birth of each child. after the 1st, that's about a year's salary here. xenia and korea live in gotcha a town about 40 kilometers from st. petersburg. they live in a typical middle class neighbourhood in an apartment that they own. he's a cook. she's a hair dresser. they met 3 years ago. what do we want for dinner professionally? no idea. so i'll just have to come up with something again, which i'm sure that if like what? we don't really talk it over here. mostly i do it because i am a cook or feature he cooks so quickly and it's always delicious for
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a former. well that you know, the, if i sometimes ask her to cook well, reasonable women shouldn't forget how to make boot a few shrew senior. and carol were married in a civil ceremony last week. their church wedding is taking place to morrow. the big event? sheila was what luke? i saw susanna as wedding ring, a silver mine is gold, which symbolizes the sun. the man should shine. and the woman represents balance, and the night lord, carroll and casino, like 75 percent of russians are christian orthodox. they place a high value on tradition. and carol is the quintessential macho russian man. for them, we're husband is very hungry. the weather, let's pick a show 1st then we can eat with richard dylan. women are deep thinkers, google mostly on the family. it's only natural that we're head of the household.
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recently had an onion as well as funding. if i ever actually disagree with him, i didn't know that which is a pretty unlikely thought out. look at, he'll have the last word to look it up as leading us low with the presentable visited men have to deal with difficult things like buying an apartment. when you are a woman might be able to do it, but not with as much confidence. you won't be less if she'd have a hard time with the negotiation. really? what soccer? carols, sexiest views don't really seem to bother senior. according to russian tradition. she'll spend the night before the wedding away from her groom. see you in the morning, but by less absolutely. i'll miss you. miss you take that old scottish seniors booked a room in a hotel. she won't see her husband again till the morning. it's
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8 in the morning and the big day is about to begin. oh, good morning, stylus. i've arrived irina, the hairdresser has already been married twice when she gives the young bride a few tips. raska, how are things good when are you guys happy then no stress, right? yeah, free, aren't you now? and then you hush. being understanding each other as important as a woman, you have to be patient to present certain so you should know that a lot of men cheat this dilemma. it's better to say single. you'll see what i'm talking about. the majority of russian men admit to being unfaithful. oh, here comes the handsome guy. hello, gorgeous. oh
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. the ceremony is taking place in this early 20th century. wouldn't charge. an orthodox priest will greet the couple and then perform the ceremony. you receive, but when you take xenia as your wife is immune, i do remember where you take carol, as your husband, we should be missing. we'll give you a new when the priest places the crowns on their heads, they are officially married, king and queen of their household. oh, the fall of communism, brought religion back to everyday life. russians rediscovered their faith and the church sought to establish itself as a moral authority. a villa will be
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the most faithful people. those who pray devoutly better able to cope with life challenges and resist the devil's temptation. they also have a positive demographic impact. margaret believe is more likely to have children. she should not have the most couples in russia have a church, wedding senior and carols reception is at a hotel with friends and family. the celebration will also include a few time honored tradition. ah ah, round of applause for the couple graduation. 3 the traditional bread ritual is
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a must be both good. grab the bread. if one of you pulls harder than the other, it's unfair. go. if you ever gets the big a piece is head of the household of the so one to be 2. 03. ah yes, no, be xenia. you must be gentle and loving your done more weight faithfully for your husband. i make your home a sweeter place to make sure your husband comes home. he jerry and of course, have children. many children with many men and women in russia share these traditional views. but reality tells a different story about 60 percent of marriages end in divorce, one of the highest rates in the world. the city of
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a van avo about 300 kilometers east of moscow is no exception. in fact, even of o is often called the city of brides. the majority of its residents are women. many are single mothers elena started her day at 4 30 in the morning. she shares the bathroom with the other tenants. she lives in this room with her 2 children. 5 year old dasha and one year old basil. ah. time to wake up, sweetheart. do, do not a tough with a 3rd of russian families are headed by a single mother. neither. giovanni brought him with. this is this couch is where we
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sleep. i lay and eat you all. that's why i have to make the bed now. just in the ditch dark gush. did you come on daughter put on your dresser? it's got to be handy wash. eleanor leaves home at 6 o'clock. she gets her daughter to preschool before going to work. it's a one hour walk through yvonne of o's, dim and deserted streets in those college. so then i could never have imagined this thing all alone with 2 children made me or not. i wanted to study and teach english. she, i passed my university entrance exams, then i met my daughter, his father thought it was a true love all, but he complained that i was spending too much time studying. he gave me an ultimatum, so i could choose him or the university. i chose him though, a rubric for long thus no problem. this decision changed to elena's life.
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her fiance left her soon after she became pregnant with her daughter. she never heard from him again. the 52nd partner never acknowledged vasily as his son. since then she's been on her own would have liked him to was mustache. can you much, tasha and i mean i have to go on your smell now it's really hard. i also had to raise 3 kids on my own. oh man and oh good. they don't want to take care of their own kids to more nuclear, which must be this way. t. oh, good. see les sasha, aka? it is 730 by the time alina arrives at work, she works in a daycare center where she can bring her some with her off the mothers at this day can are single parents. oh,
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come on. your mom is going to work harder than willing to come to the window and waved. good bye with what do you do? oh, wait. oh shes not. i. and $16000.00 roubles a month. you pay for day care, food and rent. yes. cuz i'm always afraid that my electricity will be cut off. ah, the children's fathers don't contribute. no, nothing they. but i don't ask them either. when you brush, why? mister, when i told them i was pregnant, they said it was my problem. i hope you will be a 3rd of russian children grow up without their fathers. i'm going to eat you little that i'm the wolf. ah, after lunch, a group of single mothers gather in the daycare kitchen. mush. hello. how with the children with michelle katerina runs the daycare,
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unfaithful and absent men, often a topic of conversation here. what does it do? what i've been raising my kids on my own for 4 years. when i got pregnant, he started going out all the time, drinking more and more fortune. everything went well when the little one was born fella. but when my husband realized that he shared responsibility and had to pitch in that to be of he left, you know, go home at 7 in the evening, alina finishes work and picks up her daughter from preschool. mm. to night she's visiting her recently divorced friend, lena. hello, hello. the 2 young women have no illusions any more when it comes to relationships and romance. what nickerson and local motion is, i missed and i need a man for every day thing. just to come around with the tool box and fixed our fast
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coach. no, that would be nice if you those you but the but i don't believe in romantic love any more. yennie lewis, the buddhist graham. little boy. oh sure he could go or she, it's better to be alone than in bad company. haunted snare boston, you didn't stay in london. we. of course, i'd like to find someone he'd give me a gift and help out with the kids and, but i have given up hopes and she's a young has no question. what about sex and romance to say, no, i'm an amazon woman. oh, these women in another have been let down by love, but the demographic imbalance that has plagued russia for the past 30 years is also to blame. there is a shortage of men and that has an impact. many russian women have no choice but to look for love elsewhere. every year, thousands lee for europe or the united states. some moved to remote corners of russia, like the city of e, coots, inside the area,
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about 5000 kilometers from moscow. not far from the chinese border. it's ethnically diverse. ah aliya is a native of air. coots leaking to my attorney, 2 and a half hours by plain, from the chinese border and 5 ounce from the capital. conventional being so close to china helps us economically. as i should at, that must be a blank. i am good. they put on for aaliyah life here has another benefit. she's found a reliable and faithful husband here. and here's the chance we did. a boyish of, of that you're more likely to find a husband in a border region with lots of migration was now not, we don't only have chinese here, but also koreans reacts and mongolians one only. there are lots of mixed marriages
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here and then, but i'm years in some and that one of them she lives in this upscale neighborhood with her husband and 3 children. june. is of chinese origin. did you take your vitamins darling? yes. no, we'll take them. aaliyah's husband who runs an import export business, has given his family a comfortable life. they have a large, attractive house, and each child has their own bedroom. aaliyah and june met 20 years ago at university in ear, coots. before the wedding. aliya had to win over her parents in russia. interracial couples are rare and often discriminated against her racism has deep roots here, lately. ah, ah, well nasa. jessica, is it okay if i talk about this little ease god,
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yet my mother in law cut out an article from a newspaper only. what else can guess said there are many chinese who come here to marry russia because i asked you, but don't, wasn't even though they're already married back in china. those it was good. and then they go back to china. we ended or even got a little tourney, them cookie, of that, that was the become of douglas mcgrath. i do it for the russian citizenship or to get the documents that need to set up a business that the yeah bought for you. so i took out my passport to show them i was single. go to his house, please. i'm ready. now when it does the, the main problem is that chinese men work a lot. yes. can you go shit in the evening? they go to restaurants to do business not to eat it is id love is that i she kept calling me. i'm like, well my good boy. i told him come home, i need your help. come home. but she moved this guy, are you hanging out at a restaurant on the back of the hotel, though that visit would have been okay. i used to say what goes out of out of okay . yep. if you want me to be a russian man with them bring home $50000.00 roubles and that's it. pretty well
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you're going. but lisa, michael should have ms. anna, but you know, she finally understood that i was there for business, not dinner of him. of course you build on with me, but you am ah, since our marriage aaliyah's also become a business woman. she runs a chinese restaurant in the center of he could st. he'll want to get a lot of media and then just move the chairs back and it will be fine. you? yes, really. she manages some 20 russian and chinese employees. this is our head share. he makes traditional dishes from his province in northern china by them, but they stayed in the restaurant is a 2nd home to their children and their russian nanny. her husband also has his business dinners here, a large family with
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a faithful husband who earns well in russia. it's the exception rather than the rule. see it yet. you can just every go dreams of meeting. have prince charming and i found mine. he's my train, the other the coin went. oh and she's my princess aliya and june's 4th baby is due soon. despite the prejudices of russian society, aaliyah found the man of her dreams. some other young russians of flouting conventions more directly. mm. on an overnight train from moscow to saint petersburg, a young couple wakes up after a night of passion. ah, should i tie your hair back? hello, ann saul is a blogger,
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and belkora is a security guard. they've been together for a year. with you're still tired. mm. hm, their family would not be complete without a 3rd person irina level, but she so tall and takes care of us like a mother by them. and so, and belkin a not a couple, but at troppo. mm. they live a 3 way romantic relationship and described themselves as poly amorous. poly amorous relationships are a tiny minority in russia and around the world. and so lives in an apartment in the heart of st. petersburg.
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no acquaintance, joseph quote, if quote oh yeah, i've lived here my whole life or the national cooking. the 100 square meter apartment has enough space for 3 of them and saw shares this room with arena. balco hasn't moved in yet. i wish her yes. blue pacific dear i sleep in the middle book of business, sleeps against the wall and belk asleep on the edge of booking. our relationship is like a triangle where all connected to each other. we can be nice if i melt when they kiss, because it's so beautiful via both windows, but we make love in lots of different ways, thankfulness we're web browser can answer for july new. does anyone have? yes, i have sex with this woman. they have me and i have them another person lives here to very earth. yeah, i i'm home though. diana finally i'm so happy to see. give me
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a hug. molly did of no, i'm sorry. mother elena is in her early sixty's now. she knows about his poly amorous relationship with god. never have imagined this interval when i couldn't have imagined it either. when we see up sha, where an ordinary working class family, maybe this is his way of rebelling this route, you know, my rebellious days are behind me. i just can't last forever. oh yes, kanda you know, you as long as it's not possible for 3 people to spend the whole lives together, new people can't manage it, but 3 can see that little thing, you know, i don't think i'm just waiting for it all to fall apart. but then you say i told you so yeah, exactly. unsold, belk i and irina don't shy away from public displays of affection. but homosexuality is frowned upon in russia. and assaults are commonplace. in 2013 so
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called homosexual propaganda in front of miners became a punishable offense. what can i get you guys? money and fame? just was it ok. ok we live, how we like and no one can stop us. we, it's our choice to make you notice began initially i'm not afraid of being attacked, which other people are afraid of me by, as they organize monthly me tops to talk about polyamory, the owner of their favorite cafe has no problem with their lifestyle. you sent over to mr. dish dish. i have no problem with polyamory names and she just their choice is no homes. mm hm. they know they belong to a tiny minority. he actually wishing to see both of 87 percent of russians are pretty mainstream was and vote for potent bennett glasses. looking to know that
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russian society is still very conservative. but some of moscow's educated and privileged young people are fighting for more freedom and shattering old to boost like tanya, a manager of an event planning agency and krisha, a graphic designer than meeting their friends in a trendy bar to night. mom was have you been here while they talk openly about sack square? i can give you my she didn't sleep at all. yeah. a little thorough. 5 hours. then we had sex again that you know, you, you want, the soviet union may be long gone, but russia is still quite prudish. tanya and her friends are an exception. a few years ago tanya launched a new event with her agency. she began organizing what she calls kinky part is here in moscow. the moscow times has called it the start of his sexual revolution. a
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big kinky party is taking place in a few days. an event that created quite the boughs among moscow's young trendsetters. mm. the night before the big event krisha pays tanya of is it? they've been together for a year. unlike most russian couples, they don't plan to move in together or get married. she's decided tanya, a business woman wants to remain independent, but them was so i'm, i'm not really and i deal russian women who i had a phase when i tried to cook traditional dishes like bush know when you actually that i realized pretty quickly that wasn't for me how do you cope with not having an ideal traditional russian women because they didn't have the.


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