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tv   Helden auf vier Pfoten  Deutsche Welle  December 25, 2021 2:30pm-3:01pm CET

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177 percent. talk about with 7 percent in 60 minutes. on the w. happiness is for everyone. human penises are very different from primate. you know, we have a totally ridiculous romanticized view of nature. and david and this is climate change, regulate sex, who happiness in 3 books, you'll get smarter for pre d w books on you to a ah, ah, if you thought that santa claus or good old thing, nick were the only ones who deliver presence
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a christmas time then you better think again, we'll find out whose job it is around europe in today's show. hello, and welcome to another edition of your max with me, your host, megan lee, air the look at what else is coming up? how italian new became famous all over the world and a behind the scenes look at the production of champagne. the king of sparkling wine when i was a kid. this was the most exciting time of the year because i would wake up on christmas day and rush in to see what santa had brought for me. well, here in germany, there are different characters assigned to deliver presents to kids during the holidays. now it all depends on where you live and as we're about to find out, it's not always santa and his team of helpers who bring in the gifts. oh,
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the joys of christmas time. duramax reporter holly rollinson is in the christmas spirit. she can't wait to get her presence. when i 1st moved from the united states to germany, i was surprised to hear that it's not just santa claus who brings the gifts at christmas. it's also something called the christian. and in the rest of europe, sometimes there's a witch, or trolls or other little creature got it. i bring the children christmas gifts on the 24th of december of christmas eve. me to i put them under the christmas tree. so do i? well, it's a bit complicated in the north and east of germany. santa claus brings the presence in south and west germany. it's usually the christian they both bring presents to the children on december 24th. and they both agree that
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the presence belong under the christmas tree. okay, so why are there 2 of you then? we need to go back to the birth of christ and the 3 wise men who started the whole business of gift giving. later it was saint nicholas who brought gifts on december 6th with his red cloak, the historical bishop saint nicholas is said to have inspired santa clauses, red outfit. but then came martin luther, who brought about the division of the church and to catholics and protestants. he also invented the christians, who then came on december 24th for protestants. st like nicholas were no longer in demand, but for catholics they were still important. but since saint nicholas was increasingly turning into a commercial santa claus and even non believers started believing in him, the catholics adopted the crist kent, which looks like an angel complete with wings and to top it off a halo. but now it was high time for the protestants to distance themselves from
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the catholics again. so they again believed in santa claus. got it. okay, so 1st they nicholas brought the gifts, but after the reformation, the protestants no longer wanted to be associated with the catholic st. but on the other hand, the catholics didn't like that. santa claus was for everyone, and in the end decided to take the crist. kenwood is actually from the protestant originally. okay, got it. most families can settle on santa claus. but the tradition of celebrating christmas with your family only came about at the start of the 19th century. to day santa claus is known almost everywhere. he's called pear, noel and france. bobo, natalie in italy. papa noel in spain. santa claus in the netherlands and so on. in finland, he's known as your local key. rumour has it that santa lives here to visit him. you have to head for lap length and the arctic circle. oh, as you can see,
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i bring all the children in the world, christmas gift, except to have to be careful in italy because there's a which ah, blue in italy, a which called the fauna is known to bring joy to children. because here it's the which that comes bearing gifts, but on january 6th, not on december 24th. mm. according to the legend the which the fun, i actually wanted to go with the 3 wise men to visit the baby jesus. but when he wasn't able to go it, she instead decided to bring all the little children gifts and january thick in the spanish region of catalonia. a log called to another, brings the presence, complete with a hat covered by a blanket. g u, not all is bed by the families during the advent season. on christmas eve,
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he is then beaten with a stick to release the presence with other creatures, rome europe's far north. in iceland, 13 trains leave their home in the mountains to visit people. each of these so called you las vein us has a different character every day, from december, 12 onward, one of them joined the others until they are complete by christmas eve, when they bring presence one by one, they leave again until they have all returned to the mountains by january 6. ah, so as you can see, the gift giving situation. europe is complicated, but it's also really funny and interesting. but you know what as long as someone's bringing the gift, i'm happy so merry christmas and have a great holidays. ah,
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ah, ah. while the holidays are, of course, a time for feasting, especially on suites and nuts and tasty way to combine the 2 is with no good which varies from country to country. for example, in france, newbert is white and chewy, made with amens, but in italy, no good consists of hazel nuts and cocoa beans, giving it a chocolate. the texture we had now to the piedmont region were hazel nuts grow in abundance. and we find out how this delicious treat is best. enjoyed. hazel nuts and cocoa beans combine. to make a succulent sweet and chewy confection. new get it's much sought after by people with
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a sweet tooth and not just in winter. ill go stalk a new, good taste, good at breakfast, lattice bread on bread in the morning, or when a half hour after lunch and saw a double cab fare with dinner. alas, and later in front of the tv or delivery. sorry, this culinary treat is at home here in torrance, northwestern italy it offers a broader selection of the chocolate delight than anywhere else on earth. a master of the art of turin. newgate is confectioners, guido gabino. he has won prizes for the world's best pray, liens that no senator let you go to my 1st and foremost, it's because of our local hazel nuts that we achieve. this very special taste. it cannot be imitated anywhere else in the world. mando enemy, tabitha. but before the hazel months become the perfect newgate, they 1st have to be roasted and ground to
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a fine nutty consistency. this is then mixed with roasted and finely ground cocoa beans. the mixture is easy to shape while it's still warm. we saw a moment now this is the hardest and most critical momentum, horrible thought. and i did better. we have to hold the chocolate down from 49 to about 26 degrees celsius. and you say, last appearance of a lead restaurant, you have to have a very fine touch clarity, guanasha law and know exactly when the right moment has come. better to put this perfectly tempered paste into this machine which shapes the prey name. deborah deborah, nor alyssa was your name for the more nuts it contains, the better the new get all the confection in torrent based their recipes on this principle. but necessity was the mother of invention of new get in the early 19th century. turin was already a centre of chocolate production, but high tariffs imposed under napoleon drove up the prices for cocoa beans,
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and pushed one inventive confectionary to stretch his cocoa by mixing in local hazelnut. i may be at to 0 k. i assumed that his wife had the idea and said busty try using not the wiper over my that it's always the women get the cleverest idea. notice pulled up, you know, and you turned out a new taste was created or david who that was now known, the world over austin as john do yeah. or go newton and mando, my gusto gender. we're new get can be found all over toryn at giordano. they still shaped the little chocolate jung loyalty by hand that got their bout about the emiliano has been famed for its new interpretations for over 150 years. that gothic moreno serves a new get moose. new get ice cream is found in every variety on a stick at that beano, in
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a cone or as ice cream confectionary at gabino. at the gothic each in french all their alexandra, dumont and italian author umberto eco enjoyed the famous beach in a hot chocolate coffee cream specialty. probably when i tried the theory. karen's own traditionally all the contract leonard. yeah. try to come up with their own new getting credit. what came out has been moderate. a famous new get spread originated in italy's piedmont region, lady friends that i know they like a, the major difference between hotel and the finest he knew that cram is in the recipe from out at the, the high quality new get cram out a, including ours on think contains 40 percent pay montez, a hazel nuts, which is a lie, you know, a cat. okay, waste. of course that drives up the price. so we got customers, they got act it equal to my daughter, dana, did we though? go be nice. particular specialty is his own salts, new get and olive oil creation. didn't. with the honest that doesn't pitch
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a man the i dia was to combine 2 great italian staple ingredients, nuts and olive oil eva a. and in fact, they do go together very well. it didn't matter. the salt from the adrie attic always helps to moisten the mouthful. so you can say bertha complex pallet m labors in the after taste or more to complain of the eye. catching shiny gold packaging has a certain tradition, and not only and go be knows manufactory done to the others that are pretty much young. our team, we're the world 1st chocolates that got their very own packaging. okay. mainly because it was found that with the high percentage of not oil, and the pre liens tend to oxidize quickly, we've got the wrong idea. and the packaging ensures that the gene dionte don't lose their flavor at the video that you saw the jungle, your gender, we, i, john doyle, term nugget. and john d auto both originated in turin and spread around the world hondo. the french
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confectioners tried to imitate our new get labor that in, but they simply can't make it as well as we do our of one of them. and i new get from to it in is a specialty that stands out from the rest. and not just because of its elegant packaging. well, another holiday treat enjoyed in large quantities, is of course, champagne. now, this sparkling wine is in a class of its own. and as you may or may not know, champagne can only be produced in a single region in france and under very specific conditions. while we visited the ploy, jack mar, vineyard to learn more about the process. some of the secrets behind a good champagne. ah.
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fulfill making a great sham, the hain takes passion. liv lynch a bottle carries a little piece of the winemaker, sol, ghetto. a shopper the were locals are always extremely careful when opening a bottle of champagne. elsie dolls, they do it gently and why it li, to avoid losing a single drop is sure, nick, people don't go past the cork here any more. it's considered tasteless. i movie grew a certain champagne and grapes go well with certain dishes, sweet or savory. and it's wonderful to create a dish of lit, a particular champagne phobia. ah, ah, just your when you saw that i came to the vineyard in 1988 to help my father, jack harper, you thank me, hold on. oh hello. i don't know why you are you. i'm from the 3rd generation app,
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please, jackie, mount vineyard in loued, in the heart of montana to hans. i love opening an old bottle of champagne from my seller and sharing it with my family. the non law children in and pino munoz, you are the 3 primary grape varieties grown in champagne. you feel for buying the ground was very important because the plant lives in a specific soil and it transports elements from the soil into the fruit. the grapes is it, but the climate also has a considerable impact him, but you can tell how it varies from one vineyard to the next man, even within a village, but the click on this, and that makes a big difference in taylor's time, like on the fels blue sheet, i think it is. i'm patrick. timothy is professor of merit of medieval history at the university of armstrong, annuity. oh, i've dealt with champagne in my research word, but even more so through my family, i'm from this region and had been interested in it since i was
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a child to which the he georgia, the region of champ. anya was the 1st to obtain a controlled designation of origin certification in the 19th thirty's or 20. you can make sparkling wine from any variety attic, but to be called champagne if it has to come from this soil and most of the quality of our lines and grapes. it. i have on the when harvesting the grapes, we pick them by hand and bring them to the wine press law. that's where the champagne production process start is probably guess who shall buy it isn't that we're standing at a wine class. my father had built in 1967. it's a traditional line press. the one challenging thing is that you need to have strong men to fill it. we have 4000 kilograms of grapes in it at the moment on a but price, the great then le juice said to them, then we add some of yeast and sugar. then we let the wine rest for 2 to 3 months of
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that gives us a bass wine like this. one of them must come to see if you see the de, it's hard to pinpoint a single inventor of champagne. no pity, known pouting. yeoman wasn't in ologist who was extremely good at working with while i did, and he perfected the art of awesome blash. so that refers to the blending of bass winds from different vineyards and grapes building to create a cafe with a balanced taste, it indicated. let me go then will the bottles to create the foam. for this purpose we take a bit of yeast and t raj. the cour t hodge. decor is just a base wine into which we've dissolved beat sugar. i'll get on the face a full. the mixture is it's yield in the bottle and we take it down to the seller and lay it on board. they on cavity they want to. so let a thought in the eating bacteria then eat the sugar we've added to the te harshly, core, creating carbon dioxide and alcohol code again on the alpha,
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missouri about 25 meters below ground. we're standing by walls of solid limestone. that's a yeast, the 8th. the sugar producing carbon dioxide. we store the bottles for 2 to 3 years on do at was on once the bottles had aged enough, we put them on these racks and turn them one by one me that the day so so it takes about 6 weeks. you keep turning the bottles until they reach the final position. you see here you we after most one. okay, so she night what a pretty. they're almost vertical. i don't after the turning process, we stand the bottles upright like here this way, the yeast in the bottles, neck barely comes into contact with the line and doesn't impact the aging process. sort of east, it's the traditional method, but it's hardly ever used anymore. you can store the bottles for 1015 or 20 years if you want gas. it's no problem. and you open a bottle, you'll never be disappointed. only jamie dish won't rule the lowest if
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a my name's stefan rossi long. no, i've been working at les avi say hotel restaurants in champ, anya and the hard to the quote to blown for 10 years now. cuz i cook using champagne, please. and i'm a great connoisseur of the bubbling until the booth only when we did the show and open a bottle of champagne very cautiously and we removed the music lay full. then we grasped the cork with one hand and turn it on carefully without making an explosion . hor allowed bang it should only fizzle full. we cautiously let out the biz, and for this while i get the gift, mo, who are not the most important of all, is that whatever you drink makes you happy. don't listen. if a neighbor or a somalia starts telling you all about a fantastic wine or roma, this is about what you enjoy your personal taste and about every person responds differently. and that's very important. ah, this past year saw a number of new cultural institutions sprouting up all over europe,
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even if many of them were still facing restrictions because of their corona virus pandemic. from france to the netherlands to norway, we take a look now at some of the most impressive architectural masterpieces in the name of art. this 56 meter tall tower in the french city of isle is the work of canadian american architect, frank gehry, and part of the new luma are cultural complex initiated by swiss billionaire and art collector. maya hoffman, the plus kinda power surpasses. my expectations, me, i think it harmonizes well with the surroundings as you bus give that i, mom, genesee's, and frank. lori is perfect for this project because he has the soil and creativity of an artist. after 8 hours, she neglect correctly, they crept old enough to use the tower combines architectural brilliance with artistic berm. the entrance hall for instance, contains
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a spiraling 32 meter long metal slide. contemporary artworks are on display in the exhibition rooms some from maya hoffman's private collection luma. arl is one of europe's largest private art projects. with this unique project, hoffman wants to break new ground and create a very special place for visitors, artists, and scientists who can work together creatively. another shining new work tower, some 40 meters above the dutch city of rotterdam. the new arch storage facility at the boyland spawn born again, museum is the 1st in the world opened to the public and displays the museums entire collection. one challenge was to design a building where no one would get lost in the sheer quantity of art for the building, for a simple to start with and behave. so almost like a, like a, like a prison, like a place where you can overview everything. and the that helps the way to find your
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way through this space contains 151000 pieces from 7 centuries and rooms with 5 different climate zones of the entire collection has come together over 170 years to see how the ard works are sleeping in a way, am i here between, oh, oh, pieces of are does equal because we treat, for example, arter tower of babel from that i whole we treated exactly the same as a small glass face. visitors to the storage facility are free to explore the sprawling collection, but they also get an up close look at the work going on behind the scenes. for instance, restoration work. how visitors, bureau, the collection is up to them. without curation, there are no set themes or juxtapositions. a matisse can be found next to upcoming butting artists. it's a unique space that literally reflects its home in rotterdam
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over to norway. now where aust lowe's new monk museum is the world's largest devoted to one single artist. it houses some 27000 objects that edward monk left to the city after his death in 1944. these include paintings, sculptures, drawings and sketches. and entire milk cosmos can be experienced on 7 of the 13th floors of this vertical museum. because that the column a zeal, it's lsi mill, the vertical museum gives us the opportunity to connect edward monk's art to the city. i spoke with him, a boy thou so visitors heading up here in the building to view the collection always remain in touch with the outside world levied than had been switched from. also home, the artworks are displayed in windowless rooms to protect them from the sunlight.
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among them is a version of edward monk's most famous work the screen. the new museum was built as part of osler's, new fjord city water, front urban renewal project, a hot spot for art and culture, some 78 years after his death monks vast collection has finally found a permanent home under one giant roof. and the danish city of on se, is also honoring it's most famous son, hans christian andersen with a new museum, both above and below ground. hans christian andersen, sperry tales, themes and characters such as the nightingale, the princess and the p. and the little match girl are still popular with readers, young and old, all over the world. ah, the new museum designed by japanese architects kangaroo, coma and associates, is located an unsafe historical old town near this yellow corner house,
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where hans christian andersen was born in 18 o 5. the main idea is that we wanted to create a museum that, that was more in tune with the way and the since it sold his stores. so we work from what is the values in his universe? what is his literary strategies? how does he actually tell these stars and how can we transform that from being literature into being, being a spatial experience? the result is a new complex covering an area 5600 square meters dedicated to the world of hans christian anderson's imagination. and we're that we wrap up the shall and because a lot of us will be celebrating christmas right now. we have some presence for you to find out how to received them by going to our web site for this week's viewers draw. and as always, don't forget to follow us on social media now for me and the entire crew here at euro mags, as always, thanks for watching and to whom ever is celebrating,
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happy holiday. stay safe and we'll see you again soon. i with blue. ah, ah.
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ah ah ah ah with who did you know that 77 percent of a younger than 35. that's me and me and you and you know what? it's time of voices what high? honda?
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77 percent. we talk about the issues with 7 percent in 30 minutes on d. w a. from the far noise audi christmas eve, he brings to children all over the world. really a closer look at his life was a different story. this is the true story, a in 74. the w o. d w's crime fighters are back africa, most successful radio drama series,
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continues them all episodes are available online. and of course, you can share and discuss on d, w, africa's facebook page, and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in now, welcome to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and after 911, he says after 911, the clubs came off. where organized crime rules were conglomerates make their own laws? they invade our private lives through surveillance. hidden, opaque, secretive. what's true? what's vague? it doesn't matter. the only criteria is worked, we'll hook people up. we ship light on the opaque world who's behind
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benefits. and why are they a threat to what's all open world starts january 5th on d w. ah this is deed of the news live from berlin blasting off for a new era of astronomy. a revolutionary new telescope is launched into space. it is hope james webb telescope will be able to tell us more about the origins of university and also coming up covered 90.


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