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tv   Jagd am Polarkreis  Deutsche Welle  December 25, 2021 4:03pm-4:30pm CET

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and the 4 lines were not going through, so they were not able to communicate with their colleagues. but irrespective of their, that particular challenge, they have been able to find that much to what the presidential palace, which was part of their bachelor target for the day. you said that was part of their particular target what, what are their actual demands? part of the demands that they've been having is that the military relinquishes both political and economic power. because the military has been having political and economic power for the longest time possible. they have also been demanding that the military backs down because they think that the military actually a, hijacked, the democratic process and they want the democratic process that began back in 2019, be reinstated. and lastly, they want to the people who conducted or who has treated the coup attempt and 2 months ago be brought to book. and so that now they pull process to transition to
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democracy. can be back in the course. and you mentioned earlier that the internet was cut off. um, what other things are the security forces of student doing it? doing to prevent people from protesting. now the people have been met with open fire people at your desk can, is does what thrown at them. they protested that i talked to earlier and they were saying that police were using what's and gust candles to despite the crowds. now aside from that last night they, there was heavy military content that actually got into cartoon. and they blocked the 3 main entry area. so they protested, have had to back and it's out. and finally this evening they've been able to get it to get to the presidential palace, but something else. so many protests that have been injured aaliyah, i received some of the 4 to throw on what was going on in to mean we could see some
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of the protest was actually helping their colleagues who had been badly injured. they were helping them as somebody moving their t shirts to cover their bandages because some of the open fire that was thrown other people i managed to inject quite a lot of people, although we do not have the exact number of their people who've been injured. so far and just, you know, it's been 2 months um, on and off demonstrations of security forces, opening fire on demonstrators prime minister hemlock was arrested initially and then brought back into power. and some people weren't happy with wanting more democracy. what can you tell us about what the future i know it's hard to answer this. what does the future hold for? sudan as things look now. so actually prime minister. hm. doc has remained silent on their protests that had been going on. and that is one of the things that protest is actually not sure where he stands on this particular on this particular
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protest end of this particular development. and of course, a prime minister doc last week or had a difficult stay mean trying to name a cabinet because part of the agreement that they signed last month does not give him enough power to mention he's got in it. buckets looks bright for so done before . yes, no. okay, let. i'm so sorry. i have to cut you off there. we've just run out of time and we'll be coming back to you later in the day for more details did you corresponded felix marina? thanks so much. german president frank walter stein meyer has said freedom of trust and responsibility have taken on new importance during the coven pandemic. during his annual christmas message, he urged germans to continue to respect each other and looked back at some of the key events of the year, including the change of government home and the taliban take over in afghanistan. 2021 has been an exhausting year for germany. on the political stage, the miracle era ended and september general election marked
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a turning point. the president's christmas message praised the democratic handover of power in what he called an atmosphere of mutual respect. but it was also the year when the taliban swept to power across afghanistan, bringing post war germany's largest overseas military operation to an end. western forces pulled back and the buddhist van flew home to many. it looked like failure. stein my acknowledge that as well as other clouds on the international horizon, the ones that was loaded. and we remember our soldiers who returned home from afghanistan and also the people who have remained there amid suffering and stuff vacant. we are concerned by the news. we hear from many regions of our turbulent world, also, and particularly from eastern europe as the author. but the president's message,
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as is traditional, was also one of hope. he prays to solidarity people show during the severe some of floods in germany, especially the volunteers who helped with the clean up, gave money and time. so the rebuilding could begin. as the year ends, the coven, 19 crises, still looms over national life. protests against government rules have fled off across germany. but stein maya said, even from the pandemic, positive lessons can be learned. this proven, we say by 2 years, frustration is growing irritability and widespread. we're increasingly seeing alienation and regrettably open aggression is true that in a democracy we do not all have to be of the same opinion that i appeal to you to remember this, we are one country on the pandemic is over. we need still to be able to look one another in the i, and when the pandemic is over, we still want to live with each other on the me, not mitten. under his address,
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the president even posed a philosophical question. what is freedom? he suggested it sometimes means accepting restrictions in order to help others. that notion of solidarity and sacrifice may be needed still in the year ahead. a revolutionary telescope has been launched into space marking the beginning of a new era scientific exploration. the james web telescope lifted off on board a rocket from the european space agency launch space in french piano launch. it was the combination of several decades of work by european canadian and american. stacy . hi, james webb is expected to be back in new clues about the origins of the universe. ah, the new i in the sky is the successor to the legendary hubble space telescope. it's
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6 and a half meter mirror makes the hubble look tiny by comparison. the james webb, the biggest telescope ever sent into space, is made up of 18 segments plated with a raise, a thin gold coating. the instrument has to be folded up to fit into the rockets nose cone. the telescope will scan the heavens using long wave infra red light. ah, astronomers will be able to look back towards the big bang, nearly 14000000000 years ago. back to the origins of the universe and the formation of the 1st stars and galaxies. the new telescope could also prove decisive in a search for extraterrestrial life who it can probe, so called exile planets. nearly 5000 have already been discovered orbiting distance
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sons. the james web will monitor how exxon planets move in conjunction with the stars or trance. it's like this mean it can take a virtual fingerprint of the atmosphere of these remote worlds and assess for the 1st time whether they hold the building blocks of life. before the research can begin, there will be a delicate 2 week operation in which the telescope has to unfold itself. never before has a satellite been launched with so many moving parts and nothing can be allowed to go wrong. it will be 6 months after the launch before the telescope is ready to gather it's 1st scientific data. let's cross over now to keith cowan. he's the editor of
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space ref dot com and he joined us from washington. so keith, successful launch, does that mean we're? we're, we're out of the woods and everything should be functional. now. we're out of one set of woods, but we're entering quite another. it's going to be a good month before we know of the telescope has reached its final operational orbit and that everything is unfolded. and as you mentioned, intro piece, all these hundreds of pieces have worked. so there will be a lot of ankle, arg, knuckle biting, and so forth for the next few weeks. or i know, assuming everything works, which is i think what we owe for. what does nasa, as well as the canadian and european space agencies actually hope to gain from this 10000000000 dollar project? well, as mentioned, this is quite an immense telescope. i've stood in front of it. it's just, it's you can't see outside of your field of view, it's immense. and it's kind of looking at
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a wavelength that has not really been looked at before to this extent. and like any be telescope in space, it's out there because the earth's atmosphere tends to cloud up things and you really can't get a clear picture of what the universe really looks like until you leave the are sat miss beer. so that's what this telescope will do. but it has an amazing ability to hope. we look back to the earliest years of the song of the universe. but also it will allow us to take the temperature and examine the composition of atmospheres of planets, not just in our own solar system, but in other star systems in with the hope that maybe they'll find signatures their b. i would be indicating life for the presence of something similar to what we have here in are. so a lot of amazing questions to be asked and amazing answers are just waiting for it to become operational. and i guess the last time, you know, astronomers and, and people who are curious about science were this excited was when the famous hubble telescope was launched 30 years ago,
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or the space shuttle. what is different between what was the hobble is able to see compared to what the james web will be able to do? well, they'll actually do some observations together. they will look at the same things from different wavelengths. and we are to do that with the chandra telescope. it looks and x rays and other telescope. so joint observations are the norm and we'll also use telescopes in the ground. but where is a big telescope? it as much as a larger set of mirrors. it has far more sophisticated electronics than the web. pat i'm should be the hubble has, and it's looking at aspects of stars and planets and galaxies that the, where the hubble doesn't really get into. so we take all these other telescopes and assets together. it's sort of like getting cataract surgery, suddenly we will be able to see much more of the universe than we've ever seen before in many different and new ways. all right, well thank you for your insight, keith cowan, editor at space ref dot com. pope francis has delivered his annual christmas
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address from the balcony of saint peter's basilica, or b as or b, meaning the city and the world. the pontiff prayed for more corona virus vaccines to reach the world's poorest nations and for war torn countries like syria and land . the crowd was much smaller than in past years due to rising, coven 19 cases. in early you're watching the, the, the news that's your update coming up find out the truth of how santa claus came to be in doc film on next by sir, thanks to watched the landscape a reflection of a turbulent history. the cities, a mosaic of different people and languages e ron's mountains reveal unparalleled beauty. a special look at
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a special country. he ran from above. starts december 27th on d w. ah. lou. i think i could alana o'connor canadian o t ah with bonnie: it's the day before christmas. a festive day. the day santa claus fetches his reindeer. this is comet! his old companion to day santa will load toys by the thousands on to his sleigh.
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the words of the children's letters from around the world resonate in his ears as his sleigh takes off through the night sky, towards the many children excitedly awaiting him. santa is used to traveling the world, visiting many countries where he is usually well received. but one night in december 1951 and the french city of dijon in front of santobin cathedral and effigy, was burning of a mannequin representing him they were burning santa. but why? soon a photo of the scene appeared in french newspapers with the following explanation. it wasn't an attraction, but
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a symbolic gesture for us christians christmas must remain the anniversary of the birth of our savior. jesus christ santo was being associated with ally and portrayed as a figure in opposition to jesus christ and christianity. this is the story of a conflict that goes back millennia of it. otherwise, the santa claus is famous all over the world of all the basically he's conquered the entire planet it here for example, we have a brazilian santa from 19 o 7, a classic, but he's got the hood in front. i don't know why. here's a canadian santa, he's classic 2 cookies and red. of course i'd audrey as for the african santa, i think he's great. he's made with why talks packaging made to kill flies. this one
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is perfect though, cuz i don't have the japanese one here. but the whole world worships santa claus. otherwise ah, among the thousands of representations of santa claus, one stands out. the one of an early ancestor replugged ill settled. it builds a 1st ancestor of santa claus, is found in mythology a 1000 years before christ. there was a god in the scandinavian countries in the nordic country suit who was called bowden hill. and this god odin day, was very peculiar, good out because gods are usually worship to play it. we give money to people who take care of the gods and to the priests for protection,
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yet we give material things to get immaterial. things sits in and this god, the 1st of his kind did the opposite shed. he was the one who gave he levied. so he had a thrown in heaven with 2 wolves of what is that he had to ravens are which he sent down to earth to find out whether the children were good or not. and he would reward them at the time of the winter solstice between december 17th to december, 25th, and we'll set gabe sick. and then in rome, it started in the 5th century b. c. until the 4th century. a deal there was a goddess called strain ya, a very important goddess, whose name in french means gift. and at the time of the winter, solstice, vale, she wouldn't bring gifts at the thought. it was in her name that the roman patricians that the people of the roman high society offered gifts to each other toilet such as sweets or gold objects that he pulled it ah, among all of santa's ancestors. there's also
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a particular roman god who is worshipped at the end of the year when the sun goes down on the horizon and seems to disappear forever. i didn't d e niecy during the month of december, there were very important celebrations in rome. saturnalia festivities. people gave feasts and parties in honor of the gods, saturn, the god of agriculture. he does have you, lima employee. he cheered felicia during this period of transition. people would celebrate chaos. they would challenge the natural order of things, a waste of in this particular mood. a king was elected the key of saturnalia. yet he litany the fact of hulu, the king of saturnalia,
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is doomed to disappear yet to be reborn the next year. but in time such pagan writes would fade away as a new god rises. the god of the christians ah, 2000 years ago in palestine, a little baby was born, whom some followers came to regard as god. and over a period of time, they agreed that it would be a good idea to celebrate his birthday. in 354, a de the roman catholic church decided to place jesus christ's birthday on december 25th. during the pagan celebration of the winter solstice, the rebirth of the undefeated son. this was a very smart move by the christians, leading more pagan believers into their new faith. the child, in an animal stall,
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attended by shepherds with angels in the background and mysterious visitors from the east bringing gifts. and these 3 astonishing gifts gold, frankincense and murder are the basis of giving at christmas, ah, secret. among the many generous figures associated with santa history, one is especially central the one of saint nicholas. ah, here we are in turkey and his home town, myra, now called them re,
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as you can see in the big square a statue of santo was erected in his native land. this statue connect santa claus to saint nicholas. and in this church, a fresco recount the moments when nicholas his life turned in to legend. since then, bishop nicholas has become the patron saint of a great many cities. when he died, all kinds of wonderful mythology sprang up around him so that he became in time the most important saint in heaven. next to the virgin mary's, he had the power of flight. he could magically fly. he also had the power to be in several different places. at the same time. he's the patron saint of prisoners, sailors, butcher's, children, and of the french province of la haine. it,
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oh gosh. oh, fossil in france. everyone knows the legend of the 3 little children that a we could put your own, we could and keep it depending on the vision. wanted to cut into pieces and put in the soap barrel like piece. and after 7 years, saint nicholas came into the in all to butcher shop and resurrected the 3 children . oh, in 1087 ag. faced with the invasion of turkey by the saracens, italian sailors took saint nicholas his coffin to the city, bari enshrining his remains in the main church. then a french crusader brought his relics to a small town in la hen named san nicholas depot. here every year on december 6th, his followers gather and sing to commemorate his birth. ah
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in addition to resurrecting the 3 boys saint nicholas his life was marked by numerous acts of generosity. he became the patron of children and a bearer of gifts. but be warned. although saint nicholas brings gifts, he is also the one who punishes michigan the those are probably grew up in a suburb of luxembourg cities who are nope on that night. as long as your critique
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slip is in front of our bedroom door freedom at dow, when in the morning we look and sometimes we'd find a little stick, which meant deserved a spanking and no present day in fe. see, because her father had a large, a stick, he's a spine because if need be, who, hey, give you have a man. we usually received a little mozambique or something like that or the must. but the gift was small. them some a pretty ah labor clash, a good clears gen. thing on soften allah. hum. it's a cook offensive martin. oh, some shane and humans flooded by the idea was denied ce telephone is us yet. or by the name i think a hi. lay the head though, feel then years a of your bring on spirit. good sigh. ah, jamal bed goes, you did my mom to pity. i remember when i was really little god,
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i caught my dad in the carriage or the neighbor changing clothes shot. and i thought left to him is that all about the idea? i didn't understand 6 if you stuff because the big metaphysical problem, the children who had made the few, who is and nicholas, she kissed any color. ah, we can think of saint nicholas as a kindly man bringing goodies, but he was also very stern. and in this, he was also useful to the parents of europe because he could carry a switch ah, with which to beat children al, who did not know their catechism, that were disobedient. and sometimes in this mission, he accompanied by a rather terrifying figure, who was always black with him to talk with someone who was dressed in black. it was $32.00 tall while he was a lumberjack man. takes with him grand. i don't book with daily gotten them off
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tunnel don't live long time. things well separated. your field of religion was the one of baby jesus on the eve december, the 24th. the field of syndicalist who later became santa claus was on another date . made things got complicated, he ah, ah, what we have in the 1500s is an astonishing religious revolution that we call the protestant reformation. ah, europeans were very much against christmas and the post and his i'm in general because a central to the idea of post to them is to strip away all of the accretion. so
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chip christianity got over one half 1000 yards and to go back to the christianity as it was in the bible. and one of the things they agree on is that the cult of saints has become dangerous. that the saints are in, in peril of replacing god as the object of one's prayers. so they abolish the cult of saints and wisdom go. saint nicholas. saint nicholas disappears as a christmas gift bringer in many parts of europe. bye bye. thank nicholas. at least they didn't burn you, but you will be back because as the l say hiding a things doesn't make him disappear. yes. so at that point, traditions that were taking place on december the.


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