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revealed unparalleled beauty. ah, a special look at a special country loan from above. starts december 27th on d. w. ah, ah ah, this is dw news live from 13 major protests on the streets of sudan. demonstrate is our calling for democracy 2 months after a military coup, security forces fire t, a gas to disperse the crowds and cut off internet services to try and stop. the
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protest is also coming up. the pandemic is once again put the brakes on christmas celebrations, as in fiction. right, serge. some people here in europe are taking advantage of the holidays to get vaccinated and a revolutionary new telescope is launched into space. it's hope that james web telescope will be able to tell us more about the origins of the universe. ah, i'm jared ray. thank you very much for your company. we begin the show in sudan where thousands of protest is of taken to the streets of carter. mand, are the cities demanding a return to civilian rule. now these rallies come 2 months after a military coup. the civilian prime minister, abdullah, hum duke has since been reinstated, bought the pro democracy movement wants a government free from military control. ah,
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t gas and water cannon against a growing movement, angry at military roll sedans. capitol cartoon was once again the scene of mass pro democracy protests, a military crew in october through the country's transition to democracy into disarray, and the reinstatement of the military and civilian government. a month later failed to ease anger the armies powell grab. when we are here and we still believe in the 3 nose, no legitimacy, no bargaining, no partnership with the military. the military does not rule us and we demand the hand over a full power to civilians. we demand civilian democratic roll. them are robbing maddening. almost 50 people have been killed and hundreds injured in crackdowns on anti crew protests since october. and there have been allegations of
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security forces raping women protesters. in the lead up to saturdays rally the authorities, blocked roads and bridges. internet and phone lines were cut off. but the pro democracy movement is still finding ways to stand together against military role. and earlier we spoke to d. w. africa correspondent felix marine go, who's following these events in sudan for us from nairobi. and we asked him how likely it was at the protest is demand for a return to democracy would be mish it is very unlikely that the military will actually stepped down or back down and based on the resent development cause like earlier today, the internet was cut off so people who are not able to communicate amongst themselves and so they were not able to mobilize as enough, but a protest i talked to this particular evening said that the military seems to be i
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tired in getting tired with air. what the protest as i continuously doing to mount pressure on them, but it is very unlikely because even their prime minister who has reinstated thiel has his powers cleave to by the same military that people lay expecting to bog down . so whether the military will back down, it's very highly unlikely, especially are following the reason developments. felix marine good bear. well, christians around the world have been marking a christmas day, but in many parts of europe, the celebrations have been scaled back and made a massive surge of covert 19 cases. thousands of people across britain have taken this opportunity to get vaccinated daily infections in the u. k jumped above 100000 this week for the very 1st time. it's not something you can find wrapped under the tree. but the gift of health is what thousands of brits are looking for this christmas. this vaccination center is one of many open during the holidays, with the goal of to filling the prime minister's promise to offer every adult
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a job before the end of the year. or was totally unimaginable, unfathomable, by anybody that we could have a christmas or even the whole year like this, that this has been primarily accord ex, initially ariana. so unprecedented claims. the u. k. is grappling with its latest surgeon cases fueled by the army. kron variant hospitals are bracing for another massive wave of cove it. in this hospital in france, one of the country's biggest healthcare work is fear. they may soon run out of beds for new patients. france reached another record high number of infections on saturday, registering more than 104000 cases. most of the patients spending christmas day in this. i see you are on vaccinated trip. who he go that route. i thought
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a lot about the fact that i refused to be vaccinated. if i had been vaccinated, i would not have needed this level of intensive care, little muscle, relaxer. so the vaccine is not a danger the what it is, a possibility of escaping ish, something more serious in the netherlands. the decorations are up, but no one's around to enjoy them. people here is spending another christmas in lockdown. we hope the next is going to be rather was, is like with her 2 years ago with all the core all over again. okay. first christmas book. mother years going to be both are bullies actually or serve up here and around the world. people are hoping that next year santa's gift will be a merry christmas. ok, let's get a round up of some other headlines now. at least 16 migrants have drowned off to
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their boat capsized india, g and c off the greek island of powder. dozens more survived. the disaster and were taken to the island. it's not clear why the boat overturned, it's the 3rd deadly incident in less than a week. the saudi led coalition has launched large scale s drive on rebel held areas in yemen, killing several people in the countries northwest. that's in response to deadly me, sol attacked by who the rebels on saudi arabia. nearly 400000 people have died during 7 years of war. the suicide bomber has killed at least 5 people in the eastern city, city of benny, and the democratic republic of congo. the explosion went off in the busy restaurants in the cities downtown. no group has claimed responsibility bought. the city has regularly seen color clashes between the army and, and islam of the group. scientists saw celebrating the launch of the most powerful
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telescope ever built. the james web space telescope lifted off the border rocket from the european space agency base in french kiana. it's hope that this will provide new insights about the origins of the universe and possibly extra terrestrial life star equation. a new era of space exploration takes off on board the biggest and most advanced astronomical observatory ever launched. the james web space telescope will help solve mysteries about the formation of stars and scan exit planets for signs of life celebrations back on earth that the european space agencies base in french tiana. scientists are ecstatic about the discoveries to come web mission to understand excell planets. i think goes really
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to some of the core of our humanity. these fundamental questions of are we alone in a universe? where do we come from? where do we go? the universe is so huge and i had think that out there somewhere there would be life. but we don't know. we have to build large instruments to tell. and rep will make a big leap in that direction. it took some 3 decades of work and almost $10000000000.00 to build the giant telescope. teens from european canadian and us space agencies collaborated on the development the massive gold plated mirror and its tennis court sized sun shield were designed to fold up into the launch rocket. at its core, a powerful infrared lens which can penetrate clouds of gas and dust. deep into parts of time and space never before observed that we had had some infrared telescopes in the past, but they been much,
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much smaller than wet. so there will be many powerful tools that this telescope will have that jess were had not been available to us in the past. so it's going to be that's why it's revolutionary, why we're all excited about it. james webb, telescope is now travelling to its final destination more than 4 times further than the moon. it will be 6 months before it can collect scientific data. a long wait for scientists there barely a blip in the soon to be revealed. timespan of the universe. well, early i spoke with micah and garcia, marin of the european space agency and i asked her which inside scientists are hoping to glean from this telescope. there are a few big themes so that the 1st one, which was one of the same that started there, that the space for the, the scope was to serve the very 1st, the staffing galaxies were talking about
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13500000000 years ago. so we're going to send those very 1st, like this and aside from them. from there we will have more close my galaxy up at the local galaxy. understand how got access and will and how they form and generate levels of survey life cycle of stars for the food stamps. and also surveillance affects the planet by x. a planet. many benefits outside of the storage system with the objective of finding indications of life in those planet. that was marketing le garcia, martin of the european space agency speaking to me a short time ago. well, for many people here in berlin, christmas conjures up visions of hot mouthed wine and walks in the snow. but for though is living on the streets of the german capital, the bitter cold can be life threatening, and the pandemic has only made matters worse. our next report takes a look at
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a volunteer who donates her time to drive building straits to help the cities homeless survive winter. i love las, i'm chuck head, but give your friends some take them. oh. for over 10 years carty kaiser has been helping homeless people survive berlin's inhospitable winters. well, i've been cut off the one i had put in the midst of germany's 4th covered wave. and with all me consuming the situation for homeless has become ever more dramatic. because the risk that people will die is higher this year, was i? yeah. twice a week, every winter. carty goes on patrol through the streets of berlin. her main job is to pick up and fairy homeless people to rescue shelters. but coven regulations have led to a drastic fall in bed capacity. december the 3rd soon as i go, the worst case scenario is when it's freezing outside for i have
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a person in the car but know where to bring them because all the shelters are full in spring then. and then i have 2 choices. either i abandoned the person in the freezing called again, or i can ask the shelter to break the curve at regulations for everybody involved. it's an impossible situation on the cook. this man says he fled from war torn eastern ukraine, k or dog diesel. came of live alice. good alice. i have nothing left. nothing. no family, no kids, no one. whoa, whoa, whoa. a bomb fell and destroyed my house. that's it. you like many others. this man will spend the night outside. oh,
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many homeless people in berlin. don't understand german this man only speaks italian. hallow your liver. hey guys, we're from the rescue bass. could you test this man? first, him with hunting over a person is always a stressful moment for the team for what caught, he doesn't have long to dwell on that. a quick look at the tablet and the next case is already waiting. we cause x, it will be another long night. and then finally, now german president, his grandfather stein maya has given his annual, televised christmas address. the pandemic featured heavily in his message. this year stein maya said individual responsibility is key in the fight against corona virus. and he also called on germans to stick together through these challenging times. this proven we signed by her to 2 years. frustration is growing irritability
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as widespread. we're increasingly seeing alienation and regrettably open aggression . the democracy is true that in a democracy, we do not all have to be of the same opinion. but i appeal to you to remember this . we are one country on the pandemic is over. we need still to be able to look one another in the eye. and when the pandemic is over, we still want to live with each other enough that funding me not commit another live and your up to date coming up next is sports. life is more on twitter and instagram dw news, and on the w dot com, i'm jarred re in berlin. have a great tech stories that most people, the world over information. they provide the opinions they.


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