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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  December 26, 2021 5:15am-5:30am CET

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for 2 years frustration is growing. irritability is widespread. we're increasingly seeing alienation and regrettably open aggression. is true that in a democracy, we do not all have to be of the same opinion. but i appeal to you to remember this . we are one country on the pandemic, is over. we need still to be able to look one another in the eye. and when the pandemic is over, we still want to live with each other on the me know, mitten underly. and your up to date coming up next is sports life days more on twitter and instagram dw news. and on the w dot com, i'm jarred reagan fairly and have a great tech stories that those people, the world over the information. they provide the opinions, they want to express d, w on facebook and twitter, up to date and in touch. follow us with,
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ah, i were interested in the global economy. our portfolio d w business beyond. here's a closer look out the project. our mission. to analyze the fight for market dominance, east versus west. good. a step ahead. with the w business beyond on you to a from oh,
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a wade is 10 meters high, no land in sight for women alone on the open seas. a micah stephanie, catalina and cigna, taking on the biggest challenge of their lives, crossing the on vacation in a row votes in the telescope atlantic challenge. micah, a cardiologist by trade, has hardly any rowing experience globus is oh, i think it's also a little bit about getting to know myself from a different perspective by doing something crazy my to select. she has me like the other women, she lives in hamburg, mike, his best friend, catalina, came up with the idea i might get in with you. i'm toyota. i like having
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adventures and trying different 40 things august the 30 to 67 days on the atlantic, with no support bo everything on board and doing it all ourselves. it's kind of a life project. this is evelyn, and we've been limbs. we act ah, mother and daughter g o stuffy and tim not complete the team. they to were looking for something different in life vests and yahoo, 16 years i made her school lunches. that's not enough of the life of me and i'm doing something else for which often i'm looking forward to seeing the crazy starry sky because we won't have any light. i hope we see dolphins and whales. i'd love to swim with dolphins scanner did a huge room 1st though they have to train several times every week stuffy and tim to take to their local river. the outs done in humbug. although they both have experience in rowing, they brought in support from form of well champion cassandra alca with dr.
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stephanie, don't fall asleep cheek as you are on land, that's how to pursue the last part. i thought, did you know what i mean? then do a full hi buffer model with them and nor heard bussey ma hm. if you weren't involved in this and didn't no one liked him, then you'd have to be careful not to be mean about it and say, what on earth are they doing? 5 complete nonsense to the group has been training for a year and a half. thank but it's the 2nd breakfast today. looks good chocolate. great point via hold on. we're rolling a marathon today. 42.195 kilometers. combine some info to me. awe before this challenge, catalina, and micah had never been on a row boat. oh,
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oh. oh. 05000 kilometers of ocean, a white them with high waves, bad weather, and life pack together in a tiny space. many teams have broken off attempts at a crossing in the past. peaceful women wants to become the 1st old female german team to make it ah ah, over in southeast england, in the town of burning on, crouch charlie pitcher makes roy boats fit for the high seas. oh, that's exactly why the team has invested tens of thousands of euros in his skills. now they see what their money, his bought. it's 8 meters long, weighs a ton and is designed to be unsinkable. these 5 square meters will be the team's
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home for weeks. great. our own bo port soon after 9, like i had never even had a brand new car before. always used cars. this is new. hey, they're the 1st german women's team. you know, the whole world will be watching when they're racing next year. so very exciting time. so i'm really excited for them. that 1st test is crossing the english channel, so it's not too much to see burger nash, 30 ounce rowing. i so it's not just the physical demands that face the teen. the atlantic crossing will be a huge psychological challenge. running on the outset is simply not the same. a grueling rhythm of 2 hours rowing followed by 2 hours sleeping awaits them. and that's not all. with half past 1 in the
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night, we had to admit that although the storm is in here, yet the weather is too strong for us stock. michelle had to vomit to day and now we're turning back again. today with the team has failed. it's 1st trial. the mood is deflated then i'm since you megan, overcome the wind and the current, and then try decided we had to turn back on that still time before the race gets underway. charlie gives his advice on what the 4 women should focus on before then . it got to get more path with yours. you've got to have really good, strong legs and back. doesn't matter about the alms, and you've got to get your stall right. and you must get that long power together sink closest 2 of you get that power working through the oars to get the boat
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moving forward spots. the most important thing for me is that you've got to work on that. it's here in like a meta in the canary islands. the 35 teams begin the crossing to antigua in the caribbean in december 2019. the atlantic challenge is the hardest rowing race in the world. the fastest teams will need one month, the slowest 2 months. it's the moment of truth for my cache defeat. tim now and catalina, 2 yachts are on hand for emergencies. otherwise the rosa out on the run. there are risks. yes, it is. risks with bad weather and caps, eyes, and head injury and illness. but things that actually have the greatest effect on cruise, how they get on with each other, that personal dynamic is a really most important and potentially dangerous thing. in many ways that team
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spirit is tested early on. the wind is unusually strong and the boat can hardly make any headway. couple a pretty high ways and we all got seasick lawn team the how did the work? fortunately, micah is a doctor with the help of an i the infusion. she gets the situation under control with for the 1st 48 hours, i was so seasick i couldn't move. the girls had to row one person down while i was comatose in the middle of the bo tristan on me to dis bought us. but you know, every little movement, whatever i didn't before it came back out. we have a house. oh, i thought there are also magical moments like when they were visited by dolphins in the middle of the ocean with merry
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christmas new hob. today it's been with them come along with the slow progress we thought we'd see at the bottom of our boat love seat with hole in the kitchen consists of a gas cooker. ready meals are on the menu. i . steph. evelyn is a tasty oh, look at my little mouse. complex, always point north, and that's where we'll wait for you guys. may god protect you on your journey
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with antigua. this is where the team is hoping to arrive soon. they've faced a number of different weather conditions when they're out there. if you have big, strong season, big wires behind you, that's really good. but this year they've been from the side from behind all mixed up. other teams had to deal with even more extreme situations. but nobody was injured in a number of times when the boat been knocked over, but it's just rough and brutal and bruising and tough. and they've had got a lot. and the challenge that they will even still see some of that before the marriage to ra another, a 196 miles. hm
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. and then in like january 2020, after more than 40 days, they finally see other human beings again. ah. 2 ah, they completed the 5000 kilometer crossing with pure muscle strength ah ah, with ah, with beautiful antigen. at the 40 today's, at 46,
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a few items look all rent taking, indescribably beautiful because i haven't processed it yet. one of the best mornings in my life, not bad, just issues the ha on top of ontario the soon as the same isn't that was it phenomenal adventure and it's great to be an inspiration and role models with people and give them motivation torn a but he never dreamed that it would all end this way. the 1st letter that require michelle. i'm looking forward to a proper shower. good food. this on the safe in the harbor. friendship intact. that that's important to us. but with the soon. yeah. my cash defi, catalina, and tim, now have made
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a look. they broke every wave that came their way and best in the ocean. oh, wow. with so many great options. it's hard to choose. bavaria, berlin, saxony, ireland, where should you go? there something special to discover in each of germany. 16 states will show you the countries by most popular travel destinations with chicken d. w to be your own health advocate by turning into your own expert. we are your coach without any fiction. and lots of
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facts be active in a clever way with a 30 minute d, w. o stay informed, live and on demand. hot gas in language courses, video and audio. any time anywhere. the d w media center. ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.


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