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tv   Inas Nacht  Deutsche Welle  December 26, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm CET

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our mission, ah, to analyze the fight for market dominance. east this is wes. get a step ahead with the w business beyond on you to a ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. archbishop desmond tutu who won the nobel peace prize for helping end apartheid has died at the age of 90. president sir, ram opposes, said the churchman was a leader of principle and pragmatism to bequeathed us a liberated south africa will look at his life and legs also coming up to me
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and mars military is accused of killing at least 30 people in the east of the country witnesses say the victims work civilians trying to flee, fighting between the army and resistance groups. and we'll look at one of our favorite stories of 2021, a grandmother who is a holocaust survivor and now a huge tick tock star. ah, i'm nick spicer. welcome to the program, south africa, the archbishop desmond to to has died at the age of 90. 2 to was a key figure in bringing south africa apartheid regime to an end and won the nobel peace prize for his work. in 1984 south african president c o ram a post announced to to death praising him as leading light in bringing racial
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equality to the nation. ah, this was the moment desmond tutu called the most beautiful moment of his life. february 11th 1990. the day nelson mandela was released from prison, the freedom fighter and the priest united against apartheid we, we intend, on creating, building up a new kind of society, a society that is a passionate carry. since the 1940s racism had become south africa state doctrine, a brutal regime in which the white minority oppressed the black majority. at the time, desmond tutu worked as a teacher, but he soon joined the anglican church and became a priest preaching against the oppression of south african blacks. he called for
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peaceful resistance and soon became one of the most important spokesmen of the anti apartheid movement. in lean, you install a humming coming free. you're going to be a child and he came to destroy the $130.00 dad. he's i know it back outside of south africa to to received great recognition for his courage. in 1984, he won the nobel peace prize. o. 22 was a thorn in the side of the country's apartheid government. but as prominence also shielded him. in 1985, the anglican church elected him bishop of u. hannah's berg. and later, archbishop of cape town, after the end of apartheid, came a further step towards politics. under south africa's 1st black president,
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nelson mandela asked his friend to lead a truth and reconciliation committee for months to to listen to the confessions of perpetrators and to victims accounts often becoming overwhelmed by them. later mandela thanked him, saying to 2 had protected south africa from hatred and revenge away your comp on her dar paper under long walk to freedom help her foster smart for life and human rights irrespective o'connell, religion, rand r. o. after his term as archbishop to to traveled the world using his prominence to campaign for human rights and climate protection and to fight discrimination all the while, never losing his sense of humor. in the eyes of many, he was most often relaxed and laughing. he later made friends with another
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spiritual leader, the dalai lama meetings between the 2 were always witty and humorous. ah lucy, his name, i love it. be he leggy, lagging. holy man. ha, ha. desmond, 2 to one said, injustice and oppression will never prevail. and that's how he is remembered as a hero in the fight against apartheid and for justice. huh. is going to miss you very much. and dw corresponded to so caballo it joins us from johannesburg, south africa to so a sad day for so many a how how did the end come for such
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a beloved figure? thus true, quite a full day full of kings. here i had to die day early this morning at his home in kept town. this is what we know. and the statement that was issued by the presidency and another one that was issued by his condition did not stay to the exact cause of death. but what we noise that for a long time now has been suffering from prostate cancer and to infect in the last days of his life was in and out of hospital. so a great loss. and of course, he was old and a lot of africans now sending back wonder. this is and appreciating what is done for the country. and he was such an iconic figure of the anti apartheid movement. i remember from the outside he managed somehow to be indignant and humorous at the same time, all this huge compassion. but what does his death mean to south africans in the country? is quite a loss, is quite a loss with our solutions and the country. you know,
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this is the men who and even in his old age was trained by all means to fight races him to fight anything at that time in equality to that happening. so lovely canal, when he speaks about equality, will even shed his tears and looking at how to proc at 2 poor and that which i getting richer. so suffolk is up on to missing, but of course he has left a big legacy. he has shown sort of guess what it means to equal sign. what it means to stay to get that blake and why it's showing that this country, this beautiful country and even coined them rent one ish in meaning, the wise and the blake staying together in peace. so he left a quite a beacon, a gas by these shows a lot of policies, people that are i talking about him. i say no one is going to be able to feel his shoes. in fact, if there was in one, she was saying it was going to be nothing. mandela but nesa mandela is late as well . and i me see, it's a giant legacy, the huge shoes, you know, he leaves behind and in your words, what did he consider his work in the country to be done?
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this is lynn m wants to see update coming to an end. this is what the 4th one on monday, la, an adams winn prison, detach. if that, yes, you did, because a potted came to an end. $8099.00 to full. we saw a democratic government coming in. did he end in quality? no. notice not really, but he went a bit, the tick very white despite in trying to and that him to do himself who admit that he has done his part is now left for on the south africans while live now to do the upbeat in the upper level assembled a things like racism, things like in the quality at things that he knows that he is not accomplished. and he has confirmed that, but a st. lift now to south africans that are leaving to make sure that to be uplifted, this legacy of to 2. and the likes of mandela a of making sure that all south africans are if one, the corner of this kind of benefits every one. he only has a hint it on that some say
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a south africa would never be free until own equal in terms of economy in terms of the norm and in terms of all other things up. okay, thank you to. so kumato, t w correspondent in johannesburg, south africa, me and mars military has been accused of killing at least 30 people in from the carini minority in the countries east. witnesses said the victims were killed worth while trying to flee. fighting between the army and resistance groups, the aide group save the children, says 2 of its members were caught up in the violence and are missing their vehicle was found burned out along with dozens of charred corpses. the earlier we spoke with phil roberts and deputy asia director at human rights watch, we asked him what he thinks the motivation is behind the atrocity. they are clearly in the wrong place at the wrong time. these were as far as we can tell civilians fleeing fighting in other areas,
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they were trying to get to safety. and obviously they ran into a group of odd myanmar soldiers who decided actually to use them essentially as target practice. it is astonishing that this is yet another instance of a likely crimes against humanity, but committed by the myanmar military. it's outrageous, it's unacceptable. and as the year draws to a close, we're going to take a look back at one of our favorite stories of 2021. lily a bird is a great grandmother, a holocaust survivor and huge tick tock star. she had her great grandson, have conquered the ab by answering people's questions about her time in auschwitz. do you know these? charlotte chelsea pill went to meet them? why are you afraid of death? you know, i, you know, she, you, when know that see, and then you let me do leave. when lily a bit talks, it was ready shopping the world listens at 97. lily is one of the last remaining
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survivors that the nazi death camp outfits. with the help of a 17 year old, great grandson, does she know she has her experiences on take tell to an audience of millions before that but tick tock is if somebody will kill me, they are me tick tock. i heard these were, but they don't know what she was talking about. well, she does now. in the space for a few months, they picked up 1200000, follow it up, bring them the precious chance to ask her questions directly. you still believe in go wrong because not me. sure. ready it's just incredibly incredible to say how many people actually wants it on and care and want to ask questions. and at times it's very sad to learn about what happens on her family. but again,
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it's got such important stories of monumental importance. we're really in the last moments of hearing the holocaust survivors 1st hand. i, lilian don't came up with the idea journey cove had lockdown early this year, when nellie became unable to share her stories and person after surviving cobit herself. the importance of documenting her account became even clearer than the thought wavelengths. i've gone. i've gone nobody. we can ask nobody, it is nobody here any more. g little asked what really happened. but now suddenly i see. no is the last. oh man. my member id. 0572. this video alone had over 20000000 users, counting me as a platform beyond anything they imagined. and no,
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i think it's so important the work that we are doing differently for masters of hope, tolerance, survival of the importance of never giving up. and so i think we feel incredibly proud, proud. what excites it's on the platform. lillian dolls are an unstoppable team, having mastered social media, they've now work in a book reaching and even broader audience and fulfilling lily's life's work, and sharing the tragedies of the holocaust. a never forgotten, i promise. but why said, if i like any chance beard sewed wife, i will tell you that word that will be my aim. that though good should know for can hate shifting gears now and return to sports and german football is to look back at some of the best course in the 1st half of the campaign while the league is on a winter break. a
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thank you. this is gary oldman. still gary home on the whole depends leave you go with with conservation. he's not going to go lazy. he's going to go with like
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a year of course watching g w news. here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you. south africa's archbishop desmond due to has passed away at the age of 90. his death was announced by south african presidency o rama. poster. georgia was a key figure in bringing south africa apartheid system to an end and won the nobel peace prize for his work. in 1980 watching v w news, that's your uptake for this. our next is world stories. there's more and instagram and twitter at d w. news. i'm next fighter. like dusty boots, muddy ties, and drones. we deliver urgent life saving boxes. we give out everything to reach those who need us the most. every box feeding their futures boxes full of
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hope, hope of life saving food and of so much more down roads with no names. we fearlessly deliver relentless in our promise to make every delivery specialist not just next day, but every day. thousands of children still waiting for their delivery sponsor with box to day. so together. we can deliver futures. ah. this week on well stories. stain roads, clear fiscal children tacky. the street dog brady is an internet star that we start
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in indonesia. his beautiful landscape usually attracts visitors from all over the world, the district curve at 19 requirements editor and tourists. even on the island of bali. it's a magical way to start your day. hike up to 1700 meters and mount pa tour. a body will reward you. hundreds of tourists from across the world used to make this trek every morning. growled but who do yoga before the pan down make? it was so crowded here that i had no seats left, but now people rarely go up to a volcano. it's tough. i'm glad to deborah. the indonesian island is technically open to foreign visitors, but only from certain countries. and a long list of covert 19 restrictions upon a rival has cost international travelers to stay away. its domestic visitors that
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have kept struggling hotels, a life well domestic, if definitely is the strongest help for us. because we know that the international border is not happening any time soon or yet, maybe a few months after. ah, it is actually, we believe that even though later on when the international board is open, the domestic, it will go stronger than before. 60 percent of bonnie's g d. p is attributed to tourism alone. in the past, the rapid growth of the sector led many young people to abandon farming. but that put the island on a week footing. but up 2nd, we put all the eggs in one basket. if something goes wrong, everything will collapse. so balis should develop other sectors to my when i say we need at least 3 pillars to a tourism sector, agriculture and a small industrial sector on the end,
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picked out on this ticket sales back at mount. but tour there are finally some customers. students from the capitol jakarta, it's a good change for the local center. they could explain something new, the contract adapt to the situation because there took the pendant through the 3rd of this year, right? so they won't, they won't grow. they're not trying to grow from their comfort zone, for body to diversify, residency farmers, access to markets, capital and technology will have to improve fertile. it's a long term project on an island where everybody's just waiting for the return of foreign tourists. ah, following germany is general election, the country not only has a new government, but many new members of parliament to including our test by yesses, the 1st black women to represent the interests of her constituency in the german capital berlin. that
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there's a lot to do. and no time to lose, so i'll wait, tis for yes. who's has been working around the clock since the general election that secured her a spot in germany's history books. the eritrea born lawyer had been involved in local politics for years, and then a racist killing spree in her home state, shook her to the court. his wife, michelle. i don't know why, but the terror attack and her now pushed me over the edge. i thought something has to change. i can't stand this many long of mishma owls. 10 people were killed in the terror attack. 9 of them 1st and 2nd generation immigrants overcome by the feeling that germany was no longer a safe place for her and her family. she considered leaving the country so white got out, nurses should be in lunch, but frankly, it's hard to find a country that's free of racism from now here by the next the or so. the next
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option was staying all and doing everything possible to fight against discrimination and racism until camp here in a rural area of the state of hesser, a woman of color on the balance is a novelty. but the lack of footsteps to follow was all the more encouragement for the 47 year old to her. it's very clear you can't be what you can't see than on slush. well bird or a quarter of else, oh children haven't immigration background. why are we not seeing that proportion among tissues we should mission as a school go i want to see myself reflected in my agency. same goes for the authorities and our parliament and also unknowns on parliament. but us german society grows more and more diverse. statistics revealed that institutions are only catching up very slowly from her small town constituency, straight into berlin, center of power to her. the reason it took until 2021 for a black woman to get
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a seat and the bonus tag is clear. and foster troy because as a structural racism in our country, we miss agnes. and if we say it doesn't matter that i'm blacks, we're ignoring the structural problems, then that means we're not ready to acknowledge that as a black woman, i'm presented with different circumstances and obstacles than a woman who is not la, denise, no matter how qualified i am fitz yet ish been good no than you. m p has many plans, but the biggest of them all is to serve to others as the role model she herself never had it's an experiment, but it might catch on the spanish city of barcelona is making his streets car free every friday morning. this enables children to safely right to school on their bicycles. liam grand is focused, it's a special morning on friday's going to school is different. he won't be on the back
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of his mom's bicycle like on the other days. the 4 year old is riding his own bike, along with dozens of other children here in barcelona. they are taking the bc bush and organized by tour to school but lives with some woodrow but the children love it. it gives them autonomy when i is, and it's something different, something new that if i didn't, they none of it as it's a party on wheels with music and applause while the little once they've got the whole street to themselves, normally there would be many cars that would scared and now they don't need to be afraid every friday, the way to school is blocked from cars for around an hour. so the kids can cycle that bc was, is a project organized by parents who want a change because like they are, that is the idea to make this street more peaceful and other street in the city.
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even if they're buying places for children like them who are 5 or 6 years old, it is still a little difficult to maintain the direction and the bank like mind there are lots of scooters and bicycles, which people pass by very quickly. and that's sometimes a bit dangerous for the youngest ones, isn't book or belly get also brought up, but i love my speaking. yes. district counselor, paragon salus supports the initiative he has just given permission for another root of the bc bush left. you guys will? yes, it is very hostile for the boys and girls. this is a way to gain space for them so they can cycle on the streets and go to school full scott? yes, gordon chose me. seek liberty sweet out college. he hopes that soon families can operate the route on their own without the help of the local police. the kiss a loving it because we're all together and we like going by bike guiding me, is that leave in? it's really good that the children can now cycle without fearing the cars. ask
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lexus. the parents also want less cars in the streets to reduce you to emissions. barcelona is in the midst of extending and improving its bike lanes. but the city council needs to take into account all road uses be pedestrians, motorists, or cyclists. lafleur yet those gay that garza a leather routes from home to the school are perfectly walkable, miss, and the bicycle is just another way. that's why we need to treat it as another element. you bought it, and this is why we are working and making a school surroundings less busy. and also increasing the bike lane and see a film they lost, got elizabeth wida and family friendly bike lanes that us separate from call traffic may pop up in the future. but sick as theater. okay. on kate, i yep. lot. even if there are plans that go in that direction and if the city council supports this view, the changes are very slow. yes, come, yes, i'm willinger. until then the party on wheels continues. and with more and more
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children joining the beefy was this here to stay. ah, no g. the street doug from istanbul became famous last summer. he regularly travels through the attack as metropolis by train and bus, and now has tens of thousands of funds on social media. people on their way to work and posey a completely normal day on public transport in east amboy ah boz, he is a stray dog. but he loves travelling around the city to day. we meet him on the european side in the historic ballot district. eventually he loves it's temple. he sees more of the city, them we do, and he doesn't have to buy tickets for. that's a bit unfair. if you meet him in the metro on the bus,
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he is always relaxed and in a good mood ready to vote. i saw him for the 1st time today, but of course i knew him before it in our counsel course tre. animals are part of it stumble. because we share our streets and parks with them or that so why not our tramps to renew? but no one really knows how long body has been making his way around. a stumble about 3 months ago, more and more people began posting photos of their encounters with him. the job now even has his own social media accounts and tens of thousands of followers with city workers are now regularly taking bashi for health checks. they also gave him a collar with a g p s tracker clinical that up to some talk. we are tracking his route and always
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no way he is even at night. he travels 30 to 40 kilometers every day, but he also takes brakes along in m in the new for example. that's one of his favorite stations. and then sometimes he takes a fairy to cover touch and watches the sea for a while, thought in say to do so it's easy to find out where body is running to catch a fairy. but to this day, no one can bring the safe. why he's on the go so much. he doesn't seem to be looking for anything specific. never has a clear destination. he wanders through a stumble like a tourist. and if he just barely misses a train, bocce patiently waits for the next one. ah
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did you know that 77 percent of africa are younger than $35.00? that's me and me and you do know what it's time of voices. bob, heart pond, the 77 percent off the ball with this is where i can do 70 percent on d. w. and then for sky high, these doors an important document was drafted in this very sweet a politician was found dead in room 370. they bore,
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revise in geneva, the stage of human tragedy and political intrigue in our series. legendary hotels on d. w. global ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we rec, city screener? how can we protect habitats? we to make a difference? go ideas, ornamental series. it can go to $3000.00 on d, w, and online. hello and a one welcome to the 77 percent. our program for you africa view. coming to you this week from ne robi, my name is edith you money now, 2 years ago, i would never have imagined spending days and evenings that's whole due to
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a global health crisis. but that's what happened. the corona pandemic turned our lives upside down and we all realize just how important, good and accessible health care is to all of us. so on this week so that our focus will stand by and watch healthcare workers doing their best to feed a young woman's life. to find out why south african paramedics are putting their safety at risk to save life. and we'll talk about ministration and why access to sen. products is so important, but we'll starting lagos, nigeria, where does i came a robi, you can find excellent health care facilities. but at the same time, you can also find hospitals and clinics. really struggling to provide basic health care. honestly, it depends on where you are and what you can pay and whether or not you should, if insurance can pay. so my colleague flores to visit had an emergency hospital to find out what challenges patients and health care workers face on an everyday basis
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. here's what's your phone me right most. if anxiously waiting for the bus branch out, she rushed had her lots of this friday. the school for an emergency c section was like, she has the labeling says one in she didn't have any more. that's why we brought her here for the surgery, where he most tells me no glory only away is the owner of the hospital. she is well known in the community for providing health care to people who cannot afford it. private health care providers like when we are forced to get the burden of nigeria feeling health care system. most people don't have health insurance, so the hospital often has to cover the views of the patient. depends on donation. if i show you what, what that was, it's anything can happen. you will mark that down. the baby can also dine. that's
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why i don't at that's important to morning. more than life. meanwhile, the new baby has been born. it's a go. the mother is feel in the operating room as well, waiting for the doctor to finish off the operation. the power goes off and that is part of the challenges of practicing medicine in this country. the doctor has to make do what the half patients can only hope that the survive without any complications they do as health sector is costly on the fund it private and public hospitals and not equipped to standard and doctors or this is why many of them are leaving the country your study so hard to become a medical doctor. i don't have time to socialize when i come back. you see that
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those jumping buses get on there. i don't have my own house. a lot of both of them have their houses not supposed to be so we have 7 lives assumes a night you got we don't care about because i'm not taking care of those who are taking care. if the doctor continue to leave nigeria health care crises could get worse for now. right. he must remain quick to the doctor. was saved the life of her daughter in law and daughter. it's so sad to imagine that something as natural as child, but something that hundreds of thousands of women go to every single day. it's something that gets to provide proper health care for and that's what mentioning something like malaria. but after many, many years, it seems like we finally break to the children's vaccine. and just to give you an
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overview, here's how the continents down an end to preventable death of children under the age of 5, a reduction in the tunnel mortality, and a stop to be a malaria and other neglected diseases. these are some of the goals of the un an international community had set for 2030. but where are we today? africa still the continent with the highest rate of infant mortality. and well this has fallen by 3 percent a year. that is still not enough to achieve a 10 percent reduction goal ah, in the 1990 s and early 2 thousands, africa was off the continent most badly hit by a tribute 8th. the good news is that it now has the largest drop in h i. v infections worldwide. there are currently still over 25000000 people living with h. i v in sub saharan africa. but 2 thirds of them on anti retroviral medication, which them for pulling ill and help them to live with the virus aah! on the vaccine front, polio has been eradicated and
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a new vaccine for malaria is supposed to reduce the number of malaria cases and children. ah, in the midst of the global corona, virus pandemic, however, many people are lamenting the fact that the vaccines which are meant to cup the spread of credit 19 reach, the african continent laughed. ah, the w h rector tedra. deborah, yes. who's had repeatedly called unwritten nations to help poor countries speculate their population. but despite this, there has been no widespread outrage over the unequal distribution of the vaccines . so if you want to hear more about the differing health system, you can watch us 50 based on. but when i talk to health practitioners, i'm canyon trying to access the corporate 19 vaccines. i may have quite a bit to say why you paid the 77 percent, and you can watch them if we've learned one thing during the pandemic. if the importance of having good doctors, nurses, and health care stuff who are not just willing, but also able to go out and do their job every day. so we want to accompany one of
12:37 pm
these health care workers for a day to get a glimpse into their work. so our next story takes us to cape town where the 2 paramedics normally have to deal with the challenges of the job itself, but also faces the risks involved in working in so called red zone in the city areas with high violence and crime rate. in friday morning, atlanta hill hospital in cape town, the ambulance hub is buzzing as the vehicles are being shunted and we talk its the start of the shift for the 5 year old for a medic norms adjuster each morning based no knowing what her walk hasn't store for her, but they said many of the emergency calls are coffee related. now because of the covers is f o b. people having southerners office wise, you can never expense anything. anything can just simple. the job is as risky as it is tough. the majesty teams are regularly called to dangerous parts of the city.
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nonsense colleague princess used to head out with the team, but now she's thankful for has a safe job at the office when you young have been with in terms of the adrenalin, the excitement, the hours that grew wig. it's ideal, but the older you get to wind and more monday through friday, 9 to 5 separate bills. that's not on the cards for nonsense in how colleague montoya, a busy 12 hour shift lies ahead of them. after just a few minutes on the clock, they received their fast to call sierra alpha 5, he is the due war. fellow rates. nonsense walked for the so called southam, division of the emergency medical service, which covers the townships of the cape flat. the suburbs created by south africa the apartheid regime to forcefully resetting people of color to day. it's a hot spot for violence and crime. it's simply too dangerous for the paramedics to drive to the patient's home alone. in such cases, they call
12:39 pm
a police escort. who are waiting for the escalade. now we found the escalade. when we're going the owner arrival dancer in ha colleague, manor chick on the patient while the police secure the sin. there is a reason why this measures are in place. paramedics are regularly attacked by criminals while on duty, without police escorts, the ambulance can't drive into so called red zones, such as that will lead to township. this is also a disadvantage for the residents themselves. sometimes it takes longer, some kind of quick. i depends. if these are as quadrille as a politician, because due to crime in the area, they need to wait for this court to come to the residence for that is a bit delayed, a process. the patient is a 79 year old woman who is struggling to breathe, possibly a case of cov, it, mandela and non. so supply the woman with oxygen and bring her to the nearest
12:40 pm
public hospital. in south africa, no one is refused treatment based on their capacity to pay back on the road. violence in the area often overshadows their walk. only 4 days earlier, paramedics were robbed in a nearby suburb one of 78 incidents in the last year alone. non so herself was held at gunpoint just a few months ago. luckily, she was able to escape, but the attack left her traumatized when the guy was coming, i literally saw my finra lay girl gregg. i thought he was going to shoot or some being all then i had to stay at home for awhile because i was not okay. i couldn't come back to work the last year. so the highest number of attacks in 5 years, despite the use of police escorts, getting an escort doesn't really sort out the situation. it's just sort of put them in the shell at that moment. but as soon as there's no escort been made to get attacked, rob gun pointed. the next call out is to one in burke
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a dang reading area on the cave flat. another read. so he was saying there was a shooting in mining bag earlier, but now it's a, it's fine we can going in areas like this, the paramedics only performed necessary treatments on location and aim to leave as quickly as possible. despite the risks. nom sir, finds her work rewarding. when you know it was with all you do or you can do according to a protocol, then you see they are better then you get a smile on your feet. you'll be heading to save the life, risking your own life to save the lives of others, a job that requires courage and passion. now, there are also some issues that we need to talk about when it comes to women's health. but one of the most important thing is access to menstrual products, and that many girls and women don't have. now, if you follow us on youtube,
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you might know our theories, gulf of news, where aspiring young goals reports about topics important to them. so here's catherine milan go reporting on access to salutary products with going on. you appeared at school without signing guided peds. well, i've witnessed this happening to men of my peers, particularly from disadvantaged families here in bab, with some of them even missed school data for lack of sanitary pits at the child. parliamentarian, i've taken this matter into my onions to lobby for free access of sunnyside away. i am catherine morrow, mail angle from edward r, as in bob with lakeesha, takara alia friends are walking back, and the girls are part of
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a group of charge for let me tell you, and looking for pre sanitary bid. and the poor culminate of f, which is t, as in bob with capital r, idle gales and discipline childhood ups. if planetary pitt days, i and claimants, and most parents cannot afford even cheaper. you feel good mother feels to buy you those sanitary that we seem sure. what do you use in some times, i had to listen to and clothes and you know, some times i had to miss me live in school and even i won't even add 10 t i own boy. she said. and again, you know, did that to her clothing has not been gone for did was just only if goes i, you know, even clean screens even walking around the school is difficult to explain my this child was to go, beg, bear with me,
12:44 pm
let alone find it. had appeared, squeaking butcher, she survived from vending her door, mom's. it's quite a big challenge. the money in it did, my kid is not meaningful. it is only enough for us to basic food. i cannot then afford to base. so me teddy kids. i can only afford to get there to shift the pieces of fair bridge to use. his said teddy pigs, we can only appeal to those who are able to help us jose gon, our nations shall i know. but the rock i managed to avoid this was they're both sandy teddy paid goods paid and denied me, but it can only be ad ship debate begin together to influence change. not only yours, mabel, but i'll but africa. well, go off, mute. i am catherine milan before i in babylon. right. so change all
12:45 pm
over africa. and just to be clear, what we're talking about, this is what we mean hearing kenya, a packet of 14 retails for anywhere between a $130.00 to $150.00 shillings. that's just under 3 euros, and a woman may need anywhere between $10.00 to $15.00 of these depending on how heavy how flow is in a month. there are of course alternatives, including the all my to one of the like to call it slightly more expensive of cost . they're also more affordable options. we're talking about the mental cup or even reusable sanitary pads, which can be washed, and that leaves us squarely here in a room where we meet the roof aiden, who is raising awareness on how to create access to the cemetery tower for women and girls, such as the ones we just saw in kenya, it's 2 thirds of women unable to afford menstrual products. 2 thirds. ready of women receive mental products from sexual partners. 1.2000000 girls every missed school because they don't have to manage their period claims periods. and this is
12:46 pm
why i call home. i grew up in i robi, lot, 18 years old. and then i traveled to the u. k. for my undergraduate degree. i was contemplating coming back home for a long, long time because i was away for almost 8 years. i got the independence that i was looking for, living abroad, going to schools, figuring out life in who i am. but i got to a point where for me i just could never see myself living that long down. it never really felt like home. why, for the long girls, it all started halfway through 2019. it was a lot to do with cost of menstrual products, even as university students living abroad. it was very expensive to buy a menstrual product, and also the environmental impact that single use product tab. when the environment, when my sister and i 1st decided that this is what we're going to do,
12:47 pm
i was too scared to tell anybody. i didn't want people telling me no, don't do it. all people are going to say how you talking about periods. my sister both in use list to leave it to her. after that it was a lot of support very quickly, especially because in a while the community people do not talk about periods is a conversation that was not unfamiliar to people in my family. the only thing was my grandmother thinking, oh my goodness, people are going to see my grandchildren walking around, talking about pads or oh my goodness, you talk to your dad about these things. how does he just say to her about the benefits of the world? so there's a lot of cultural things funny because at the end of the day, like those comments were not said out of go into it, there was to love encouragement, but it was the cultural side hearing what other people are going to say. the
12:48 pm
problem that we're trying to solve is cumulative impacts that lack of period products has on a good life. it begins with you not being able to have pads or being shamed for maybe having a spain in class that you won't go to school month on month when you're on your period. after we spoke to a bunch of girls who go to school in mendera county, and they told us that since the county lockdown top and because of covert, the free pads that were typically given by the government to school going girls all stopped. and so we were hearing crazy stories of girls engaging and transactional sex as young as 10 years olds to buy pads and other or getting money to buy that requirements. day on day they were using all sorts of scrap material. the unclean rags clay mattresses, anything we could find. so that kind of pushed us to just thought early for we
12:49 pm
want to achieve. it's not just only giving paths, it is for parents to not have such a detrimental impact. ready on that country upon not one, not clip chimney, teeny panty down as when it came to me moving back. i had had it in my notice my boss was like, oh just stay a little bit longer. let us help, let us find just a replacement florida. and then when that happened and london went locked down and i was like, oh my god, i'm alone. like, how am i going to do this? i part of my stuff and i came back. i think it was the best decision i ever made for somebody else who was in my shoes and trying to figure out whether or not they
12:50 pm
should move back. i think you should definitely ask yourself if you're really ready . and i think if i came sooner, i would have always missed it. i think i would have wanted to go back. i may have regretted my choice, but because i felt like i had done everything i needed to do. i had no 2nd thoughts about it. talking about top would hopping for talking about sex condom, you protecting yourself and others. by the way, is that still a top topic for you? or are you able to talk about it really with your sexual partner, health professionals, or maybe even friends and relative? why don't you let me know in the comments? well, we're about to meet somebody who has no qualms talking about sex, and here he is. the king of condo, b, who, his majesty the king of colonels will join him in his kingdom. he bear a slum in b, kenya, africa, largest athens. love is my kingdom these my territory,
12:51 pm
these my parties. i come yeah, i will do news will to call on to read the approach. posts are item is twin. did the community love ali visual ship with them? love what you call trust, building experiments done, and i teach them on how to use condo mc spreading. did they did from the i i do the, the most visual soul of a cold you gotta enjoy from them or switch on every body will bit honda, depending to the need them want minutia. people want one long tunneling gara, aka the king of condoms, started advocating for safe sex and the importance of using condoms. after high school. after losing a close friend to h, i v aids, stanley decided to start honest and open conversations about h i v with as many people as possible to draw people's attention. he weighs this
12:52 pm
eye catching royal outfit. who's very, a corrected wonder. it also made me feel proud that i'm the key and our middle to interacting people in a very good level. at a low level. they feel a king is high level coming. the slum, it's very attractive to them. in the last 2 decades, h i v infections and kind of have decreased by half. however, 5.6 percent of the population still carries the virus. and recently, a new wearing trend has emerged in poor settlements like deborah infections among young people are particularly on their right. i come to realize that these are a condo beginning because are the same god, when you asked them why, why you, what's happening with mom? he bought for me, he started bring me then to study a month, was brooklyn's, in the king of condoms moves zone to continue. he staley mission to protect his
12:53 pm
kingdom. key berra i contour boise tv is an african. i'm assuming to put a single people leaving the city. i hear enough of it. paula will not sympathy called cold, but from school. knew he didn't fix it. i believe we need somebody who could now block where he needs to be. maybe when was proof, whatever we've almost come to the end of our show, but i have one last video for you. i know that we've talked so much about health challenges that i thought, you know what, we should take a look at what we can do to prevent them. so for our last report, what, what, what to tell, go and meet fitness. coach massey, charla, i lifted weights to build up strength and exercising to lose the kilos. that's what murphy, choa preachers and her fitness classes. so what would you do each time?
12:54 pm
i say it's a battle one because they only finish the class happier than they started with more confidence who called and i also give them information to inform us here. a courses require rigor and endurance, but for many of the women here, it also comes with rewards. mirabelle, i feel more fulfilled, ma'am. i couldn't dress how i wanted to, but now i am happier and more confident when i started the course with the 110 kilos and i lost, satisfies katie. did the mom was about 6 percent of the police population suffers from obesity. that's still a small number, but an african cities more and more people are battling with their weight. the reason people move lest you to their office jobs and they eat food higher. in fact, is it all the secretes to losing weight is eating less calories. to that year, reducing what you eat and doing more for yourself to school more. this means being
12:55 pm
active. a or d jogging walking. is it only fair? and if you have the chance of going to the gym to do sports on side pushes or to pick what she or the women here, the key is to maintain a strong mindset and have a little fun in the mean time. and that's all we have lined up for you. let us know what your fame can do, contact us by a facebook, youtube, and now even instagram, we actually want to know what you think that we can keep the conversation going on . the topics that are important for you. thank you so much for watching. my name is eda p money coming to you from the green city in the sunday, robi. and as usual, we leave you with a big deal with cases so much parents if government pick your last minute mrs. always just been week or what is the pursuit equipment that gets doctors with no mass to where all
12:56 pm
the schools have been closed. so no class this year, a state of emergency is a catastrophe, shut down on a social business without a cash register in order to buy the day. but gosh, a don't know what to hear from the president. but he acted with acting with $400000000.00 the emergency funds to lease items, gave $10000000.00 to help the disease fail mad is up. it seems like a brilliant to meet with ah, with
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who will and then for sy, hi, these doors from an important document was drafted in this very sweet edition was found dead in room 317 the ball revise in
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