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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  December 27, 2021 5:00am-5:16am CET

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ah, we ask, why? because life is diversity. make up your own mind in d. w. lead for mines with ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin tributes for the iconic, spiritual leader, who helped bring down apartheid in south africa. people around the world, remember archbishop desmond tutu who has died at age 19. the anglican cleric was reviewed as a passionate advocate for freedom and equality. look back at the nobel peace prize
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laureates. life and legacy. also coming up, a prolonged drought is causing crops to fail in east africa. we'll see how people are coping in kenya with the situation made worse by climate change. and to look back at one of our favorite stories from 2021. a grandmother who is a holocaust survivor and now a huge star on tick tock. ah, i'm jared re. thank you very much for your company. south africa is archbishop desmond to, to is being remembered today as the champion of justice and global human rights. he died on sunday at the age of $92.00 to was a key figure in bringing an end to apartheid in south africa. and he was awarded the nobel peace prize for his work in 1994 south african president, 0 ram,
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oppose announced to choose death, and he praised him as a leading light in bringing racial equality to the nation. morn is from old corners of south african society, a mocking the passing of archbishop desmond tutu. we have lost one of the most illustrious, courageous, and beloved amongst us. archbishop desmond, true to us, one of our nation's fineness, perchance. he was a man or one wavering courage or principal conviction and whose life was spent in the service of us. he in many ways they're more due to the essence of our humanity. there. he may have been a leading force of south africa's anti apartheid movement. many international
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leaders remember to choose personal qualities, and he will feel that wonderful. wonderful ma'am. we can only celebrate his life, his long, generous, opened life. he had a capacity to touch people, and we will remember him because of that generosity about empathy by below. and he spoke about love all the time. u. s. president joe biden and 1st lady jill biden released a statement saying we a hot, broken to lack of the passing of a true servant of god and of the people. and that his courage and moral clarity helped inspire our commitment to change american policy toward the repressive apartheid regime in south africa. in a statement on twitter for me, you as president barack obama also mourned to, to his passing. archbishop desmond tutu was a mentor, a friend, and a moral compass for me. and so many others, a universal spirit archbishop, to, to was grounded in the struggle for liberation and justice in his own country. but
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also concerned with injustice everywhere. cc whole in to his home of cape town has been leased up in purple in tribute. his funeral will be held on january 1st, mocking the passing of a champion and shining light in the struggle for human rights will only get dw corresponded to so comalla, when johannesburg brought us more on the reaction in south africa to desmond to reduce death. the great loss indeed for sold africans ab, because this is a men oh stand against death. and it powers that be he was not afraid to tell the truth to power, especially even the democratic air ruling and see. now whenever they did something wrong, when ever they don't govern when, whenever they took action that to a place to other people who would speak out. and this is that men who was very passionate about fighting for the poor,
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making sure that they also gained from the conscious opponent, missile. it is a loss, a 444 south africa. but definitely even the, the, the reaction that came from different people, it will show you how important this person is. president obama policy himself describing him as a person coming from enraged. and alicia, in the event and pointed generation in terms of the contribution that he made, and the ness emma de la foundation describing him and as an extract what not human being showing exactly that to a divide. would that be contributed south africa? no one else, adequate, would feel that his shoes, that was dw correspondent to so kamala, in johannesburg speaking to us on the death and legacy of desmond to to in other news. now the bodies of 16 iraqi kurdish migrants who drowned in the english channel in november have been returned to the capital of iraqi kurdistan. 27 migrants died as their de deflated when they tried to make the dangers crossing
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from france to britain. it's been described as the worst disaster on record involving migrants, trying to cross the channel they left searching for a better life, but make the most tragic of deaths. relatives waited a port for the delivery of coffins carrying the remains of loved ones. just some of the thousands who have fled a land of little opportunity. as the brother of one victim described. i live in kurdistan for more than 7 or 8 years. there hasn't been any work on a young people have no work in the government sector, or even in the private sector against all these young people left to achieve their dreams and goals and to reach a country that provides a decent life with dignity in verona. but you are thinking of america. their journeys ended in the english channel, attempting the perilous crossing from france to england. at least $32.00 people
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crammed on to an overcrowded inflatable boat like this one, setting off in rough weather, within hours the engine stalled. as the dingey deflated its passengers made desperate phone calls for help. rescue boats arrived more than 12 hours later finding only 2 survivors, french and british authorities have traded blame over who should have responded more than a month later, funerals can finally take place. relative say, most of the victims had used official migration channels before attempting the dangerous c route. well, let her. oh, it is. yeah, this was a family of 4. what the mother and her 3 children wanted to migrate and have a better life. i said were fans. i got kind of a lumber that'll, but it was god's will that they meet their end at c ada. jennifer asthma maximilian, on the kurds from iraq. we're not the only ones who lost their lives. others from afghanistan, ethiopia, egypt, iran in somalia. are also being returned to their homelands and laid to rest long.
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we're going to take look now at some of the consequences of climate change which are being felt in a growing number of regions in africa. the lack of rain there has led to extreme drought in some areas. east in kenya is one of the hardest hit regions. now, many people there are suffering from food insecurity. amanda dianne lincoln and the other residents of a village are finally getting some help donations of corn, flower, and oil. so they'll have something to eat. they cannot get food on their own any more. over the past year it has barely rained. you look on eastern kenya, i'll no longer. this drought is hurting us. it's everywhere. and many animals have died. life his heart. he. they are shepherds, but the stall of none to ryan lincoln is empty. she has lost 27 of her animals to the drought. her son is leading the 12th that are left to the north in search of
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grass, in kenya alone, more than free and a half 1000000 people off, threatened by food insecurity and depend on aid. what even that is not enough blood, the long all my children don't get enough to eat, especially the little one needs milk. people in somalia and southern ethiopia are suffering from the consequences of the drought as well. not only the cattle are dying, wild animals like this dear off, are also in danger. i sent me the letter of gallery to an inducement, flemetcher, and maybe as a remedy to it as an alternative to it. as a solution to the drawer situation is actually having a lot of livelihood to this people. the rising temperatures have interrupted the rain cycle permanently. the drought is expected to continue until the middle of next year, until then, the suffering of the people here is certain to increase. let's get a round up of some other headlines now. the bodies of more than
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a dozen migrants have washed up on a libyan beach. the red kristin says their boat sank as they tried to cross the mediterranean sea to europe. the route from libya to italy is the world's most dangerous. we have some 1500 people missing and fear drown this year. us airlines have cancelled hundreds of flights for a 3rd day due to on recruiting infections among staff. all of the major carriers have faced labor shortages because cabin crews and ground staff have called in sick us daily infections have been rising sharply as the variance spreads in brussels, thousands of performers, cinema operators, and event organizers took to the streets for a peaceful demonstration to oppose the cold, the closure of belgium's cultural venues. the government imposed tighter restrictions to slow the spread of on the chronic to dams have versed in northeast and brazil after weeks of heavy rain in the region. 18 people have died
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since torrential rains began pounding by a state in early november. tens of thousands of had to evacuate their homes. well as the year draws to a close, let's take a look now at one of our favorite stories from 2021. lily a bit is a great grandmother, a holocaust survivor. and would you believe that she's also a huge star on tick tock. she and her great grandson have conquered the app by her answering questions about her time in auschwitz t w's. charlotte chelsea pill went to meet both of them. why are you afraid of death? oh you oh she age. you are not the end of day. are you ready to leave? when lily but talks it was ready shopping the world listens at 97. lily is
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one of the last remaining survivors of the nazi death camp outfits. with the help of her 17 year old, great grandson dog. she now she has her experiences on tiptoe, to an audience of millions. before that, what think the case is so monday route. cale mother, they are mythic, though i heard these were, but they don't know what she was talking about. well, she does now in the space for a few months, they picked up 1200000, follow it, offering them the precious chance to ask her questions directly yourself and even go wrong because no one. so it's just incredibly incredible to say how many people actually wants it on and care and once was questions. and at times it's very sad to learn about what happens on her family. but again, it's got such important stories of monumental importance. we're really in the last
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moments of hearing the holocaust survivors fast hon. i 1000000000 dog came up with the idea journey coven locked down early this year. when lily became unable to share her stories in person of the surviving cove herself, the importance of documenting her account became even clearer than the thought wavelengths i've gone. i've gone, nobody can ask nobody, it is nobody here any more, really, to ask what really happened? but mel suddenly i see no is the last oh man my member is 0572. this video alone had over 20000000 views and counting me as a platform beyond anything they imagined. no, i think it's so important the work that we are doing differently for masters of hope, tolerance,
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survival of the importance of never giving up. and so i think we feel incredibly proud. proud what was excited to have the platform, lillian dove, or an unstoppable teen. having mastered social media, they've now worked in a book, reaching in even broader audience and fulfilling lily's life's work, ensuring the tragedies of holocaust and never forgotten. i promise. but why said if i why any chance beard saud wife? i will tell you that word that will be my aim, that though i should know what can happen for christmas ease over for another year. but if you would like one last look at santa claus in 2021. well, here are hundreds of the runners in mat north macedonia. capital scope ya have dawned 50 of santa claus costumes for a race through the city. now take
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a look. santa's of all ages covered the distance of just over one kilometer. the annual event was cancelled last year, of course, due to code 19, but we knew case numbers on the decline. there was nothing to stop this year's festive event. lou had your up to date here on the w news coming up next is our documentary iran from about. i'm jarrett raid in berlin. thanks for watching . have a great time for an experiment about time. it can be measured precisely and yet each person experiences it differently as if there are different forms of time.


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