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tv   Europe in Concert  Deutsche Welle  December 27, 2021 1:00pm-1:46pm CET

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wishes light haunt the opaque world, who's behind benefits, and why are they a threat to a soul who pick worlds sports january 5th on d w with ah ah, this is date every news live from berlin. tough talks ahead between iran and major world powers. and all the chance to save the iran nuclear agreement, negotiate is gather in vienna, trying once again to keep the deal alive after the 20 i take with pool of the u. s
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. also coming out making sense of india's devastating 2nd wave of covered health care workers. look back at the surge of cases this past spring. asking, could it happen again? ah, i'm rebecca writ as welcome to the program. talks over iran's nuclear program are resuming in vienna. it's the 8 round of discussions aimed at saving the 2015 agreement, which was meant to stop to ron from developing nuclear weapons. the talks include germany, britain, france, russia, and china as well as iran. tehran has increased its enrichment of uranium and has restricted inspectors since the u. s. pulled out of the deal in 2018 for the iranian delegate for the iranian delegation. oil experts will be a major bargaining chip at present. iran is shipping less than a quarter of what it was back in 2018. and when d w visited the capital,
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tehrani was clear that has helped create oblique economic landscape for every day radians. hope is in short supply in this commercial district of o t. ron, as the talks and far off yet not wreck on, even the small items on offer here are getting more expensive by the date, too expensive for many. most people we meet don't dare to speak out about politics . and those who do i disillusioned not to have all if they don't reach agreement, then it will be young. people like me who pay the price 7. i missed the economy is in a shambles of the month. there's no work. and even if you find a job, everything is so expensive when you're young. carney's got on the road you're going on. i was in my good when amy, buddy in casual pick on it. even if they sign a deal you nothing much will happen. double your i don't think anything in the next year or 2, we'll have
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a positive impact on my life to present the humanity of your father or because you're speaking with one. i'm catholic, a little my think our president is not even interested in reaching an agreement when i drew honey wanted one, but didn't manager as well as that. i think the new government does not even close to any this. how the it won't work out to successfully a fan. i had my fiancee on what their membership the foreign ministry leading the nuclear negotiations is just across the street. no representative wanted to speak to us priorities have shifted since iran's new hard line government took over sanctions relieve remains oppressing objective, but official willingness to cooperate with the west is at an all time low. this political analyst at t ran university tells us over the realizes that the of dealing with the country. that's not a reliable. it's called the united states. at the i left the agreement. once that
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there was this american saying that you fooled me a once. shame on you, if you called me twice. shame on me, so the racy administration, mr. racy other people around him or gone from norma to be full. twice. many ordinary iranians also feel duped, not only by the international community, but also by their own leaders. as almost my telephone hosted by the nuclear deal should be made when the basis of these law, mac republic is corrected. but from the very foundation, as only the recent years when the people in charge them have gone where they belong them. his article has as long as that doesn't happen and agreement will not be reached only to do right through official hers. the people in charge think only about the benefits to themselves, lamb only not about the 85000000 people living in this country hasta, which most retina hot care. and so iranians are bracing for the worst. they know
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that no agreement is likely to mean more sanctions and even the possibility of a military confrontation and that they'll be the ones paying the price. and and about the bias and iran expert and co founder of the center for applied research in partnership with the orient, he joined us. he joins us now from diesel. doff our non welcome to day w bray thing for the worst. we heard it there just how crucial are these talks for iran? what's at stake for the iranian people? i guess clearly the prospects for a better economic livelihoods is what's at stake fully run in people and the prospects get, of course, a better if sanctions relief was on the horizon. and i think this is what matters to, to be wrong in population most. and one of the aim of today's talks is getting the united states back into the agreement. why is the biden administration reluctant to
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do that? yeah, unfortunately there was some, some had advice i will have to say in that with respect to not urging back into the deal. if we all recall by that constraint came into power. that was still the previous iranian government. that what that was much more positive on the talks, it could have been an easy return. but there was this idea to use the trump sanctions as leverage, so to speak, to gain war from the wrong. and i think this is where the problem is right now. we have a new government in iran, which is obviously on its part, also playing a bit harder than the previous one. iran analyst at non tabatha vi speaking to me a little earlier. but it's got a round up of some other headlines now. south africa's archbishop desmond to to is being remembered around the world as a champion of justice and human rights. he died on sunday at the age of 92 to was awarded the nobel peace prize in 1994 for his efforts in the struggle against
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apartheid. their dams have 1st in northeast and brazil after weeks of heavy rain in the region. 18 people have died since torrential rains began pounding bar here. state in early november, tens of thousands have had to evacuate their homes. and now, as a pandemic filled year draws to a close, we want to take a look at some of the lasting images of 2021 in india, a huge 2nd wave of close at 19, swept through the country. thousands. they had died crematorium to burn the dead were overwhelmed by the sheer numbers. they held mass cremation, and sometimes that wasn't even available. so people and they had to burn their relatives bodies wherever they could. d w 's namisha giants form at one health k worker who experienced much of it 1st hand georgia july is done with his hospital shift for the day. working in patient care is demanding but manager. but if he says
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it is a far cry from the 18 months he spent working in the more chevy through the worst of the pandemic. hill was that law has only worked 2 years in healthcare. in another life, he was a performance, autism, or dallas as he took to the state of the age of 10 and loved every bit of it as an organizer, makeup artist and answer. all of this came to a standstill when the pandemic hit, an darla needed woke. when a friends refused to walk in the more surely of delhi the biggest go now i'd as hospital. we're dollar stepped in the had any during the 2nd would be in vineyard. he recounts losing track of the number of bodies coming in by him into ambulances. darla worked frantically to provide dignity to the victims, families in the gales. there was no anger to his ships of eagerness. b's for
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a 100 bodies who there were 2 or 300 wild one on top of the other. your play again i, my job was to sort of lose identify on the mark though not good. that it was the worst day of my life tiger and then which it got worse from zillow who dollars younger brother took any you own or dollar pleaded for a bed at the overburdened hospital. he looked at him, but it was too late. while his brother fought for life for 5 days, days in which allah wasn't given the time off to with the 11 aka gum leash darla's mother. he's been invited endlessly when he started working in the crematorium, losing her youngest compounded. her fears taught you beneath i never imagined this . what happened to me? the 2nd corona virus, we that will haunt me until the day i die. i'm still terrified. i have only 2 children left. i just want them to be safe. but i just want to spend my last year
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with experts say that the 2nd b, however, may be a key reason why cases are currently low in india. tests sure, that could one of aisles. antibodies have been found in large sections of the indian population, essentially acting like an additional vaccine. those. this could bump eyes and gifts as expected for the omicron here. hybrid immunity, which essentially means her mental infection followed by recognition, provides as good a protection i. 3 shots over at sea, and that is really enough to believe that though in, in population is right now, protected in the future. it might be quite maxine booster who july is already seen while much on cases rise in his hospitals and doesn't get it done to the stage any time soon. his hopes for 2022 are far simpler for that and he wants to come home and giant on and sit without a mosque with his family. he suspects that even this door maybe to ambitious
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correspondent admission giles on her file that report joins me now. from delhi nameesha, as we were just reminded in your report, this was a very tough year for india. and even though the silver lining may be that there's a hybrid immunity, they're all sorties can't ignore that ami con cases are on the rise. what's the government doing about it? letter back out, the government has been make on its feet responding to the on the on bed, so not addicted. new measures were nouns for international travelers, including strict animals for both testing and isolation. now when you own the current cases digging up steadily and shortly, region one was 600 today, many states, it also announcing additional restrictions 90 to call if you have been imposed, impacting or do you like new denny and malay christmas celebrations when also muted and new york gatherings are also supposed to be restricted. many states are also
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adding distinctions. will fashion capacity with jim, from wells and restaurants? what about people themselves? how are they responding to they all make chrome threat, especially after such a devastating coven? 19 year for them? when, while the 2nd wave was especially devastating in india, over the last 6 months, cases have been low and this is cause to be better to draw out or would appropriate behavior that form that closely followed the 2nd b. and now we do see markets back in yes, the fees in november for crowds gathering, as well as going out. and it's of been similar across christmas as expected to continue into the new as well as people are apprehensive about the electron didn't . but they're even more apprehensive about the knock downs and the economic impact of them. and even if people are not ready to risk for this, what for the potential you leave, the government probably will be a different matter. what about vaccinations? what's the process on vaccine?
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the of the progress on vaccinations rather despite the chops and leaves all vaccinations in india over the last year it has made any progress. the brian minister announced christmas address that up to 60 percent of eligible. it does have been fully vaccinated and 90 percent of god, at least a thing we do. now in addition, children between the ages of 15 and eating with startling, vaccinated, and jerry and most assaults will be given to health care workers, as well as to do is about 60 who all one little bit. now of course that often sounds that india is media line on the wire to victor vaccine, such as the aux went maxine and not any lessons like the active list of adult decisions in my experts and government in the you know, to come on a thank you very much for your reporting data correspondent, mission, just one. well, it's or update this al, we'll have more news at the top of the next hour. but before we leave,
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you will maybe with some of the best goals from gemini football from the 1st half of the campaign, while the buddhist leg is on a winter break. i'm rebecca written in berlin. thanks very much. watching a very old man still get home on the whole defense with
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candidates. possibly he's not going to be able to go with ah, what people have to say matters to us. ah, that's why we listen to their stories. reporter every weekend on
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d. w. and what interest the global economy our portfolio d w business beyond here the closer look at the project, our mission to analyze the fight for market dominance. if this is wes, get us deb ahead with d w business beyond on you to in ah, the new year and a new hope german businesses say they're expecting a significantly better 2020 to 2021. will look at why despite supply problems and the ongoing pandemic feeling. so it's
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a race against time. china is hoping to eradicate rising corona virus numbers as it prepares to host the winter olympics will get the latest and the rest of the world goes nuts. the california walnuts, but we'll hear how supply chain problems mean. there aren't enough to go around the state of your business on robots in berlin. welcome to the program. roll on 2022. german companies are expecting big things from next year, despite all the concerns about a new corona, virus variance, and supply chain shortages. as according to the latest annual survey by the cologne institute for economic research, they asked 48 business associations representing almost 3000 companies about their prospects for 2022. and you'll see that 39 of them say they expect high reduction or greater business activity next year. the other 9 say things are supposed to say
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are, as they expect things to stay around the same level, not a single association expected their sector to be worse off in 2022 than 2021. now a wide variety of industries are optimistic almost across the board. really among them are machine and plant manufacturers. we've also got retailers, the i t sector is banking on more security contracts next year. and last but not least, we've also got construction. and the pharmaceuticals sector, however, when it comes to creating new jobs, the survey is not quite as bullish. only 21 out of the 48 associations. so they're sectors will be hiring more people among the manufacturers, electronic equipment and craft workers. at 19 of them said that the number of employees will remain the same while 8 of the business associations are actually planning to cut staff next year. well, let's discuss the findings of the survey further with the director of the cologne institute for economic research. michelle shooter,
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thank you very much for joining us on t to we a business just to explain to us why there's so much optimism among german businesses. and i mean, i think 3 arguments make clear why the german business sector is optimistic for us . we are still out of the way of crisis, and the 2021 was disappointed. expect mongrels, and we traced all the supply side problems you mentioned already. and this year and the next year 2020 will be a year catching up again. and we hope to come to the repeat process level again. so it's still year of catching up. second on we have a lot of more in the auto statistics of the german, they're nearly on the historical level on the highest level. so there is no demand side problem. the only problem we have the only maybe michael about it, the supply sadler rooms. you mentioned, so we expected the john business as in the general expect that there was
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a problem next year. so all this is base is the basis for optimism button more. most important, we have no demand side problems. in germany. we do have the on the con very and now in case numbers are rising, how businesses feeling about that today factoring that in when they think about how, how good 2022 is going to be for them. you'll be asked to answer for the company's end of november and the 1st time of december. so that was still in the situation that they were faced of the fact that there is a new very variant of virus called micron about what can you do? you can only ask for more flexibility edgelog production scheme. you can try to be flexible in the, in the uses of your workforce and all is already done and the companies are working on the vaccination campaign. so this is not very simple task to, to make and forecast on the only front is a base may be strong, but without a smaller impact on the hospitality situation. nobody knows. and the right is
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between standstill of production that will be the worst case. and an ongoing production, and that may be the best case that we have not really an effect on that. so in this case, you can only ask for flexibility. and he went about supply chain problems as of having a knock on effect, we're seeing inflation as a result of that was saying i of energy bills is on if that expected to resolve itself during 2022 it's more time as we expected during the year 21, but for next year the company's us indicating that they will see on guns the lower problems on the supply side. the logistic systems which are really in trouble due to the closing of ports in east asia. for example, have we, we expect to, to solve these problems ever come back on the, on, in, you quality on the just sticks and the companies react as already mentioned, was high us dos. so right. this is still uncertain,
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but there are more hope that will solve the problem next year. and this will the most important for coming up with all the demand which is still in the auto statistics. ok. michelle hotel, director of the cologne institute. economic research. thank you for joining us. welcome. that china is seeing its highest numbers of corona virus cases since february of 2022. over $200.00 reported on sunday. most of the cases are in the northern city of she and where almost all businesses have been ordered to close. residents must say confined to their homes. as the authorities carry out what they call a full disk infection of the city. the usually bustling city of $13000000.00 is more like a ghost town. only one person from each household is allowed out every 2 days to buy household necessities. all non essential businesses have been ordered to close by may not like it, but 2 years into the pandemic and people are getting used to it. stocking their
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fridges and preparing to sit it out. that's a schanzer. ya were me. but now with experience, we know that locked down a large scale contact tracing and investigations of infected cases as well as quarantine are very effective. that's our china has been able to curve the spread of a pandemic. what might be in such a short time, or you go by in the trees. so now i'm not scared. i said all we have to do is follow quarantine instructions and the pandemic will go away soon. if you might have a good china has implemented a strict 0 covert strategy since mid last year, using tight border restrictions. targeted, locked down st. lengthy quarantines and population tracing technology. managing to slow new cases to a trickle. the country is implemented even stricter measures as it prices for thousands of international athletes for the winter olympics. in february, foreign spectators are mostly banned. all participants must be fully vaccinated.
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and once they enter, the olympic bubble will undergo daily virus tests. but with the virus expected to become a part of normal, everyday life. elsewhere in the world, china's total lockdown strategy is coming increasingly under question to you actually, you should in younger now some the other global business stories, making news. airlines across the world cancelled almost 8000 flights over the christmas weekend. according to the flight trucking website. flight aware dot com cruise code in thick after getting infected with cove in 19 bad weather. also kept many plains on the ground in north america. david related flight cancellations, continued on monday to rush of energy. giant gas from has rejected accusations that moscow is deliberately limiting natural gas applies to europe. polish government says russia has stopped gas deliveries along the yar mile europe pipeline, which supplies western european countries. public data shows the gas link has been put in to reverse this week,
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allowing poland to receive deliveries from germany instead and trouble. chinese property developer ever grant says it's accelerating the delivery of new homes to customers. it wants to deliver $39000.00 by the end of december. that's almost 4 times as many as it did in each of the previous 3 months. at 2021 has been blighted by all manner of supply shortages and the end of the year is proving no difference over the festive period. backlogs at ports have held up deliveries of all kinds of seasonal favorites in the u. s. supply bottlenecks. i'll providing a particular frustration farmers. walnuts do particularly well at gold river farm in california at the end of the year. from here, they're shipped around the world. 30 percent of the global supply comes from the west coast state. um, this load is going to germany. these in shall walnuts are going to lebanon. ah,
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these loads are going to japan. but this year the boxes are piling up in the warehouses. not how it should be. exports are grinding to a halt. gold rivers president is worried. a we are shipping right now, less than half of what we should be shipping and could be shipping this time of the year, simply because there's not equipment available. the port of oakland, a key export hub, see routes in major ports like this one are heavily congested due to high demand. ships often go only as far as los angeles rather than up to oakland to save time and money. they're making decisions to try to get their vessels back on schedule as quickly as possible. and also because of the incredible import demand, they're trying to hurry back to asia, pick up in ports and bring an over to the united states. the woman farmers here in
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northern california are losing out the competition on world markets is fears. china and chile are also important not suppliers. so is europe. all customers, retailers, for example, no longer necessarily look for quality in times of uncertain supply. they're more concerned about availability, which is why the californians have already lost customers. now the global semiconductor chip shortage has been one of the biggest effects of international supply chain troubles. but as you've just seen, food is also struggling to get to where it's meant to be eaten. well, a potato shortage in japan means that mcdonald's restaurants are experiencing a chip shortage of their i'm, they're particularly popular in japan,
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mcdonald's french fries. but for now, they're only available in size small. japan imports as potatoes from canada among other places. but due to corona virus related logistics problems, as well as flooding near vancouver, fewer deliveries are arriving from canada. many japanese are disappointed if i go to get out, ever since i was a little girl, i loved mcdonald's fries. if i could, i would eat nothing but fries until i was full. so i'm a little bit disappointed today and end of it. i don't think it's that big a deal, especially if you can still buy multiple servings. it's not like all the fries are sold out. if they were than yes, that i would find it a bit sad for the people who like mcdonald's fries, but they could still get the small. they just have to settle for smaller portion, like around 2900 fast food restaurants in japan are affected by the delivery
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problems. now, mcdonalds is hoping to fly their fries in until men fast food lovers will have to dial down their expectations. and now a reminder of the top business story we're following for you this, our japanese businesses are overwhelmingly optimistic about 2022. a survey of thousands of firms found 3 quarters of them expect the next 12 months to be better than the last from so from, and the business team here in berlin, from all from us to head over to our website, d dot com slash business. you can also find us on a do d to be use youtube channel on facebook to next time he go india. an unequal gain. women and climate change with lower income changes unless recognition. they are the west affected by its impact. but women not just going to stand there and watch,
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they have tangible ideas against the consequences of global warming. a happiness is for everyone. human penises are very different from primates. you know, we have a totally ridiculous romanticized view of nature. and david and this is climate change, pregnant sex who happiness in for you books, you'll get smarter for pre d w books on you to with from droughts that destroy crops, the rising sea levels that submerge their women better disproportionate,
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but the climate crisis. gender inequalities are largely to blame. to be on the go india. we meet women tackling both the root cause and the effects of the crisis. hello and welcome. i'm some of them. women are not only on the frontline of hulu warming, they're also at the forefront of be efforts to find solutions in the face of boston . the last one group in india assumed that once fortress has found strength in numbers and is working to save the uni ecosystem, it's members call home the 14th to february 2012 was a day that changed guitar. moore does live forever. her husband hadn't planned to go out, but then he was asked to join fishermen on a trip into the forest to fill in for a man who'd fallen ill iris. but the gable lamb charlie
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tiger pounced on him from the trees above anything. what did the impact knocked him into the river women and that they were from there, the tiger just dragged him away uneasily. the sunder bonds are the largest remaining habitant of the royal bengal tiger. located in again, jetta delta. one 3rd of the force lies in eastern india. it's the world's biggest mangrove forest, with a complex network of rivers. channels and islands. fishing is permitted in a buffer zone around a large protected area. this under bon national park. but more and more people living on the fringes of the forest have been forced to venture into the reserve, where they collect crabs or honey to make a living. each time they are risking their lives, local se every here, dozens of people fall prey to tigers. lurking in the lush foliage,
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this under bonds are a dangerous place, but the low lying forest is itself endangered by climate change and rising sea levels. over the past 30 years, the region has lost a quarter of its mangrove trees. title erosion is one factor, but illegal logging has also taken a toll. deforestation has been fueled by a growing population clearing land for fields and villages. one of the victims is the sundry tree threatened by increasing solidity. the dominant mangrove of the sunder bonds is dying. a slow death, it's listed as an endangered species. the tree is the lifeline for locals who depend on everything from its nutritional fruits to the medicinal properties of its leaves and bark. and its timber is used for buildings and boats. ah, for villagers. sundry trees form
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a natural barrier that is their only line of defense against high tides storms and soil, erosion hazards that have increased alarmingly over the past years. in dial out of 1000 cyclop island in 2009, we realized that the water level has been rising every 2 to 3 years with every storm. wave unforgettable. hm. if it were there in the scene, had happened during psych loan bull bull. that's what i'm found or yeah. and yas as well, what is wonderful because i wanted to let i had a bundle of it. only on this with on it, the old people did in my opinion, is the sunburn, mangrove forest is destroyed in the flow of the sea. water will end up breaching the city of calcutta, the $100.00. a group of women are working to save this under bonds. women like kita, they are known as the tiger widows, though they lost their husbands to tiger attacks. they know their way of life has
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contributed to the decline of this unique ecosystem. and that their future depends on its survival. since 2018 they've been involved in efforts to revive it's keystone species, the sundry tree. and gosh, that the whole the of hello, everyone here knows about the sender bonds and how useful the sender is free is in one train equals one life i, that the god. so when i was given the chance to work with these trees and even earn some money, why i decided i do it through this work, the tiger widows on go saba island, earn an additional monthly income of 2500 rupees. that's about 30 euros with the help of regional development groups. they spearhead community tree planting, drives and create sundry nurseries on vacant land outside their villages. within 3 years, they've raised close to 2000 saplings. and when did i give i lovely. hello. when a psych loan hit last year nunez and sea water breech,
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the banks in other places on a candle or no, no the i've but not here. where we have sundry trees. la garza leather. thea will of indo hanging whooping. mm. but how do these women feel about protecting the tigers? habitat ship? hi chandra. moorlick is a school teacher and go saba island and an ecologist. he says these women foster no animosity towards the big cats on one. is there a gun that am others on? were all the people who venture into the jungle that attack honey bye can collect crowds and fish children. don't want up with you about what can happen or that even if they lose a family member to a tiger attack dog or not, i don't at all. consider the tiger to be their mortal enemy. vegas it's 9. what is i gazelle? dinay? walk, grow and go to see why people understand the tags on the attack when we intrude on their territory and disturb them in some way. that didn't alcohol heaters days are
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busy. during high tide. she collects crabs near her home. at low tide, she looks for sundry seeds. gast, i couldn't. i'm that he shouldn't have. we've fallen in love with these trees. it's almost as if our lives are intertwined with them. with the plantation work has given due to a much needed additional income and saving the mangroves. a new sense of purpose in life. from local, from global ecosystems. plastic pollution is a huge threat. women's son to the products contribute significantly to the millions of tons of plastic waste that enters the embodiment every year are bought out, explores why this essential item of boss little kid has developed in such a damaging manner. and back come back. he thought of greed only, you'll know it a tampon. menstrual products are such a big secret way. men don't skip this periods, concern all of us and the environment and because we hardly ever talk about it,
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this is what has happened. billions of pads and tampons. end up in the environment each year. some of which are made almost entirely of plastic. big companies continue to profit of us islands. the good news is we have solutions that are more eco friendly antiques, but hardly anybody is using them. let's start with the menstrual cup. it seems brand new, but it's actually been around for wait for it over a 100 years. around the time the light bug was invented the 1st ideas for the modern cup wellburn around 200 people. 5 patents were similar, blunt capturing devices from belts sacks to suspenders and aprons and girdles. as women entered the workforce and mass production began, the more practical inventions bags, cups,
1:39 pm
and tampons and to the market. the bad became the lead stopped choice at the time seen as the save option by those too squeamish to imagine their wives and daughters inserting things into their bodies. some feared that they would even lose their virginity. the old tampons and cups were being quickly out completed by the mid 20th century. the 1st company to sell mass produced cub soon went out of business. ha ah. so while a cup got elbowed out, bads, go better with adhesive wings. and plastic absorbency instead of cotton and with a generational shift and the sexual revolution. tampons gain acceptance in the west to my the 1970 is about 70 percent of us. women use them correspondingly. damp on them pads began filling up bins and landfills. so only do thousands the cup re launched with a new environmental agenda. silicone replaced rubber. it's our most readable top
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she'd ever blow. but pad and tampon makers had beg clausen do deep lots in lieu it better. so you're through and the image of period had been flo sanitized, but it was hard to imagine touching, cleaning, and reusing something that had come into contact with the seemingly shameful menstrual blood or tanks of the shame and advertising countess tons of sanitary products on are thrown away each you leaking chemicals and micro plastics into the air, land and sea. this she may be most barren denisia as patriarchal cultures. by menstruating women, austin, seen as impure in misapplied manufacturers who in mid 19 eighties realized that l. m. i. c, which is the low and middle income countries, had the biggest market, 85 percent of the was ministers,
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live and low in low and middle in some countries. jenda scholars supply medicaid, but the says that about 80 percent of people who menstruate in india have no access to financial products for the market is very attractive. the government is working to improve access as well and promotes unsustainable power, which now nearly overwhelmed the market. so let's take a look at our options, then the bad can be up to 90 percent lasting that easy to use and throw away. but with inadequate, with disposable systems around the world, dad's most likely end up in the great outdoors. next up is the tampon. those with obligated have an extra layer of largely single use plastic. but as long as just the applicator, the damp one itself is made of several little plastic. from the layer that holds it
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altogether to the absorbing core barriers then some recently become more popular in the west. they have 2 layers and external resistant, one of plastic or natural fiber to prevent leaks and a super absorbing fabric. one close to the skin. the reusable making a strong come back is the cup. it can take a lot of getting used to an access to running water is absolutely essential for convenience and hygiene. but interest is growing. environmentally speaking, one cup can replace around 20 single used pads or tampons? both cycle that's about 250 a year and over a lifetime just full cups can replace up to 10000 single use products, relying on company for inflammation to lead to the enforcement on the sigma and
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shame along periods and pollution. so what we need now in less him and more awareness and access the choices, but i bet on the pocket and the environment. extreme weather events such as floods and drought disproportionately affect women. that's because they're more likely to live in poverty than men in indonesia. one community activist is providing women with precisely the kind of help that can boost their resilience to climate change. it may look like paradise, but indonesia is shut in most province of east new such angora is feeling the impacts of climate change. recurring droughts have triggered a water crisis. there's only one well in the village of noah baki, but it doesn't always have water. it was at this well that jani bo, though, had an encounter that changed the course of her life. and he still maurine, sire,
1:44 pm
but not a long time ago. i met a pregnant woman here at the well that the short time later she died during childbirth. i did love the physical toll of fetching water killed her and her baby dizzy lisa. yeah, that'd get us happy. this moved me to help other women and people with disabilities that my feel commonly father. i want to help reduce maternal and infant mortality rate at that as well as domestic violence against women. and i found that i had that from black east news or 10 gara is one of indonesia poorest provinces, women in particular, phase hardship. droughts have made it more difficult for them to provide basic needs for their families. yearly bo, though, provides assistance by teaching local women how to make handicrafts. the small income they earn has helped o city a asia has to care for her disabled husband. though she herself has been left physically impaired by malnutrition,
1:45 pm
in lepper local elements. my husband has been paralyzed for 7 years. oh, good that the dad we used to find all the time because we didn't have rice. i get the we didn't have enough to eat. his temper would often flare he got angry easily and would beat me. yeah, that, fuck there. but, but it booker side, when the pandemic drove up prices for rope, leather, and textiles, jani polo found cheaper alternatives like palm leaves to use for handy grafts will and get that and believe they'll get that week. and we were still able to have classes during the coven. 19 pandemic, m. b. c. even able bodied people are facing challenges. when you get that, it's hard to imagine what disabled people like city i asia have been going through . a family can go out the but with affordable and locally available materials like palm leaves that we were able to continue holding classes on how to make handicrafts a few times a month at that time. but all these that get that.


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