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tv   Nahaufnahme  Deutsche Welle  December 28, 2021 3:00am-3:31am CET

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and delicate young people clearly have the solution, good, future 77 percent. now, every weekend on d. w with this is dw news life from berlin. france introduces new measures to slow the spread of corona virus. as the country's prime minister says, it's facing the highest number of cases since the start of the pandemic. with the latest from our correspondent and parents, also coming up is real begins trialing,
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a 4th dose of the corona, virus vaccine. some experts warn additional booster programs could actually prolong the pandemic. we'll find out wide and heavy flooding hammers brazil's by he estate. the governor is calling it the worst disaster in the state's history. ah, amir tilton, welcome to the program. french authorities have announced a fresh set of measures to curb an explosion in the number of corona virus cases in france. they include introducing a vaccine mandate for entry to cafes and restaurants. until now, proof of a negative test result was sufficient. face mass will also become mandatory in some outdoor areas. over 100000 new corona virus cases were recorded in france on christmas day, said in a record for the country. now our correspondence,
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when you found a car is in paris following this story for us. so sonya, can you give us more details about the new measures in france? so the french prime minister joker stakes in a press conference announced several measures to tackle these wising numbers. and among other things, he said, you know, on the recommendation of the countries health regulated, the french government is now advising adults to receive a booster or doors just 3 months after they received those initial jabs. he said companies in france will now have to offer work from home options for employees at least twice a week. and he also said that capacity limits will be re imposed for concerts and matches, and other big a live events in france. but one of the main measures announced he really is that maxine mandate that he talked about earlier. basically it will replace frances health bars, which is currently required for access to bars and restaurants, museums and other public venues. with the vaccine a bus and to be
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a members of prison. macros, cabinet met in a crisis meeting to discuss this piece of legislation, which will effectively you know, tightened restrictions on boards who remain unvaccinated in france and their estimated to be about 6000000 of them. while frances recorded over 100000 new cases in just a single day, what's the country's explosion in cases being blamed on when like in other places? i think of the highly transmissible omicron variant is largely been blamed for the search in cases here. you know, health experts have really kind of sounded the alarm and said, you know, the font fonts faces a critical moment and say that hospitals could also risk being overwhelmed. and another reason for those high numbers could also be increased testing. you know ahead of this holiday season, we've seen long queues at nevada trees and pharmacies as many french rush to get tested before they joined the family members. and that could partially also explain
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the jumping numbers. now have the french taken to the measures already in place and the possibility of new restrictions, which we're now seeing being introduced was this year in france. we've seen a regular and sustained protest against the introduction of the health boss was introduced in july this year. and that is partly the reason why french lawmakers have been a bit wary to really introduce any kind of vaccine mandate. we also have elections, presidential elections next spring. so french lawmakers are going to where to buy this issue. as it's likely that sexy mandate could trigger for the protest in france. but at the same time, you know about 78 percent of the french population is now double vaccinated. and though there is, i think offensive resignation people here i think are accustomed to restrictions. we also have to remember that in recent weeks, frances, really avoided announcing major restrictions in the form of locked ons or closures, or curfews a which arguably, you know, how harder to adapt. well that was when you found
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a car bringing us the lead is from paris. thank you for joining us. israel has begun trialing a 4th dose of the corona virus. maxine, 150 medical staff at a hospital near tel aviv are being given a 4th shot of the bi onto pfizer vaccine. but some medical experts are warning that wide spread additional booster programs and rich countries may prolong the global pandemic. this doctor is one of the 1st people to get a 4th corona virus vaccine. he's taking part in what's thought to be a world 1st trial. all the participants or medical staff who had 3 vaccine doses, but were found to have low antibody levels. i'm excited to be the 1st person apparently in the world who got the 4th booster of lee called correction, to paraphrase, in all thing to small german and shoulder probably joins therefor mankind. israel's
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health ministry is considering an expert panels recommendation to give additional boosters to medics and people aged over 60. some experts urge caution. i really don't know if will only the 4th of those. i think it's a big question. hah, i think it, that's why it's so important to have a research now before most of the world is even thinking about it. for those, we need to see whether there's any added benefit to giving for almost 45 percent of the israeli population is already triple jobs. but this concern about the spread of the army con variant with some 2000 recorded cases and one known death prime minister, enough tale bennett, has already ordered preparations to begin for rolling out the false dose. if the plan gets approved, it would go against warnings from the world health organization will blanket wooster programs are likely to prolong the pandemic rather than ending it by
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diverting supply to countries that already have high levels of vaccination coverage . giving the virus more opportunity to spread and mitigate the trial will test the safety and efficacy of a 4th shot. but politicians must decide on the ethics of boosting in the face of global vaccine inequality. let's get a round up now or some other headlines. making news around the world you was from said carrying more than 1000 passengers has returned to port after an outbreak of coven 19 among crew members. the holland america ship was supposed to dock at a port mexico, but was turned away by authorities. somalis, prime minister, has called on security forces to follow his orders and accused the president of an attempted to prison mohammed up doughty mohammed earlier suspended. prime minister mohammed was single political, blay, rather from office on allegations of corruption. the 2 leaders have reportedly
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clashed over delays to somali as parliamentary elects went unlawful talks aimed and salvaging. the 2015 run nuclear agreement have resumed the austrian capital, vienna. and you to pull that warned that difficult work lay ahead from the negotiators. the aim is that the united states will rejoined the deal after the trumpet, ministration unilaterally withdrew in 2018 to damns of verse in northeast from brazil, causing severe flooding and forcing the evacuation of thousands of people. at least 20 people had been killed. the governor of the state of bahia says it's the worst disaster in the history of his state. the flooding has been caused by heavy rains following a long drought. the helicopter comes to the rescue of a man who fled to his roof to escape the floods. he's one of the lucky ones. this is the sight of a dan, versed in huge a pay in the southeast of by a province. the city released this video with
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a warning about flash floods. and in the city of it's a boon, a further down stream. one river rose by 9 meters, the water flooded streets, homes and shops, leaving residence in shock. for us, my point though only it was crazy, there was a to me to hi waverly meadows. these are the worst floods in buyer in 33 years. the authorities have declared a state of emergency in about 70 cities. 35000 people have lost their homes. experts blame the extreme weather on tampa from the amazon and the latin india weather phenomenon. governor re costa is promising aid, drinking water, food, and shelter. but the logistical challenge is immense. many roads are blocked, neighbors are helping each other. still with us, i've seen a lot of videos which show people taking risks to help weak people like children or
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the health ministry sending 90 doctors to the region. and the threat of flooding is still severe with rain set to last another week. a russian court has increased the prison sentence handed down to a historian and human rights activist activists. rather in a case that attracted international attention. judges extended yury dimitria sentence from 13 to 15 years and a high security penal camp. last year he was convicted of sexually abusing his adopted daughter critics. of the russian states. the charges are trumped up. historian came to prominence for we searching the crimes committed during the regime of joseph stalin. dmitri of has worked for the renowned russian human rights organization memorial, which documents soviet error oppression, their separate case, the organization is facing closure for flouting russians, so called foreign agent laws. a verdict is due on tuesday. russians have a saying about the unexpected. it blows like snow on to your head,
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but for historian arena shabby cova. the possibility that international memorial may be forced to close comes as no surprise. she helped found the n g o decades ago . but in 2016, the russian government found that the organization was a foreign agent. since it received contributions from abroad, it's come under increasing legal pressure ever since i would not. li, clanging to defining, we have to keep close of the memories that the russian state would most like to forget. since it only wants to remember it's achievements and victories that scan it till this to rain. you who dan daily that godaddy memorial is dedicated to coming to terms with what happened under the regime of joseph stalin. state oppression that saw more than 12000000 people declared enemies of the people. a western sounding name or a high degree of education could get you jailed or executed or sent to the gulags work camps where millions disappeared. are you from you?
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about a quarter of the victims were women. a new exhibition called material female memories of the gulags show some of the things they left behind at the children's good. but then with the example i female cali, even though they were far fewer women who were wicked and was of the gulags place, they were the ones who kept the memorabilia with off oppression change. but more women also survived that ordeal and even able to keep the memory on shift. but after gulags alive on the b, that's all that, that the, by me now ha, memorabilia like this dress, the only article of clothing women in the gulag we're allowed, stitched up countless times with a fish bone or hand made toys for children who had been taken away often they never saw their mothers again. it's not clear whether the exhibition will be open to the public after the court's judgment. irina shabba cova is not optimistic. yes, the will still. i think the organization will be shut down. i'll be very glad if
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i'm wrong, but she's also sure that even if international memorial disappears, the memories will still live on south africa begun a week of morning to honor archbishop desmond to, to be laid to rest on new year's day. the anti apartheid icon is been remembered around the world as a champion of justice and human rights to to was awarded the nobel peace prize in 1984 for his efforts in the struggle against whites only rule. across south africa mon is a paying tribute to a beloved icon of the struggle against apartheid. here at cape towns arch for arch monument. many had wall memories of the late charge bishop of hearing the party. did you as one of the guys who stand out of people in the legacy of didn't do too much go on. you will never forget the all to where he's contribution for ease, loving, joyful attitude, any educated. he told people in
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a very nice way. so they will become offended. others noted his sadness over south africa's political path in recent years. he envisage a new south, south africa, ah, with a, with a, with a be to lie full for all of us. and am, many years later. and he was at all disappointed. the city of cape town is also paying its own tribute to, to, to illuminating landmarks in purple, the color of his old robes. we hope in the small way that when this image of these kept on icons go around the world, that it helps everyone to remember this remarkable man and celebrated love to, to regarded by many as south africa. moral compass will be laid to rest on new year's day until then bells is set to ring out in his honor. the day with listeners asked to pause in tribute. you're watching
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d. w. news. his reminder of the top story were falling for you at this hour. friends introduces new measures in a bid to slow the 5th wave of krona virus infections. as a country faces the highest number of cases is to start the pandemic. restrictions include limits on public gatherings and compulsory home working. you're watching t w news coming up next doc film takes us to jerusalem in its series on legendary hotels. i'm aaron chilton, berlin from me and the team. thanks for watching. take care and see you at the top of the next hour. we got some hot tips for your bucket list. romantic corner chat. hot spot for food channel and some great cultural memorials to boot
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d w, travel off we go. sometimes a seed is all you need to allow big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning pass like global ideas. we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing, download it now for free with a going nowhere. airlines continue to struggle as staff call in sick thousands of flights. canceled world wide us funds. calling for a change to coven isolation rules, also coming up new hope for
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a new year, german businesses expecting a 2020 to uplift. we'll look at why they're so up beat despite the pandemic, and we'll talk turkey. the countries tumbling currency, providing attractive opportunities for neighbors looking to snap a bargain. and daniel went out welcome to your business update. as bookings took off this holiday season, airlines thought that their share prices would be fall flying high to. but as all micron cases saw thousands more flights were canceled on monday since christmas eve around 8300 flights have been grounded and tens of thousands more to late. many airlines have reported staff shortages due to on the kron spikes. more than 700 commercial flights scheduled for tuesday have already been cancelled according to the website flight aware, and with few flights on scheduled airlines, the inconvenience of covered restrictions. high end business travelers are looking for alternatives. being able to choose when you want to fly,
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as well as who you want to fly with our obvious advantages. during the pandemic industry bodies estimate the number of seats airlines good off a passengers halved in 2020. that means more than 2 and a half 1000000 fewer seats. private aviation industry operators are picking up the slack and are in high demand about inside with these. and in times like these, some flight connections aren't available or, and adapted to their schedules for business people or government officials. but also there are families who want to fly on holiday and can't reach their destination any other way. the so depending on the size of the aircraft, charter rates begin at around 2 and a half 1000 euros an hour. so the way the cost of a chart, a jet flying $5.00 passengers from paris to frankfurt and back around one and a half hours each way. that gives a total of $7500.00 euros, fly the same 5 people in business class. and the bill's going to be around $5000.00
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euros. but that comes with the time wasting and inconvenient set commercial airports both ends plus the risk of infection from other passengers. while in a private jet, there's the chance to prepare for that important conference or business meeting while on route. worldwide, the number of business jet flights in november 2021 was almost 60 percent up from the same time in 20. 20 chatted. yet. operators are struggling to keep up with the demand as is implemented as really to at the moment. it's very hard because of the pandemic to get aeroplanes as an aircraft operator. as in a line in the business of aviation, we have to realize that the market is empty. secondhand aeroplanes are just not available, and even new orders take 2 or 3 years at the moment. a moment. so far, the major source of growth has been in the united states. but since the appearance
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of the omicron strain of the corona virus demand in europe is really taking off 2021 has been blighted by all manner of supply shortages at the end of the year is proving no different over the festive period backlogs. at ports of held up deliveries of all kinds of seasonal favorites in the us supply bottlenecks, approving a major frustration for farmers. walnuts do particularly well at gold river farm in california at the end of the year. from here, they're shipped around the world. 30 percent of the global supply comes from the west coast state. um, this load is going to germany. these in shall, walnuts are going to lebanon. ah, these loads are going to japan. but this year the boxes are piling up in the warehouses. not how it should be. exports are grinding to a halt. gold rivers president is worried. are we are shipping right now?
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less than half of what we should be shipping in could be shipping this time of the year, simply because there's not equipment available. the port of oakland, a key export hub, see routes in major ports like this one are heavily congested due to high demand. ships often go only as far as los angeles rather than up to oakland to save time and money. they're making these decisions to try to get their vessels back on schedule as quickly as possible. and also because of the incredible import demand, they're trying to hurry back to asia, pick up in ports and bring him over to the united states. the woman farmers here in northern california are losing out the competition on world markets is fears. china and chile are also important not suppliers. so is europe. customers,
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retailers, for example, no longer necessarily look for quality in times of uncertain supply. they're more concerned about availability, which is why the californians have already lost customers. now finally, to some positive news, the german companies are expecting big things from next year, despite all the concerns about covered and supply chain shortages. that's according to the latest annual survey by the cologne institute for economic research. 3 quarters of those surveyed said they expect higher production of business activity next year. the remaining quarter say things are going to be unchanged. not a single association expects their sector to be worse off. while earlier we spoke to michelle, who took who his organization did the survey, asking him why german companies are. so a pete. i think 3 arguments make clear why the german business sector is optimistic 1st. we are still out of the way of crisis. and the year 2021 was
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a disappointed mom grows and we faced all the supply side problems you mentioned already. and this year and the next year 2020 a will be a year catching up again. and we will hope to come to the pre conference level again. so it's still year of catching up. second, we have a lot of more in the other statistic up to jeremy be nearly on the historical level on the highest level. so there is no demand side problem. the only problem we have the only maybe a little bit of micro, but it's, it's the supplies that you mentioned. so we expected the john business as john will expect that there was a problem next year. so all this is base is a basis for optimism, but more most important, we have no demand side problems and heading to asia. now, china is seeing its highest numbers of corona virus cases since february of 2020 though over 200 reported on sunday. most of the cases are in the northern city of
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sheehan, but almost all businesses have been ordered to close. residents must stay confined to their homes while authorities carry out what they call a full disinfection. the usually bustling city of $13000000.00 is more like a ghost town. only one person from each household is allowed out every 2 days to buy household necessities. all non essential businesses have been ordered to close . they may not like it, but 2 years into the pandemic, people are getting used to it, stocking their fridges and preparing to sit it out. that's a shelter you may want me to. but now with experience, we know that locked down a large scale contact tracing. and investigations of infected cases as well as quarantine are very effective. that's our china has been able to curb the spread of the pan demik. what might be in such a shorter time or you go by in the trio. so now i'm not scared. i think all we have to do is follow quarantine instructions home and the pandemic will go away soon. if
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you might have a good china has implemented a strict 0 covert strategy since mid last year. using tight border restrictions targeted locked downs, lengthy quarantines and population tracing technology. managing to slow new cases to a trickle. the country is implemented even stricter measures as it braces for thousands of international athletes for the winter olympics. in february, foreign spectators are mostly banned. all participants must be fully vaccinated. and once they enter, the olympic bubble will undergo daily virus tests. but with the virus expected to become a part of normal, everyday life. elsewhere in the world, china's total lockdown strategy is coming increasingly under question i t. i show you shifting youngel that won't go problem. turkeys. currency has fallen 60 percent against the dollar this year. the government of president ad on has struggled to make it an orthodox economic policy work lowering interest rates despite inflation
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spiraling out of control that hits the pocket of the average turkish person. however, for tourists from neighboring bulgaria and greece is a chance to snap up products and bargain prices, including here at the border city of the dna. ah, it's a smooth process crossing the turkish border. here's a deer. now. the border guards are well used to day trippers by now. 20000 visitors come to a deer and every week by car bus or train, especially the weekend when they pack out the bizarre, she will maze good look at us. it's more convenient for me to shop here, a buy clothes and food and whatever we need for the children and grandchildren for christmas. bulgaria as much more expensive than here. if you ask how much love we exchanged, i exchange $500.00 left. it's plenty for all of us. knew lisa to the settling. she still has a c, h t to love one lab is worth almost 9 lira just 3 months ago. it was only 6
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the back lava bakeries around the bazaar also busy. the turkish suite pastries, also popular bulgaria to baker's advertise their goods in turkish, bulgarian, and greek youlowa. yet, but a little lou on the bulgarians, come to darren and big groups and shop like crazy. sometimes they buy 5 or 10 of the same item. we're planning to sell it on or thinking they won't find these again . we'll have another themselves like they really do some serious stocking up. take the products back to bulgaria, just gotten them, you disposal, you verola the unit. im lewis, i had your list in the supermarket, it quickly becomes obvious who's turkish and who was bulgarian, while turks can afford less and less because of the falling currency. the bulgarians and greeks are cashing in the shop or tourist spend an average of $500.00 euros per person. according to the university of darren a many by enough goods to last several weeks. the city is currently trying to
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persuade the day trippers to stay longer. not with even lower prices, but by expanding what it has to offer next year, they'll even be a christmas market. quite a novelty for predominantly muslim turkey. and a reminder, the top business story we're following for you the, our airlines are continuing to struggle is the staff colon say come thousands of flights have been cancelled, weld white. meanwhile us firms, i calling for a change to cope it. isolation rules to reduce the impact your up to date with dw business. i'm daniel winter in berlin from me and the business team stay healthy state say continue against a pulse has a beginning of a story that moves us and takes us along for the ride. it's own about the perspective culture
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information. this is either you news and more d, w made from mines tax hikes for millionaires. one millionaire is demanding just that her wealth could help others, especially during the pandemic. but that doesn't mean that the rest of the super rich are ready to pay their different views as to who should profit the most from their money. germany's wealthy elite after corona close up in 60 minutes on b, w. o. o does a war and eternity
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time. it can be measured precisely. indeed, everyone experiences it differently as if there are different forms of time. ah, the phenomenon a dimension, if we know we won't live forever. an illusion. about time presenting future's past starts december 31st on d w. ah ah, you can't hesitate. you have to do it. ah.


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