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ah, how long does a me a war and eternity time . it can be measured precisely. indeed, everyone experiences it differently as if there are different forms of time. time. ah, a phenomenon, a dimension. we know we won't live forever and illusion. about time presenting futures past starts december 31st on d w. ah ah, you can't hesitate. you have to do it.
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ah, because you've been faced east dac system than this live been. these are life's most powerful moment. what it is is that it's like sport that if you don't keep raising the bar, don't never be a champion, jim deal with ah and an issue. it's a feeling of finally, finally it's happening, right?
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so i've known about it for so long since 2018, not from then monday, gone to bed, that i have been anticipating it all the time. preparing, preparing, preparing was extra. at some point it has to happen. so sometimes i now growth and i feel such a great energy accumulating a goal will. yes, this is what's amazing is getting to just focus on the piece on the music cook. when was the m, the one for bill? ah ah, june 2021 by voice i made asana lynn if 5 weeks before the premier on the
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famous green hill. i want to find out about this young conduct, his journey from her ukrainian hometown to buy a voice where she's made history as the 1st woman to conduct at the festival. it's clear that she lives and breathes music of all types away from the classical stage . she loves cuban sounds. today her career has well and truly taken flight. her international start came at the bye, was just autopay in 2013. she began as an assistant but ended up holding the baton herself and dazzling audiences. she went on to be chief conduct to engross austria then came the munich philharmonic dish dot capella 1000000000 and from 2020 debuts in vienna, paris and bolona. and in the fall of 2021, the berlin philharmonic. but taking to the conduct his podium at the legendary by white festival is probably her biggest challenge yet. ah
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said because you've got the iconic festival thesis behind you. is like, wagner is breathing down your neck. is that a bowden or a pleasure? needles wagner? mazique is loved. this is so i think wagner's music is like a powerful drug i saw of. and then once you've tried it and you're going to miss it, done for me. months from is alixia is how about was about it? i would, it's, i my, i wrote on facebook that when you conduct wagner, you feel like the air is burning under your hand. and in the loop on dunden hen. oh
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oh ok, son lynn is attracts a huge interest on social media. the fact a woman is conducting a bi hoyt is obviously going to attract a lot of attention. so the yet if our lead human on the on from was on this for every woman, it's difficult to assert yourself at the beginning of the file on that. but this feels like a totally different time. now united knocked me and maybe it's also important for me to be an example for other i for the future. was it hopefully a positive example var just to see it, but the fact that i'm a woman doesn't make the league in to holland a score any easier or harder for oh, i def league into hollander,
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or the flying dutchman is familiar to asana, lynn. if this isn't the 1st time she's conducted it, wagner wrote his romantic opera as an unknown young composer following a stormy sea voyage. it shows his guiding seems already beginning to resonate, such as the longing for death and redemption. ah enough, the 2nd yet, he said, and composing the 1st true german opera with the flying dutchman durham. you can really feel the outrage and 4th, and the 1st courts, if the overture, he really pulled out all the stops hot on it at ocean. and those waves represented exactly what he felt, ah,
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ah, a change of scene. this is odessa on the black sea, one of ukraine's largest cities. it's the spring of 2021. ok son alan. if always enjoys visiting the city. it's a place where she can relax and concentrate on her work, and it's where her rise as a maestro began in the upper house, i watch hobo hosting chikavsky, eugene on agin, she's highly concentrated, authoritative, and clear about what she demands from her musicians. she knows what she wants and she gets it setup.
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mm much that, that person, that awesome gunman, martin told the woman that on e and ross axon the walk sun is very charismatic, passionate disorder. i'm shocked how much energy she has. and it's always very inspiring. you belie of her rational dumler style or badger the she, if she, but it's never intimidating because her demands as a conductor are justified. she demands things in the name of music and art. so they can't be any anxiety or fear, but as an immortal bridge. ah,
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it's me nifty, it's extra. i don't want to seem overly harsh, but this is a leadership position. i knew it was a job, i got the highest the ink. that means i say what i want, but i also bear the responsibility for making it work. also, thus, is folks here near her determination to progress persevere and pushed the envelope has helped her on her journey towards by hoyt. she's also gained from having a mental like hero per trend co, the current head of the belinda, philip monica, and formerly chief conductor of the virus is start so pale. clunky but then go from the smile i learned the most from carol potential, even though we hardly ever talked about conducting itself. i practically never had any instructions from him on it. lava thus owns it. okay. i think we worked so well together because i could already understand his child on and how he wants to hear the orchestra in here. oh ok. santa lynn,
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if was also the 1st female conductor at the odessa upper house responsibility suits her. when this is news on dc 2, it's important to me that things should function as i imagined them on van at bus, albany solo. so the nation, if that is not the case, then there have to be good reasons and to have to find new compromises. domino's he had like on for me, said levin. not always easy. yeah. okay, lynn, if shows us one of her favorite places. oh, the beach. she used to come here as a child with her parents. and rather than do, ma'am, when you swim in the sea and you feel that you are a part of the breathing of the universe, i them day when you vassal, as design on leave of. i love it when there are big ways to let in. the redlands
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waves and wind rise though begin their. that's how their feet into holland begins. it's 5 in this in this on it, but the whistling of the wind and strong dangerous waves. sions very little. awe, wagner is ever present with lin, if, wherever she is wagner design in baghdad, with his ideas, his unbelievable energy like that of a titan and his reform of opera, even facebook after the whole art the whole history whole. but he put opera on a whole new track, the late past. she is fascinated by history and politics just a few days earlier in t if on the central square all my done. it was clear that the conductor is
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a ukrainian patriot, with clear ideas about her country's relationship with russia. at the end of 2013 hundreds of thousands demonstrated here against the government's decision to turn away from the european union. they called for the resignation of president victor, yet had coverage who had close ties with russia. the protests continued and in february 2014, over 100 people were killed by security forces with live ammunition. it came as a shock, lynn. it was in munich at the time. does why do you think that there was one day i remember very well lives assistant and i'd been appointed assistant conductor if carol patch franco. and i saw this terrible pictures on the internet with the best students. and he said, all these victims, i didn't vicki, david, just put in his church and covered with white sheets on one hot. and it was
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impossible to believe that something like this was possible in the middle of europe, during peacetime, on the edge of the square lineage reflects on the victims and the seemingly endless conflict that has divided ukraine to her. standing by and not doing anything isn't an option. i scott, the leader, me. i do something with cultural projects, for example, by founding a youth orchestra for yoga. no guess at this moment that was my idea from 2017. this yoga and i'm going to unite the use of ukraine. it east and west sancho in a body of sound and to form a new family in the united ukraine. lawyer emilia. death. i need the debt. okay. units of brendan ah ah
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ah ah about 470 kilometers west of key if lies live. it's where exxon our lives studied. the conflict with russia has also taken its toll here. oh. ringback oh,
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lynn, if want us to shoot in the garrison church and made the military chaplain touch, michelle shook, who commemorated those who had fallen a gun and he added tish good and we could really feel and see with our eyes what war really is. then all these objects weapon part there, from the front line, from, from head to foreman. he eckles, he wyatt's idea, the liddy from here you can see the gathering of portraits of children who have lost their parents on the fact that their fathers in the war he had, they had so much been get even and mighty. and that i at the 3 year old called maria has written my father's in heaven. my dear father, where are you? i want to be in your arms and want to go to you. oh, oh, i think i'm the fun when the war began in 2014, the children from one of the primary schools here made these white dobbs out of
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paper. i spoke a month.


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