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tv   In Good Shape  Deutsche Welle  December 28, 2021 4:03pm-4:30pm CET

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tree it aims to make sure that the reign of terror in the soviet union under joseph stalin and the inhumanity of the gulag prison camp system are not forgotten. when earlier this month, russian president vladimir putin accused memorial of rehabilitating the reputations of nazi collaborators in world war 2 was a moment been using. the organization denied all allegations and wants to appeal. it's representatives say they may take the case to the european court of human rights at spring and felix light, a journalist in moscow, russia. felix, welcome. tell us more about why the supreme court shut down this human rights group . rebecca, as with so much in russia's sort of legal system, this really is a sort of a story in 2 hobbs. on the one hand, we have the sort of the official justification for this lawsuit. for this shuttering of memorial, which is breaking rush is very controversial, foreign agent, los memorial has been a foreign agent for some years,
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and it is allegedly refused to market some of its sort of products on its literature as such. but i think allies at memorial stress that this is less about a sort of a technical violation of the, of the foreign agent laws and more about memorial sort of gender more general clash with the general sort of narrative that's, that's prevalence in russian society right now. is which is that the stall in his ear or the stars his crime should be sort of forgotten and that we should instead sort of em emphasize the countries achievement in the, in the 2nd world war and winning the war. suddenly what we saw today in the courts very much sort of supported that argument. we saw the state, prosecutors say that a russian shouldn't be ashamed. russians shouldn't be sort of repentance for the past, and instead they should be take pride in the achievements of the started period. so i think this was really a case of, you know, there were many note there were many sort of potential red lines that the criminal laid down the memorial cross. and this was sort of a case of a perfect storm, almost many, many sort of claims,
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many pretensions on to memorial from the criminal side today, certainly and memorial says it's become a target of the same repression. it's tried to protect people from and that the move here is politically motivated. are they right? well it's, it's difficult to say sort of categorically, but i certainly think that is a political dynamic here we, we saw in the court today, the prosecutors making a very strong argument that this was basically about the memory of the 2nd world war. they said that memorial had been founded as an organization that our research repressions that helped victims, but that it had moved in recent years towards what they called sort of black hitting the name of the soviet union and dispatching rewriting history. these are the very much there was and so i think we certainly saw a political angle here. now it's very difficult to say what the specific sort of violation, what, what it, what is it was doomed memorial was, but i certainly think this was a case that was very, very high. the anticipated russian and very intensity what both by sort of
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representatives of liberal, civic society and by representatives of the criminal. so this was very politically charged without a doubt. i think they're almost out of time. but is there any avenue for appeal all? well, certainly the legal side, the legal representation of the moral have said they will appeal and they can take it you or they can repeal to the russian supreme court so they can go to european court. but it's going to be quite frank. the chances of success are very limited and i suspect the will acknowledge that themselves. certainly, i think memorial even if it continues in some form. it's existence as a sort of a registered civil society organization in russia is reaching the end of its road. i think phoenix like chandler and moscow, thanks very much for your time when it's 10 now to some other stories making headlines, aid group st than children has confirmed to of it staff. what killed in an attack by the me and my military on christmas day. the workers were among the charred remains of more than 30 people found in the countries. aisd military has denied any
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involvement in the killing. dozens of women have marched and campbell and protest against policies of the countries new taliban government. the protest is called on the government to respect women's rights and accused its members of covertly killing soldiers of the ousted regime since taking power in august. the taliban have continually pushed women and girls out of schools and public life. but iran's foreign minister says he's confident a new nuclear deal can be quickly agreed with world powers talks between the west and iran on its nuclear program resumed in vienna on monday. one condition for tyron is that it be allowed it be allowed to export crude oil as part of a new agreement. syrian state medias as israel has carried out an overnight air strike on the country's main port city of the attack. yet the raid caused significant material damage. according to an unnamed syrian military source, it's believed to be israel's, the 2nd attack on the port this month. the china is expanding. it's karen of ours
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locked downs, with hundreds of thousands more people in the northern parts of sanjay province, order to stay at home. a spike in cases there has st. the highest infection rights in china since the outbreak in wu han, nearly 2 years ago. the new measures come as beijing prepares to welcome thousands of overseas visitors for february's winter olympics. it's been almost 2 years since china has seen the streets of major cities deserted. but once again, millions of back on to lockdown. both warranties widen the restrictions across. shun she province on tuesday as they grapple with the country's biggest outbreak. since the initial months of the pandemic. china has pursued a 0 tolerance approach. rolling out must testing and draconian lock downs for relatively small outbreaks. on despite administering almost 3000000000 jobs,
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initial research shows the locally produce sign of arc offers limited protection against the omicron variant, the strategy that the government is implementing here 0 covert. and that means, even if there are only a handful of cases, whole cities, they have been sealed off. and one game changer was that now than you m variance of the virus or more infectious and the authorities have to act even faster. the beijing brings at olympics are set to start in just over a month with only spectators from mainland china permitted to attend. with diplomatic boycotts, already announced, begging will be eager to ensure that covert outbreaks don't further chill the already frosty atmosphere. germany's constitutional court has ordered parliament to immediately issue laws, protecting people with disabilities in pandemic related tre. our situations,
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tre out is the process of prioritizing patients for treatment. for example, if hospitals are unable to cope with the demand for intensive care, the case was filed by a group of people with disabilities and preexisting conditions. i expressed fear that they would be denied treatment if the pandemic pushes hospitals to their limits. and as the army con variant of the virus spreads, germany's government is urging people to get vaccinated. people have been flocking to vaccination centers for their booster shots even during the festive season. thousands of people are getting their job like at these vaccination center in berlin. at the moment, more than 70 percent of the population is fully vaccinated and around 36 percent of all germans have received at least a shot. the booster info. most importantly, that either postal jo, both the as in right now, we are barely giving any 1st shots and vaccination centers up to 98 percent your
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booster jobs. people who come here are already pro vaccine, kind of actively sought out of vaccination underwood. vulcan, people turning up here for a booster shot. believe it's the key to ending the pandemic. flowers, i think it's good. the more people who get vaccinated the better at us for all of us, that's why it's also very important for me to rub. it's super important in. i think it's very, very important. i'm a bit worried. that's why i'm here that i've been here. what is, oh my god, it because my job is important to me and i come into contact with a lot of people. the booster and my health are important. germany has introduced new social d sensing measures and restrictions, and the so called to t will only does vaccinated or recently recovered, may enter many venues and events. and at a to d plus through. people also have to show a negative test result on top of that. thanks to these measures, gemini has managed to have the number of infections per 100000 inhabitants between
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the end of november and the end of december. oh, annoy, will also be here over the new year to vaccinate people, because we're in a really critical phase. we're in a situation where every day counts fear and where it's better to be vaccinated to day, rather than to morrow. i'll authorities fear a new wave of infections due to the army chron variant. we not only hit to population hard, particularly the unvaccinated, but could also affect to running of critical infrastructure such as hospitals had no their public services. and i'm now joined by christina le coach is a member of the german parliament for the free democrats and sits on the parliament health committee miss let go. welcome. thanks for joining us. germany is saying a nationwide tightening of restrictions today on social gatherings largely is that really going to make a difference. ready well, we do hope it is going to make
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a big difference because we're a private context to can people all together. and this is just for the people who already i'm excited or are recovered for those who are without a infection yet, or didn't have the destination here, the stricter. so we try to diminish the conflict between people. so we do not have to have more comprehensive measures afterwards, but around 30 percent of germans are still on vaccinated. are you in favor of the vaccine mandate? ah, we are one of explanation campaign to be even more foster and to reach the 80 percent by the end of january, which is really yeah, we do have a big motivation to reach you. ringback again,
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during the christmas days or now we, we a given back to the people and we do have, we do hope that we can go to a lot of people to get their shot. really soon, christina can member for the german parliament for the free democrats speaking to me. a little earlier. will forty's in columbia have rescued a red, big cat that might not have otherwise survived. vents have been working around the clock, tennessee albino jagger room d, come back to health jagger. randi j here run these rather are a type of human native to north and south america. but this is thought to be the 1st albino of its kind to be found in columbia. since the chances of survival in the wild limited, she'll be transferred to a conservation park once she's received full medical care. and that's your needs for this al,
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but states you dw business with rob watts is coming up after a short break. i'll be back at the top of the out with more news headlines, but will leave you now with some images from china ahead of the beijing winter olympics. where enthusiasm for winter sports has hit an all time high. hm. ah ah several did in the right wing extremist, so when i tried to progress and again, well,
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my company rate and burned in south africa, people with disabilities more likely to lose their jobs. in the pandemic black lives matter. shine a spotlight on racially motivated police violence, same sex marriage is being legalized in more and more countries, discrimination and inequality, or part of everyday life. for many, we ask why? because life is diversity. to make up your own mind in d. w. lead for mines. ah, europe ships in extra gas, the tensions with russia gro moscow continues to deny, is deliberately restricting close to its western neighbors, will get the view of an energy industry expert. as turkeys lira keeps tumbling
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will meet the bulgarians crossing the border to profit from bad, better buying power and demand for private jets has hit new heights during the pandemic. we'll hear why. business travelers have been commercial slice. this is day to be a business on rob watson berlin. welcome to the program. europe's energy crunch is fueling tensions with russia. moscow has denied restricting gas deliveries to its neighbors, insisting that to blame for their own problems. like a natural gas pipeline has been running in reverse from germany to poland, after russia stopped flows in the other direction. meanwhile, western europe is sourcing extra supplies from the u. s. as the energy crisis. difference. this earthquake in northern holland was recorded on surveillance cameras over 70 quakes have been recorded and groaning in this year. court fosten still remembers one strong quake in 2012. i was sitting behind my desk
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on, on a desk chair with her, with wheels underneath. and i was moving forward and backward for about 20 centimeters. so it was really shaken. what's happening here? fosten belongs to a citizens initiative that blames natural gas production for the constant earthquakes. that's why pumping stations are being gradually shut down in 2023 production will stop completely because the damage is only getting worse. is that the costs of strengthening, strengthening houses in order to be able to continue gas extraction was rising too much and to 3rd, to set the guess field is for $18.00. 90 percent empty. at this moment, the netherlands will soon stop being a major gas supplier. the country will even have to import gas itself from places like the gas storage facility in raiden in lower saxony. here gas is stored under ground,
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mainly from russia. but because gas storage facilities are only half full gas market, experts are worried. a bit of a sudden the gas levels are already very low. they have not been this low at this time of year in the last 10 years. and because it has been cold in the last few days and cold weather is forecasted for january, the storage facilities are emptying relatively quickly. this is a situation that is already worrying market participants. you can see that in the high prices, as critics say, gas prom which has close ties to the kremlin, is keeping delivery volumes low in order to put pressure on the u. that spat stems from the e u position on the ukraine conflict and the slow approval pace of the controversial nord stream to baltic sea pipeline. the situation is worsening for over a week. gas prom has not sent natural gas via the critical your mall pipeline to this pumping station in brandenburg. the prices the prices are so high now that we
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are actually worried about the security of gas supplies. so if you strategic restraint, no longer makes sense here, and we are actually destroying our prospects as a reliable gas supplier for the next few years out for latisha osley for gone, for the next yard. her doubts around gaz. prompts reliability are growing as our fears that rushes president putin will use natural gas as a bargaining chip in the future. a potential ease of his sleeve in this political poker game with the european union. now turkey's currency has fallen 60 percent against the dollar. this year, the government of president edwin has struggled to make it's an orthodox economic policy work lowering interest rates despite inflation spiraling out of control that hits the pocket of the average turkish person. however, for tourists from neighboring bulgaria and greece, it's a chance to snap of products at bargain prices,
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including hair at the border city of it in ah, it's a smooth process crossing the turkish border. here's a deer. now. the border guards are well used to day trippers by now. 20000 visitors come to a deer and every week by car bus or train, especially the weekend when they pack out the bizarre she will. maze gladly took it as a group. it's more convenient for me to shop here, a buy clothes and food and whatever we need for the children and grandchildren for christmas. bulgaria is much more expensive than here. if you ask how much love we exchanged, i exchanged $500.00 left. it's plenty for all of us. lisa to the center. this is a c h t to lust. one lab is worth almost 9 lira just 3 months ago. it was only 6. the back lava bakeries around the bazaar also busy. the turkish suite pastries, also popular bulgaria to baker's advertise their goods in turkish, bulgarian,
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and greek yulu. yet but aluminum. the bulgarians come to a deer and big groups and shop like crazy. sometimes they buy 5 or 10 of the same items we're planning to sell it on or thinking they won't find these again, we'll have another i'm salt lake and they really do some serious stocking up. take the products back to bulgaria, yet or gotten them not just, not really a really good unit in lewis. so you're clearly in the supermarket, it quickly becomes obvious who's turkish and who was bulgarian, while turks can afford less and less because of the falling currency. the bulgarians and greeks are cashing in the shop or tourist spend an average of $500.00 euros per person according to the university of a dinner many by enough goods to last several weeks. the city is currently trying to persuade the day trippers to stay longer. not with even lower prices, but by expanding what it has to offer next year, they're leaving be a christmas market. quite a novelty for predominantly muslim turkey as some of the other global business
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stories making the news. china's complained to the un after it's space station almost collided with space ex satellites. twice this year in mosques company is planning to place $12000.00 small satellites in all of it to provide global internet access. currently $1800.00 of them already circling nineth. a research suggests for out of 5 german hospitals are struggling to fill job vacancies nationwide. more than 22000 jobs remain unfilled according to the countries hospital institute. that number has tripled since 2016 hospitals have blaine restrictions on operations. during the pandemic. the loss of workers no airline passengers are facing another day of major disruption over 10000 flights have been cancelled world wide since christmas eve. many airlines suffering staff shortages due to ami kron outbreaks over 2000 commercial flight schedule for tuesday, have been cancelled according to the website. flight aware of the unreliability of
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commercial i travel during the pandemic has led many high and business travelers to look for alternatives. as a result, demand for private jets is sky high. being able to choose when you want to fly, as well as who you want to fly with. are obvious advantages. during the pandemic industry bodies estimate the number of seats airlines could offer passengers. harvard in 2020, that means more than 2 and a half 1000000 fewer seats. private aviation industry operators are picking up the slack and are in high demand. about in said mid season in times like these some flight connections aren't available or out adapted to their schedules for business people or government officials. but also there are families who want to fly on holiday and can't reach their destination any other way. the so depending on the size of the aircraft charter rights begin at around 2 and a half 1000 euros an hour. so way, the cost of a chart, a jet flying $5.00 passengers from paris to frankfurt, and back around one and
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a half hours each way. that gives a total of $7500.00 euros. so i the same 5 people in business class, and the bill's going to be around $5000.00 euros. but that comes with the time wasting and inconvenient said commercial airports both ends plus the risk of infection from other passengers. while in a private jet, there's the chance to prepare for that important conference or business meeting while on route. worldwide, the number of business jet flights in november 2021 was almost 60 percent up from the same time in 20. 20 chatted yet operate as a strong ling to keep up with the demand as his momentous as really look at the moment. it's very hard because of a pandemic to get aeroplanes as an aircraft operator as an a line in the business of aviation. we have to realize that the market is empty. secondhand aeroplanes are just not available. and even new orders take 2 or 3 years at the moment,
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moment. so far, the major source of growth has been in the united states. but since the appearance of the on the chron strain of the corona virus demand in europe is really taking off. meanwhile, the pandemic is brought tough times to the global fashion industry consume is confined to their home, spend less money on clothes, and should have shops couldn't sell them. anyway. fashion designers have also been struggling with lucrative showcases often can sort. we met one such designer in india, videos from 2019, bring back fond memories for a fashion designer blue mika cheda. she was at the top of her game back then with models at india fashion. we can mom by before the pandemic business was booming. people who are not paid for me, i know that i believe that it is not that intention not to pay me. ah,
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but they want to, but it just that the dime that difficult slide from my had again, unity i believe for them that if their businesses are good, if they do good. ah, if they come out of the situation quicker and foster, i think even i'll be in a better position. and then my money can be to leave. the pandemic drove the tourists away to on the street in bombay fashion stores of clothes down in droves. boomy kancheta also had to close her store. everybody, one after the other has closed down their business. oh yeah. and they said all of it was one of i shouldn't have had begun when he does a bit, but giving up is not her style. she could no longer afford her old design and sewing workshop, so she moved her business to a much smaller location. less than 10 of her 45 sewing machines, remain in operation. and she was only able to keep
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a handful of employees. you know, jesse and just leave us. this is i will. i me come got the will. the impact on work has been too much. earlier we had a very big staff. we had 110 or 111 people working except where, but i'd be watching somebody now that's not the situation right now. we only of 8 to 10 people working here as we don't have as much work as before. it's like having no work at all relative like ami made us of leg work. come cut the me, which will graduate fabrics and patterns fill the store rooms. before the pandemic, the workshop was a roomy, 400 square meters. now the boss can barely find a seat through all my of i will plan is concern. oh no, i'm not going to shut it. okay. so slowly, gradually, oh, earlier than i used to make for myself, my own brand,
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and i used to explore the noise. that transition has been to sustain and sort of i, i am making other, but i'm sort of him. no new thing for them. i design and mix them both for the brand on which they give the order these days boomy. ca, cheda only gets to designed late at night in one of her shops which she's converted into a grocery store. another step in her crisis management plan. not so from us by ah, a pulse ah, the beginning of a story that moves us and takes us along for the ride. it's all about the perspective. culture
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information. this is dw news and d, w. made for mines. ah, a there, i'm david and this is climate change brags, it's sex, happiness in 3 books. this is the book for you. you'll get smarter for free. d w books on youtube. ah, welcome to global 3000.


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