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tv   Nahaufnahme  Deutsche Welle  December 28, 2021 8:15pm-8:46pm CET

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next is our coven 19 special? and this time, we're looking at the challenges facing health care workers on the front line of the pandemic. i'm pablo 40 s in berlin from the team here, thanks for watching and don't forget, you can always stay up to date on all the latest news on our website, the ww dot com, or, of course you can follow up on our social media accounts. i'll be back at the top of the next hour until then take care and see very soon with the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing? what does the latest research say? information and context? the corona virus updates. they covered 19th, special next on d,
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w. sometimes a seed is all you need to allow big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning pass like global ideas. we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing. download it now, feel free with . oh, nurses that are on the front line in the battle against the pandemic. the new on the kron variant is a much more infectious form of corona virus. and it's making the job of health care workers even more demanding. and they're at risk of infection every day due to the
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large number of infected patience. world health organization estimates that at least 115000 nurses world wide have died from coven 19. and there are staff shortages and burnouts. the pay is generally low and working conditions are harsh. in many countries, nurses are fighting for better recognition. but apart from applause, as a thank you, they often get very little return. welcome to your cove. 19 special. i'm daniel winter. the jobs of health care workers were already demanding even before the pandemic. once the virus struck, they took to the front lines and saved millions of lives around the world, came an outpouring of appreciation. but did anything really change? many doctors, nurses, kara's and hospital workers believe their work has once again fallen out of the
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public's awareness, leaving them worried that things will never change for the better. to hear from the people themselves, we travel to spain, india, and germany. working it's a nurse has always been demanding even the full curve. it 19 struck, but the pandemic has accessible to the problem. catherine burger can feel the impact on her everyday life. the i see, you know, it's from berlin is one of many who take care of cove it patients day in and day out. it's a back breaking job as little as eco strain is enormous. it's a huge strain working in this protective suit and a psychological part also plays a big role. we take care of critically ill patients. that's our normal work, what we've been trained for. but now we have critically ill patients who can also put us at risk. this is really stressful and washed with as to pandemic. hit nurses received a lot of praise for their efforts,
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but they're working conditions didn't change. all the beds were full and then there's constant stress for far to little money. many also complain about like of recognition nurses in spain, especially dissatisfied, hundreds of them were recruiter to help out during the height of the pandemic, only to find themselves jobless again, when the infection numbers dropped. they were informed by text message that it's a, if that the body on my fondest way of informing people about their dismissal, really inappropriate. i can find that in that it shows 0 respect for those who gave their role. during the pandemic bellow, it could have a high lab be a wrong vehicle. we've got a dog. they were desperately needed to keep the system working. and now it seems like they're just staff who are disposable. that will m on it. i ask them all, but shall i? that was how did the data? but the importance of having enough health care professionals is now clear to many countries, especially as the pandemic continues. spain has also changed and must hitler
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currently putting in a lot of effort to create more permanent positions and ensure that fewer staff have to work in unsafe conditions. rochester, we hope the situation will continue to improve in 2022 and i'll admit when the laws for lease women in india, the nursing problems in europe opened up new opportunities for them. the caregivers and nurses gained a lot of experience during the pandemic. now they want to also help to european countries ban miguel gander in india compared to the west indies, especially the u. k. so i, again, i know that again, do the same for them also. we, how many stu contained the bantam again, the 1st few months. it was, it was a model for the whole world. and i, we believe that we can do the same in the, or in all the other countries as were cut and burger in berlin with welcome such support. the world may have to brace for
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a completely new era after all for an hour without without the kona virus, me stay with us permanently. and we have to develop strategies as yarmouth. we have to strengthen our health care system with enough staff, with enough equipment with all the necessary tools. corona is not leaving us any time soon. warner for less than 5 my subtler creating better conditions for the caregivers. this will remain one of the key issues in 2022 and we're now lucky enough to be able to speak to christian career needed, who's a long specialist, an intensive care physician. thank you very much for joining us, kristian. so from your personal perspective, how are healthcare professionals coping with the pandemic right now? i guess it's a, it's more less a routine now over 2 years. but most of our nurses and also doctors, we shouldn't forget them. are very tired at the moment. and you mentioned that before that there was a lot of applause in the beginning,
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but at least in germany it was not more so. so we are not more stuff. we even have less than that. 10 to 20 percent less nurses than before. and that's the major problem we are faced with at the moment. so it sounds like you're suggesting that more should be done. what more do you think can in practice be done to support health care work? yeah, one of the major points in germany is that we have really in nursing crisis, and there's nothing crisis began by far earlier than the pandemic occurred. and one of the major problems in germany, it's a germany, is a huge economic pressure on the hospitals. and so that we have to treat many patients and have to last nurses and also doctors for it. and that is one of the major points. and the pandemic really had a huge impact on that because they have to do more and you had to do more and the workload was even higher than before. and that is one of the major points. and
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therefore, i guess the 1st thing we have to do is to lower the workload and you can only do that if you have more colleagues. and the 2nd point is that especially the nurses earn more money than they do at the moment in germany. so understaffing is a key weakness. what more should the government should health care companies be doing to bring more especially nurses into the health care system, in your case in germany. now let me give an example, in your case, for example, you have one nurse for one when he lated patient in germany. one nurse has to care for at least 2 ventilated patients during the night, but mostly for 3 patients. and that is one of the major points we have in germany. so we have to, i guess we need in. yeah, let's say, and you're not in your health care system, but we have to reorganize the work. how we do that. we have too many hospitals in
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germany, and that means that to less nurses per hospitals are there. and therefore, i guess we have to concentrate for many her nurses in one hospital to lower their workload and to make life easier. i guess that is one of the key points we have to do in the future. ok, so a reorganization, a stronger recruitment drive and more pay. when we look at the, the situation that we're in right at the moment with omicron, how has on the chron affected admissions. so far as you can tell, because we're hearing different messages on the one side, it's far more transmissible that it is already very clear on the other early data appears to show that it could be a more mild illness. yeah, i fully agree with you so, so it's very early now with the army crunch. and in germany, let's say we have 2 weeks behind the other countries in europe, especially behind u. k of france. and at the moment the numbers are increasing. so in some parts we
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have 1020 and handbook, for example, 40 percent of all cases, all me chron, but we have today only 8 patients was only crime over the country on the i c u. so it's very early at the moment, but if you look at france, r u k, it seems that at least on the i, c, u, b f. not such a search like we expected one to 3 weeks ago. and i guess we need at least 2 weeks more to have a definite if the idea if it's, if it's really less severe than the data very end. and that is what we, what we all wish, at least for the i see you said the workload is low and the pressure is lower. there's plenty still to do christian, kara g. anita, thank you very much for speaking with us. thank you. and now it's time for you to ask and for us to answer his view,
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a question for our signs correspondent derek williams. oh, who is considered a coven? 19 survivor. is it regardless of its severity? this is really more of a semantic question than a scientific one, but it caught my attention because i've used the term here quite often, but i've never really thought about it before. so let's think about it. the word survivor is a pretty dramatic one. the cambridge dictionary defines it as a person who continues to live despite merely dying. now, that definition certainly applies to the many, many people in this pandemic who contracted severe coven 19, but didn't succumb to it, but not necessarily to every one who tested positive for the disease. the 2 members of, of my immediate family who had mild cases of coven 19, for example. they told me they wouldn't describe themselves as survivors. in
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scientific literature, the term is often but not exclusively applied to people who recovered after having been hospitalized with the disease. but there are also arguments for thinking of those who recovered from even a mild case as survivors. some studies have shown, for instance, that there are increased longer term risks for them as well, of developing the range of symptoms, commonly known as long cove. it and, and online support groups for the condition are full of people who got only a little sick from the initial infection, but have struggled ever since recovering with a wide range of, of ongoing life altering complaints. though i don't know anyone personally who suffers from long coven, i'm certain that many of those who do would also consider themselves. survivors who
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have to keep working to survive every day. so, long and short, there doesn't seem to be a really narrow definition of the word survivor in the pandemic. but because coven 19 affects people in so many different ways, that shouldn't come as a surprise. mm hm. and that's a, it's from the coven. 19 special from me and the whole team stay healthy. stay safe and see you again. soup a pulse with the beginning of a story that moves us and takes us along for the ride. it's all about the perspective. culture
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information. this is the w news and water d. w. made from mines. a animal i'm clever in and some of the smartest pigeons. their visual memory is outstanding. can you memorize $700.00 images and recall them at any time? for a pigeon, it's a piece of cake. to morrow today, in 60 minutes on d w. ah, we're all set to go beyond the obvious well,
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as we take on the world, 8 hours, i do all the, i swear all about the story that matter to you. whatever it takes 5 policemen a deal . we are, your is actually on fire made for mines a villas well doesn't execute. no, it's blah blah blah blah blah, all day long. and an f one if you do blah. busy blah, you are your god. you will not when you need to be disgust, decide, execute, go next one.
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we're world champion. and then the moment where it's done everything and go nobody can take that away from the ever i think it's great how you go beyond your own limits and i was game with it's a minute midnight. we're running out of time to ski. don't cut it off on there was time to to take it another approach to life and i wanted to have a different life and experience more of a freedom with monica nico, haas bags, home formula, one world champion environmentalist, businessman and monica nit heart.
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it's a very close relationship monocle because i've lived here all my life. my school is just on the other side of the mountain here in the harbor where my kids also go to school. now i'm in the city is all about my previous life as well because the monocle racetrack is in the middle of the city. it's on my way to school. ah, do you cross the start finish line here and you can see the, the line painted, of course on the ground and you see are the starting grid here. so position is coming there. and then sometimes i get these flashbacks and think about how the whole city is transformed and then i was unfold position here a couple of times in a leading the way then and winning the race. nika, ross. there's one the legendary monaco grand prix, 3 times in a row from 2013 to 2015. he takes us for
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a ride around his home track and tells us about his life, old and new. the biggest day of his international racing career was november 27th, 2016. in the last race of the season. he clenched the formula one drivers world championship. it was the culmination of his international career. ah, when crossing the line, i knew that i was stopping to raise because i had thought about it a long time for 3 months before ready. once i was ahead in the champion to rattle wow, i really do manage to win this thing. it would be the right moment to move on because i had achieved everything i wanted to and, and it was time to, to take it another approach to life. so i had no idea what i was going to do after my career. and just one thing led to the next line, i made a promise that i wanted to do something where i can contribute largely to society,
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to other people. so nikko ross perry got involved in formula e, the new sustainable racing series, in which electric racing cars, do you get out on city racks around the world? an ideal combination for ross bands racing blood and sustainable entrepreneurial spirit. i'm a co owner. busy of formula and i always found the pity that around the formula erases, that they don't do more in terms of events. and therefore i thought a why it's such an opportunity. berlin raised, why don't we create this? is a tech technology festival around the rates in 2019 rosemary organized the 1st screen tech festival in a hanger f rylin's disused temple off airport. big business names from around the world network. here with the inventors and makers of green technologies and the future of mobility. daughter can time for this simply allow nation for innovative technologies. that's it. that is on this, i mean, i was able to indulge out in formula one. and now i can do so in sustainable
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technologies course. what? so it's a minute to midnight and time is running out of the fun. it's an exciting time in that field. and as a businessman, it's the field for me and my passion tightened in, but i was almost as wanted nima, hobby should decent price your foot, and you still have these innovative technologies might not be there, but also this massive positive contribution, right? you're in month, it's a win win by thought on the has has own. at the same time you can do great businesses and some ross back has a new passion. he calls himself a sustainable business man. he has founded a company and monaco that examines sustainable startups. if a young company convinces him he invests in their 1st steps and the world of green business, i really need to feel like enthusiastic when i see a startup, also with the idea that they're pursuing and, and the product that they're making like tear as the scooters that we see all over
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europe now another really a proud success story in the end and with tear it was a found who operationally was just absolutely excellent. and that's was going to come down to when creating a start up and scaling something like a and e scooter startup. and in the end, it proved to be right because operationally was just phenomenal. in the meantime, the berlin based t scooter maker has established itself as a global market leader, with a clever idea tear built its own scooters and developed an innovative energy supply system. when the battery runs down, it can just be replaced on the spot with a charged one. tier founder lawrence lumina, was always open to new and unconventional ideas. so why not sit down with a formula one world champion to talk about sustainable mobility? i had a dinner with him and i was, i was pretty impressed how, how, how he was looking at companies that you wouldn't expect from a former one driver who's trying to really be in an extreme sport to really think
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about companies in that way. i saw was very impressed and because he was coming from a very different background. but i really liked that we had a connection and he was, he said the cities would change. mobility is changing dramatically. he's a great ambassador for the company, but also in general for the industry of green tech and green mobility. my technology festival that i found the last year is on again. so check it out. we have big, big names, i end up as well, which i'm really proud of. you, president was enough on the google seo and real fast nevada flagler says if you wanna live in for an automated or so, what should i say? you could say hello world. hello audience. let's go live now to the world and even within just 3 years, nickel horsberg turned the green tech festival into an internationally renowned event in 2021. in addition to the base event in berlin, there was also
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a green tech festival in london presenting the latest and sustainable technologies . nico horsberg is going full speed in his 2nd career to pursue ties, snell, and you have to think fast. those of you he thinks like he used to drive, i'm totally excited to be honest to tell thing to marry. i have to say he bring speed to the business of this people and the business world is slow and the business world doesn't make decisions. that isn't business well doesn't execute, you know, it's blah blah, blah, blah blah, all day long. and in f one, if you do, blah, blah, you are your god. you will not when you need to be disgust, decide, execute, go next one. and that is something that i'm bringing to the business world. prospect seems to switch between disciplines without difficulty. as long as it breaks with convention, he shot an advertising clip for germany's national railway company door to bond with rock legend iggy pop to promote environmentally friendly travel. and yes,
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they put me next, the ag bob in the commercial bay. cool. and i was there in pop naked and dr. bon, you have to know very traditional german company owned by the government. and here's naked, an almost naked here in top. topless iggy pop sitting in the train and asked laughing at each other. that was like a 1st time ever bunch of on to take such a risk. and he usually gets other sports stars on board for his projects to for his him on for example, who caught the world's attention when he took part in the grueling global regatta. voluntary globe and drew attention to the destruction of the environment. a realized what an opportunity we have. because with our sports we have a phenomenal reach. so it's a perfect vehicle to use to generate impact, to encourage everybody was following us to join the movement with us.
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nicholas bags, name opens doors in sports, business and politics. ah, he has really made a credible conversion in terms of his personal attitude to mobility. ruined him, i said him from already paid for it, so we're missing a lot of it. we need people whose enthusiasm can help promote technological development and act as ambassadors or he can do that. that's not a formula. one driver can't change the world on his own, but together we can distribute those. i like what he does. if you look at everything he organizes, it is really impressive. fungi uses his fame to do the right thing. let's start on and i'm a contact card on file for you with a formula, one world champion and his image attract all sorts of prominent participants to the green tech festival. even pop stars sting showed up flu
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flu or flushing stealing drive. a prince albert of monaco was also there along with hollywood icon. robert bradford, the city that i love with it was like a matter pulled out from under my feet. the european commission has also thrown its weight behind hoss parents efforts. we need you to innovate, to liberate that creativity, to stimulate society nickel horsberg personally gets in touch with celebrities. and that's the, that's the way it works. and i have another funding that was, oh, robert robert redford, real like. so who the hell are you for? i had to back to that a little bit. i had to explain again, formula wine and i drive fast in a circle. you know, i used to be the best,
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and now i, i switch switch i, and i'm fighting for our environment, which is a fight that concerns us all. is action for the climate for the planet, for civilization that has to become more responsible, more sustainable and more innovative. this fight needs nico ross, bricks, talent, energy, and determination. albert's prince of monaco is familiar with nico ross, bags, talent, and determination. the 2 have been friends for years and worked together on several green projects. they used to tour around the city together in vintage cars. from these days, the formula one world champion likes to take prince albert for a spin around town in an electric race car. with oh wow, yeah, let out here. breaking it underneath it. well done. here we see here
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we see the hand shake. you are relaxed. i mean, it's so difficult because you never see the exit of foreigners. you always drive my memory. yes. hyper precise. always within 5 centimeters of the wall at $300.00 millimeters an hour. and if you're 5 centimeters to close, you crash. if you're 5 centimeters to far away. if you slope half barrett has known the racetrack in monaco since he was a boy. his father technical spoke, took him to his 1st formula. one race is here. after all, his father is a racing legend to with the fin who has been living in monica with. his german wife, sina host, that for decades became formula one world champion in 1982 driving for williams. like father like son,
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i want to be a formula one driver and try to become world champion. my dad was very supportive in my whole career. my mom never saw a single race of mine because she was so scared, but my father supported me all along ah . a . at the age of 16, after cutting his racing teeth and go carts, nickel, horseback moved up to formula junior in 2001 and became champion at the 1st attempt . we'd like to give you a free test in a formula one car with started crying straight away. the child, the dream that comes to,
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i mean driving the one i just driving a racing car that out the $140.00 horsepower. and then i went to the car that had 920 was with barrick, was hired by williams as a full time test driver. and in 2006, the team offered him a place as a driver for an entire season prospect. junior had made it to the top echelons of the sport. i was guiding him so far, and when the moment came, when i said john, bunny said why, then i knew it was time to stop for the i think that was one of my biggest achieve that i let him go accepted the right one was very smart because no, i'm having a father who's done at all, who has the all the experience already, it's sometimes difficult because of what he wants.


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