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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  December 28, 2021 10:15pm-10:31pm CET

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all right, by your watching detail, the news. here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you. russia supreme court has ordered the closure of the country's most respected human rights group of memorial chronicles to primes of russian state repression and advocates for victims. to move cops a year of practice on the russian several something to watch. the w news, i'm pub affiliate in berlin. i'll be back shortly with the business and iron tilt it will be here from the top of the next hour. and don't forget it and keep up to date on our website, d, w dot com or follow up on social media. take care and see ers, in my 1st vice i was a sewing machine. i come from women or bones by this ocean, given something as simple as learning how to write
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a vice. i vote isn't since i was a little girl. i wanted to have a bicycle of my own, but it took me years to life. finally, they gave up and went to buy me on my side and returned with a sewing machine. so and i suppose was more appropriate for girls than writing them . and now i want to reach out to those woman back home for bone to buy their duties . and social rules and inform them about that basic, right. my name is the about the home, and i work at a ah, stock market are in upbeat mode as the year draws to a close while investors are monitoring the on the chron corona virus variance. there is a sense the impact might not be as serious as one severed will get the view for
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more hi germans or looking elsewhere for their new year. pyrotechnics, as authorities again banned the sale of fireworks. some are even heading to denmark as supply chain woes man to spain is urging more women to keep on truckin on public lillius. and here's your business update. us stock market, open stronger on choose day on optimism that the i'm a crohn corona virus variant will not d rail. the global economic recovery stocks came off a bit as traders closed their positions for 2021. and there are lingering concerns about i'm a, kron driven traveler disruptions and store closures. but markets are surfing a holiday week, wave boosted by softer rules on corona, virus infections that should offer help for staff challenged businesses. well, james sweeney has more from the new york stock exchange. hi james,
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good to see. stocks are edging higher as we approach the end of the year to the markets feel that a micron is less of a threat than previously thought. well, i can't really speak on behalf of all of the markets, but evidence would suggest that to be the case is problem less of a threat to the markets. yes, it has been here. the u. s. at least we went from being told to be inferior, but deadly 3rd, very into. well, it's more can, they just were contagious to delta, but not as deadly to the cdc here, recommending 10, the current teens for break 2 cases. so now, recommending 5, just yesterday we've had hundreds of celebrities athletes, traitors here on wall street. they've gotten it, they're back on camera, they're back playing sports thousands across the world. have it right here in new york city. there's thousands lining up. they're just being safe. they're being cautious and trying to prevent the sped, but its own promise of a threat. for the most part here in the united states, it is now you do have companies like apple here in new york city that announced that it won't let any shoppers physically inside the store regardless of
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vaccination status. but then you have to study lake city from south africa that said that the crime infection appears to protect against the delta barion and could displace it. and that's not from my words that's from the african health research institute. so with all of these mixed messages and all of these mix headlines, yes, omar crime fears here in the us are less of a threat than previous lot thought and are pushing the markets higher. and also all you have to do is look at the holiday numbers from yesterday and realize people are still out there shopping. alright, well james, you're basically just said that it's not looking as seriously as previously thought . so this is obviously playing huge factor in the situation there. yes, it definitely is. that's definitely playing a huge factor. the santa close rally was in full effect starting yesterday of 300.350 points. the markets are up to day and again, restrictions they happen to be all over the place here in the u. s. and it's led to a lot of confusion, and that's been since day one. and regarding the confusion with cobit roles, the markets are taking that in and they're trying their best to consider like how can you take this threat seriously,
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if they don't even know what the threat actually is that they don't know what the rules actually are to prevent this threat, and that's the real. that's the real concern. here. we have companies again like apple that are not living inside the store, but then you have airliners that are saying, gillis, 5 days reprieve. right. attendance. seems like there's a lot going on. james sweeney in new york. thank you for that. well, like much of the world, europe is seeing a shortage of truck drivers. it's causing quite the pinch in supply chains across the continent. in spain, the government is looking at ways to recruit more people into the profession, especially from traditionally under represented groups. this is far from begonia, are manette is 1st time getting behind the wheel. the mother and grandmother has been a truck driver for the last 26 years. i guess it's true that we hear the phrase, you don't look like
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a trucker. a lot. it happens to many of us. and why don't i look like a trucker? what must i look like? it's just that you're so tiny, so skinny. i don't need to be tall and fat. there still a stereotype of the trucker woman's physique. i don't know why we all have to be very butch, very manly. we buddy much. what we'll do, a recent estimate shows europe is missing, 400000 drivers needed to deliver goods. spain, meanwhile, is missing tens of thousands of drivers alone. guy with a miracle, there are fewer and fewer truck drivers. and this is just the tip of the iceberg. there are 10015000 or 20000 truck drivers missing in spain. that's nothing. now. in 10 or 12 years there will be more missing because if the average age of a truck driver in spain to day is 50 or 52 years in 10 years, there will be none because there is no generational replacement, they are not making it easier for new people to enter the workforce. many people are invested in getting out ahead of this problem and making the often lonely and
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difficult job more attractive. a driver's union recently won a battle with the government and drivers will no longer be required to load or unload their trucks. the government is also looking at ways to attract not only more women, but more young people. both groups are under represented in the industry, but as more drivers retire every year, this fast moving problem has no speed bumps in sight. or the pandemic has brought tough times for the global fashion industry. consumers confined to their home spend less money on clothes, on, sheltered shops, couldn't sell them anyway. fashion designers have also been struggling with lucrative showcases often being canceled. we met one such a designer in india. videos from 2019, bring back fond memories for a fashion designer who mika cheda. she was at the top of her game back then with models at india fashion. we can mum, by before the pandemic business was booming.
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people who will not be for me. i know that i believe that it is not that intention, not the baby. ah, but they want to, but it just that the dime that difficult slide from my heart again, uni at play for them that if their businesses are good, if they do good. ah, if they come out of the situation quicker and foster, i think even i'll be in a better position. and then my money can be to leave. the pandemic drove the tourists away to on the street, and mom, by fashion stores of clothes down in droves. boomy kancheta also had to close her store. everybody, one after the other, has closed down the business. oh, yeah. and this, it ordered was one of i shouldn't have had begun 20 days of it, but giving up is not her style. she could no longer afford her old design and
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sewing workshop. so she moved her business to a much smaller location. less than 10 of her 45 showing machines remain in operation. and she was only able to keep a handful of employees. you, jesse, and deciliter. this is, i will. i me come good. the will, the impact on work has been too much. earlier we had a very big staff. we had 110 or 111 people working except where, but i'll be watching survey. now that's not the situation right now. we only of 8 to 10 people working here as we don't have as much work as before. it's like having no work at all relative like ami made us of luck come cut the me, which will graduate fabrics and patterns fill the store rooms. before the pandemic, the workshop was a roomy, 400 square meters. now the boss can barely find a seat through all my of the
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vibrant line is concerned. oh no, i'm not going to shut it. okay, so lowly gradually. oh, earlier than i used to make for myself, my own brand, and i used to explore the noise. that transition has been to sustain instead of i. i am making other, but i'm sort of him now producing for them. i design and make sample for the brand on which they give the orders these days boomy, conchita only gets to designed late at night. in one of her shops which she's converted into a grocery store, another step in her crisis management plan. usually new year's eve, here in germany is a noisy and colorful affair because of all the fireworks going off. but this year, german authorities have again decided to bind the sale of fireworks. so germans are crossing the border into neighboring denmark to buy rockets and buyers or use even
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berlin typically goes off with a bang. but the 201920 to curve. it was different. in a suburban street, in the midst of crowds of revelers, a huge explosion from a home made bomb. hundreds of thousands of euros of damage. scores of people injured for berlin's authorities. it was the cracker that broke the camel's back. then, with the onset of the pandemic, authorities feared the usual stream of wounded would overwhelm hospitals, already groaning under the load of covered cases. a national ban was put in place, but germans just want to have fun via plus and get as event despite everything we want to celebrate the new year. last year it couldn't happen. therefore, we are happy that it's possible this year in germany, we're not allowed to buy fire crackers, but we are allowed to set them off. fuck them up, then decide. so many germans,
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i'm making a pilgrimage across the border into denmark to buy their fireworks. ha humble. they come from hamburg, hanover blame and rust stock, dusseldorf, purveyors of pyrotechnics had been worried about their economic plight as denmark prepares for a more subdued and new year's celebration than usual. but now, business is booming. your height that the german customers have helped safe does it . so that's been nice. hemmings and estimates that this year german customers account for 65 percent of the shops turn over. so it looks like, even though the brandenburg gate party is strictly no spectators, nightclubs will be closed and all indoor venues will be off limits to the un vexed germans will still be able to make some noise to welcome in the new year. here's a reminder of the tough business story we're following for you. this. our stock markets are in
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a feat mode as the year draws for close investors sense the impact of the i'm a crohn corona virus variant might not be as serious as previously feared on. pavlov foliage in berlin for more business news check out our website, d, w dot com, ford slash business. and we're also on d. t w news and youtube channel. and you can find us on facebook as d w dot business until next time. take care. ah, ah, the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing? what does the latest research say? information and context?
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the corona virus update because 19 special next on d w. the landscape, a reflection of a turbulent history. the cities, the mosaic of different people and languages v ron's mountains reveal unparalleled beauty. ah, a special look at a special country. iran from above. in 45 minutes on d w. oh. we got some hot tips for your bucket list. ah magic corner check. hot spot for food and some great cultural memorials to boot
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d w, travel off we go. green. do you feel worried about the planet? me too. i'm neal. host of the home, the green sense of cost, and to me it's clear we need to change the solutions are out there. join me for a deep dive into the green transformation. for me to do for the vent ah, ah, nurses are on the front line in the battle against the pandemic. the new on the kron variant is a much more infectious form of corona virus. and it's making the job of health care
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walk has even more demanding and there it.


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