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sits in the mail variety, but they don't have flavor enhances or food coloring and they begun. ultimately, it's up to the consumer cameron's ebay forest is one of the world's largest rain forests, and almost unbeatable when it comes to its variety, an animal and plant species. but deforestation and poaching pose a threat to this unique environment. there is hope though. members of the gorilla guardian club a fighting back this rain forest can only be reached on foot. was on to tier and the able forest research project team are on the lookout for rare primates. oh, oh look and that's a guerrillas nest. we belong to mar, unusually, build them on the ground, glory after their evening meal, they make themselves a place to sleep. long as a cushy ball on fed courtesy on board. we have 11 primary species here. the
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including gorilla skull gym, pansies, drills and prices red, colourless monkeys. nicole obeyed to prayers. the primates are in high demand with poachers who can sell them as bush meat. jaunty tear also used to make his living that way. but for most of the last 10 years, he's only study their tracks to find out which animals are traveling way in the forest. he lives in liberty on the edge of able forest. one of the 3 villages that are taking part in the project they did when i have grasped what impact motoring has and anyway, like, it's not really a profitable business particularly. okay, yes, you can earn a bit of, but the income is very irregular. that's why i decided to stop hunting is ongoing. i live in an empty shahid. usually now he only gets to see the animals in video footage. the researchers have set up 17 trial cameras in the part of the forest
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rigorously. besides chimpanzees and gorillas, these forest elephants are also threatened with extinction. and the extremely shy drills are particularly at risk. the eval forest research project was set up by the san diego z wildlife alliance which supports primate conservation. it's been collaborating with the villages for more than 10 years. many of them used to be poachers. now they've learned to collect data on the animals or set up camera traffic. anyone who wants to take part must join a gorilla guardian club. then they get paid for their work for gandhi, drank an on going have to thin out the clearing a bit, so the camera isn't obstructed. cassandra, i hipaa laconia once
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a month the team spends a few days venturing deep into the rain forest. they use campuses and t p. s to find their way marcell kitchen has been part of the team for 9 years. the environmental scientist records precisely where each animal trail is found. what's particularly interesting are the movements of the around $25.00 gorillas that were discovered here in 2002 at to then they were only 2 known gorilla subspecies in cameron. one group living south of the seneca river and another hundreds of kilometers away to the north. for the reason why we call we are collecting the sample is to do some genetic analyses to find out, well, how related the glass of able to doors, fans hard of the cassandra, the crockery where go to less, it's very significant. and it, it is, even these analyses are finally, you know, finally come to a conclusion. we might realize that in come around yourself having tools hops,
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dishes of glory, love we might be having a 3rd. one able forest in southwest and cameron covers an area of almost 1500 square kilometers and borders are nigeria. it is part of a large rain forest region, the 2nd largest world wide of to the amazon in brazil, to protect the rain forest in the future. the project aims to include the residence of the more than 40 villages surrounding the forest. the 3 villages taking part in the project so far all have a gorilla guardians come to enable the residence to feed their families without having to resort to poaching. they can joined the local club. here they get help to buy life stock or plant vegetables or cocoa. joseph buckley, another former poacher became a farmer almost a decade ago. he farms vegetables but focuses mainly on cocoa beans cultivation. if he ever has problems, he can get support from the gorilla guardian club. like all the other members.
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members, linda cole, i. the cocoa plantation has changed my life. foolish us hunting is very tiring and you get little money in the end or ala plant as your dealer. with the cocoa plantation, i just have to get out back and go to work and then harvest as much as possible. so could you put on a y o? like here in mit, there is a small school in the other 2 than it is on the edge of the forest. the teachers receive training from the scientists and protecting the forest and its animals has become a fixture of the curriculum. and what kind of animal is that? when one, a gorilla, manley. the idea is to raise awareness about the topic among the youngest villages . so can look, bled al, but i like about the course. it is the gorilla gomez. they are like people l a. d.
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and what i learned is that hunting isn't good because animals, i like people on the project has made many of the visitors see the forest with different eyes like 70, to some 90 percent of the one time coaches have become farmers. and that's what the children see while they grow up. but the guerrilla guardians clubs don't want things to stop there. move along, i'm fed, do we want to know, go zone to be created was on which the measures to guarantee the survival of the guerrillas are respected because the species is endangered. extension finished body shown armand. that's why he only takes his children to the edge of the forest. well, look here, this trail, what animal left, that trail, that he saw a porcupine. he wants his children to know about animals, but he also wants them to know when to leave the forest to its inhabitants.
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in today's global living rooms, we guys to mexico. ah, [000:00:00;00] with louella when i started. hi there. i'm pedro calderon and welcome to the rancho as well. no house in chihuahua and come in. well i i went up of the manila secchia in through la kaiser l rental luna ranch is owned
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by the mexican fund from nature conservation. he, yo, yo, ma nichol. i manage a deal, and this is where i live. i read an effect, and if the casa, i am really fortunate to leave here in the ranch house in may, north, like on, i love it, been best. he was built in the 19 seventy's by the original ranch owner. he lived here for 40 years and be the occupant and much of what is still here, was his them of it by your delicatessen, from ben rancho. audi he not. ah, if i wasn't luck, wasena gave this is the kitchen without. here is my computer, my coffee, my. it's very cold here in the winter law. that's why we don't work in the office. but in the kitchen where everything is close by and well, i really like my coffee. so i'm always drinking same week of battle though. the thing when we got it, though at the ample, ah, tell rankel in this used to be a busy kennel rash from there. there was between 1003000 head of cattle here. now
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the ranch is used for animal species conservation. also, we have heard of mexican bison here, and a few cows a not like that. then we'll get no hope at all. there used to be meals for the ranch, hands here in the house, and canceling back then they had these large tables where the food was served as, as grand as on may. but today we'll use them for workshops, or when people come to help us work with the bison, your knee even though ian in and that you haven't looked at a 100, he's on. ah, that will put up bucking me for this is a john made by the puck he made and which are one of the 1st cultures among the original inhabitants of northern mexico. ac i as in law sally, this is the living room. i mean, there's also some of the original furniture makita. that's a game table made out of the barrels. a chuckle, there's also a pool table and on my side, but it is more of a work and storage table. they had a club place to put things for a day, but i could be out in rancho. okay, the whales,
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we always try to keep the ranch feeling some of the month and everything but in a lumpy and then the rancho. here are some of the saddles and put as in rancho. yep . and this is my gear. horses are my passion, but when you get empathy on phone, look i you, i, this is the ranches official office because it's so cold here in winter. we hardly use it and i work next door in the kitchen. we for my friends, i wouldn't know, but i collect data here, information about the wells, the map of the ranch or records of where animals have been spotted. thanks a lot for visiting and thank you for allowing us to share a bit of our life here and give you a few impressions of what it's like on the ranch. bye for now and all that. oh 02 children to countenance one
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giant problem. and we really appreciate a late fee now will climate change affect us and our children? ah, learn more d, w dot com slash water. that's all from us that global 3000 and this week please do get in touch and send us your feedback. we're at global 3000 at d, w dot com and check us out on facebook to d w global ideas. see you next week. take can ah,
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with their importance to the economy is huge. but getting hold of them is often
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conservation to life with learning pass by global ideas. we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge gross through sharing, download it now for free. ah,
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will i this is d w. news line from berlin. germany tries to head off the threat from the omni cron corona virus variant protesters event their anger as the government


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