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ah, an eternity time it can be measured precisely. and yet everyone experiences it differently as if there are different forms of time . tar. ah, with a dimension we know we won't live forever. an illusion. about time presenting futures fast. starts december 31st on d w. ah ah, welcome to global 3000. this week we had to the rain forests of cameroon, home to some now well protected gorillas,
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cheese without milk and meat free sausages. it is the food of the future. and we find out why chinese parents are hesitant to have a 2nd child despite the government lifting it's one child, ruled every 2nd, 2 people on our planet. $1060.00, that's $80000000.00 people per year. according to the u. n. one in 9 of us is over 60 years old by 2050. that will be one m 5. with life expectancy rising and our planet's population booming, the global population pyramid is whitening and becoming strata. life expectancy is improving thanks to progress on developments in medicine. better health care provision and a greater awareness when it comes to health ah,
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age distribution varies greatly from country to country. nija has the lowest median age world wide, just 15.2 years. japan, meanwhile, has the highest 48.4. germany's median age is 45.7. china's population to is aging rapidly. the result of decades of government imposed family planning policies. although beijing is trying to turn this around as yet, there's no baby boom insights. as all day 3 chinese parents want their children to get the perfect start in life. all dingey being offered new mother is a full package of services for their new boys there, which will harlan, you appear to look at. this is a talking diaper. if it tells the mom, if the baby paid all the babies, temperature is higher than $37.00 degrees. so little it says momma, i have a fever before mom hour. how shall i shall official accomplish it?
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each diaper costs $0.40. the sensor alerts the mother smartphone stated the our product from the baby industry. she insists on demonstrating how it works. yeah. as well as selling baby products. dingey being also runs a real estate empire. she owns morton $460.00 luxury hotels for new parents where mothers can go to be pampered, right after the child is born. this is how hot holly is. the luxury suite costs around $13000.00 euros a month. that room is over a 100 meters square, big had a normal room cost between $57800.00 euros customers with the middle or high income can afford that. don't go. i'm gonna go quite neatly, especially in the wealthy cities in the lobby of this baby hotel. and beijing looks like any other luxury hotel with a welcoming committee for every guest than you and her family have
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enough money. they are renting a room for one month. she belongs to the well educated, a lease with a college degree and a good job and the internet sector. glad. but even she can only afford to have one child right now. you got me and they will know soon. this is will they? if we manage to earn a lot of money quickly, then i'll consider having a 2nd child who we want to make sure our child grows up in prosperity to how that into ha, ha ha. the midwife sleeps next to the new mother so that she can take care of the baby at all times. plan you still seem to lack confidence and is anxious about doing the wrong thing. getting ahead in chinese society is a challenge that starts at birth in 18 years. he's expected to go to university, only a very few make it that far. oh oh, so we hope that our child you'll be able to start learning math physics in english
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soon. i don't want my child to fall behind the others. chinese parents have such high expectations to highs without celia gall. this generation is growing up with wellness programs like this. in china, having a child cough an average of 805000 euros, but the time they reach 22 very high, the midwives come from a lower economic class. i could never afford hotels or outlays like those. the communist parties desire for more babies can't be fulfilled. i may be families in the city have the financial means to have more children. but for country people like me, it's difficult. if you are either, if only one parent works at the family can't survive a 100 for decades, the chinese government only allowed families to have one child. in an attempt to reduce china's population. women who got pregnant a 2nd time have to abort the baby or pay
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a fine. now china's population is getting increasingly older and there's a risk that by 2050, it's population will shrink by 28000000 president. she, jim pink, needs more babies to realize his dream of china's greatness. with the a show ball, pension and health sectors are coming under increasing pressure. yemen, the economy will shrink and expenses for social programs will rise with local administrations, will have to go into debt yet. they will we g in, hey long john, province. the consequences are tangible. this area in china is aging. the fastest life is hard. most people here are farmers. the cultivation of corn brings a meager income. this year, floods destroyed large parts of the harvest. there are fewer and fewer children here. and parents here have to make a hard decision. was everyone wants to earn money, but you want to be with your child to. you have to decide either raise your
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children or make money you city of now her, the elderly keeps of themselves. street life here is changing in front of the houses. tenants are thought for vacant apartments. one jeff who lives in one of these houses. the 50 year old butcher and his wife are raising their grandchild chung. the parents live in shanghai because the pay is better there. every month they send home money. several g durations are paying for showings upbringing? ah, yes. oh yeah. i think no one in the country can afford a 3rd child. no one can even afford a 2nd child. that's why they don't want money. long. jeff, who has ambitious plans for his only grand daughter, he helps her with her homework, but that's still not enough. in a few months time she be taking private english lessons. the child's life motto is
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hanging on the wall. oh, when you are confused, you have to read hello. when you're a line, you can thing. when you get mad jester, your math, i'm like your hall social here was you was i hope she will one day be rich and have a happy life again. when she grows up, i hope she can go to a good university and find a good job really. in the last 10 years, the population of no her has shrunk by 30 percent. the city already has a ghostly quality. china's leaders are afraid of a childless future in their her that fear may be slowly becoming a reality. come late in the countryside. you see houses, but no people with the last generation here we hired while the last generation fears an aging country, many in china fear an aging population. the adults at this baby hotel will continue
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pampering. the precious new borns. ah, no other types of food require as much land to produce as meat and dairy, according to the un livestock farming accounts for 78 percent of agricultural land use and no matter whether it's organic or conventional livestock, farming has some seriously negative consequences for our planet today though, there's a huge range of environmentally friendly alternatives. oh, what distinguishes these cheeses from these ones. this is the difference. so, mess dary production is exceeding its biological limits. industrial farms are exploiting animals and require postulates water and energy. globally, milk production alone accounts for almost a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions in the livestock sector. rafael vogue and
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singer as a cheese aficionado from a swiss presented family with a long standing love of dairy products for him saying no traditional ratcliffe and fun dues doesn't come easy. he want to find cheeses that replicate the taste, experience, and texture of cow milk based once, but with no animals involved. 2 and a half years ago, he founded former suit biotech company based in berlin. he wants to cheese that can be eaten with a good conscience, thanks to prestige. in fermentation, we instruct micro organisms to convert the nutrients sugars and, and nitrogen that we feed it to convert that into milk proteins and make proteins are ready to the basic building blocks of all the products that we love. when he comes to dairy, they are responsible for the functionality of the products, and we are producing them bio identical the same way you would find them in milk. but without the cars, and if you get rid of the cows in this whole value chain,
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then you're also able to get rid of most of the, of the downsides. really, whether that's in sustainability, ethical, or, or, or health related. unlike house microorganisms aren't picky about their food. informers, lavin bon funky east, and bacteria fed into fermenters with by products from the regions via and potato industries. then they program to produce organic molecules. these micro organisms a 10 times more efficient than cows in converting feet to proteins, plus they'll a pretty much anything organic. this technology can adapt to what's available locally all over the world, such as coco or comb plantations. currently, former is making cheese products with a short maturing process. ricotta and mozzarella. in this food lab at the technical university of berlin, logan's ng on his colleagues are experimenting with various flavors and textures. they ain't to serve. not only weakens but true cheese lovers to super nice
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creaminess. this is a bit more crumbly. no, you can already. yeah. you can tell what like how it nice. because health tons of cool for most cheeses aren't available in shops yet. the company is in the pilot production phase, and the technology is being validated on a small scale hold in single ones for mo, to become a leader, implementation based daily in europe by 2030, with the world's growing population. conventional food production can't satisfy demand, bought, new technologies and diverse ingredients could help increase sustainability take algae commonly found in asian cuisine, but largely overlooked elsewhere. hamburg based b, the mars is bringing alvy to german dinner tables in the form of the beloved breakfast sausage. but these are vague and an nutritious thanks to the moraine
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component mix with spices, potatoes and onions. i ran in that so from calgary will go increasingly important in the future to feed the growing population. and they give us so many minerals and vitamins that are important for the body, you know, i and all the time. you know, that's how we came up with the idea of making products where we incorporated. i'll keep it all to come around my whole, really for dr. over design integration to give the body, all these minerals vitamins and all the essential nutrients in crockett. sushi of the algae come from an aqua farm of the norwegian, north sea coast, where viva. maurice works with local fishermen. they know the sea like no one else and a perfectly equipped to harvest the algae. the company uses 2 types of micro algae, red and ram, and one type of nico, elderly. they're unassuming organisms. all they need is a clean oxygen rich see to flourish up to 2 meters in 4 to 5 months. the harvesters must be careful not to damage the roots than the algo rapidly grow back again. one
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harvest usually yields around $5000.00 kilos. lever maurice produces sausages at this factory once a week to keep it vague and production starts at 6 a. m. before any animal mate has touched the machines, the founder believes that the new alternatives for sausages and other foods we love could help reduce over consumption of meat and fish. al gay is the perfect ingredient, and not only for sausages i love your shots. i didn't pub linen have bio shots on also give the body a lot of vitamin. mm hm. brown and pure alvi like the red dulce algy. it can be eaten straight as a salt substitute or it can be deep fried and then it takes like bacon. yeah. bacon substitute for li against richie i nash was unchecked as us will be gone off. now the sausages are more expensive than the meat variety,
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but these don't have flavor enhances or food coloring. and they reagan, ultimately, it's up to the consumer cameron's elbow forest is one of the world's largest rain forests, and almost unbeatable when it comes to its variety of animal and plant species. but deforestation am poaching pose a threat to this unique environment. there's hope though, members of the gorilla guardian club of fighting back this rain forest can only be reached on foot. zante tear and the able forest research project team are on the lookout for rare primates. oh yeah. oh look and that's a gorillas nest. we was on commodity usually build them on the ground water after their evening meal. they make themselves a place to sleep longest, a pushy more offered courtesy on board. we have 11 primary species here that
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including gorilla skull gym, pansies, drills and prices. red calibus monkeys. recall alberto press. the primates are in high demand with poachers who can sell them as bush meat. jaunty tear also used to make his living that way. but for most of the last 10 years, he's only study their tracks to find out which animals are traveling way in the forest. he lives in liberty on the edge of able forest. one of the 3 villages that are taking part in the project. they do when i have grasped what impact voting hands and anyway like, it's not really a profitable business particularly. okay, yes, you can earn a bit of but the income is very irregular. that's why i decided to stop hunting is angeline snoopy shaheed. usually now he only gets to see the animals in video footage. the researchers have set up 17 trial cameras in the part of the forest
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rigorously. besides chimpanzees and guerrillas, these forest elephants are also threatened with extinction. and the extremely shy drills are particularly at risk. the ebel forest research project was set up by the san diego z wildlife alliance which supports primate conservation. it's been collaborating with the villages for more than 10 years. many of them used to be poachers. now they've learned to collect data on the animals or set up camera traffic. anyone who wants to take part must join a gorilla guardian club. then they get paid for their work. for going, going, going on, going have to thin out the clearing a bit. so the camera isn't obstructed, cassandra, i hipaa laconia once
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a month the team spends a few days venturing deep into the rain forest. they use campuses and t p. s to find their way. marcell kitchen has been part of the team for 9 years. the environmental scientist recalls precisely where each animal trail is found. what's particularly interesting are the movements of the around 25 gorillas that were discovered here in 2002 or 2. then they were only 2 known gorilla subspecies in cameron. one group living south of the seneca river and another hundreds of kilometers away to the north. for the reason why we call we are collecting the sample is to do some genetic analyses to find out, well, how related the glass of able to doors, fans hard of the cassandra, the crockery regular. it's very significant. and it is even these analyses are finally, you know, finally come to a conclusion. we might realize that in come erroneous or having tools hops,
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dishes of glory, love, we might be having a 3rd. one able forest in southwest and cameron covers an area of almost 1500 square kilometers and borders on nigeria. it is part of it is rain forest region, the 2nd largest world wide after the amazon in brazil to protect the rain forest in the future. the project aims to include the residence of the more than 40 villages surrounding the forest. the 3 villages taking part in the project so far all have a gorilla guardians club to enable the residence to feed their families without having to resort to poaching. they can join the local club here they get help to buy life stock or plant vegetables or cocoa. joseph buckley, another former poacher became a farmer almost a decade ago. he farms vegetables but focuses mainly on cocoa beans cultivation. if he ever has problems, he can get support from the gorilla guardian club like all the other members of
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linda, monica cole. i. the cocoa plantation has changed my life full. i check hunting is very tiring and you get little money in the end. or i laplant as your dealer with the coca plantation. i just have to get our bank and go to work and then harvest as much as possible. could you put on a y o? like here in liberty, there is a small school in the other 2 villages on the edge of the forest. the teachers received training from the scientists and protecting the forest and its animals has become a fixture of the curriculum. people or what kind of animal is that one? the one a gorilla man. he the idea is to raise awareness about the topic among the youngest visitors. so can move lead aloe. what i like about the cause is the guerrillas,
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is there like people yelling? and what i learned is that hunting isn't good because animals are like people are gone live. the project has made many of the vin. it is, see the forest with different eyes, like $72.00, some 90 percent of the one time coaches have become farmers. and that's what the children see while they grow up. but the guerrilla guardians club stones, one things to stop their move. roku, i'm fed, do we want to know those zone to be created on which the measures to guarantee the survival of the guerrillas are respected because the species is in danger. o extinction. finished body shown armand. that's why he only takes his children to the edge of the forest. well, look here, this trail, what animal left, that trail, that he saw of porcupine. he wants his children to know about animals, but he also wants them to know when to leave the forest to its inhabitants.
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in today's global living rooms, we go to mexico. ah, with allow allow in a service. hi there. i'm pedro calderon and welcome to the rancho as low house in chihuahua and come in. well, i went up to the menu for killing through la garza l rental luma. the match is owned by the mexican fund from nature conservation. he your law, you know, my nichol,
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i manage a deal, and this is where i live. i read an effect, and if the casa, i am really fortunate to leave a, and the ranch house gentlemen was like idols had been best. he was built in the 1970s by the original ranch owner. he lived here for 40 years and we occupy and much of what is still here, was his them of it by your delicate hung from ben rancho. oh, did he not? it's almost like wasena gave, this is the kitchen without. here is my computer, my coffee, it's very cold here in the winter law and that's why we don't work in the office. but in the kitchen where everything is close by and well, i really liked my coffee, so i'm always drinking him. we got battle though, the thing when we got it, though, at the important ranch own in this used to be a busy kennel ranch from there. there was between 1003000 head of cattle here, denila. now the ranch is used for animals species conservation. also,
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we have heard of mexican bison here and a few cows a not but the been morgan now, but there used to be meals for the ranch, hands here in the house. and again, going back then they had these large tables where the food was served m as as grand as on may. but today we use them for workshops, or when people come to help us work with the bison, your knee, you can go in, in and that you and was hoping to handle these on that will put up, but you may, but this is a jar made by the puck you made, which are one of the 1st cultures among the original inhabitants of northern mexico . ac i, as in law sally, this is the living room. i mean, there's also some of the original furniture makita. that's a game table made out of a barrels, a chuckle. there's also a pool table and i'm with ivory, but okay, it is more of a work and storage table. they had a quiet place to put things for a day, but i'll be out of the island and took it away. well, we always try to keep the ranch, feel it, them with a month and everything. but in
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a lament that a bill rancho here are some of the saddles and put us in rancho. yep. and this is mike. here horses are my passion, but need empathy on to look goliath ah, this is the ranches official office because it's so cold here in winter. we hardly use it and i work next door in the kitchen, working on it. but i collect data here, information about the wells, the map of the ranch, or records of where animals have been spotted. aah! thanks a lot for visiting. and thank you for allowing us to share a bit of our life here and give you a few impressions of what it's like on the ranch. bye for now. oh, no. ah, ah, 2 children. to come to one giant problem.
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a feature is illuminated for exactly how will climate change affect us and our children? learn more at d, w dot com slash water. that's all from us at global 3000 this week. please do get in touch and send us your feedback. whereas global 3000 at d, w dot com and check us out on facebook to dw global ideas. see you next week. take tag with, ah, with
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mm, [000:00:00;00] with tax hikes for millionaires. one millionaire is demanding just that her wealth could help others, especially during the pandemic. but that doesn't mean that the rest of the super
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rich are ready to pay their different views as to who should profit the most from their money. germany's wealthy elite after corona comes up in 30 minutes on d, w. o, a in many countries, education is still a privilege. tardy is one of the main causes. some young children walk in mind jobs instead of going to class. others can attend classes only after they finish working with millions of children all over the world can't go to school. mm hm. we ask why?
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because education makes the world more just a, make up your own mind. d. w. make for minds. welcome. the dark side. where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and an after 911. he says, after 911, the clubs came off were organized crime rules, genuine use a global network of companies bank. so in operators, we will provide those services to anyone operation in the criminal economy. where conglomerates make their own laws. they invade our private lives through surveillance. hidden, opaque, secretive work through what's big,
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it doesn't matter. the only criteria is what we'll hook people up. we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind, whose benefits and why are they a threat to us all opaque worlds starts january 5th on d, w. mm. mm hm. this is g w, news ally from berlin, hong kong rounds up more journalist units, track down on the free press. this latest re targets the offices of online outlet


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