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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  December 29, 2021 3:00pm-3:16pm CET

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how much was can really get we still have time to go. i'm going with flex f. subscribe all morning like ah ah, does this dw news coming to you live from berlin? another independent voice in hong kong is silenced. the websites stand news says it's closing down after being rated and having assets frozen. police made arrests and confiscated documents. also coming up as former chrome becomes the dominant
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kogut strain in europe, germany's health minister says the country's covert infection numbers are currently inaccurate. and in sports, the nfl says goodbye to a legend. whole the fame coach and analyst john madden has died at the age of $85.00. ah hello, i'm terry martin. glad you join us. what of hong kong last independent news outlet says it's holding after being rated and having its assets frozen. hong kong police searched the offices of stand news earlier to day arresting 7 and removing evidence . it's the latest blow to chinese territories. shrinking free press. oh, it's becoming a familiar site on the streets of hong kong. after several staff members from the
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pro democracy media outlet stunned news were arrested. over $200.00 police was seen entering the websites headquarters saying in a statement they were authorized to search and sees relevant journalistic materials . both the current and former editors of the publication were among those detained as well as the pop star. turn democracy activist. denise, whoa, an ex board member at stunned news. oh, seen i got a deputy assignment direct to ronson. john was questioned, but not arrested. over me, he released this footage of police, turning up at his home by the authorities can be heard demanding. he stopped filming. i saw though no one speaking earlier this year,
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his prophetic words have now been realised in what many c as a further erosion of the free press in hong kong. i think that the situation and a message is clear to from the government that making reports and during uncovering news story will have some criminal law results. you may be charged that you may be lima, that your freedom, whatever. so it's not easy to say that i'm not afraid of the situation. the rate on stand news is the latest move in a space of crackdowns and a beijing's opaque national security law. this address for me is said to detect a national security crime under the national security law in june. hong kong lodge is pro democracy paper. the apple daily was also rated and forced to close. it sounded. jimmy lie was recently sentenced to 13 months in jail. but with stunned
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news gone and moll journalist detained the grip on hung comes free price grows ever tighter or for more on this, let's bring in cedric viani. he is head of the east asia bureau of reporters without borders and joined us from a ty pay sally, you monitor press freedom in the region that includes hong kong. tell us why stand news was important and what is closure means. western news was one of the last remaining independent media in hong kong. it's, i should down, i represents actually a big loss or hong kong residence because this was one of their last chinese language media that hong kong residents could rely on, you know, that 6 months ago, the uncle executive, that he's nothing more than the minion of the bitching regime has assassinated
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exactly the same way. it was the same modus operandi up on duty, which was a symbol of press freedom in hong kong. and now the s s united and also media, which also was a symbol of press freedom. so, hong kong authorities accuse stand news of, of inciting hatred and undermining national security. what do you make of these allegations? and it says, chance are totally ridiculous. stan dues was an independent generalist news websites that was founded in 2014. and that was quite popular in hong kong. it covered the chinese politics society. and it's probably the only thing that uncle authorities could reproach them is to stand for the values of democracy, human rights, freedom, the rule of law and justice. and indeed, they reported information without fearing censorship. and this has become
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a crime in china and now even in the territory of hong kong. so apple dues daily has been shut down. stant news is now been shut down with all of this happening. where do you see hong kong press freedom headed where there's a very, very green prospect. unfortunately, the chinese regime has shown many times. it's determination to suppress freedom of the breast. freedom of information in hong kong, just like it has done in the rest of the theory to re, china has now become the number one enemy of prince freedom in the world. it is not only of threats for the chinese people, but also to democracies. and it's very important that the world would react. i knew it's christmas, i knew it's new year, but the world has to react has to show shina. it's these approval. you'll need to go some coming in china. it's the right moment for the road for the world to react
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. cedric, i'll be on the head of the east asia bureau of reporters without borders. thank you very much for talking with us. thank you. scott, a round up of some of the other stories making headlines to day south africans are holding vigils in honor of the anti apartheid hero. archbishop desmond tutu who died on sunday at the age of 1982 to his home and harrisburg. so whether a district prayers are being held in flowers, laid. the city of cape town hosts a special tribute in his honor later today. and a further blow to russia, the most prominent rights group, memorial and moscow court has shut down the organizations human rights center. this comes just a day after the supreme court ordered the more, the closure of memorial international, the n g o main organization, memorial document, stories of millions of people, persecuted in the soviet era. indonesian authorities say they will push
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a boat with $120.00 range of muslims on board, back into international waters. the united nations refugee agency has called for the people to be rescued. the boat is reportedly leaking and has been drifting for days of indonesia, northern coast, more than a 100 towns and cities in brazil's northeastern stated by here have declare the state of emergency due to massive flooding. weeks of heavy rain has killed at least 20 people, an injured hundreds, more meter all just say it's the most rain ball here has received in over 32 years . the only cron variance of the current of ours is fast becoming dominant in europe. countries like france, britain, italy in portugal, have all announced a record number of new infections in poland, authority say, nearly 800 deaths have been recorded in just one day. the highest number so far in that country. 75 percent of the people that died had not been vaccinated. germany,
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on the other hand, has seen a dip in its infection rates, but health minister car lauterbach says he doesn't trust the numbers because of test failures and reporting delays due to the holidays of more on the coven. 19 situation in germany, let's speak to dr. the yon sons, he's the general secretary at the german society, the intensive and emergency medicine. thanks for being with us. our fiances, germany is surrounded on all sides by countries with soaring infection rates. is this country due for a rude awakening to yes. hello, good morning. i think at this point in time we cannot provide any reliable data on the proportional of the amo from the very end in germany. this is also view, like a lot of on health minister said due to the previous public holidays. here. the reports are always clearly delayed,
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how ever it can be assumed. i think that the alma can vary and will certainly dominate in january like in the other countries, like great britain, like an all way like denmark like portugal. and this means that like other countries named con greece, we can expect significant number of infections and currently 10000 infections with the on the chrome very and have been reported here. we are recording daily growth rate of almost 50 percent. and therefore, one cannot speak of the rude awakening at the moment. ok, so the picture doesn't look that rosy already. how are german intensive care units holding up to the surgeon infections? and this is a very good question at the moment. 4170 patients, we've covered nonsense of currently being treated in texas k units. thus, the situation is currently, i think,
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definitely manageable at the moment. nevertheless, we are, of course, very concerned with that with increasing infection from the on the can varian and high number of infections following the occupancy of hospitals and intensive care units will also increase again. unfortunately, the hospitalization rates reported from other countries with the american very and dominant is lower compared to previous waste. nevertheless, infections among employers can lead to bottlenecks in the staff and thus increased the bird even more of a young sense. thank you very much. i thank you. american professional football is mourning. the loss of john madden, the hall of fame coach was a legend in the sport. and one of his most exuberant voices madden one. the super bowl as a coach with the oakland raiders in 1977, then became one of america's best known tv sports announcers. the 3rd act of his
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career was attaching his name to one of the best selling sports video games of all time. madden nfl. we'll talk more about john madden and what he meant to the other fellows. chris harrington from d. w sports. chris talked to us about the impact that john madden had on the nfl. well, 1st off, let me tell you this, terry. nobody loved football more been coach madden. you know, he was a successful coach with the oakland raiders when a super bowlers, as you mentioned and at be born in oakland. i got an early education of, of the impact that a coach man had with the raiders. and then after his playing days, he became a color commentator. you know, he, he was basically invited into everyone's living room and became an integral part, you know, of the sport itself. he helped grow the sport, you know, beyond measures very successful sport. but as a commentator, you know, he was talked about, he put on his show and he said, no, it's not a show. this is my life, you know, larger than life character, you know, known for,
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sometimes making obvious statements like they got a score, they got to get in touch the zone and things like this. we have a few snippets. let's take a las i feel like there was only really good with bad treatment trying to grow a beard. and he just can't do it. i mean, you know, the want here guys, a lot of them have probably, i can't even, i'm working with him and he got a little in here and a little up here, but he doesn't have anything here at all. watch when you take it off. he doesn't have anything going up in there. 21 years of being together, room and everything as you say, those memories will be with us forever and they can never be taken away. and yes, and when he was inducted into the hall of fame, he, he said he never worked a day in his life. he went for player to coach. he's the luckiest guy you know, in the world. and another thing interesting about him is he was afraid of flying,
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he was known for commuting around the united states and a bus. the bus was also inducted into the hall of fame. terry, great stuff. he did have an impact on, on the sport. obviously, how will he be remembered, chris, what, what about his legacy? well, i think his legacy will continue to live through modern technology. his name was attached to a very popular video game for the nfl has been several decades of popularity. one of the most successful video games, you know, of the sport. and i think that's one way that he will kind of bridge the gap of generations. people, they weren't familiar with him as a coach and so forth. now they understand, oh, mad in john, mad in all, that's the connection, you know, and they have a new release with tom brady on the cover along with patrick moms. and even with the video game, there was even a curse attached to it, you know. and so forth, but just a back pedal few individuals meant as much to the sport as john madden did. he will never be forgotten. that's for sure, chris, thank you so much. i chris harrington from d. w. sports thinking you are watching
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d w. those just reminder the top story we're following for you today. hong kong, independent news outlet stand, news says it's closing. after his offices were rated and assets pros, police arrested 7 people and confiscated evidence is the latest blow to press freedom in phone call. watching p w. news business is next with rob watson. i'm terry martin. thanks for watching with for his dad. is paula news. first go to quit of and now i'm sure that it was on indiana. so soon a dying massaging police window the.


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