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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  December 30, 2021 12:45am-1:01am CET

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taxpayers half of what the bills get, whereas the donations we receive are all made voluntarily because under absolute hybridity every day the cattle, tuttle, over hay at feeding time. karen anon say the animals can express a wide range of emotions. they formed family units argue and create friendships. ah, 3rd, 20 hector's of pasture with the animals can roam freely, carmen and young hope the project can help change people's minds. there's another is i'll say we're not pointing a finger at others in nissan to dispose of i do doesn't, but you're not saying you are evil because you are doing this and that would add us the ability to build it else that we don't go around showing pictures taken at slaughter houses all thus fear instead that we're taking a more humorous approach. and for the policy, we're trying to show cattle in
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a positive light in re toy show how beautiful they are tunes you didn't. and that you can experience funny things when you're around them. an like now no, my plan lankin karen feels especially close to allah, the ox, who was part of a wandering circus company as a calf, until the veterinary authorities intervened. allah and it appear instead of the arbiter now he is dotted on without having to perform tricks. now i'd like you to meet her very interesting and very brave woman. her name is osler, imre,
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and she is learning to read and write. and she's doing so at an age where many others go into retirement. illiteracy is still wide spread among women in her country. that is turkey. as recently as 30 years ago, up to a 3rd of all women were affected. as le grew up in poverty near the city of van, and she made a lot of sacrifices to ensure that her children got a good education. now she too wants to make up for mist time. in the course of her life as li, emily has bait more loaves of black bread than she can count. she had to feed at 10 children. she had no time left over for learning. she never went to school. from the social i was married at age 15 and had my 1st child at 16, you know, it's always been about surviving. we only owned a single cow, you know. now with her granddaughter zainab help,
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she sits at the living room table every day to learn how to read and write a syllable by a syllable word by word the 60 year old is exploring a new world of i'm sick of always asking other people how to get places when i can't read the signs for the buses, this will, you know, let this, we can go from gentle body boy. and then began. grandma came to us one day and said, now i want to learn to read and let them can understand. and i said, grandma, you can teach that to yourself, i'll help you. and so we got started, i did have it. the image family lives at the east and end of turkey on lake van, near the border to iran. and one of the countries poorest provinces, their members of the kurdish minority asked me, emily, i didn't learn to speak turkish until she was grown. her husband jayla was rarely at home. he and his money as a migrant construction worker. their son seemed destined for the same,
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but the deeply religious as the innovative was determined to give their children a better life. if it hasn't been, we couldn't even afford curtains, yawning, distorted under him. it was a little to him, but we wanted the children to go to school, even though we had to buy school uniforms and books for them to give you the cheapest yellow. often, we didn't even have the money for a basic notebook, so they'll give, they had to count every single lire, but they managed to put their children through school. 9 of the kids graduated from high school and went on to college. the youngest son is still in high school now their mother wants to be able to read books too. and the strong mother of van province has been praised in the turkish media for her courage and determination. her husband is proud of their children's success. so to hook the villagers,
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we talk behind our backs because we sent our daughter to school. so we never paid any mind to that talk, love, love to watch your book. our 5 daughters of all graduated from schools will not mother the 4 of them are features other than that. and one became a nurse us it without not only to tell us down sheeter as a youth. this on good con, had to help at the construction site like his brothers to day. he's a cardiologist at the van city hospital, he put himself through medical school, working with his father, during the vacations, with a single tweet about his mother's thirst for knowledge. he made his family an overnight sensation across turkey. miss was my mother's story reflects the social and economic reality in turkey. and that's probably why it drew so much attention or scottish many church see themselves on her confession that many families have gone through much the same things we did. if any of the day to me let some of them have had an even harder time popular although 3 decades ago,
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wine out of 3 women and turkey were illiterate. today the right has been cut to 6 percent most to can't breed and right. are older women in rural areas like us, the immigrant. the immigrants escaped poverty through education, to thank their mother. her sons have built her a modern house, but she still prefers to bake her bread in the to boone or clay oven in the courtyard. the way she used to in the village the children come to visit their parents as many weekends as they can. they say that from their mother, they learned discipline piety and decency and pride in their origins. even if that wasn't always easy. still little costly for a school assembly for the national holiday. my son gurkin one said to me, please tell the teacher, i'm sick. she by emily says he offered a mother, aunt you didn't want to go because he was ashamed that he didn't have a dress shirt. you don't forget things like that. when i toss it,
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we can get it. tricky that will be our mother will write a book i haven't yet. she has gone through so much and accomplished so much. daniels, think of what they were mostly hard times. but what value would memories have? what if they were only about happy days? if honestly, emma, they had gone to school, she would have liked to have become a judge. now at least she plans to learn another language for that. she says it's not too late. definitely not. and we wish our so all the very best in her studies. now there are those who say that drivers in italy don't always respect the rules of the road that things can get pretty chaotic. well, just try going to rome central piazza vanessia, and there's little sign of such chaos which might in large measure be down to this mountain, fabio agree low. he's dedicated himself to directing. or perhaps, i should say, conducting the traffic flow at this busy hub with all the applause of
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a great maestro, tirelessly directing traffic with white gloves. elegance, and at the concentrated gates. for almost 20 years now, piazza vanessia has been the workplace. if that be okay, it isn't. yeah. but it's the most important thing is the precision of the movement, elegant, accurate, and decisive banner. this is the only way the driver understands my signal. i commit that i will. if i make a mistake, you know anything can happen, it was, yes, he goes, ah, do you to read works on the piazza drive as have had to do without fabiola conducting scales for almost a year. now the human traffic light is back on his usual podium. romans love that vigilant traffic officer. although the job in the center of the piazza is not suitable for every one new york. so you definitely need
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a lot of enthusiasm to do this job. love you, donna, it's not just about traffic control, so these are the up either this podium and it's conductance. have even made it into italian film history program in 1000. done all in a level. it's. yeah. the film was shot here. you got it. did you do with us offices in this piazza in our workplace? was a little doctor. it made us famous when y'all as a mortal, as that the more the bed little 2. at that time, only men filled the maestro position at the crossroads. but to rome, has since moved with the times elia, noah ludovico, she has served here for 3 years. as a woman on the podium, she believes she even has an advantage over her male colleagues. for this, along, if you actually were meant that may be because dr. is a more impressed by a woman, they share more respect, but at least they follow my signals closely. and leonor remembers all to oh,
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how during the knocked down no traffic directions when needed in the otherwise bustling and crowded piazza vanessia said i withdraw yano around in the vito rianna a monument to were hardly at because while at our company them everything was empty to silence felt surreal. events even oh, you could even hear the birds singing grandfather, but i think there is no semblance of that now on the piazza, but the traffic offices are glad to be back. they left so, but i see this even though you're breathing in fumes on the podium, it's still nice to be up there at will do that level. it's a symbol of everyday life. let me, let me, let me so that they let you thought this city needs us up there because we are synonymous with life. i sit on him on the the visa. as the podium rises, a little bit of normality returns, as well as the old elegance of the room and metropolis.
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well, i hope and i trust that i didn't promise you too much some great people had no stories today. lots of courage, lots of positive energy. and i do look forward to plenty more in the year to come. so stay safe and to join us on focus on europe in 2022. for now, though, bye bye. when troops ah ah, ah ah ah, with
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the conflict with sebastian at least $27.00 migrant parish in the english channel. well, this now course europe to commit to say for migration policy dba sat in brussels
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member of the european parliament on the former prime minister in belgium. one happened to be used much more value and what performed in conflict in 30 minutes on d w. he's known for his venus sandra, but a tele renaissance genius. but he also had a dark side for years, he painted hel, just as masterfully and mysteriously as the poet dantes depiction thought italy's inferno in sydney on d. w. ah, what secrets lie behind these walls? discover new adventures in 360 degrees. and explore fascinating
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ones primarily responsible for the safety of the food you buy, but you can protect yourself and your family from diseases in the home by plying the 5 keys to see for food use them. you also have a role to play. ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, this is data, but you news line from berlin, record numbers of covert 19 cases as armor cron becomes the dominant variant in


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