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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  December 30, 2021 5:00am-5:31am CET

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oh, well, we'll hook people. we ship light on the opaque world. who's behind the benefits? why are they a threat to whistle oak creek wolf starts january 5th on d w. a. ah ah, this is a new line from berlin. justice at last were the victims of jeffrey epstein and new york jury fines. delane maxwell guilty of helping the late millionaire sexually abuse young girls for a decade, also coming up,
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record numbers of coven 19 cases around the globe. i'm a ron is quickly becoming the dominant, very involved delta. it's still hitting hard. the w h o urges wealthy nations to share more of their vaccines with the world with we're having some technical problem. ah, i'm the co finish. welcome to the show. a jury in the u. s. has found bread, so shall i. gillian maxwell, guilty of helping the late sex offender jeffrey epstein, abuse underage girls for years. after 5 days of deliberations,
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the new york jury found maxwell guilty on 5 of 6 counts, including recruiting and grooming epstein, teenage victims, and the most serious offense trafficking, a minor for sex. the verdict could see the 60 year old spend the rest of her life in prison. here's what the attorney's for both sides said after the verdict was announced. the road to justice has been far too long. but today, justice has been done. i want to commend the bravery of the girls now grown women who stepped out of the shadows into the courtroom, their courage and willingness to face their abuser, made today's result. and this case possible, we firmly believe and lend to innocence. obviously we are very disappointed with averted. we have already started working on the appeal and we are competent that she will be vindicated. everyone be healthy. have
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a happy new year. a lot to unwrap. so let's bring in our washington correspondence stuff and simon's stephan. what more can you tell us about the verdict and maxwell's role in jeffrey epstein, systematic abuse of under age girls? not maxwell's role in all of this is lisa, that's how it stands. the less was significant. she was a close associate, a confidant of jeffrey epstein and asked for women who testified in this case. and the result of this case is largely based on what those women testified. she not only was a bystander when jeffrey epstein abused or sexually abused his victims, but also sometimes participated. so that can tell you something about the relationship between a miss maxwell and the lead jeffrey epstein. however, so this trial was groundbreaking. why? because as you mentioned,
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there was actually not much hope that after the suicide of jeffrey, i've seen the victim see a day of justice. but here it was 40 hours of deliberation, and of deliberations for the jury. 16 questions were asked to clarify evidence in this and that, and that you have it. the verdicts 5 count guilty in 5 counts out of 6. and miss maxwell is looking at potentially for 65 years in prison. this case is being watched very closely in the us and around the globe. how has the verdict been received, where you are? well, from the you heard from the attorney how significant this trial was. there is no, not yet. a lot of reaction out there. of course, all the networks in the united states are tackling this now and reporting that the verdict is in and do a little bit of a deep dive into this relationship, maxwell and epstein and so on. but of course,
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this was the most important thing is we should forget, this is for the victims they had really their day of justice. he and they were not for long, long, long, long time. they were absolutely unsure that this is ever going to see the daylight, and that they will have their day in court and that justice is served. they are absolutely happy and delighted that this was the verdict and that this trial actually even happened. so what happens next? you said that he lay maxwell might face life in prison. when will we find out that there is a sentencing a date to be sets and the, this is when the judge comes out and announces what he sent it to. but you hurt already the attorney for mr. actual saying that they are working on the appeal. so this will definitely go into an appeal in an appeals court will be and then have the the job of sorting this out if this appeal is, is legitimate. and if there is,
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are grounds actual if there are grounds for an appeal. now the prosecution, that's what many experts say made really, really sure that they're, that they give because they were actually expecting an appeal, no matter what. when, if it makes mist, maxwell would have been found guilty, but they made sure that this is somewhat of an air tight prosecution. they delivered with the testimony of those 4 victims, for example, as at rest. so this is going to be a hard time from his maxwell in the appeals court, i would think and again 65 years in present. this is the rest of her life that miss maxwell is 60 years old. so stephan simon's in washington, thank you very much. the i'm a con variant of the corona virus is causing skyrocketing infection rates around the world. and a new european record. french authorities reported more than 200000 infections in a single day. in poland. authorities recorded nearly 800 deaths and the 24 hour period, the highest numbers so far they're 3 quarters of the dead were unvaccinated.
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germany's official rates have dropped, but health minister calatrava says the true numbers could be up to 3 times higher. the director general of the world health organization has expressed concern about the massive spike in cases and is urging wealthy nations to make good on their promises of vaccine equity. i quote for leaders of government and industry to walk the chalk or boxing equity bows by intruding consistent supply and helping to get bucks the nation's actually into people. this virus will continue to evolve untruth on our health system if we don't improve the collective response. and in the united states, health officials are predicting more than 44000 new coven related deaths over the next 4 weeks. this comes as the u. s. 2 posts, record highs of new confirmed infections. new cases per day have more than doubled
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over the past 2 weeks. eclipse thing, the previous record mark of 250000, said in mid january of this year. peter chin. hong is an infectious disease expert and a professor of medicine at the university of california, and he joins us now from san francisco. dr. welcome. we're seeing record infection numbers in the us. how worried are you? well, nicole, i'm very, very worried, and i'm not just worried from the raw numbers, which as you pointed out, is record breaking. but i'm worried about the rate of increase, which has been really dizzying and what happened as a result of that is that we had very little time to prepare. if you think about testing, not enough. certainly not enough vaccine uptake and certainly not booster uptake by many. ah, we're not just seen deaths like one year ago, but we're seeing a lack of possible capacity not to because not because we are taking care to many
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patients. but because health care workers have becoming ill themselves, and that's taking away from our ability to take care of patients, there is growing concern about amr crime threatening crucial infrastructure and not only hospitals around the globe. how well is the us prepared for such a scenario? i think we're not very well prepared at all. um we may be prepared in some regions, but because there's so many different ecosystems of healthcare in the united states, again, we don't have a national healthcare system. they a lot of people who fall between the cracks. i worried about that group vulnerable populations, but also i'm also worried about the non cove illnesses that have been neglected. health care screening cancer screening, and what we're seeing with a record breaking as kid admissions. so kids under 5 children being hospitalized is not so much only omicron,
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but also all of the diseases and healthy maintenance that has been neglected over the last 21 months. what can be done to keep on the chron at bay at this stage? well it's, it's very, very complex. if you look at what happened in the 1918 flu pandemic, it ended after all, pandemic stone glass forever. we just don't know what will happen with cove it and sorry, covey to it could be that armor cron will devour on delta, which it seems to be doing and leads, or milder illness. we do have evidence from south africa within the last day that if you get delta, you're not protect against omicron. but interestingly, if you get home recross, you are protected against delta. i think you know that to be a scenario. many people don't think it will last forever because we will certainly get another variance until we vaccinate the entire world. and a vaccine is the only way we can prep protect ourselves against the future and not
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just of presence. we do have initial findings, they'll pointing to a milder a course of that disease with our micron. could this very rapid spread that we're seeing now potentially bring us closer to turning coven into a manageable threat? it is possible. i, at some point cove, it is going to be endemic, meaning like influenza. we'll accept a certain amount of cases in the world where we are comfortable with that our health systems can absorb our right now. i think the numbers are way too high. ah, you know, even if people get infected all around the world with on their chron, it's still going to lead to disproportionate deaths, like you reported in countries where there isn't enough vaccinations. so again, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, we can't really even think about and amiss. city until the whole world is vaccinated. peter chan. hong always great speaking to you. thanks so much. nicole.
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as 2021 draws to a close, we're looking back at some of our notable reports from the year when at them the falling piece by terry schultz on how military's are exempt from international agreements on cutting greenhouse gas emissions. there's a dirty little secret, almost every country's keeping, except it's not that little. in many cases, a nation's armed forces are its biggest single emitter of greenhouse gases. but how big is secret that's allowed under both the kyoto and parents climate agreements. both deals have exempted military forces based on the argument that adversaries could to do strategy using emissions data. but with climate catastrophes on the rise, environmental activists insist any credible carbon reduction plan must include these hidden figures, the size of the fuel use dependencies, huge and they've got huge supply chain. so obviously it's gonna make a big difference if they're invoked or not involved. and these emission reduction targets i am lindsey cottrell is
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a researcher at the conflict and environment observatory, one of the groups that just created a website tracking what little has been voluntarily revealed about military emissions world wide. the united states with the world's highest military spending is shown as having very significant under reporting, but brown university's cos of war project using public data estimates the us armed forces emit more than many industrialized countries, including sweden or portugal. lindsay cantrell hopes the more the new website publishes, the more the public will push for action than they are can will be that that more needs to be done. and targets need to be set. the european union's net 0 plan does not even mention much less mitigate military emissions, but it nato no less than secretary general yen stilton berg is trying to green the alliance for nato's own sake, as well as the planets these days. many countries, militaries are increasingly forced to fight natural disasters. goldenberg is the 1st nieto chief to appear at
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a climate summit. he underscored that nato leaders agreed in june to the 1st step, involuntary reduction civil up a mythology, a framework, an agreed mapping, a structure to count, submitted their missions, former estonian defense minister cli hooked, that us is skeptical allied governments share stolen bergs enthusiasm. well, i don't think it is possible, or because then we should be sure that the adversary will do the same thing going on. that will not happen for sure. not a russian. no, no russian or china will do, would figure consider that as a priority. nato's james it path or i disagrees and is helping craft a plan to present at the alliance is summit next year. green is going to be painted across this entire innovation ecosystem to see if we can help come up with technological solutions. yes. to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also to help our forces operate in what will be a more difficult weather environment. he says there's growing interest, even in china and russia,
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and how armed forces can battle climate change. as the world worries together over shared ecosystems, such as the arctic, the concerns of environmentalists and military strategists may finally be converging. but there is a long way to go and scientists warn the time we have to get there is already almost up sorry. by terry shells. there. this is our time for now. i'm nicole released, there's always more information on our website and our social media channel for myself and the entire team here in the berlin newsroom. thank you so much for your company today with interest the global economy, our portfolio d w. business beyond. here's
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a closer look at the project. i would mention to analyze the fight for market dominance. do this, did that head with the w business beyond on you tube? blue? my name is body chelly. sandra potty chelly. i come from florence. the city of artists and geniuses. ah, i immortalized beauty. the birth of venus. no one dead this before me in the centuries, imitators have been trying to follow in my footsteps. but i've also stared into the abyss, painted what i saw on the map of hell, the inferno we all passed through
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with you to come, i think i can shed about the vatican library, hold the treasure of human ty, liberty walks to bring us closer to centuries. of contract research hard labor and art, they send even more than well the g logging me the vatican, one of the best protected places in the world behind its high walls secrets a safe ah, climate controlled volts provide sanctuary to the great treasures of human history . now they're opening their doors for us. ah,
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daylight can be fatal to writings and works of art. said the vatican shields these treasures from light and other destructive environmental influences, preserving them for posterity. ah, only rarely a particularly important manuscript, some works of art allowed to leave. the climate controlled chambers ah, only rarely to the doors of the apostolic library opened to allow a glimpse of one of history's great works of art a glimpse of the inferno. but it shall ease inferno. mm. in an inconspicuous vatican complex, but italy's mouth of hell is undergoing an unparalleled process of digital
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conservation. it is the foundation of new discoveries in art history. the scientific scanning of manuscripts is a means of both preservation, undiscovered, safeguarding the old, something new emerges. ah, but he chillies depiction of the circles of hell. the map ardelane found though, in a special high powered lodge full max scanner. the high resolution functions like a digital magnifying glass details pigments and shades a captured with more depth and density than the human eye can see. we're looking at the original on our human eye as limited,
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but zooming in the file, probably some detail can come out, but didn't came out before i got them all with us. some of these details being seen for the very 1st time did bossy chelly hide something within this work of out? 500 years ago. far from rome, i sondra the teacher come from the city of artists and geniuses from the flourishing. my flora. sharon's his architecture. it's ali ways and cobblestones are imbued with history even today. wealth and suffering beauty and trace death. but he chelly was born and raised in
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a small street in the unused sanity neighbourhood. a son broke the chelly, actually one of our most famous faces in the world. well, that was not his real name. the real name of the office was sun, little philippe, be song of marianna phillips. baby is law, son of a very number of family. by the way, there are lots of conjectures about how they begun to call in this way. some say that they have as likely factor. elder son was like a barrel, which is a talent is bought, spelled b o double t. that's why the say the legal barrel bought the charlie mm. buddy jenny's father and his living. as a tanner sandra was sent to a goldsmith's workshop where he learned to work with precious metals and jewelry. ah. but all that glitters is not go because i'm in to work as
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a goes with it was not an easy thing. lots of furnace is around those really warm environments which was nearly unbearable. so, might be charlie, though, looking around active bottega, his father actually began though to show an interest to sketching little things or go, sketching was actually necessary to shape any other thing. and you saw the ring, and he saw the race lead and he's a likely, i'm actually begun to groan enters much more on sketching. then, of course, stamping of the bottega. that's why you quite rightly flawed, to try to dedicate himself to things in activity. the mid 15th century, florence is at the heart of the rene songs and a center of progressive thinking. many people as they talk about the human is and the renee's experience, the think about something incredibly idolized, but it's not the truth to have them agile of life in absolute poverty, in dirt. imagine other senior farmers have been struck several gone by flags. the
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average people mentality was still very deeply rooted in the middle ages. i mean, what was interesting, i mean, to try to find a way of getting out of in salem. mm. my son's robotic cherry. come from a city of artist. ah you call me an artisan nothing but a painter of colorful bulls. no, i am an artist. i see more than all of you. ah, it is my to observe and recording. that's why i've given on my trough for eternity. ah, ugly damnation in fun.
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ah! when we see something beautiful, something fascinating, we want to hold on to it so we can look at it again and again. today we do this digitally back then. people relied on the work of artists. but each ellie's paintings played the role that films and sound recording sting today. they brought stories from religion and me to life, ah, for an iraq which are offered the only glimpse into other worlds and other times into fantasy ah, ah,
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you actually buy a february if you can afford a way of showing a wealth. that's why all this buildings that we feel the bobs that were ways of celebrating the palm of the glory, the success of the families in question, a cubicles, the magic ah, how powerful and vastly rich is a ruling dynasty that can walk through the center of its city without encountering its people above the medicaid, she below the people possessing power is the city and doing everything they can to show it. ah ah bossy charlie had arrived at the top. but he didn't ride there on the meadow cheese coat tails. no. as their artist,
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he came and went freely from their homes. ah, we're here at the cloister next to the sunshine. so church and some 500 years ago. we can guess that a great painter gold bhakti charlie have been invited by lorenzo the pen for chesko . the mandatory to call him a thing which will actually be an amazing proposal, but at the same time, something somehow is in shocking infect. lorenzo the pin francesco manager will ask it to create the illustrations of the celebrated divine comedy. that was a quite challenging job for it because of course, don pays divine comedy was very much alive in everybody's imagery to e actually accepted the task. we couldn't imagine though a little bit to perplexity initially because it was a very, very, very competitive thing. but in the end, it will accept it, and they actually finally agreed to sign a contract lorenzo, dpi, francesco,
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and died. united in art and spirit pen contract with a single common go to bring to life. the magical lines of the committee more truthful, close, intensive, and all encompassing than ever before. we were united in our vision. i had no doubt we would achieve something remarkable. ah, the result is the visualization of dante's journey through hell. it is a huge one. taking the poet's complete text and illustrating it much like a comic strip. but he shall is thought to have put pen to paper in florence, around 1480 a century and a half earlier just before his death. in 1321 dante aleki adie had completed the
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divine comedy in it. the poet, driven by doubt, describes his search for enlightenment. his beloved beatrice inspires him on his journey, sending him through the gates of hell with its terrifying inscription bedroom. you pass into the city of woe through me, you pass and to eternal aim through me, the way among the people last justice incited my sublime creator as i was created by the omnipotence of god to her through supreme wisdom. and through 1st love fell before me. there were no created things, only a turn, and i eternal last lush arthur and his pet answer already. then rather, all hope abandons shocking thee. over 200 years as though it had been written, all those images were actually believed by most of the people who really thought that after death they had to go to hell. if you believe in god could be,
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did you think to go to paradise or to go to hell? it's not even managed to imagine it. but even in the 1400 and even later the medieval imagery is still survived. and all the people thought after that as to we can then to go through hell, at least they used to be also very degrees, very lay of sense. and if it were fortunate, if i have behaved quite well, you could actually take l afterwards. go through the dory, and afterwards the barn on that was a quite different imagery dantes revolutionary lines changed the way people sold all to the view of the world. a 150 years later, during a dark time, the church, his vision of paradise at hell still hangs heavy over the collective consciousness . it shapes people's paths through life as they strive to pass hell and satan, without sinning. to day berlin is home to the lion's share
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of butter chillies, extensive collection of drawings for dante's comedian for the berlin cook, fish dish cabinet, the museum of prints and drawings. the collection is both a treasure and a miracle in more than 500 years of existence. the drawings have remained largely together in a well preserved condition. ah yes, yes. this is here from this box. i've just taken at one of the drawing sondra, but it's only created for the divine comedy. dick 5 attacked at the berlin codfish dish cabinet holds 85 of these dry this moment of life at a thief. another 7 from the cycle are kept at the vatican off part. we assume that the cycle originally included $102.00 parchments as also by.


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