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the only criteria is, what will people shed light on the opaque world who's behind the benefits? and why are they a threat to whistle o peak wolf starts january 5th on d, w ah ah, you're watching you w. news ally from berlin covered 19 cases, shirts to record highs around the globe. palmer cron is quickly becoming the dominant variant while delta is still getting hard. will assess the threat with the
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leading by rollins, also coming up. glean maxwell found guilty of helping sexually abuse young girls for a decade. the survivors say it's a step towards justice for the victims of jeffrey fc. ah, a michael ok, thanks for joining us. the world health organization is warning mad corona virus. variance could produce a su, nami of covert 19 cases that will put immense pressure on health care systems. in europe, france is posted a new record with authorities reporting more than 200000 infections in a single day. italy, ireland, and portugal have also all announced record numbers of new cases. officials say the sky rocketing infection rates are being driven by the highly contagious. i'm a con variant,
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a new national record for france here every 2nd more than 2 people are testing positive for the corona virus. your horrible police patrols have stepped up in response. there was a bars and restaurants checking people's vaccination passes and for the still unvaccinated french authorities have a grim message, level patrols who perceive there is really very little chance you can escape at this time. the virus is spreading too fast and unvaccinated people are more likely to get infected or very sick, but exceeding germany to is putting more pressure on the unvaccinated leading to several protests across the country. in munich, police initially banned a rally, but protested, came out any way by the thousands saying they're just out for a walk. there is also concerned that germany is under reporting cases due to staff shortages during the holiday season. it with her fossil, the under reporting is probably of the order that the actual incidence is currently
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2 or 3 times as high as the incidence. we are measuring all, smithson, the u. k is facing a surge in omicron cases, and that is frustration that rapid test kids aren't available when to pick them up and there's none in the pharmacies. roy is not there. got the signs outside the run outside. many people need a negative test to be allowed to work on gather to celebrate the start of a new south africa was one of the 1st countries to identify the owner con variant and initially saw a dramatic increase in covered 19 cases. but now numbers are declining. earlier we spoke to virology of off gang chrysler, and he told us what the south african experience could tell us about what's happening now in europe. well, it actually shows very much what we had seen here in cape town, where i had it in south africa where we can 1st spread throughout the country. we
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had a very steep increase to record numbers of infections. and we were extremely worried that over the 5th period because it started in late november here, we would a date in africa, numbers of severe cases being admitted to hospital and, and very fortunately, our in fixed numbers have peaked. so we are now on the queue, downward change, and edwin has to be careful because of the long holiday weekend. so numbers maybe lagging behind, but i don't think that picture is going to change drastically. and luckily, our hospitalized ation rate has been lagging behind significantly. so we see a few of severe cases and eating hospital treatment and in the previous waves. and of course, the reason here in south africa is that the majority of people who have had called in during, depending over the past almost 2 years. i need addition, we have just short of off the adult population having had the vaccine as well. a
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lot of people are wondering whether there could be a silver lining here. that is, the rapid and wide spread. obamacare will bring us closer to turning covered into a more manageable threat. but it sounds like you're saying that the reason why amr con is not manifesting is dangerously as other variance is because to a large extent, people, particularly in south africa, may have had the virus already and therefore have antibodies. it's very difficult to tease those 2 factors apart. again, i'm cautiously optimistic that maybe only one is a bit less virulent than the previous trains, but we are still seeing patients dying from it. so you know it's, it's not a question of a common cold virus yet. it may be moving into that direction and that would be good news. but the bad news is that, like what, what was said in france in your report that with this very and it will be next to
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impossible to fix. and then we have seen how fast it's grades and how fast the numbers rise. many patients also many infected people are asymptomatic, so not necessarily recognize that can still pass it on. so i would say that the next few months, the majority of the population will get it. and then it's really that they're both gang cries, are really appreciate your time in cape town. many thanks. well, countries are still grappling with rising case numbers. health authorities are also under pressure to reduce the isolation requirements for people infected or in contact with a positive case. the u. s. recently shortened dis quarantine period and germany's health minister says he's considering a similar move. the w reporter joel door boy joins us in the studio to explain what's behind the race to reduce quarantine jewel. well, michael, until recently health authorities around the world have mostly followed the
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scientific recommendation that people isolate for up to 2 weeks after testing positive, all coming into close contact with an infected person. but now is the ami con, very kicks off, new waves of infections around the world. more people are finding themselves stuck at home. tracking data shows that over 19000000 people have tested positive in the past 28 days. and that's had an impact on the economy. some hospital schools and businesses are short staffed, and recently, thousands of flights were canceled. us airlines demanded a short isolation period to get people back to work. and this week, the u. s. center for disease control, cut the recommended installation period down from 10 days to 5 and other countries are considering doing similar measures such as france and germany. well, we can have a look now at how risky this strategy could potentially be, because the cdc own modeling data showed that after 5 days of quarantine,
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there was still a 35 percent chance that a person could pass on the virus. that risk reduces to just one percent off the 10 days. so why shortened the isolation period? previous various have had an average incubation period of 5 days. but some studies show that on the chrome has a fast incubation period of just 3 days. so infected people may develop symptoms more quickly, and some are arguing that quarantined combat therefore begin and end earlier. but other scientists urging caution warning that is still much we do not know about the impact of ami kron and the decision to reduce isolation. periods may be welcome use for millions of people stuck at home, but it's a calculated risk that is made being made to get people back to work much much thanks, joel. let's now get a round up of some other headlines at this hour. the body of south africa's
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archbishop desmond tutu has been brought to cape town, saint george's cathedral, where it will lie in state for 2 days for mourners to pay their final respects. the anti apartheid icon in nobel peace prize laurie it died sunday at the age of 19 police in hong kong have formerly charged 2 people from the online pro democracy news outlet, stand news with sedition. the national security police did not, however, officially named those being charged. the announcement comes a day after authorities rated the office of standards. the publication has said it will now cease operations. strong winds and drought conditions in argentina have intensified. wildfire is raging in the south of the country. some 250 fire fighters and national park employees are involved in battling the blazes in the padded go near region. officials say the fires have already destroyed thousands of factors for us. at least 9 people have died after a truck in a minibus collided on
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a highway in central chile, 8 people reportedly died at the scene, and in 9th person was confirmed dead at a new by hospital hours later. the minibus was reportedly carrying agricultural workers. a jury in the u. s. is found breeders, socialized delaney maxwell, guilty of helping the late sex offender jeffrey epstein, abuse under age rules for years. after 5 days of deliberations, the new york jury found maxwell guilty on 5 counts, including recruiting and grooming epstein's teenage victims. the verdict could see the 60 year old spend the rest of her life in prison, recruiting and grooming teenage victims and trafficking a minor. these are the heavy charges of which british socialite, galle maxwell was found guilty by the new york jury. the road to justice has been far too long. but today, just as has been done, no one,
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no matter how powerful or well connected it is above the law. delaney maxwell is the daughter of british newspaper. baron robert maxwell, in court, accuser showed evidence of maxwell's close relationship to late financier and convicted sex offender. jeffrey epstein, epstein was jailed in 2019 based on charges of sex trafficking minors, but he committed suicide in prison while awaiting trial. in the current court case of killing maxwell, she was found to have helped epstein systematically procure young girls some as young as 14. the charges against maxwell were brought forward by 4 victims, but many more feel they have been served justice. this is a victory for all the victims of miss maxwell and abstain. moreover, i think this is a victory for all young children, boys, girls, women, and men who are victims of abusers like this. it will give them the needed push to
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step forward and to speak their truth and to hopefully get justice like these young girls. how with respect to miss maxwell, the defense as to 60 year old is being used as a scapegoat for other people's crimes. i. we firmly believe in glens, innocence. obviously we are very disappointed with the verdict. we have already started working on the appeal, and we are confident that she will be vindicated everyone the healthy, have a happy new year. how you doing, maxwell now stands to spend the rest of her life in prison. if she receives the maximum possible sentence of 65 years. so where does the case go from here? d w correspondence stefan simons. with more on that that is a sentencing error dates to be sets and this is when the judge comes out and
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announces what he sense into but you hurt already the attorney for mr. xle saying that they are working on the appeal. so this will definitely go into an appeal in an appeals court will be and then have the, the job of sorting this out if this appeal is, is legitimate. and if there is, are grounds actually, if there are grounds for an appeal. now the prosecution, that's what many experts say made really, really sure that they are, that they give because they were actually expecting ain't an appeal, no matter what. when if it makes mist, maxwell would have been found guilty. but they made sure that this is somewhat of an air tight, a prosecution. they delivered with the testimony of those 4 victims, for example, as at rest. so this is going to be a hard time from his maxwell in the appeals court, i would think and again 65 years in prison. this is the rest of her life. something lighter for you. now, while santa claus has already come and gone in the western world in russia,
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the arrival of his equivalent father frost is still highly anticipated. and this says, 6 meter tall snow sculpture in the city of abilene's is sent to bear an accurate likeness building a snow statue in front of the town hall just before the new year is somewhat of a tradition in the city. legend says, father frost brings presents for the children in russia on new year's day. you watching dw is, is a reminder of the top story we're following for you. the world health organization is warning that the american and delta corona virus variance could produce a su nami of covey. 19 cases that will put immense pressure on health care systems, france, italy, ireland, and portugal have all announce record numbers of new cases. don't forget, you can always get d w news on the go. just download our app from google play or from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world. as well as
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