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tv   Museums- Check  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2021 1:00am-1:16am CET

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i work, we'll hook people. we should light on the opaque worlds. who's behind the benefits? why are they a threat to whistle open equals starts january 5th on d, w. mm. ah ah, the state of the news long from berlin, keeping the door open for a diplomatic solution. russia and the u. s. discuss the simmering tension surrounding ukraine, but neither wants to give in to the others. demands also coming up the latest
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storage and go with 19 cases is worrying government around the globe. many are imposing new restrictions and looking for ways to stop the spread of the highly transmissible armor prawn variance plus we miss we love you. we thank you. south africa, remember anti apartheid icon and nobel peace prize, laurie, it's desmond to to ah, i'm nicole fairly welcome to the program. russian president vladimir putin and his u. s. counterpart. joe biden spoke for nearly an hour on thursday as tensions have been steadily rising over. what might be ahead for the future of ukraine, ukraine, the who and the us are concerned about
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a recent build up of troops near the ukrainian border. washington says it could take no plans to attack. russia meanwhile, says it was a written declaration that ukraine will never be allowed to join the nato military alliance is the 2nd time this month. the 2 leaders have spoken you more talks with senior us, and russian officials are set for january. for more, let's bring in james, curt shake. he's a visiting fellow with a brookings institute, specialize on european politics and u. s. foreign policy strategy. mister curtis. these were the 2nd talks this month between president biden and putin. what results do you expect? i think will be more still made because i don't see the united states backing down . i said, united states and its allies does this really should not be a conversation between the united states and russia over the heads of the ukrainians. this is, this is about the democratic west,
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the free world. it's about the european community standing up for the really post world war 2 settlements and values which is that countries are not allowed to invade other countries and sees their territory whenever they like. it was precisely what russia did in 2014 in annexing crimea, and what it's been threatening to do over the past several weeks. so i think the west in the free world needs to stand firm and making clear to mr. bruton that his delicate city will be met with severe response not only by the european union in the united states, but i also think by ukrainians. i think they'll put up a very tough fight. i don't actually, i don't, i don't think he's going to launch a, a full scale invasion of ukraine because i think he's quite aware of the consequences of that. now moscow says is worried about what it sees as a growing co operation between nato and ukraine. earlier we spoke about this with
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andrei court enough, he's with the largely state funded russian international affairs council. let's have a listen and then come back to you. the a more, the, the movement so of the russian troops are not to cross in the ukrainian border. but i think that the concern of the russian side to ease the nato is extended its military corporation with ukraine and always see our target drones, for example, used in don't boss. all we can see saw in the u. s. made military hardware utilized in the east of ukraine. and this is something we sure i think her creates concerns in the covenant that to nato might to upgrade its military corporation with ukraine . so mr. kurt, russia wants nato to commit to never allowing ukraine to join. you say that the west should stand firm. how likely do you think the by an administration is to scale back cooperation with ukraine in response to these russian concerns?
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i don't think they will. it's been a pretty strong bipartisan policy in this country over the past, really since the end of the cold war. and certainly since the invasion of ukraine in 2014, to stand with the sovereign decisions of independent countries in europe. and if you crane like any other country, like russia is allowed to make its own foreign policy decisions, provided that they don't violate or threaten their neighbors. and if there's only if there's one country that's threatening its neighbors, it's russia, ukraine. the notion that russia has a legitimate security interest and is, feels threatened by nato or by ukraine is preposterous if the russians are constantly invading their neighbors. they've been doing this for 70 years and had a problem with it. and that's what we're seeing again, unfortunately, how can we move forward from the stalemate from this situation?
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i think the message needs to be sent to the kremlin that any further violation of ukrainian sovereignty will be met with very punishing sanctions. i think that they should be kicked off the international swift banking system. there should be the certainly in your country in germany, the nor seem to pipeline should not be going forward. that is a major strategic and i would say moral error on the part of the german government as it gives russia enormous leverage over central eastern europe. and over frankly, the political decision making of, of european countries. so that should also be put to a halt. and i also think it, i think we should be increasing our military support to ukraine. i'm not advocating sending american soldiers or any european country sending their own soldiers to fight in ukraine against russia. certainly we should be sending them all the
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military aid and support and arms that they need. right, james car, take pleasure speaking to you. thanks for sharing your opinion on that rapidly rising cove at 19 infections are worrying governments around the globe. many countries are hastily introducing limits on new year's celebrations in an effort to curb the spread of the virus. and recent days, various countries have registered record numbers of new infections and officials say the highly contagious on the con variance is to blame. despite a shortage of tests, the u. k has been reporting record breaking case numbers just like denmark. many countries in europe are seeing unprecedented peaks amid the rapids spread of the omicron variant in germany. case numbers are also rising, but for now still comparatively low isn't in schools and overall, we're a bit more disciplined than some of our european neighbors. asia masks are especially effective against omicron that sets germany apart. we cannot forget that
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england and denmark barely had social distancing measures in place recently, and masks were not born. that is certainly different here in germany. this is in balance, indoor chunks, one, unless the end of the year come, may be deceptive. few tests were administered during the holidays and numbers reported more slowly. health minister car lauterbach says the actual volume of cases could be 2 to 3 times higher, and a spike may be seen quite soon. cues at test centers are increasing. this location in berlin carries out over a 1000 tests a day. then we feel it's coming that the numbers are slowly increasing on distance thing. by mid january there should be a more realistic picture of the situation, but the number of confirmed omicron cases is increasing at a faster pace in northern germany as such, entirely possible that the proximity to scandinavian nations is a factor, omicron is very dominant there. so the virus may be traveling over the border. i think everyone understands that
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a virus will not stop at borders. i think he's just the was fun again finish. i had my other federal and state officials in germany a do to meet on the 7th of january, to map out a strategy to combat the spread of the virus. and now let's get you up to speed on some of the other stories making news around the world. today. doctors in sudan, se security forces have shot dead for protests, or is during demonstrations against military rule. tens of thousands of people brave tear gas and defined a security lockdown in khartoum and other cities, calling for a peaceful transition and free police in hong kong have formerly charged to senior editors from the pro democracy news outlets. stan, news with sedition. they've been identified as former stand news editor in chief sean on quinn and patrick lamb. the announcement comes a day after authorities read the offices of stand news. iran says it has launched a rocket carrying 3 satellites into space, stay television,
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broadcast footage of the launch vehicle and take off. the ron says it space program is for research purposes only and doesn't breach the nuclear deal, which it is currently renegotiating with western powers. a jury in the u. s. has found british social. i'm dealing maxwell guilty of helping the late sex offender jeffrey epstein, abuse underage girls over a period of many years. after days of deliberations, the new york jury found maxwell guilty on 5 of 6 counts, including recruiting, abstains teenage victims and trafficking. a minor victims of sexual abuse or calling the verdict of victory. but maxwell's attorney says, an appeal is already underway, recruiting and grooming teenage victims and trafficking a minor. these are the heavy charges of which british socialite delayed maxwell was found guilty by the new york jury. the road to justice has been far too long.
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but today justice has been done. no one, no matter how powerful or well connected is above the law. jolaine maxwell is the daughter of british newspaper. baron robert maxwell, in court accuser showed evidence of maxwell's close relationship to late fine and sheer and convicted sex offender, jeffrey epstein. epstein was jailed in 2019 based on charges of sex trafficking minors, but he committed suicide in prison while awaiting trial. in the current court case of killing maxwell, she was found to have helped epstein systematically procure young girls some as young as 14. the charges against maxwell were brought forward by 4 victims, but many more field. they have been served justice. this is a victory for all of the victims of miss maxwell and abstain. moreover, i think this is a victory for all young children, boys, girls, women,
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and men who are victims of abusers like this. it will give them the needed push to step forward and to speak their truth and to hopefully get justice like these young girls. how with respect to miss maxwell, that a fence as to 60 year old is being used as a scapegoat for other people's crimes. i, we firmly believe in glens, innocence. obviously we are very disappointed with the verdict. we have already started working on the appeal, and we are confident that she will be vindicated everyone the healthy, have a happy new year. how you doing, maxwell now stands to spend the rest of her life in prison. if she receives the maximum possible sentence of 65 years. in south africa, a memorial service has been held for the late archbishop desmond tutu, the anti apartheid fighter and nobel laureate,
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died last week and aged 90 is funeral, a set to take place on new year's day in cape town. people across the rainbow nation happened remembering too, too, and paying their respects. ah, just a simple wooden coffin for a man whose being remembered as a humble hero. scores gathered in johannesburg and cape town to remember archbishop emeritus desmond to, to one of the rainbow nations most revered voices for human rights. his successor embraced one of 22 daughters. she's grieving her tata her father as to, to was known to so many south africans is like a daughter, really in craig cry, or cities and bereavement. i think you need to pray for her religion are sure, however,
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we love her and we will continue to support her. even word will daughter is going to to didn't want to be remembered with pump. so inside the cathedral, a small ceremony was held. leaders and ordinary south africans alike laid flowers and those gathered performed songs and some of to two's favorite hymns. ah, his grandson spoke and thanked mona's for helping his family through a difficult time. we've been reassured by the outpouring of love and prayers and support that a port in from around the world that he will not be out of mind just because he's out of sight. we miss you. we love you. we thank you. as to to his coffin was carried out,
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members of the public sang songs and celebration of his life and legacy. oh, born under apartheid, he dreamed of a different south africa. and through his ministry he helped bring that nation into being her. her watching dw news from berlin and nicole freely for more headlines and analysis. remember, there is always our website at cdw dot com on social media. you'll find us under act dw, or me and the entire team here in berlin. thank you so much for your company. ah sh her i'm just kinda i think that tags and in the end is a meet you. i'm not.


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