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tv   Doc Film - About Time - Presenting Futures Past  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2021 5:15am-6:01am CET

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sion for 3 and a half years, but a scaffolding was removed just in time for the world famous bell to perform its most important duty. london's traditional new year's fireworks and concern have been cancelled due to coven 19 restrictions. but there is no holding back big bens bond. watching the w news from berlin. i'm nicole for a late for a more headlines and analysis. remember there's always our website, d, w dot com and on social media you'll find us under act d. w. news for myself and the entire team. thank you so much for your company. stay with us. and stacy ah ah, internet knows all it's creators for everything. and
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we digitize everything, the hot commodity in this global experiment, our data, the internet of everything starts january 17th on d, w. ah, ah, now, and then my childhood comes back to me and with it a certain moment, a sensation or a smell. they say time carries everything away. but it also brings beginning i was, i am. i will be without time. nothing. like please hello. please hold the
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line louis incredible. i felt back in the foreground is gone, conway is time it i mention or an illusion. all we have is that one word for a puzzle that changes everything as it passes. it can pass fast or slowly and experiencing time quickly or slowly can be the exact opposite in retrospect. so what is time? you can see my mom an island. ok. we can go to a place twice. it has 3 coordinates, proverbially speaking, hiding length width, like we can go there twice, or 10 times a month, but we can't go to a single point in time. it simply is, and then it's gone as a 1st one. we can shop it was odd when we, when we wake up, we give ourselves an alarm of the bar and that's how we perceive it along that so
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relationship to the world, one of aggression about an hour long they have to go to the bus is leaving the plane is coming or can come east in the 1st and last year. if i constantly imagine what has been and what will be great guns, i don't even realize what's happening now. that's not living with. i'm only in my head and maybe i'll wake up later and think to leave i miss life ah, life and time amount to a collection of ephemeral moments. time cannot be held on. it always flows away. it's those fleeting and the
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race in we have no organ for experiencing time. it we always fear how in this for gung, unheard people. and if there's a past and a future, then there's something in between. we could call the present. the big question is then, how long does it actually last or you could say it has no duration at all. it's just a slice. just there is something like the subjective present, which in fact was described in the best book. there is about time and temporality, namely, book 11 of saint augustine's work of 397 c e. u. confessions and confess eunice. just as active in it. he says there's actually only the present the subjective
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present. we can describe it as a moment lasting about 2 to 3 seconds when you feel fibers tie the content or missile one. now, bam, this moment of the present is an experience generated by our brain. because all the information perceived by our senses is continuously collected in the brain, evaluated bundled intersections, and thought. that's how the subjective present is created. every 2 to 3 seconds. the moon is rose and beaming. the golden star is a gleaming so brightly in the sky. lord, it is tied, so great was summer's plus, the locals mitigate, had been better than with yellow pears hangs full of wild roses. the land in the lake in ze lynette do that fast. i chose a temple in which living pillar you sometimes give
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a voice to confused word of what is wrong by the marina. once. when i was born in the navy, i memorized gert as faust. and when you do that, you realize something again, ye come ye hovering forms, i find ye as early to my clouded sight. ye sean, like that's the beginning of the dedication. and at last or 3 seconds, what shall i compare the to a summer day. though out more lovely and po, temperate, shakespeare sunday, it's unit. so in all languages you notice this temporal segmentation of about 3 seconds. one decided video. be good all hoa tree reflecting the normal mechanism of the brain and a snowman mission. this must, as mentioned to, hence why an experiment. keep your eyes on this rotating kim, me after a few seconds the direction will change, regardless of whether we wanted to or not,
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with the brain as trying a new interpretation. from one human to humpty from manhattan, lena, if you shake someone's hand, if you hold it for more than 3 seconds, an emotional reaction sets in, would i be unpleasant? oh, very pleasant. i shall, 2 quotes of see if a handshake is too short. that's also strange. the views, intentional movement has a rhythm, wanted for a few scratches self. this is respected ethan ologist, iran use, i believe, has felt looked at it in many different cultures with kuhn that it happens everywhere you. but i did a temporal dynamic that grounds us in nature. it in indiana to 19. 0, we feel time even more when nothing is happening,
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our attention is drawn to it, like at hold. time drags die and we hear the ambient noise of our existence. but any restless person has the pallet to picture the future and the past. that means that any waiting room can become the scene of the greatest at when . the science you give us village to the one thing that really distinguishes humans from other creatures is the ability to wait. that is to take a pause between wanting to do something and doing it that pause. that ability to wait is actually what makes us human. like me, so mentioned o time is invisible, we only experience it indirectly as change. first there is this been not been something else. without the idea of succession, there would be nothing we could call time. not even
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a thought. we also can't conceive of a stillness before time. we are always on the way somewhere moving from one moment to the next in one direction. meanwhile, a heart beat. ah! when the solomon had sneaked in fearful detox, this is anne, and i could say my heart beats in 44 time one irons till 3 fear for a libby song. dish touched base with breathing and my sense of time that's a different time experience than saying it. beats are in 3 for time by at 123123. it's a completely different feeling for the body. and that's what music plays with, or it might just be $1.00 and $1.00 and $1.00 i'm, once i'm,
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ah, music is time materialized. it plays with evoke to memory, with expectation and with presence in beethoven, 7th symphony. what seems to be an ancient melody suddenly makes its way out of the echo chamber of the past into the present moment of listening. jesus white as at that 2nd movement is composed in such a way that a slightly bullion tempo is always there. always flowing please. and then with the last cord it stops again. the door closes, the glimpse is over, and suddenly your back to reality in a completely different tempo. and out of that comes the 3rd movement, late elephant incorporates that really strong sense of relationship to time. and then comes, the 3rd movement come to that does
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a moment before the was in the moment before music starts. just before is always silent. music always comes out of silence. that's why the moment when a work begins is always the most exciting, dim discussion. it's like a vacuum from which the work or the next arc of suspense has to emerge a nation in. i've been as deemed a energy, has to be tremendous. i don't know if it can be measured as what it must be possible. sh cookers out of a tiny particle of silence, sheila, we get an explosion of a sound on these clung musson the
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start was magical. we only know that it's here the world. it found a way to begin unless you can also not me, val. expiring suggests that the universe is expanding and you don't need a physics degree to work out that if that's the case, it must have been smaller yesterday and even smaller the day before that contacted you can gradually seem backwards making the universe smola and smallest that i like line the question becomes, what's the very smallest beyond which you can't go? i cannot, you can decide that time began with the smallest causally possible time there is. i just move all you calculated using quantum mechanics and the general theory of relativity time again after 5 by 10 to the negative. 44 seconds latino. we must few
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and 50 it could. ah, the wally think demands that everything has a cause. we can't think otherwise. we can't imagine a beginning without something that came before. physics is about measuring the big everything that surrounds us. but not everything can be measured. music of your house, and if we physicists hate time, it just doesn't fit into our equations. i zoom in experiments, you can always waste that time to 0, but we can put the bowl back at the top it all the time can go forward and backward in equations and i thought we keep getting older about like what? it's as though there are different forms of time that's obvious for she'd in the form from target o'clock, cuts everything into sections and give the world time based on 24 time size. but
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this as a human construct in the past noon occurred in each city at a different time, depending on the position of the sun. mm. time measurement is relative. according to einstein's theory, if you live 3 space at the speed of light, your wrist watch would slow to the point that no time would pass at all. mm. it's not possible to actually experience this in the absolute science. absolute time is what i call cosmic time. it's a time error, that's always in motion. if we were on another planet, we could determine how all the universe is. it would take a while because we'd have to build telescopes and so on. but we'd determine that the universe is the same point 82000000000 years old. why? because there's cosmic background radiation in every cubic centimeter of universe.
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there are 400 background photons, not from and if you measure them, you know how old and big the universe is. welcomes would be causes mean lou. lou, lou, lou time runs on always in one direction. lou, will it ever be possible to stop time to escape its invisible force to wake up in a better universe? i'll go back to a moment in time. lou, a chris a sort assigned to decide what was going back in time main reverse. it would mean
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that everything in the universe and everything would have to be returned to the state. it was one sanmar, all the particles that leads to a problem of entropy. people imagine it would require more energy to bring the universe back into that state than the universe provides. so i'd have to get energy from outside the universe in order to bring the universe to this state and the bells, and that says to blink, there's no time travel backwards time. nothing, i'm sorry. good credit side with what love the stood malott. ah. and yet we can travel in time after all, remembering means we turning to present in the past, ah, the little girl at christmas. the inexpressible feeling of anticipation, the scratchy feeling of an uncomfortable trace to remember,
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is to visualize, to invoke smells, taste, and feelings. only the intense moments remain in us, those of pain. oh particular julie our ego is the narrative of these intense moments. our life is the storehouse of time. ah, is put you to you, i'm sorry, man, in mind if i, i project my cell into my past and that creates identity. i'm myself because i go back in time into my past, into my episodic memory. might it be that would what i find there is myself, which allows me to define myself as a doppelganger. you me say about as my doctorate. the tragic thing about alzheimer's and dementia is not so much the memory loss kunkle. it's that the sufferer can't find themself any more dishes shuttles, etc. so by the time is coming from your income. if my memories are extinguished,
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i no longer have any reference to myself. obviously may be too high. density is created through time travel into the pass. i ties by the island for counterpart, outside govern munchman his o him leave. it sometimes helps even in the middle of life because his data and think if i look back on my life now destiny, which is visions, what i like to have made the most and how would i like to have lived it? how can i live my life so that in the end i can feel positive are mostly positive about it? he dumped to quit and i think that was something where everyone has to work on themselves a bit for his life. you are obsessed with performance success and having a lot of money that certainly very important in life is 0 which to you. but in the end, what remains important will probably be something else trend which was unlike, did i love the people around me? just you mentioned really have i been a person of integrity,
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but can i look at myself? can hinge peter sharon ah, to be a good person at sea aspiration. and yet we push, we hunk the horn, we worry about being late. we exert pressure. we rush. we live at that tempo all the while complaining that we don't have time for what's really important. there's a discrepancy. see between the relentless, globally accepted time and our own in a sense of time to in my life decides how long things should take me. time is out of joint, it's accelerated and guess we have to do too much in too little time. benjamin franklin's act, we think of
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a side benjamin franklin tells us to remember the time is money is not always, it's guess because money is notoriously scaffold. otherwise it would lose its function as money. his uncle said about these days, we've extended that building. if we might say to our children or ourselves, time is education as a whole. cultural capitalist, pierre border calls l. m site was about to sit around and educate yourself and they learn a language will read, a newspaper oper copied. you can also cite of time is health facility, physical capital, the source and you could go jogging, meditating below, from what all resources that we lead in or competitive system to contest for a little time can be social capital. if not, you could meet with friends will to call somebody or be active on social media. i describe it as a relationship with the world and a li, a reality that's always asking where we can invest energy and resources in order to get the highest possible return. i talked to her, i don't have time or not enough time to be does that phrase sound familiar?
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the come for i liked or more of it, more of it i liked or more of it, more of it. i like go more bit more of it. you know, like each reading, like, oh, when you have fun with it, philosophy, blaise pascal ret, all of humanities, problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone with a lookin mia ding. it a logical consequences that we tried to fit more into the day was guns for is often long when time is short and we have to do a lot i voice and as i know, we tried to speed things are additional are the we, we do that in 3 way, don't consulting a long before we actually do things faster. caught the microwave, instead of the star activity or fast food instead of slow food. shenanigan. cooking
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becomes something special for the weekend snag, and if a lot of new technologies promise an increase in the tool big, we take a power now on it because no longer than 20 minutes in order. or we spend quality time with children in this office. so i, we're not spending that much time with them, but we're also getting a qualitative increase out of ish, other shanella 100 for dish. this i other way is that we try to avoid breaks and downtime. and so for my, when we wait for a bus, when you start texting to use the time fung ism is please no idle time, loss can me alone. and the 3rd thing is multitasking, asking ignorance to this lease, and i give them the loiter you for soon as a human will pazzar widen about lights. there are always people who try to work here in europe and communicate with people on other continental dns vases or talk me. they just don't sleep as if normally from of and at some point they implode because they haven't slept for days. went on or else they can only keep themselves
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awake with pharmaceutical and gibbons. that shows us that we're living being the result of evolution. i'm sure we have a certain space of perception to form from this fed. our science takes us into the very biggest spaces and the very smallest ones invented. and it also tells us that in cosmological terms, is that to have been connected from the very beginning of it as other sock managed to be shut. none of that tells me how to act, how to treat others, how to treat the living nature around me. i think that part of our crisis will be they environmental energy, resource crises, and so on. is that we're just throwing all these concepts of time at each other to see him. these are guns inside the cliff as though uh, we haven't acknowledged how important it is to be mindful that as it says in the bible back there is the time for everything. everything has, it's time enough to edit it. alice had signed it site and so as i and that site he
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otherwise have you been at, were exploiting nature over exploiting it to be poisoning it at a rate that's just too high for nature to cope with. the almost a type of effect global warming and the greenhouse effect, or an acceleration in the atmosphere long caused by the fossil fuel placed acceleration. alma isn't one, is absorbed. it's d synchronization when, as long as we've become too fast to nutrition between decode fall, but there are also limits on the speed at which went and processed things. politically, this must be this mismatched. i think it's a massive misunderstanding to think that democracy is just a population saying yes or no. and what says step 1st, it's really a process of understanding by arguing, leave and deliberating and analyzing it. it's time consuming it dismissal from that time is no longer available in the face of things like super fast financial market . it's allow capital to circulate a speed of life. but i'm your super fast media that once or no one's opinion within 2 minutes of an event, we can see t synchronization in our relationship to nature because to politic or so and even
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to ourselves, which if i heard was only one of them's, it's what we call the problem of earn ours, but on as interesting, not just in terms of those who get sick. this is mr. to so those who are healthy, who constantly talk or think about it. nish, who careful, they don't get burnt out. it's of person was normally put on also clean. it's an out of control relationship to time. each also manifest was se synchronization inside for mrs. awkward. this includes that soon. signal sy, keys m, our bodies columns, be accelerated, will push long pause him. time has gone off the rails in an unprecedented way. in early
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2020 the world hit the stop button and our global high pitch time fell apart. the fear of not getting enough done was suddenly replaced by the fear of a virus. for a strange moment, the instruments were used to time our lives were left to their own devices. the unsettling standstill was like a warning is the way we live fundamentally wrong.
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oh, how can we just be without being productive or always worrying about tomorrow? that's the great wish of our time. and the answer that comes from all corners of life is mindfulness. the here and now can be learned. for example, through zen meditation. deering is a sheen, a person suffering from this time sickness learns to sit to be silent. to b as it yes to minute finish. ah, sources are often the 1st time i went on a session was to get some peace and i came down to my 3 children weren't sleeping and i was very tense. i just done after keesa saw within 5 minutes of sitting down on the cushion. every thing that i had swept under the rug over the years came out
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of it does come for 2001. it was so scary that was so horrifying. the said i just cried for 3 days. i was afraid to sit there again, not interesting to see the things i hadn't actually dealt with in my life and what i had just pushed away. and then i came home and said, i'm never going there again. he's new doing with same the way is the goal. but before that comes getting there, that journey takes you from lake lou cern up mount rekey. there shielded from the world. you can learn to be at the mercy of your own thoughts, fears, and feelings. there are absolutely no distractions
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onto dunwoody for my mom? anybody that he saw the doc? no, i'm and then my husband persuaded me to do another session with him on done hobby. and i thought i'll focus myself image and make such an effort that you nothing like what i 1st experienced will ever surface again, could see that. and through that focusing, as i transcended everything, and had a deep experience of unity that actually i learned that we are all connected with each other. we're all one, nothing is permanent fish, nothing has substance extensive that experience and a takes you out of time. aside to have, i was time ways you down to tie what was and would, is to come, get so strongly processed in the mind. if i was to step out of time means to experience total freedom and out and to learn to leave that everything that is is
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true to a foreign all it was stamped something in us asks how things were for us either recently or long ago. and it asks how they will be in the future. we always think we can't change that. we made that way. what we can change as whether or not we allow ourselves to be diverted from such thoughts. sinister anguish can't i invite his highest concern is actually very simple afternoon. it means coming to the moment and stop complaining him intact because our mind is a running commentary and mostly negative. this suits me. this doesn't again, i want this. i don't want that. that's really good i, it's
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a matter of trying to calm the thoughts and not just to calm them on, but to have them fly like clouds in the sky without giving them substances some scheme. so we see that the brain works, but we stay with the breath. if we're setting it bly bother, or if we're walking with a step since or might, or if we're working with the work, we're, if we're eating with the eating haitian, i'm and that causes us to come out of time. let's via oust aside that our, at our school, me. oh, for a restless person being completely focused on one thing is more difficult than anything in the now. no futures can be formed and nothing can be optimized in the now you already there no matter how or where that is. because these things do always matter to us. we constantly miss being in the now in the
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loyalty seats. and until people sit there like this, how so beautifully and unc than the bell comes and they have to get up on dice. and there is a longing to keep sitting. it's, it's, if i day it's been they think i want to keep sitting. i'm in the flow, so it's going so well now. whereas before it was gone terribly and now the bell is going to sound and i'll have to get up. but that's exactly the point that we don't remain stuck in our perceptions life and what we do, what comes next and standing up on is the same as being in the flow yet that im floaters. the here and now as already over. oh, not too long to now to loud. these 4 bars go from
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0 to as 1000. ah yes, music is indiana illusion for music is actually a release from past and future. what each of us does every day as constantly think about what has happened and happen earlier. what will happen? what do i need to plan for? who manages to really always be in the present. but when you make music long, and i think also when you consciously listen to music and not just when it's in the background, then you are in the present. you are in this world of the now all the time she got i, it's an incredible flow because for the duration of the music, it's such a relief not to be able to think about the future or the past again.
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oh, moments can pass quickly or slowly. 2 2 2 above all time is the subjective sense of duration. 2 2 2 go back to beethoven when time fault is. 2 so does melody. 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 ah . 2 2 2 2 is it even at this transition passage to light and the theme or passage are probably similar in length quite as one of them is constantly feel like waiting and the other like arriving. that relationship of tension. it's i, as like, time that's on may the tangible. that's also what so magical about, connecting as a conductor. you have to give shape to these transitions and directing these
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energies. and i then lead time, so that the listener 1st thrown back and forth between all these dress points, human tag of often food b, philosopher theodore adore. now says that every artwork has a duration yet is itself a moment. but in a work of art, it's possible to experience time just as subjectively as in life. mm. sometimes it moves quickly. sometimes slowly. there are moments when we fall out of her own, present, and sink into another time. art allows people to play with time. but in real life next time that calls the shots,
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mind it is real of us also seem as i finally decided to survive. if my faces would be that time interests us because we know we have to die. your vision. does that mean even design? we know this won't be forever, but we don't exactly have to hurry because i won't get everything done anyway. i will. but the meaning of our actions and our words is tied precisely to the fact that we can't go back in time and that it won't last forever. dozens of ours is the baby's lungs. think. just a moment ago you were playing with you shadow. everything was amazement and now and without consequence, then suddenly and lifetime is behind you. like a roll of film. time moves towards the end, faster and faster. at some point it will stop. but how exactly does dying walk
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is is horrific. open. yeah. quick showed as leaders, it's often a look back at life void of eyes under mach may be regret, size, maybe gratitude, tall, maybe also a lot of anger and despair about how things have turned out the question of time and life times height is very different on to, for most people, time becomes extremely precious when it becomes limited, suddenly you become very aware of the here and in our, and the preciousness of life. and the remaining time applied and inside service, many very ill people say that they live much more in the here. and now that they suddenly become aware of things. they never noticed before. the sound of rain or the birds singing in the morning and approval, more seeing the sun coming up in appreciating those things that get completely lost in our hectic lives.
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as the poet who co wrote, longing as having no home any time may be in the middle of linear taking time. there's something like eternity. after all, something that has nothing to do with duration. longing is having no home in time. in no truly shambria and of course we all have dreams and hopes for the future. i do 2 unknowns, but it's important to do the things that are important to me now and not to always put everything off until the future or after the so often i've seen people become
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seriously ill, 2 or 3 months after they retire when she wrote some say i wanted to start living now, and i think a what happened in the last 65 years would be taught so sad when life is then suddenly cut short or limited, it will be cleansed. i think the trick is really wants to do what's important to you, of course, together with other people to the, to really live now in which to do things now quickly. which doesn't mean you can't also have dreams for the future for the swamped harbor. ah, there is a time for everything. but what does a certain length of time look like? artist misha visally can show us. for 5 years, he's been photographing construction work in the lens neu, enough to now galloping modern art museum. he uses full cameras and
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long exposures to capture the pull of time, millions of tiny present moments in a single image. he can make visible the duration of a protest years at an airport with the champions league, fine fiddler, did he come daddy? lots of people can't get past the impressionistic aspect of my work question as i say. okay, impressionism and oh wow, yes, india, and that's true. good, nice 8. but it actually goes much further into ideas of real time and the present. the 1st one is a lot, tracy's does the present leave behind it on the and how does it get reconstructed by the time that just occurred to those authors? it's quite philosophical, but tab on in the image is permanently constructed and deconstructed through the duration ethics are just there. and we see only the front and as i don't i, this is what time does it move?
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flu is in a vase. if you look long enough, it separates the permanent from the ephemeral. the reality bridge in venice or berlin's puts them up, plots over its 10 year metamorphosis. hey, i. c wonder for dorothy, his annoying math in the over 100 photos that i'm now taking of you. there are 100 different people if, as ones into all, because at every moment you have a different facial expression. mimic and as i talk refer on, i would still have to decide which moment to give you. i didn't make it. a
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photography is made up of light in space and time all inside of put together the way the photographer imagines intervene for the tanf is somehow only relative of i had him in the end. pictures testify tor impermanence. how temporary we are here on this planet. the temple yeah, we really just the guest is of something greater. yes. if alaska though. c i i am, i was, i will have been but in between, i have all the, tell him in the world as long as i can forget myself and forget time. if i can then eternity will put an arm around me. and that's true. even though this film has just made us 43 minutes older,
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a mm with can inspire big changes,
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meet the people making. you go africa. joined them as they set out to save the environment. learn from one another and work together for a better future. many thought you all for tuning it for go in 30 minutes on d. w. ah, what secrets lie behind these walls? discover new adventures in 360 degrees and explore fascinating world heritage site a. d. w world heritage 360. get the app now. welcome to the dark side. where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings, were organized crime rules,
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where conglomerates make their own laws? we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind the benefits and why are they a threat to what's all? oh, peak will starts january 5th on d w ah ah, the the way news line from berlin exchanging threats while keeping the door open for a diplomatic solution for russia and the u. s. disgust the simmering tension surrounding
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