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tv   Doc Film - Botticellis Inferno - Dantes Hell in Art  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2021 10:15am-11:01am CET

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brittany spears after her fans kept up the pressure and with that hash tag free brittany, her conservatorship was saw. her father control her fortune and her life was ended in port here watching deeded the news from berlin coming up. but a chelsea's last paintings of hell inspired by the poet danty in r d w documentary. were headlines in analysis. remember there's always d w dot com. meanwhile, ominous spicer, thanks for watching. ah ah ah, internet knows all it's creators for everything. and we digitize everything. the hot commodity in this global experiment,
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our data, the internet of everything starts january 17th on d, w. ah, my name is bonnie chelly sandra, body chelly. i come from florence, the city of artists and geniuses. ah, i immortalized beauty the birth of venus. no one dead this before me for centuries, imitators have been trying to follow in my footsteps. ah, boss, i've also stared into the abyss painted what i saw on the map of hell. the inferno we all passed
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lose. ah, beauty, cosmetic anakin shed about the vatican library holds the treasures of human kind, liberty books that bring us closer to centro subcontract, the foot recent hard labor and art. they sent even more than books, etiology. the vatican, one of the best protected places in the world behind its high walls secrets a safe ah, climate controlled volts provide sanctuary to the great treasures of human history . now they're opening their doors for us. ah.
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daylight can be fatal to writings and works of art said the vatican shields these treasures from light and other destructive environmental influences, preserving them for posterity. ah, only rarely a particularly important manuscript, some works of art allowed to leave the climate controlled chambers. mm. only rarely to the doors of the apostolic library opened to allow a glimpse of one of history's great works of art a glimpse of the inferno. but it shall ease inferno. mm. in an inconspicuous vatican complex, but it alea's map as hell is undergoing an unparalleled process of digital
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conservation. it is the foundation of new discoveries in art history. the scientific scanning of manuscripts is a means of both preservation, undiscovered, safeguarding the old, something new emerges. ah, but he jellies depiction of the circles of hell. the map ardelane found though, in a special high powered lodge full max scanner. the high resolution functions like a digital magnifying glass details, pigments and shades a captured with more depth and density than the human eye can see. we're looking at theory, janelle,
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our human eye is limited. but zooming in the file, probably some detail can come out, but didn't came out before i got them all with us. some of these details being seen for the very 1st time did bought a chelly hide something within this work of out 500 years ago. far from rome, i sondra multi charlie, come from the city of artists and geniuses from a flourishing my flora. sharon's his architecture. it's ali ways and cobblestones are imbued with history even today. wealth and suffering beauty and trace death. but he chelly was
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born and raised in a small street in the unused sanity neighborhood. sandra fo 3 chelly, actually one of the most famous painters in the world. well, that was not his real name. the real name of the athens was son that philly baby, son of marianna. philippe is last son of a very number of family. by the way, there are lots of conjectures about how they begun to call in this way. some say that they have as likely factor. elder son was like a barrel, which is a talent is bought, spelled b o double t. that's why the said a little barrel, but the charlie mm. buddy chinese father and his living as a tanner sandra was sent to a goldsmith's workshop where he learned to work with precious metals and jewelry. ah. but all that glitters is not gold because i'm in to work as
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a goldsmith. it was not an easy thing. lots of furnace around those really warm environment which was nearly unbearable. so what the charlie though, looking around active bottega, his father actually began though to show an interest for sketching little things or go, sketching was actually necessary to shape any sort of thing. and he saw the ring, and he saw the bracelet, and he's a likely i'm actually begun to groan, interest much more on sketch. and then of course, stamping at the bottega. that's why, right the thought to try to dedicate himself to think in activity the mid 15th century. florence is at the heart of the rene songs and a center of progressive thinking. many people as they talk about the human is and the renee's period, the think about something incredibly idolized, but it's not the truth to have to imagine a life in absolute poverty, in dirt. imagine other senior summers has been struck several gone by flags. the
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average people mentality was still very deeply rooted in the middle ages. i mean, we interesting, i mean, to try to find the way of getting out of the been side. mm . bye sandra, but a chevy? come from a city of artists and genius. you call me an artisan? nothing but a painter of colorful bulls. no, i am an artist. i see more than all of you. ah, it is my time and recording. that's why i've given on my trough for eternity. ah, ugly damnation. fun.
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ah . when we see something beautiful, something fascinating. we want to hold on to it. so we can look at it again and again. today we do this digitally back then. people relied on the work of artists, body. chinese paintings played the role that films and sound recording sting. today . they brought stories from religion admit to life for an error in which are offered the only glimpse into other worlds and other times into fantasy. ah
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ah, you actually buy a ferrari if you can afford as a way of showing a wealth. that's why all this buildings that we feel the bobs were ways of celebrating the palm of the glory, the success of the families in question a cubicles. imagine how powerful and vastly rich is a ruling dynasty that can walk through the centre of its city without encountering its people above the medicaid. she below the people possessing power of the city and doing everything they can to show it. ah, ah bossy charlie had arrived at the top. but he didn't ride there on the meadow cheese coat tails. no. as their artist,
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he came and went freely from their homes. ah, we are here at the cloister next to the sunshine, so judge and some 500 years ago. we can guess that a great painter called but he chelly. i've been invited by lorenzo the panther, chesko, the mandatory to call him a thing which will actually be an amazing proposal, but at the same time, something somehow even shocking. in fact, lorenzo the can for change color method, you will ask it to create the inspirations of the celebrated yvonne comedy. that was a quite challenging job for it. because of course, dante's divine comedy was very much alive in everybody's imagery. so he actually accepted the task, we can imagine though a little bit to perplexity initially because it wasn't very, very, very compelling thing. when in the end it will accept it, and they actually finally agreed to sign a contract. ah, lorenzo detail,
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francesco and i united in art and spirits pen contract with a single common go to bring to life the magical lines of the camelia. ah, more true for close intensive and all encompassing than ever before. ah, we were united in our vision. i had no doubts, we would achieve something remarkable. ah, the result is a visualization of dante's journey through hell. it is a huge one, taking the poet's complete text, and illustrating it much like a comic strip. but he shall he is thought to have put pen to paper in florence, around 4090 a century and a half earlier just before his death. in 1321 dante aleki,
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adie had completed the divine comedy in it. the poets, driven by doubts, describes his search for enlightenment. his beloved beatrice inspires him on his journey, sending him through the gates of hell with its terrifying inscription bedroom. you pass into the city of woe, through me, you pass and to eternal aim through me, the way among the people last justice incited my sublime creator cuz i was created by the omnipotence of god to shoot through supreme wisdom. and through 1st love fell before me. there were no created things, only a turn, and i eternal last last shot, their new spit on, sir. oh boy, you can't rather all hope about those shocking these over 200 years that they haven't been written. all those images were actually believed by most of the people who really thought that after that they had to go to hell. if you believe in god could be, did you think to go to that?
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i was just go to hell. it do not even manage to imagine it, but even in the 1400 and even later, the medieval imagery is to survive, then all the people full after that as to we can then to go through hell. at least they used to be also those degrees, very labels of sense. and if you were fortunate, if we had behaved quite well, you could actually take out afterwards go through bigotry. and afterwards, the paradigm that was quite different amatory dante's revolutionary lines changed the way people sold all to the view of the world. a 150 years later, during a dark time, the church, his vision of paradise and hell, still hangs heavy over the collective consciousness. it shapes people's paths through life, as they strive to past hell and satan, without sending me to day berlin is home to the lion's share
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of butter. charlie's extensive collection of drawings for dante's comedian for the berlin cook fish dish cabinet, the museum of prints and drawings. the collection is both the treasure and a miracle in more than 500 years of existence. ringback the drawings have remained largely together in a well preserved condition. yeah, he asked isn't here from this box i've just taken at one of the drawing sondra, but it's only created for the divine comedy, derek. a python attacked at the berlin co, flushed cabinet holds 85 of these dry this moment of life, that a thief. another 7 from the cycle are kept at the vatican off, but we assume that the cycle originally included $102.00 parchments as also by m pack
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a mental. so today about 10 have been loss lighter at 5 thin fessler. why these drawings so significant? these works are, unlike a typical butter tele painting, large and colorful as are nowadays. and actually ever since it was discovered that this is considered to be one of the most important works of the renaissance several half off. i fair to say that, but each shelley like no other dante illustrator before or after him battle was able to visualize the voice of dante d bought. he translated the words into images and presented them to us. as the story told, an actor this ac assisted, happy thought, ah, this is not a single work of art, but rather 92 individual works. each in itself is a fascinating piece, encompassing the inimitable power and magic of the artist. the dante's journey
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through hell to paradise, with a breath taking aesthetics and intensity, ah all the drawings from rome and berlin are collected in a facsimile. those that are scanned on to unsafe man. here are some white pages. i make a vice of. these are the sheets that are la swollen and here it's quite interesting because we have this detailed map her dell and fair no in found. or you can imagine more or less how potentially was thinking about representing these cantos that for which we have no sheets for t v. i can let em hum daft up with the map ardelane for no butter. chelly begins his cycle by illustrating the entire path into and through hell. why is can me a force then?
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i can imagine that the map, a del inferno was drawn 1st as a kind of presentation for his client and had the one's object who had been offered up keeper, that but he chelly executed this 1st on him and showed it to him. now this is how i imagine it looking, this is what the arrangement of the scenes will be. in $1481.00 after only a few months. but italy interrupts his work on the divine comedy cycle. he goes to rome, where he spends more than a year, creating frescoes for the sistine chapel, a great honor in recognition of his talent, back in florence. but a chelly takes up dante scenes again. he's motivated and creative and finds a narrative style that is absolutely unique indeed, but italy proves to be a great innovator, carving new, artistic paths. ah, then that bardello for know in the apostolic library in the vatican is the
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conceptual study, the blueprint for the masterpiece, encompassing all $100.00 counties. it lays the foundation for the artists unusual approach we look at, but i would think that his son, if i don't think it's interesting to compare body charlie's drawings with what is essentially a contemporary codecs, produced between 14801495. and again, we had a port book here, we have the traditional relationships between image and text, a full scenario to face. the image is directly related to the text me, and it depends only one moment i will swallow. mean, though english has are selection from an important episode of the canto live with body jelly. we have a completely different vision. we'll get them in 30 minutes. instead of depicting a single moment, he follow plaza and steadily and over time will cheat, glory, to ha, all kentucky moon was in the circle of hell. for example, you can see dante and virgil up at the top,
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or distinguished from one another by the color of their rows, similar to the sequel they enter. and then you see how they walk through all 9 circles. you the image shows the whole process. imagine again, quote the model. this is the enormous difference between body charlie psycho and the traditional manuscripts of the time. though i will, mosquito that'd soon. mm. but, but it jelly goes a step further. he needs more space for his drawings and comes up with something new. in addition to telling an ongoing story in a single sheet, but a tele also devices special arrangement of his images along with dante's text. he decides to have each of the $100.00 can toes written on the back of the parchment upside down bound. each image would then appear at the top of the page with the corresponding can say, printed below. thus, it becomes clear. this must be a book with the map of hell as cover image,
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assign length. the likelihood is if you have $102.00 sheets of parchment that need to be in a certain i fixed order in for that it will be bowed. escalate. anything else would actually be a logical of outward and us, as of english, english. in addition to butter jellies, drawings, the binding itself is treasure. this work of art is kept in berlin. the binding is extremely significant to understanding the history of the dante cycle. because it helps trace the path taken by but a chillies work where it travelled, whose hands it passed through. international exhibitions like this one at london's hotel gallery bring, but italy's dante cycle to light read from the covers of books. these drawings never failed to surprise them. he was the unexpected power, full of botany. ah,
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the viewers are absolutely fascinated by don't bother chillies drawings. one of the things that um, i've noticed over and over again is that they, they go up to them and they look very, very closely their drawings let because they're so delicate and so incredibly detailed. but of chelly on the had a very, very deep and strong understanding of, of dante and his drawings. absolutely. barrett the south. he them, he captured the darkness and the horrors of the inferno, just as well as he did, seeing them divine beauty of paradise. mm. when most people think about a child, i think i think of goddesses, i think of angels, i think of this some rather sweet, elegant melancholy beauty. this is a totally on known slide about chelly to most people. ah, this is the, the last counter in the inferno where dante,
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a virtual reached the center or the center of the earth, the bottom of hell, and they encounter lucifer himself. and he detected lucifer, very unusually on a double page, as a full figure from dog depicted from head to foot. and he's done this so that he can actually show the action the central action of the i'm the, the final counter which is on actually dante and virtual escaping from hell. and they have to do so by climbing all the way down his body. ah, the climb down his body hanging on to his on the shaggy coat. then when the reaches fling, they turn. what looks to us upside down, but they're actually turning upright and they're climbing up toward the surface of the earth in the opposite direction. and you actually, i'm heading up toward the surface here. um and of course though, the counter ends with the, the, the very famous line. so we came forth and beheld once again the stars. we have to
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think ourselves back into the mindset of someone from the 15th century and someone on the 15th century. i'd be willing to that would have on this opposite with her along the inferno is profoundly disturbing. but, but a tele brings an equally imaginative and some full vision to what comes next. from the inferno he leads us on parchment through purgatory to paradise except for a few sheets with color. these are mostly just mine drawings often executed in great detail. they are always full of passion. the challenge grows increasingly difficult for the artist. the closer he gets to paradise. all these parchments would drop by hand and they are artistically highly complex. how long did it take him? ah, the world of drawing looks completely different to day. modern technical
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possibilities have transformed the way artists walk. digital tools enable new creative freedoms, making it easier for artists to respond quickly and flexibly to time pressure and new creative demands with you will, inc, on virtual natural materials, can be used to create images in the style of other epochs. ah, ideas approaches 2nd. so today changes a quick and easy to make. ah, the situation was dramatically different in but italy's time ah, most often bocelli used a metal stylus to press initial outlines and ideas into the parchment sheets. then
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he used a metal pen to make delicate bluish colored preliminary drawings, as he decided on his image. ah, pussy cheerly then finalized the drawings in ink. he used pure lines, applying great experience and skill a capacity for reflection and the ability to plan an image in his mind was enormously important because parchment was expensive, but actually couldn't just crumple it up and throw it away if he was dissatisfied. as a result, some drawings allow us to see the artist changing his mind. we have evidence that he, that he changed his mind about a composition i'm, for example, in the, in the 1st drawing from paradise. ah, he originally drew on the the figures of dante and beatrice,
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floating out from out of the on the earthly paradise into the 1st fear of heaven. i'm on one side of the sheet and then at some point he decided he actually one of them on the exact opposite of the sheet of the side of the shape. so he turns he turned the sheet a 180 degrees enter the men in ink. and so this was obviously in the finish wrong today, but you can still see of kind of ghost ghostly figures of dante and beatrice on below them. not all decisions were purely creative at various points in the cycle. it's clear that the undertaking presented button chaney with difficulties supporting drinking. we can assume that party chelly must have worked under pressure during some stages to under time pressure that publicly made corrections he raised. you can also see at some point, sir, kind of acceleration and execution music, what's your name? but the work did not go quickly, but actually labored over it for a very long time returning again and again for many years. a policy with you,
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i mean didn't zeeny the dates of the drawings cover a long period from approximately the year 1480 to the of 1495. there are scholars who believe the execution of the drawings took place largely in the 1490s at young northern others think it took place over and even longer period smoke is extending up until bought at charlie's death. in 15 danbrook the shady mitchell pushing the issue. we don't, we do have other than flat thumb, while the child may have worked on some of the drawings over a long period of time, a few of them. we can see that he used some 2 or 3 different colored inks, which suggest that he did part of the drawing, went away and thought about it came back and another part of it. there are some artist and that the war girl at a painting her for a long time. and we, we can think about the don't add to the v g. he will be that the for 20th or the
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same, not paid. and then perhaps, or probably he had the more important commission and so he, he stopping ghost abrego and so for a long time he didn't finish his work. it'll show annoying for mitchell. there are 2 very interesting aspects level than the school fast his work on dante took a very long time, crystal pro, 2nd, this delay caused problems the body jelly. what he showed me the evolution and diversity in florentine arts, including that of the renaissance, a best catalogued in the u. fitzy gallery in florence. to day, we might think, but a chelly towered over everything the most powerful artist of his time. well, actually at his time, and that is very important, but charlie was not such a special artist. he was really one important artist among a dozen others. and you can see that from the sistine chapel from the frescos in
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the lower part of the sistine chapel were water. charlie got one, but then others gallon diode his workshop or other section. so he wasn't even the premis and her power as he was really a one artist among or perhaps a dozen great artists office time. both the chiles star began to fade. his name fell into oblivion and with it, his aunt and his vision disappeared from view for hundreds of years. ah, another world, another time in the scottish lowlands. unbelievable though it may sound, it was here that after centuries of oblivion, most of but italy's drawings of the divine comedy reappeared. ah, lennox love is the seat of the duke of hamilton, a lovely large castle. but the former seat of hamilton was vastly nadia. a real
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palace long since destroyed to day, it exists only in photographs along with its imposing size. the legendary hamilton palace was also a kind of treasure chest for art. it was the 10th duke of hamilton, who was fascinated with extraordinary works of art, who amassed this treasure. the temps, kirk of hamilton, was a very shy man. he was very proud man. he was very proud of the fact that he was duke of hamilton and brandon, he was the premier peer of scotland as he wanted people to really appreciate that he was a very, very, very important individual. and he put together a power house and a treasure house which reflect the importance of himself and his family. and it is an actual fact a demonstration of his status that you quin tasif his way to leave a lasting impression on his visits. his so you came in to was very,
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very fine room. we'll see. and bookcases right around the walls, glaze bookcases and, and then you would have perhaps opened or he would have opened one of the glazed bookcases for you. and you would have had a $150.00 titles to choose and he could have just brought out the great missile of caudle, julia domenici already could have brought out the bottle illustrations. he would have had a wealth of white glove option stung. it was truly embarrassment to purchase the duke of hamilton capt. but to charlie's drawings in this binding and captivated view, is that the artists vision, wow, when the codecs under his collection and was and seen by the many guests invited to um, to view his library. it really was a revelation to people bother chilly of himself and his art had. john had fallen out of favor long since, so he was really being rediscovered. and indeed through the medium of these
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wonderful drawings here in scotland, centuries later. but italy's drawings could once again be viewed. where did they come from? how did they we surface the reason that the duke is acquiring the water chelly of drawings, his but he has been out of italy from 179-122-1802. acquiring manuscripts, lots and lots a manuscript. he comes back to to britain. and he is introduced to the leading london bookseller. james edwards, who becomes his mentor, and supplier, and edwards is out in paris and in april of 18 o free. and then when edwards is back, he writes a letter to be attend school saying, but he's just returned from paris where he has spied our manuscripts. i'm at melindez claudio molina. he is the 1st person to him, but he chillies drawing can be traced. a handwritten note by marleni and the cover
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of the most important clues to the question of where they had been all those years . death in franklin and stan this states to france at the end of the 18th century and 5th and hold up i so roughly some time between the 1780 s and the early 70 ninety's austin. popular conclusion can be drawn from the papers up here and from the remains of the paper in the folder i, but this is fine, day replaces an older binding i'm found and we can't tell where the drawings were before. 5, no one for heaven optician langer, and perhaps they had been in france for some time. i thought perhaps not and finished was that basically we don't know where the drawings were from the time they levy butted shirley's possession until molina collected and lifted them here in this binding. i'll flip that said the question of who 1st recognized the astonishing, artistic value of the body jelly codecs remains unknown. by the late 18th century,
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at least we know that but charley had largely fallen from view. but 350 years after his death, the time had come. but italy was celebrated once again in 12 duke disposes of his collection because he was short of cash. so he was embarrassed by the mid 19th century, the name but italy resonated once again. 8 times, but after mid january, $1882.00, the time was carried a brief notice that the duke of hamilton was planning to sell his manuscript collection at auction, which probably in the fall or this manuscript collection was said to contain particularly exquisite pieces including a volume of drawings possibly by the hand of sandra, but to italy, of the divine comedy, the director of the berlin co flushed ish cabinet. littlest lipman was immediately interested. his passionate desire was to acquire these drawings by buddy chelly, for the berlin coat, flushed ish cabinet. the sun and the 2,
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except on the 26th of october kitchenaid, $80000.00 pounds comes in from the prussian government. the original auction castillo is converted into a protocol for the handover. the duke of hamilton's astonishing collection of art treasures passes into berlin's ownership. in late october 18, 82, the hamilton collection is packed into 18 zinc boxes and sent from the english coast to berlin in full separate ships. ah, it was a new journey into the unknown for butter chilies, dante sancho, ah, only $85.00 drawings reached berlin. an additional 7 was separated from the main body of work. what a striking is that 3 of those a colored one is the map,
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adel inferno, perhaps due to their religious appeal, the 7 drawings found their way to the vatican in rome. but here of all places, they remained undiscovered for a long time, so long me milt, ashamed to look down the sea. it was not until 1887 long after the english manuscripts had been transferred to berlin, laughing that the art historian yoseph struck office. kate was an austrian st and noticed that the 7 drawing thought to be from another representation of the divine comedy on me were actually part of the large collection stored in berlin. so luckily my good bad bad inclin wilmington bitterly. he the queen. it was an exceptionally fortunate moment, the visit when he realized that they were by bought italy's okay. and had been extracted from the codecs when will that be then called the ship? probably one of the most fascinating sheets in berlin. it's coloring makes it in
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credit li visit and alive. it looks magnificent and finished, but is it as of emphasis? we don't know if this street is finished because at least one figure is uncolored caught audio. it's here on the upper left over the hell. mine's to gary on there with my dad. he's described by dante, as the most colorful creature found in hell more colorful than woven oriental fabrics. and yet on this colored sheet, korean is the only creature who is not colored at all. in the map, a dylan fan, no buttered jelly, provides an indication of gary ins, appearance. but the challenge of depicting the most colorful creature in hell is a daunting one. the other figures are extremely imaginative and vivid. they scream, they fight, they talk. they appear to be moving just as dante does in
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words. but charlie brings the figures to life in his drawings with the use of light shadow and color. and i had seen not truly distribute that of course is where the difficulty arose in gary, how can go re on be made even more vivid, more colorful often by obviously our solution was found, which is why gillian is uncolored a nurse and go from rotten to spaghetti on which cornelia it's possible that some though the length of time but it took, i'm precluded finishing it and in the sense of fully coloring it. but it is, it is also possible that some, it was decided, but the on color drawings. some were beautiful enough in themselves to justify, simply am completing the cycle as a black and white of my drawings. she let me be, does anybody think on a drawing shall great variety more quickly? so there are some that are completely filled out and collared alcohol. others are
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just patches we because of that at the we can be sure that the walk was not completed get at will computer rescued from oblivion to day? people flock to see butter. charlie, how does he manage to still inspire people to day with aunt that is more than 500 years old? well, it's certainly part of the star system of art history that is better, much comparable with famous actors also let you have the superstars. nobody. charlie is a superstar in our perception, posey, teddy thrilled the masses with his unusual imagination, as well as with his portrayals of beauty and femininity. ah, his feminine, ideal and vision of beauty, was always inspired by his muse sim lynette of his booty. she was considered the most beautiful woman of the time, but in chiles. paintings of her, in turn,
10:56 am
were considered perfect, poor traits of her beauty. he fascinated countless artists with them, including leonardo da vinci ah, knew santi, the florentine neighbourhood where bought a charlie, spent much of his life here in the church, just a few meters from via de petula, elena blaze, his final resting place. ah, ah . father chelsea's work is is everywhere, so i don't think there is much chance of him being forgotten for of your associates
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. he was all between his dad and the 19th century. these 2 sal bocelli would have wanted it. people flocked to his city. they celebrate knife and love. they captured beauty. the beauty of the moment for eternity. a kind of paradise. sandra bought a chaney from the city of artists and genius. he immortalized beauty. he gave us his arms. ah . but a chillies original is returned to the temperature controlled chambers that the vatican until the day when we may be able to see it more completely and discover even more.
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