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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2021 11:15am-11:31am CET

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and in the end is a me, you are not a lot of to you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this reliance? i mean what's your story a. ready he wasn't, i was women, especially victims of financing, and i'm some take part and send us your story. we are trying always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not the guests. you want to become a citizen in phil migrants, your platform for reliable information. ah ah, what does 2020 to have in store for chinese trade?
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this year is seen rising tensions between beijing and the likes of the us, particularly over alleged human rights abuses in chin. jang will discuss how china is relationship with the world is changing as property prices in chinese cities or to become among the highest in the world. we meet some of the winners and losers, one year into correct. it has been the disaster that some people predicted. well, we'll take a look at the new relationship between the u. k. i live in the state of your business on reports in berlin. welcome to the program that the world's 2 biggest economies, but relations between the u. s. and china have been heading south throughout 2021 just recently. they're taking a further dive over claims of human rights abuses in the chinese region of shin jang, united states recently passed tough near legislation that puts the owners on businesses to prove their supply chains are free of forced labor. it accuses china of
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persecuting shin jags muslim minority wig, a population there, internment camps, forced labor programs, and intense surveillance, more than a 1000000 week, as i believed to have been detained. however, for firms trying to pull out of the region, things can get tricky. u. s. chip maker intel issued an apology last week after edging it supplies, to avoid sourcing goods from shin jang, the announcement to cause and up role in china. meanwhile, the upcoming winter olympics in beijing are putting pressure on businesses from another angle. western human rights groups have criticize the american firms that are sponsoring events. these include the likes of air b and b, coca cola and general electric. so let's discuss the challenges facing china on the international stage as we enter into 2022 with residents trying to watch it with a cane. and so that's how things are playing out. particularly machine jang, between the u. s. and china. but what about europe?
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and china, well, it's interesting, rob, i mean, a lot of things seem to be coming together right now. i mean, a lot of different factors that have been going on actually for years. i mean, we've known about a lot of these issues for a long time, and these companies have known about these issues for a long time. and when you think about how it works with a factory or with it, with a company like say, intel, you know, they've got 6, maybe 6 more. who knows how many levels of supply chain going on am. and clearly they have made preparations for the fact that this, this legislation is coming, coming in. and so now you have this in the u. s. and then now we're dealing with europe with companies like volkswagen continent, how siemens, all of them have recently come out with state. they've come out with statements saying that it's not about the supply chain. they're, they're trying to sort of keep out of the issue. so it's, it's, it's clearly going to be a major factor for european companies. so pressure from european companies and u. s. companies, it's china starting to look else where it's focused on trade. well, a lot of this,
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i think china still really wants the technology that european companies can offer, particularly on the, on the industry side. i'm on the u. s. side is much more of the tech side. you know, there's another, there's another debate we could have about how you're being companies. i haven't just are not at the races when it comes to tech. but, and yeah, i think, i think there they still need this tech. so and they also, but another thing we should keep in mind is that they have rules as well. that companies in china cannot use the m there. they're not allowed to take goods from companies or follow sanctions. so it's, it's a really, it's a really problematic issue. it's kind of a double bind for european companies. we've been saying, i mean, people love china. alice have been saying this for years that this is coming. you know, that eventually you're going to have to make a decision about this and am. and it seems that they haven't really done the due diligence. so this decision might come during the course of 2022 by mid. how if you can get your crystal ball out and predict this for is how is china's relationship
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with the world going to change over the next 12 months? well, this is, you know, obviously i look at my crystal ball and there's no sign that china has any interest in backing down on this. you know, i mean european companies saying we need dialogue with china, but i'm dialogue with china. why we're trying to be interested in dialogue. it's got all the money. you know, it doesn't need us. you know, and a lot of european companies, particularly in time of pandemic, are very reliant on goods on imports from china. and they needed for the supply chain countries like vietnam and indonesia, where they hoped to maybe off shore to move their supply chain there. you know, they just don't have the infrastructure. so it's a real problem. so i think china is going to, there's no reason for china to say in any way that it needs to, to stop doing, you know, to, to change its position. so i think we're going to have some real, it's going to be a political and economic row. so it's, it's basically the situation that china's relationship with the rest of the world
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is kind of whatever china wants it to be. it is, and i think that's, that's basically, i don't know how people have kind of realize that this is happening. you know, in a way that, that's what we're seeing now that china is just saying you can say what you want about change young, but we don't consider in general problem and it's up to you to deal with it. so i think the pressure is going to come back politically, it's going to be a political story and i think that's, that's where we're going to be this year. ok if it can. and thanks for keeping an eye on it for us during 2021 and i'm sure you'll continue to join 2022 as well. mustang with china and chinese city like hong kong, shanghai, and shun. jen have some of the most expensive real estate markets in the world. with residential price is sometimes dozens of times high than the average household income. and rising fading is fighting. and expanding property bubble above beijing's glittering facades shine proud symbols of the chinese economic miracle.
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the people who clean them though, live in the basements of those buildings, people like one cham wrong. she is a so called a i, one of 1500000 housekeepers in the capital. i've been living here for 7 years. boone one cham wrong lives in a small storage room. it's green and dry and above all, it has a bit of daylight. above her is the 1st class apartment complex. renting in apartment fair costs around $2500.00 euros a month. one chung wrong could never afford that. she works 10 hours a day and earns only $670.00 euros a month. oh no matter how much you wish for something, it won't make it come true, william. well hi sam coldly. as long as i can earn a living and put a little money aside, i'm happy so high. she was those with enough money on the other hand are greeted at
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the front door by the sound of violins. tongue. rito is a real estate agent and shows us a 325 square meter luxury apartment, which goes for $5000.00 euros a month. the 6 room still need an occupant but remain empty for now. call her and making my easier people prefer to buy single room apartments which are located on the outskirts of the city that was on fire. ha, ha, ha ha. the credit conditions aren't favorable at the moment. her. that's why a lot of people can't afford big apartments. like this remembered shya, the apartment looks like a museum covering dust. the corona virus crisis hammered the real estate market to the point of collapse. pung, rusito has been looking for occupants for months now. in august we still sold more than 10000 apartments, but in september it was only 4000. real estate sales are vital to china's economy and account for around 25 percent of the country's g d p. but the housing
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market has been derailed and it's causing real estate companies to go deep into debt. now the chinese government is starting to step in and take control of the sector next, it's now a year since breck sits, took full effect and the u. k. left the ease cinco market and customers union that came with predictions of disaster for the british economy. but 12 months later. how has the country coped in december last year as britain ready to itself for a hard, greg, that prime minister boris johnson addressed parliament in his typically confidence dial. absolutely no doubt that from january the 1st this country is going to prosper, missouri miss yet. but the reality is, the country's woes began almost immediately. britain's chemicals, electrical equipment, machinery, metals, minerals, and textile sectors became hopelessly entangled in the trade deals,
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so called rules of origin. any goods arriving in britain and from abroad, and then exported into the e. u. incur accustomed levy and britain supply chains rely on a vast number of parts source from outside the european union. thousands of trucks trying to exit the u. k. were tied up in the red tape. there is no good in this situation as it is for me. and too much you piper walks too much way words all the time is white and this is not not good. then in september the u. k. 's petrol palms ran dry fuel deliveries from the e. u stalled. in a shortfall of european drivers who had left britain contributed to the perfect storm, the results, national shortages of foodstuffs and other retail products. independent economists expect the u. k. gross domestic product to drop by 4 percent as a result of regs in the coming years. exports have already fallen, whereas
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e u country to actually expanded their exports to the rest of the world. the u. k. has not, we've been performing very badly. so in that sense, at least so far at least break it has, has clearly failed to deliver. so far, the british government has not been able to deliver. it's brags that promise. that's why some whole show, 60 percent of britons believe brags it has done more harm than good. well, let's get more on this from our reporter daniel went to hi daniel, the u. k, they're just saying, let's face a lot of challenges over the last 12 months. but how does that compare with the older predictions? well, rog, as you probably remember, boris johnson promised sunlit uplands when it came to break it. but now it seems that britain is facing more of a winter of discontent. now i tried to find what the positives were, the upsides, and we're in this whole post breaks it era, but it seems, there are some, you know,
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some of the most dire predictions didn't come true. the pound took a bit of a beating at 1st, but then recovered afterwards. and the city of london is not currently a shadow of its former self and all of the issues that britain has faced a milli teething problems. the prime minister would say, however, it's not possible to escape the reality that britain is not yet, and has no visible prospects of becoming a singapore on the eastern atlantic, which was partly the vision. i mean, we've seen that and imports and exports have been a huge headache for our businesses dealing with britain or from britain with imports and exports dropping about 16 percent. and it's even worse for services though with the u. k. trade policy observatory saying that imports and exports of services to the you have dropped 37 percent. so one saving grace for johnson is that covered has obscured the full impact of on bricks. it but, and it seems that britain's hadn't got what they were promised yet. okay, can your winter? thank you very much. and
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of are you stocking up for the new year by any chance there may be many things already on your shopping lists, drinks snacks, party decorations, maybe. but how about a bit of luck to go with it too. in mexico city, people are getting ready for 2022 with some help from local shamans buroso. picking up a few lucky charms to the shoppers, say it's critical to get rid of all the negative energy in time to the new year. and after a tumultuous, 2021 for a lot of people, it can blame. so for me, in the business team here in berlin until next time i kept a small, lax, can inspire big changes, meet the people making visible on it,
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go africa, joined them as they set out to save the environment, learned from one another and worked together for a better future ah, many thoughts do you all for choosing it to africa. next on d w. we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. ah romantic corner. check hot spot for food, me. check and some great cultural memorials to boot d w, travel off we go. mm hm. mm hm. oh, i think
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