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relation rowing and young people clearly have the solution. the future belongs to the 77 percent now, every weekend and d w ah, ah ah, this is d, w. news live from berlin. people around the world bring in the new year, hong kong puts on a spectacular fireworks display at victoria harbor. but festivities in many places a bank scaled back this year and made it rising cove is 19 cases. also coming up.
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germany is new, chancellor gives his 1st new year's address left shots urges the public to stand together and get vaccinated or so fast moving wildfires in colorado destroy hundreds of harms. tens of thousands of forced to evacuate will go to colorado for the lead details. and we look back at some of the top cultural stories of 2021, from amazing come back making their 1st album in for decades to the long awaited latest mission. james bond, no time to die as daniel craig's last stint as aged double. 07. ah. america me how to our viewers on p b. s in the united states and all around the world. welcome people around wells are
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marking the start of a new year with celebrations to ring in 2020 to thailand's capital bangkok lit up the skies with fireworks made from traditional ty, sticky rice, hong kong welcomed in the new year with a fireworks display at victoria harbor. accompanied by music from the cities philharmonic orchestra old earlier oakland in new zealand opted for light show projected under city landmarks. well, across the tasman in australia. spectacular fireworks lit up the sky of sydney harbour bridge celebrations. they went ahead this year despite soaring corona virus numbers or germany as gearing up for celebrations too. and they, w correspondent, m a. chas is at berlin's brandenburg gate force him up. i can say a little of what it's like, but i guess this year is not going to be quite the usual celebrations. exactly. anthony and for the 2nd year in a row here in front of their behind on the guitar,
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which you might see here behind me. so, you know, it's so fast, steve, you can hear the music as a concept going on to con said that he's being broadcasted here in germany, but you can also see that it's empty. people are not here. people have been asked to stay home dis avenue. he has been cordoned off. so this is really a reminder about this stage in which the countries at the moment, because of their pandemic, there is a party. yes, we are going to have a decent party, had the plan and we'll get gates, but we have no public, no audience, but people watching it from their television. unfortunately, emma were saying good bye. and perhaps good riddance to 2021. what's in store in germany? for 2022. well it's a, it's been a very, very eventful chinese 21. first. there was a huge political turnover with a chancellor angle america who after 16 years in power,
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passed on these power to all our shots, a massive change for germany, and no time for the new government for the new chancellor. all our show to implement the measures he had promised a doing his campaign at gemini. we also become but we also lead to g 7 group, the 7 big economies in the world, a g 7. this will be a huge thing for germany next year. and of course, the biggest challenge for the country will, 1st and foremost, to go to, will be to go to the said new wave of infections. covey, 900 infections due to the army. current variance here in germany, officials are bracing themselves for sorry numbers come january. first milestone has been reached by the government of all our shows. when he promised the end of november, the 13 1000000 jobs would be administered by the end of this year. he succeeded to
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govern and succeeded, but officials so feared that meets the sorry number of infections. well also, help us to know could be affected. meaning that less people would be available to, to work in hospitals or in public services. so really, germany bracing themselves, bracing itself to face this new wave of infection. but hopefully this won't last the entire year, but a tough went ahead. i'm afraid. yeah, fingers crossed and michelle's stay warm. stay dry and enjoy festivities of the brand of the guys. thank you. when the new german chancellor has given his 1st new year's address to the nation or love, sholtes urged all germans to stand together in the fight against coven 19, and to get vaccinated beside tackling the pandemic. the german later said the biggest challenge for the upcoming year was to lay the foundations for germany's future development. i think one small change is that today i am the one speaking to
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you on new year's eve as your federal chancellor. things are different this year. after 16 years of new year's addresses by angle america, germany's new head of government roasted a task for the 1st time. chancellor shall send out the challenges faced by the country in 2021. acknowledging the hardships that have been endued, such as d. summers flirts in western germany and facing the resilience. people have shown, especially doing the pandemic. one to the glazed day, some people complained that our society is divided. i'd like to take this opportunity to make it very clear that in fact the opposite is true. our country is standing together by what i see everywhere as tremendous, solidarity and incredible spurts of helping others. and people coming together and mutual support. in order to cab copied 19 infections of shots appeared once again to people to get vaccinated. there isn't that the we know that those who are not
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yet vaccinated are at particular risk of becoming infected and suffering from long and severe illness. for this reason, i would like to urge you once more to get vaccinated for the new government. fascination efforts have already hit their 1st milestone with $13000000.00 vaccines administered since the end of november. and further, 13000000 doses planned by the end of january allow shield so, so took the opportunity to emphasize coalitions goes on climates in the stomach, within 25 years. we want germany to become climate neutral. to achieve this, we will move forward with the greatest transformation our economy is seen in more than a century. in this period we will achieve independence from coal, oil and gas. and he reminded listeners of one of his social democratic party's key election. thomas's and pay is also a matter of respect. that's why in 2022 will be taking a major step in increasing the legal minimum wage to 12 years per hour, shall say,
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5 new years address. so his optimism, it was a declaration of good faith, but he also called on people who played a part in forming the future 15. i'm the grid, the beginning of the new decade, a new era as dawning, lawyer and era that will be successful if we actively shape it, because we can make a difference if we remain determined and take our fight into our own hands. that the name and you can what's the full address from the german chancellor on our youtube channel. and of course, on our website, we found it d, w dot com or at let's get you up to speed. now some of the other stories making news around the world today. chinese president teaching ping has delivered his traditional new year's address or in it. he said we're unification with taiwan. was a goal for people both on the island and the mainland. tension between begging and tie have been growing with china stepping up military activity near the taiwan strait. for people who are missing in northern belgium, after
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a powerful gas explosion. blast in the town of turn out and destroyed part of a residential building there. one person is recovering from the injuries in hospital or francis recorded over 230000 ne karone of ours cases on new year's 8th. it's the 4th consecutive day. the country has broken the european record for infections in his new year's address, french president, a man mama call warned that difficult wakes that lie ahead and he urged people to comply with the government's measures to curb the spread of cove. it 19 employers had been ordered to let staff work from home and wearing a mask out doors in paris is again, compulsory. we'll help experts in the us of warning of what they call an army kron blizzard. they've told americans to prepare for severe disruptions in the coming weeks. the rising wave of coven 19 laid by the on
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a cron variant is threatening to overwhelm hospitals, schools and other key infrastructure. record numbers of children have been hospitalized, and authorities are preparing to authorize booster shots for 12 to 15 year olds next week of more on this on joint by side owner, who's the director of the yale institute for global health in new haven. professor, thanks for talking to us and american epidemiologist as warning of a viral blizzard in the us in the coming weeks. do you say that way? yes, it's more like a flash flood that we are expecting in the sense that it is likely to have a we are likely to have a further increase in the number of cases, but hopefully based on the pattern from other countries, this deluge will be short lived in the sense that it will not last 4 months. and the question is whether and where it overwhelmed the health system of that is
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a very concerning situation. but my estimate is that it will be reasonably diverse in terms of where it's an argument over the health system. we talk endlessly and understandably about the problems associated with the pandemic. the spread of the bars, the dangers. but what about a solution? what can be done to stop coded ruining another year? i think that's a really good question. so just to remind everyone, this is not december 2020 we are. we have tools at our disposal around the world. we have highly effective vaccines, especially against severe disease. we have a pretty substantial supply of high quality mass. we have understood more about the modes of transmission of the virus and we know that a good ventilation and good filtration helps. so it is the deployment of those tools that will ensure
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a sustainable control of this virus in the coming months and years. a talk about that, the tools, i guess we want to talk more about how we're using them. now you've been an advocate of global vaccine equity. it seems now that the wealthy countries are pushing their populations to get a 3rd shot, while many people in poor countries are still waiting for their fist winning stand on this. now, as you alluded to that i have been talking about vaccine equity even before the vaccine was available because, you know, some of us have worked in global health for a while. but here's the thing. my perspective is that doesn't have to be a 0 sum game. my perspective is that, of course, if you have a population that is vulnerable, do whatever you need to do a to protect them. however, the problem is not that wonderful people in certain countries are getting a 3rd dose based on the data. the problem is that we haven't increased the size of the pie. we haven't increased the,
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the actual deliveries against the announcements that have been made for, for donations. for example, the theme europe, which is you've lost a couple of countries, had announced half a 1000000 doses up in various stages. and only a quarter of them approximately have actually been delivered. so press release is don't save lives, actual vaccine saved lives. so the idea is not to say that, you know, you don't follow evidence at home. the idea is to increase the size of the pie through actual delivered vaccines through technology transfer and so on and so forth. deliveries to match the promises and just on another matter, it's just about 2 years since china reported that 1st cluster of cases in whoo, hon. what do you see in the here head? well, i see that we are not helpless bystanders. but to say that we have a lot of power to change the course of the, of the pandemic. but that would require leadership,
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but it will also require the recognition from the population upon the populations. because, you know, we are a heterogeneous world that we can either muddle through this for you. yours to come, or we can bite the bullet and control this pandemic aggressively through the tools that are available and then get on with our lives. and so i think of deployment of tools doesn't only benefit does in terms of public health, but it also benefits us in terms of getting back to the normal, increasingly wonderful to get your insights. profess assad, oma from the al institute for global health in new haven. connecticut, thanks so much. my pleasure was staying in the us and fast moving. wildfires have torn through mainly rural areas near denver, colorado destroying at least 500 homes. tens of thousands have been forced to flee, they properties authority site. these are the worst far as the state has ever seen
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. that there are no known debts which local officials have described as miraculous . i say the white house has now declared defies a major disaster. spring in great hansen and made religious with the national weather service. in boulder, colorado. greg, welcome. tell us more about the situation if you will, in colorado right now. thanks for having me on. the fire is actually settled down overnight and this morning. the strong winds that drove the fire yesterday so rapidly have subsided yesterday evening. and we are getting snow on the fire to day so that it is really helping the, the fire fighting efforts. brig, highly unusual to say the least. what are the factors that have led to this situation? of 33 factors. i guess the 1st is the very strong winds that we had yesterday. those are not uncommon in the area we live. we're right on the edge of the rocky
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mountains in the foothills. and we do get these mountain enhanced wave cloud wave. wind events where we can reach 8200 miles an hour. but that was combined with very dry conditions. we've got the, the record, dr. conditions, us and the period from july 1 through now on record in denver. so very dry conditions. we've been in a severe drought category for the past month. so very dry conditions the fuels were dry and then it sounds like a power line is what sparked the spark to fire. so the strong wind blew the power lines that created the spark that started the fire, erased across the grasslands and open space west of the city. and then into those suburbs of denver. the great fires one day and snowed the next. can you in your time? remember, anything like this? it's a little more uncommon now for sure, but colorado does have
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a very variable climate. we can be very warm one day and very cold the next. but overall we are seeing fires when they're not usually happen when they haven't happened historically used to be our fire season was the summer time. the warm season fires were more limited to the mountains with some brass fires on the plains . but now we're seeing that fire sees and get extended longer, longer. very good. it's the hot button topic. we have to walk to the people of colorado. see these fires, do they associate the result of these fires and climate change? we are seeing a water of people acknowledging that you know, the fire, that's itself, it's hard to cause that a climate change event. but the background, the prolong drought, we've been in the more frequent droughts that we see here in the high country. definitely our our, our climate change a part of that. okay. greg hanson,
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a meteorologist with the national weather service service rather in boulder. colorado, thanks so much for your time. thanks for having me. on the us led coalition has ended its mission against the so called islamic state in iraq. the government in baghdad says there are no foreign combat troops on its soil. u. s. forces went back into iraq, 7 years ago to halt the rise of terror groups. an international operation pushed back the extremists, but many of the remaining 2 and a half 1000 us personnel have stayed on in iraq as instructors and advises. mission accomplished, claimed president george w bush in may 2003. but it wasn't far from pulling out of iraq after the overthrow of saddam hussein the u. s. army stayed on for years, islam, and for great was an act of illegal aggression which de stabilized a rock and caused terrible suffering for the civilian population. i would describe
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the impact of the last 2 decades as catastrophic the lance lance, wednesday, yon carrasco find was muslim. the u. s. never managed to put a democratic framework in place as terrorism and violent crime convulsed to rock. u . s. troops pulled out in 2011, only to return 3 years later as the so called islamic state threatened to take over . washington, lead and international coalition, and declared i. s. defeated in 2017. now, american combat troops and leaving again most to rockies, a glad to see them go and keep plaza having. of course, i want the americans out, we need to be independent. we can't have foreigners occupying our great country do then. and what the, the occupiers must leave iraq, they've honda. so i'm
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a shock in the u. s. withdrawal could provide iran with an opening and embolden i. s. so washington is replacing combat troops with military advisors. many believe the american presence in iraq will barely change. oh, as we approach the end of the year, let's take a look back now. at one of our more one of our more remarkable stories of 2021. it came from france where authorities published a devastating report on sexual abuse in the catholic church. that report revealed that some 216000 children had been sexually abused by members of the clergy in france since the 1950s. they doubly as lisa lewis spoke to one victim who says he doesn't have faith in the church to make the necessary changes as a small boy most wonderful used to be full of joy until the age of 10. when he was sexually molested by
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a local priest suppressor. so m o e liz, i completely failed at school. i fell out with my parents. hello o h. a 14, i tried to commit suicide and i was expelled from schools. i went to blush, came health shield to day to when something like this happens to you at the age of 10 bought. it destroys, you can afford ease of it for ship it with all your life. you'll go from trauma trauma. that is, any relation we difficult was if you deal with your friends or family or partner for me. 6 shell do cooper. his parents immediately took him out of the local church, but not until 2015 did deval decide to take the priest to court. he filed a joint suit with several others of the pre throttling 70 victims. they also press charges against his superior, a cardinal sin, and even duke it up with
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a daughter from sexual predators exist everywhere. who do a situation. but the difference is that the church knew about the priest preferences that had him oversee children's group for decades or less. they were covering things up for not saying this is they tried to prevent the truth and coming to light at all cost size. shamikan cody only shows complicated the judge has found the priest guilty but decided the cardinal was not responsible for denouncing him. the case nevertheless, triggered such a backlash that an independent panel was asked to investigate child abuse at francis catholic church. church authorities have now promised to make amends in the light of the panels. devastating report released early october. she kept the promising artificial, defrauded boston weren't expecting such dreadful results. i couldn't the tuners. 16000 miners had been abused by clerics, but as that's reality, we'll have to face it up and take action to implement what's being asked of us deluxe. you are pug, receiver for metal, no frequency. demonte suggested reforms include watering down the celibacy vows and
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waving confession of privilege in certain cases. but deval doesn't trust the church to implement the necessary changes by itself. we next from could achieve over the horace this. we will launch a civil class action against french bishops to increase the pressure and hold them accountable for not preventing these things from happening. clayton, sissy such proceeding will certainly encourage other victims abroad to follow sears credit, said she no longer. eventually, we can all join forces in focus and find a way to hold the vatican accountable. i like his shoulder co, more method cause law his possibly to you it's, he go. he knows that this fight is likely to take decades. but duvall, who never believed in god, feels the catholic church has remained unchallenged for too long and is determined to make this global institution finally accept responsibility for its clergy
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actions to the word of show business. now american comedy actress betty white has died at the age of $99.00. her television career spanned 60 years that she was best known for her emmy award winning roles in the tv sit, come the golden girls where she played the loopy but lovable rose and the man crazy tv hostess on the mary tyler moore show. she remained in the public eye until her death. she passed by less than 3 weeks before her 134. despite this being the 2nd year of carnivorous restrictions, it was nevertheless, a busy year for the arts. let's have a look back now at some of the cultural highlights of 2021. ah, habits sounds like they never went away. the years, most spectacular come back. maybe the come back of the decade.
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ah, james bond took longer than ever before between missions. the pandemic pushed back the release date for the spy thriller. no time to die multiple times. you're late. nonetheless, it was one of the year's biggest grossing films marking daniel craigs last outing as double 07. ah. the year also saw spectacular museum openings the luma in the french city of out a seamless plan of art and architecture in rotterdam. the new depot of the boy man's front ferdinand is the world's 1st public exhibition warehouse was lowe's. new monkey museum is the biggest devoted to a single artist,
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had vowed mom. a version of the scream is on display the artists best known work. this artwork doesn't need a museum for the 1st time christies auctioned a digital piece. the collage of 5000 individual images was created by american artist and computer scientist. people it fetched a record, some of around $60000000.00 urine, a crate or to do animal motor. the hit south korean series. squid game made waves around the world. i, south korean films and series have had more and more success internationally. as had the boy bands b t. s with their music. ah . perhaps the best gift of the year was the gift of freedom for pop star britney
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spears. after her fans kept up the pressure and with a hash tag free brittany, her conservatorship was saw. her father control her fortune, and her life was ended in port you're watching the w news, his or amanda of the top story. we're following for you this. our people around the world began bringing in the new year, hong kong put on fireworks display at victoria hava. but many festivities in many places are being scaled back this year, amid a shop rise in covey 19 casts. and that's all the news for now. don't forget, you can stay up to date on our website to be found a d, w dot com on social media. the handle name is at d. w. news. i'm anthony. how'd in berlin? thanks for your company and have a happy need. ah
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ah, with ah ah oh ah, he go india. oh, lyles bully shrug is becoming a super plans. hello to pay a startup company for
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d for to sell thread from flower fibers. and the left overweight is reuse is the culture of the plant offering the indian textile industry. it can go on dw, the show, the issues shaping the continents of dw news africa were gone with what's making the headlights and what's behind with the way on the streets. to give you enough reports on the insights all the try and stop my talk to you. in 60 minutes on d w. ah.
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