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tv   DW News - News - With the German Chancellors New Years Address  Deutsche Welle  January 1, 2022 8:00am-8:30am CET

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the w business beyond. here's a closer look at the project. our mission. to analyze the fight for market dominance. east this is wes. get a step ahead with the w business beyond on you to ah, ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. welcome to 2022. around the world concerts, light shows, and fireworks kick off the new year. and new york kicks things off with its annual
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ball drop on time square. and unlike previous the previous year, thousands of people joined in the fun around the world. many say they are hoping for a better state of affairs in the year head. also coming up fast moving wildfires and colorado destroy hundreds of homes. tens of thousands are forced to evacuate. no debts are reported which the governor of the us state calls miraculous. and germany's new chancellor gives his 1st new year's address. olaf schultz urges the public to stand together, get vaccinated. ah next, spicer, welcome to the program and happy new year. countries around the world began ringing in the new year with fireworks gatherings and celebrations. new york hell its annual ball drop, and this time time square full of confetti and good cheer. even though the pandemic
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has forced many places to scale back to parties, people are greeting 2022 in the hope that it might be the year when life returns. somewhat back to normal. ah, pandemic or nope, endemic the world is welcome. the new year in, in style. new zealand was one of the 1st it's traditional firework extravaganza was cancelled due to the pandemic. instead of illuminated auckland's landmarks with thousands of life in australia, sydney didn't hold back fireworks, weaved in the air to create wales and wool winds. some of the fireworks were let off early so that children could enjoy them to then it was over to india, where massive beach bodies took place and go potty, go. i said they wish core would would go away from the 1st of january. and
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in moscow, red square got a little dreadful, as fireworks exploded overhead. in germany, a light show illuminated bowlens famous brandenburg get the eiffel tower in paris. from the dawned and colors of the european union to symbolize france taking over the use presidency ah, london's traditional celebrations were cancelled as well, but there's no holding back baked fenced bogs. and along with the famous chimes of big ben 2021 was no more.
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andy de these correspondence around the world are looking ahead to the issues in this new year to give you chief political chorus on him. he can occur finishers, some insights into where germany will be placing its focus as 2022 gets under way. new chancellors usually get a 100 day grace period, but no such luck for all. i've saw it in 2022. the army chron, very in to will already determine success or failure. his very ability to govern climate policy will be another such test. all i've saw it's will have to prove his claim that he can transform dominey to a green economy and create wealth at the same time. all along salts will also need to prevent full lines within his governing coalition, from becoming all out cracks. he and his green foreign minister, and alina babcock, have already made very different statements on how understanding domini should be of russia or china, for instance. only if salts can afford
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a joint line in his coalition. can germany live up to those expectations within the european union and beyond? let's get you up to speed now and some of the other stories making news around the world. germany has shut down 3 of its 6 remaining nuclear power plant. on the last day of 2021. last 3 stations will be switched off one year from now. germany began facing out nuclear energy under angler merkel, after the reactor accident in fukushima. small crowds gathered to welcome the news . one person is confirmed dead and 3 others are missing after a powerful gas explosion in northern belgium. the blast and the town of tow note destroyed part of a residential building. one person is recovering from their injuries in hospital. south africa is prepared to say good bye to the last great hero of the struggle
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against apartheid. the funeral for archbishop desmond too, too, is due to get underweight later this morning. over the last week, south africa has seen an outpouring of grief for the man regarded as the country's moral compass. people have flocked to cave down to pay their last respects as his body lay in state at the cities cathedral. the nobel peace prize laurie it was a passionate advocate of equality and an international icon who helped bring down south africa system of racial segregation. died last sunday. at the age of with and residence in the american state of colorado are surveying the damage after a wildfire told through tore through several towns. it's believed the fast moving flames and golf, at least $500.00 homes. authorities say they're the worst fires the state has ever seen so far. there are no reported deaths,
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which local officials have described as miraculous panic in a busy story. colorado strong winds of finding fires throughout the state, pushing it through entire neighborhoods. people had rushed to that cause to get away as a fast moving wildfire closes in her case. guess i'm a little scared. this happened and i print at night for flames lit up the sky. come morning, they were gone, quelled by snowfall. colorado is given a, could it a new year's miracle he surveyed to the destruction from the air on the ground. he said he was shocked how fast the flames could 3 communities. and this was a disaster in fast motion all over the course of half
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a day, nearly all the damage, many families having minutes, minutes to get whatever they could, their, their pats, their kids into the car and leave. after leaving the day before the 1st residents are being allowed back, hundreds of homes, a smoldering throughout the state. some people have lost everything. i let my parents house gun authorities say any remaining fires will likely also burn out. for those who have nothing left though, start the new year be building from scratch to work with. and we had little technical glitch earlier, but are now able to return to that important story of the funeral of the nobel peace prize winner desmond to 2 in south africa. let's bring and d, w, correspond to so cool mallow, too. so i'm sure thousands,
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maybe tens of thousands would like to be there, but this is a funeral in a pandemic. so how is it going to unfold? is a difficult time in the day, only a 100 people going to be allowed just because spoke of it restrictions the, the rest of the people will watch it on television, their homes. it's raining here. so the public places where they're supposed to be viewing it. i also restricting the movement of people, but what to expect that to preston, sit on my post. i has just arrived here at glitches. we've seen them getting inside dead the cut through dark just behind me. and it's going to be a very short program. they said about 2 hours, that's going to start at 10 with songs and music and day after that person said i'm a poolside is going to lead to the eulogy or for the ashby shop. and after that, we expect that to add the coffin will be taken out of this. cut that down for a private commission ceremony after that is going to report issues would be brought
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back here for in tenement. okay. and we're showing our viewers right now live pictures of the casket and of people gathering for that funeral desmond to chew. of course, his name is synonymous with the end of apartheid, the fight against racial injustice. but for many his idea of restorative justice. i was equally important and it spread around the world. can you help us remember what that was all about? this is started to just after south africa gained independence in 1994. when nothing and de la appointed this $1.00 to $2.00 to be the chair of the truth and accomplish commission this commission. the main wake for this commission was to make sure that those who perpetrated the injustice this during a parted, are brought to account. they say, how many people they killed, we add those people, why they did it, and death. also those at the relatives of those people that were killed and those people that are affected by a potted will also approach to give their own account. the idea here was to make
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sure that to those wanted people give account and some of them went to prison, some families to court actions against them. and at the same time, the main purpose offer, i just want to do was to make sure that to the whites and blacks are able to live in peace to get back in after a party. and what are the signs to continue on that know that, that the younger generation is going to sort of take up the torch and carry on his message any, any indication and lot of young people that have been coming here, you know, for the past week it has been a week of wanting, a lot of young people were coming here also to sign that book of condolences to also drop their flowers them a lot of them that you spoke to them. they're saying this is a men that you'd like to perform. his example, they like to check for his legacy and they're saying they like the way he promoted piece they liked the way you fought against corruption and do it miss willing by the governing part to solve a lot of young people as of africa saying this is one men that to it when they get
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into leadership positions in the future that one difficult to follow because he was a man of peace and men of truth and a men who always wanted the poor at to gain from the south african economy. okay, once again we're looking at live pictures or we're just there at south africa saying good bye to a giant of the human rights struggle desmond to to did. he ba corresponded to sacramental. thanks so much. let's take a look now at some of the developments and attend demik. president emmanuel, my call of france has warned that his country face is a difficult few weeks ahead. as confirmed daily cases have sought to record levels in the country, fueled by the omicron variant. italy has also recorded a record number of new infections as it begins. 2022 new restrictions for people are unvaccinated, are due to go into force on january 20. the 10th and novak's has again delayed its request for authorization for his vaccine in the us. the company now says it will
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submit its application later this month. and now as we head into the new year, we look back at one of our most not or notable reports forgive me of 2021 to london were air pollution levels exceed world health organization limits. dw berg mass met a woman whose daughter died of a massive asthma attack. she fought through the courts to have air pollution as cause of death on her death certificate and now campaigns for cleaner air. if only the air were better in london, her daughter might still be alive. rosamond pissy, deborah's daughter, ella was just 7 when she suddenly developed acute asthma. my late daughter is ela roberta, and she had one of the worst cases of asthma ever recorded in this country. a was linked to air pollution, and through my research i found out the air pollution as much as i might feel it's affected. my daughter, it affects millions. well wides. ella suffered for 2 years before she died from an
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asthma attack. through her daughter's death, rosamond cassie deborah, became an activist. she was able to prove in court that ella's asthma was much worse on days with levels of pollution in the area. we're extremely high. 28 moms of her suffocating in her mucous, basically, she deserve to have that moment. i don't want our children in this country to go through or what my late daughter went through in lana, maximum pollution lever set by the world health organization. i exceeded almost everywhere. saint mary school is located in south west london, on one of the cities, dirtiest streets, parents of school children there have now taken the meta into their own hands. remember taking my son to school one day and got into the playground. the noise windows from the street was just deafening in the scars going by
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a $100000.00 cars every day we came across a story earlier is just horrendous and but each sort of confirmed our fears ab purifiers are now being installed in the classrooms. thanks to the parents are managed to raise almost 100000 pounds. and a green space has been created. children now play outside for longer. previously they were only allowed 15 minutes due to bad air. i think he's a good thing because it might actually stop the air pollution coming into this school. they smell nice. i. oh that they give us. oh. because our school is right now. so really busy road. so that helps us a lot. at st. mary's school. the parents are hoping these measures will save their children from the worst. but endless mother says something has to fundamentally change. laws are what really matter. and children's rights definitely might matter
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. and it is their rights to breathe cree there at. all goth may should make that, but i don't care how hard it is by the way. i really don't care how hard it is. they can achieve that. as long as there are children who are in danger from pollution. rosamond casey deborah will be keeping up the fight for the right to breathe. clean air. american comedy legend, betty white has died at the age of 99 or television career spend more than 70 years . she was best known for her emmy award winning rules in the t. v. sitcom golden girls where she played the loopy but lovable rule rose, and the man crazy tv hostess on the mary tyler moore show. she was a beloved public figure and remaining a spotlight until her death white would have been 100 in less than 3 weeks. your of course watching deed of you news, and here's a reminder, the top story we're following for you. new york,
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as welcome 2022 with its annual ball draw up on times square. and unlike last year, thousands of people joined in the celebrations despite scaled back activities, many taking part said they hoped, new year we'll see life return to watching d. w. news live from berlin. next up we've got the german chancellors. annual new year's address is the 1st for olaf. schultz. the hold the w news team here. wish you a happy healthy or 22? i'm nick spicer. thanks for watching. lou. even mit bertram with hard to get on yachts ended us i. ne of and norman sister bought a decline of her and long or to albany to e. as a bonus counsellor deny? yes, i'm on the the i books laws a bit on toughest points. roughly hugh bug and for the bonus you until 9 had who by the end of a few unthinkable as the sound good aside from pretty stack on the exertion
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who i am the super hero. my mission is clear. steegal and nicole,
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