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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CET

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the only criteria is what will people shed light on the opaque world who is behind the benefits and why are they a threat to whistle peak world starts january 5th on d, w ah ah, this is d, w. news live from berlin. first wildfire than heavy snow. parts of the american state of colorado are devastated by yearly opposing conditions. hundreds of people have been left homeless. search for the missing is under way. also coming up,
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friends takes the reins of the european union for the next 6 months. the government in paris is under pressure, as coven 19 cases, surge ahead of elections in the spring. ah, i'm nick spicer. welcome to the program. hundreds of people have been less homeless in the american state of colorado. after gale force winds, fueled wildfires that tore through to communities outside the city of boulder. the fires destroyed a 1000 homes but were put out in large part by heavy snowfall. at least 3 people are missing and feared dead. president joe biden has declared the area a disaster zone. it's a new twist in colorado is battle against the elements. just days ago, heat from raging wildfires was for problem for people here. now is for cold
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volunteers, handouts heaters to help those of our power keep warm while we thought 2022 might be better. c and then we had omar crime and now we have this and it's not starting out very well. we're just looking to get warm and get our water turned back on here . soon. the arrival of a snow extinguished for flames. saving hundreds of homes. it was cold and new year's miracle. now it's presenting new challenges. authorities shut off the water supply to stop pipes from freezing, leaving residents with nothing on top of this. the cold came too late to save nearly 1000 properties. residents are now returning to see if anything can be salvaged,
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store or food. we can go back something, but there's just so much lost. i was going to one, come back to this residence or no closer to knowing how this all started. authorities haven't ruled out arson as because of a most destructive blazes in colorado's history. as have a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. a major fire has broken out in the south african parliament building in cape town, firefighters were struggling to control the fire and the roof of the building. witnesses also reported cracks, appearing in the walls. there's still no indication of what may have started the blaze. south korea's military said an unidentified person has crossed the border into north korea. the army detected the person in the demilitarized zone,
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but soldiers could not find them. surveillance equipment show that the person had crossed into the north. the border between the 2 countries is heavily protected and patrolled. great. the european union wants to label some gas and nuclear projects as green investments. nuclear power plant investments could count as environmentally friendly if there are detailed plans for disposing of radioactive waste, safely. france has taken over the 6th month presidency, the european union at a difficult time for the government in paris. total corona virus cases have tops 10000000 in a country of fewer than 70000000. and there's political uncertainty ahead with national elections in the spring likely to see strong challenges to president emanuel michael a new year under new start. as monuments across paris will lit up in blue to mock president emmanuel mc chrome,
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taking over the rotating presidency of the council of the european union. many already see mac chrome as a natural successor to undulate mo of effective leader of europe. and all her basil dominique, so from midnight let franz will take over the presidency of the european union. and you can counter my total commitment to make this moment ma'am, which only occurs once every 13 years. a time in progress for you, full for the mission. micron is expected to run in the presidential elections this april, though, has yet to formally declare. but there is also strong support for you or skeptic. candidates including leader of the right wing national rally. marine the pen. she said, no patriot can accept the downgrading and dilution of the nation and criticize micron for swapping the trickle off for the flag under the auditorium. as france battles
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recalled, breaking cove 19 cases will microns you optimism cuts through a will his role as europe's at presumptive be brought to an early end. south africa has said farewell to the last great hero of the struggle against apartheid. the funeral of archbishop desmond tutu took place at cape town, saint george's cathedral, the church where for decades he railed against south africa's white minority regime ah, in death as in life, desmond teacher requested a simple ceremony with a cheap coffin and donations for charity. instead of floral attributes, karone of i restrictions meant only a 100 guests could attend, but millions watched from hiding his door to naomi that the family had been overwhelmed with messages of love and gratitude. for to tease life dead,
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he would say the love the world has shown, has wronged the cove of allah. ha! and he then he would say, i don't know what a police, but whatever it is, it has been warmed. our cockle. ah mo, the front of the cathedral was eliminated in the color of teaching ropes, his widow, leah, also dressed in purple. ah, the man, affectionately known as totter or sometimes simply the arch rest his life and his freedom to speak out against appetite. archbishop desmond tutu was without question, a crusader in this struggle for freedom, for justice, for equality and for peace. not only in south africa, the country of his birth,
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but on the world as well. his friends with sometimes a never ray and so did with didn't boys were always of voice course right up to old age to, to full for his vision of a rainbow nation in which all races in south africa couldn't live in harmony often . eco friendly. coronation. his ashes will be intent at the cathedral, ah, and now as we head into the new year, let's take a look at one of our more striking stories of 2021. lebanon's economy has been in free fall for much of the year, a collapsing, currency, and soaring inflation destroyed the value of wages, leaving millions facing financial ruin. even those charged with defending their country. d w. rebecca ridder saw firsthand what summoned the armed forces were
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doing to make ends meet captain hussein through and never thought he would come to this is a highly trained military pilot for more than a decade. he now spends part of his working day as a to a guide was we were facing an economical price a small or let on. i saw the army wanted to, to lessen the impact of this crisis on the liberty citizens, the army. and i was seeking to be a productive army. that means taking tourists on site seen joy rides. he normal times he'd be using this chopper to train the next generation of pilots. but now the armed forces, a trying to make some cash to you as a money guess what i needed from above the country is breathtaking. man on the ground
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life now is hot. we've hidden this soldier's identity because he feels reprisals for speaking up. lebanon's 2 year old economic crisis has heard people's incomes and every day lives. but for many soldiers, it's also a test of loyalty. i was just on a pub, what owner? i joined the army because i love my country and i wanted to secure my future. now i force myself to get out of bed and arrive at my workplace, all depressed, and my wife asks me, why are you so angry? that is all my teller. life is unbearable on the market, she'll be quality of as a beloved ha issue. before the crisis, george earned the equivalent of around $800.00 euros a month. but chronic hyperinflation means he now takes home less than a 10th of that. so he has to spend all his spare time moonlighting doing anything that will pay in order to still deliver it to where we are constantly looking for work. well, this is really i will collect garbage if i had deal just to survive with my family,
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out of the still. now he just wants out of the army, but the policy is no one can leave some a doing it any way across town. i mean, infantry soldier, ali, not his real name. who's on the run oliver lo and look on with the firm. i'm still not fully convinced of my decision either harlan anderson found in the beginning. i didn't want to leave bill robin mafia but it's been 2 years in this situation. marsha, near marshall in this tough situation, i don't have the capacity to survive any more fee benet ally in the and i have a family and this is a responsibility of what lou ali made several official applications to leave. but each time he was rejected. so he says he had no choice now fears for his life or muslim colors, living at home, all anxious at the sounds of cars. all mother in law law should have bar. will i go to check to make sure no police work aren't cars?
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are around to come catch me with what if they do, and i can go to jail along a lunch with what mistake have i done to deserve that? my mom were all of the default hums, just one of the many men and women in lebanon, who signed up to defend their country that now feel they're being left to fend for themselves. time for sports now and in the english premier league, liverpool coach juergen clop will miss his sods. class with chelsea after suspected positive corona virus. test. liverpool is saying that the german manager is isolating with mild symptoms club earlier confirmed that 3 players have tested positive and also miss the game. several coven! 19 out brakes have hit the english league in recent weeks. back here in germany and the bonus league of byron unit captain and manuel lawyer and 3 of his teammates have also tested positive the germany goalkeeper will sit out the start of training before the season kicks off. later this month, buyer and the bonus league champions say all their players and stuff will take p c
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r tests. and in russia, the new year marks the beginning of the holiday season with christmas coming a week later. and people have been celebrating without major corona virus restrictions, despite a surge in case numbers, there are plenty of public attractions to keep the mood positive, including spectacular, like installations around moscow. a 17 meter high globe outside moscow state circus. workers put it together weeks ago in the snow and cold, just one of the many light installations that adorned the city in this dark winter season to jessica. ah, these new year's decorations offer a breath of fresh air fire right now. and when new corona virus waves keep coming and people are just tired of it, look much, have resorted nook with the pity. this group, more than 4000 light shows and building decorations will be on display in the coming weeks. transforming the city into
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a winter fairy tale. christmas hasn't come here yet. russian celebrated on the 7th of january, despite soaring infection numbers, no restrictions on indoor social gatherings have been announced. at the cities biggest skating rink, few seem to follow mask or social distancing. rules who wants to let the corona virus spoil their holiday fun? which zillow chain, of course, we want a change. we all know what the situation is neither, but we're trying to find some happiness and this isn't one major attraction. the christmas tree at red square machine, you know, great atmosphere. there's that great feeling of a new year. lots of people come here and do you, particularly the lights and decorations will stay up until easter a welcome distraction. of course, watching due to the news live from berlin. here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you. heavy snowfall has helped put
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out wild fires in the american state of colorado. at least 3 people are missing and feared dead fires steroid around a 1000 homes. the president joe biden has declared the area of disasters. and that's all the news for now. coming up next, paralympic athletes fleeing the taliban, find refuge in europe in our show story. spicer with we've got some hot tips for your bucket list ah, magic corner track hotspot for.


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