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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2022 5:00pm-5:16pm CET

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worried about the planet a mill host of the, on the green principles coast. and to me, it's clear we need to change the solutions or out the join me for a deep dive into the green transformation for me to do full of them. mm mm. ah ah, this is d w. news live from berlin. a major blaze ravages of south africa parliament building. this is devastating you terrible. busy and devastating
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event, south africa's president vows the work of the parliament will go on despite severe damage to the national assembly complex. in cape town, also coming up, it's usually the other way around and, and the identified person crosses south korea's heavily fortified border into north korea. we'll look at how they might have done it. what's behind this possible defection and and german football giants by and munich, a hit hard by coven 19 infections. we'll take a look at how the pandemic is affecting the sports top flight. ah. i'm on your campus. mckennan. thanks for joining us. south africa's parliament building has been badly damaged and a major fire and the national assembly chamber gutted dozens of fire fighters were
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cooled into battle blaze which sent a plume of smoke rising over cape town. a man is in custody over the fire. it's caused is still being investigated. the fire had already been burning for hours when security guards discovered it at around 6 in the morning. fire crews raced to the scene but were unable to stop the flames from spreading to the national assembly building where south africa's parliaments. it's. that is a very sad day for our democracy because parliament is the home of our democracy and bonnie minutes also as the d g. a key point of all messages will be investigated. the police have started to investigate the forensic department here. public works easier. we all together, reinforcements were called and some 60 fire fight, as eventually brought the blaze under control, but not before it had done extensive damage. visiting the scene,
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south african president, cyril ramos also also promised a thorough inquiry if somebody is being held right now. and the question, but we need to go a lot, lot deeper into how this type of event can take place and what measures we will need to take going forward. only security staff are believed to have been present when the blades began. there have been no reports of injuries . and for more or less, we couldn't cross straight to south africa journalist attack one, an attorney who's in bloom. fontaine, thanks so much for joining us now. south africa's president several rum oppose that we just heard him that saying that someone is being held in custody. what more can you tell us about that? good afternoon, anya. what we all know is that it's a 51 year old meal is an african police services have now confirmed this one's i've
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got 2 pm this afternoon, but dare watch now being held for or what that would be questioned about, or would that be suspected of we still don't know yet much as president, and i'm opposed that indicate that that we will find out as soon as this off inclusive is, are able to reduce that information. and now why was the fire only discovered several hours after it had 1st started? that's really what we don't know that according to the minister of public works traditionally, you had alia. and as well as the president and the members of the all rather their stuff at the holland precinct only found out that he still thought richie's only informed at around 5 o 3 a m this morning. so when, why, when the fire actually starts at or why they were not informed earlier than that, we still have yet to find out what, as you indicated there, in that story. and a lot of information on
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a lot of attention has been paid to it firefighters. him been betting the blaze, but not before it constant note of damage. as you say, the damage is obviously huge. parts of the buildings as the building has collapsed and the national assembly chamber is completely destroyed. will pull him and be able to keep working. we know that parliament is supposed to have its meeting or february, that is the joints the gym of parliament way. the president delivers the state of the nation address from what we understand that wake is expected to continue. but it would then mean that an out of witness to be done to maybe repair or alternative arrangements meet. but as the president said, the width of parliament will continue, and he says he's in touch with the speaker parliament as well as the chairperson of the council of provinces. these are the 2 bodies that sit at the national assembly or the seat of parliament in south africa. but that commitment that we have from the president and the date,
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at least that we know has been set for that joint sitting. is that beginning of february and we're that that's a will come with arrangements made. we will have to wait and see. but the commitment is from the president that the work will continue for at and tuck one, an attorney in bloom fontaine, thanks so much. i can't get you up to speed on some of the other stories making news around the world. thousands of pro democracy pro testers in sudan have rallied outside the presidential palace in the capsule cartoon that demanding a transition to free elections. the military re took power in a coup in late october, but later agreed to a new power. sharon deal with civilian politicians. 5 people have died and more than 20 people have been injured and a bus crash and russia, 2 children are among those injured. the accident happened in a region south of the russian capital. moscow. u. s. president joe biden is set to
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discuss the escalating tensions on the russia ukraine border with ukrainian president volota ne zalinski. ukraine says one of its soldiers was killed in fighting with russian backed forces on saturday. on thursday, president biden spoke with russia's lead of vladimir putin about the growing number of russian troops along the border. now south korea's military says an unidentified person has crossed the border into north korea. the army detected the person in the demilitarized zone and surveillance equipment data showed that the person had crossed into north korea. the border region between the 2 countries contains millions of land mines and it's one of the most heavily armed places in the world. it's more on this. we can frustrate to frank smith, a journalist in sol, the capital of south korea. thanks for joining us. frank. how is it that someone can cross the border, that is considered one of the best defended in the world? how did this happen? well, it's definitely not that easy when you move northward in south korea toward the
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north korean florida toward the dmc you 1st encounter and what's called the line of civilian control. and that will be extensive fencing right across the 30th parallel here. it will involve guard pose in only people that live in small sort of peace villages and there's one or 2 of those in past the line of civilian control. and then there's a, a couple of kilometers there before you even get to the d, m c. and then there's a really extensive fencing and anti tank trenches. and as you mentioned something like 2000000 land mines within the dmc. relics of 950 to 53 korean war in the period after where the 2 sites really dug in to prevent any cross border skirmishes at that time. so it really is a challenging undertaking to, to try to get into north korea from the south side,
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an incredibly elaborate system. how can the south korean border cards notice that this had happened until several hours later? well, that's the subject, certainly of the investigation that that's taking place at this time. they do have extensive electronic monitoring equipment, including intra infrared, a cameras in you know, possibly even sound detectors, motion detectors. and what you know is presume perhaps happened is one of these subsequently was discovered to have to have monitor the person crossing into north korea. if we, if we drive toward north korea along a popular highway here, the runs along the han river, you can see guard posts in fencing because there is a concern that north korea could infiltrate the south in many submarines up the very wide, han river and it's kind of a really boring deployment,
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if you're a soldiers serving your mandatory military service at the same time, it's very stressful. and eyes are on the north. they're not necessarily on south koreans trying to get to north korea. extraordinary store a frank smith and cell thanks. so much sinfulness league unused football, he is now and by and munich, captain manuel neu and 3 of his team mates have tested positive for corona virus. the germany goalkeeper will sis out the start of training. but the season resuming on friday when the thing a champions by and say all their players and staff will take p c r t s not met as from d, w. sports is here to tell us more about how the current virus is pummeling european football. mark, let's start with buying and the positive cases and that the club is, is dealing with. yes, i mean there's, there's 5 actually oversee manual lawyer,
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the captain and coach. he's picked it up, flying back from the mold eaves on holiday kings. he coma was in dubai. he's come back, positive count on to lisa was in his native france, you've got the english sher defender, omar richard's, and also assistant coach deal talk molar all positive. now the bonus has been in a 3 week break is due to resume on friday with by and facing. glad back. ah, we assume the game's going to go ahead at this stage of as he by and have a big squad. we don't actually know that these players are definitely out of the game because we don't know what situation are in terms of a quarantine or how long they've been infected. but it's fair to assume some of them are gonna miss the game, at least, and these aren't even the 1st cases. i another indeed, i mean we had mueller now guzman, the coach, he missed 2 weeks because of covey was basically coaching from home of the famous one as usual, kimmy who didn't want to get vaccinated, then got covered as now said he might end up getting vaccinated we don't actually know if he'll be available on friday because he's
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a long problem caused by covered we don't know if that counts as long covered yet. so there's lots of uncertainties, i think was different. is that those infections were obviously within the club. it's. it's hard to stop when they got all the players together. these new infections are players being allowed to go on holiday and then sort of bring it back. and i think some by and fans will find a bit odd. and also we don't know about the bonner's clubs. elaine, a similar situation with players coming back from holiday. that could be chaos. could that be the sorts of postpone received in the english premier league? i mean, the bundle thing has a new boss from to morrow is still not a hoffman. she's the 1st woman ever to run the bond as they go. and she's going to have quite a busy entry. now you mentioned england, liverpool, a coach, young club. he's the latest infection. there isn't a can convey even complete this season. it's gonna be tricky. i mean there's so many gains been called off in the premier league. they might have to think about playing and champions league weeks, which way for hate because they want the champions league to be in the spotlight, not the premier league. we have a will cope in november, december this year,
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which means they might be able to push the season into june if they had to. but it's not just england. then mfc the p s g star. he's tested positive today. and there's also lots of cases at barcelona, so it's chaos to be honest, that dropping like flies on meadows. thanks so much to russia now where people have been celebrating this festive season without major corona virus restrictions, even though it is one of the world's worst affected nations. russians have already marked the new year, and there are now just a few days to go before orthodox believers celebrate christmas. a 17 meter high globe outside moscow state circus. workers put it together weeks ago in the snow and cold. just one of the many light installations that adorned the city in this dark winter season to just cook the ah, these new year's decorations offer a breath of fresh air fire right now. and when new corona virus waves keep coming and people are just tired of it, look much,
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have resorted nook with the pity. this group, more than 4000 light shows and building decorations will be on display in the coming weeks. transforming the city into a winter fairy tale. christmas hasn't come here yet. russian celebrated on the 7th of january, despite soaring infection numbers, no restrictions on indoor social gatherings have been announced. that the cities biggest skating rink few seem to follow mask or social distancing rules who wants to let the corona virus spoil their holiday fun? which cold, changing? of course, we want a change. we all know what the situation is, neither, but we're trying to find some happiness. i don't know. so she isn't one major attraction. the christmas tree at red square machine, you know, it's a great atmosphere. there's that great feeling of a new year. lots of people come here, lou, you put a yellow, the lights and decorations will stay up until easter
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a welcome distraction. you're watching the w news as a reminder of the top story that we're following for each day. a fire has caused a major damage to the south african parliament complex, and kate town gutting the national assembly chamber. the man is being questioned over the blaze. it's cause as a still being investigated i think you're up to date up next. well, stories joined the group of young people who all have autism on a failing trip and see how it will be here at the top. the next hour. your next news roundup. i my new kids, mccann, and thanks so much for watching d. w ah, in they want to know what makes the german here just in the gym love and batting
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things that way. but.


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