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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2022 12:00am-12:15am CET

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the w business beyond. here's a closer look at the project. our mission. to analyze the fight for market dominance. east versus west. good is still good. with business beyond on you to ah ah, this is d w. news live from berlin. fire at south africa's parliament flared up again. emergency crews battle to save the historic complex just a day after and devastating. blaze was declared under control also on the program.
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so don, take stop. gov to prime minister abdullah hammond, oak stepped down the army as back in full control box activists bow to press ahead with the fight for democracy and runaway inflation in turkey. food and fuel prices are going through the roof. critics accused president bridget of ad one of economic mismanagement. ah, i will. i was like a welcome to the program. a devastating fire at south africa parliament has flared up again a day after emergency services said it was on the control. flames and smoke billowed out of the historic assembly building in cape town, as dozens of fire fighters were called back in. a man is due to appear in court on charges of arson. a senior parliamentary official is calling for an explanation of
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why the fire restarted. we are waiting for the full information, an update from the firefighter with a got to and what was the reason behind the side entry emergence of the fire at the roof off the you mentioned on a simply by the disability by stating distressing situation. but we continue to appreciate the all the efforts of the carry, just in a bedroom that the firefighters continue to put in their endeavor. earlier we ask journalist as the lead for yard in cape town, what's being said about why the fire has flared up again. they see it and if i was under control, however, the temperatures were still too high. and that's something that they want, even before they, we emergence of the fire and the wind re, let's remember,
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that comes out very when you so very windy part of, of the con, the cost of many fire that happened very often. so the, when somebody high temperatures didn't allow the fire to be completely extinguished inside the, in the roof of the parliament. and that's why you venture the, it started to heat up again today and he was of the afternoon scene playing. so again, journalists, saline facade in cape town, saddam is taking stock after the prime minister resigned and a blow to hopes of restoring civilian rule. abdallah ham dock says it was impossible to re impose order under a power sharing or agreement with the military. he only been back in office for a few weeks after being toppled by the army. last october, the army is back in so control protests and cartoon preceded abdullah hm. ducks resignation. thousands of pro democracy demonstrators took to the streets and the
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weekend again, there was violence. the security forces classed with civilians and killed at least 2 people. on monday, there has been relative coleman the capital, as residents made sense of the news. fabi said after his resignation, i feel sue darnell has lost an important personality that was approved both by international community and the sudanese people. shabbots are done if possible. i hope he will return in future as an independent and become the sudanese president obama has already sold on such a great loss for the country. whoever is to come next will not be able to do what he has done. the things he has done were not easy and not simple. i say he gave so much for the country by now amid fears of the fail transition to civilian
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rule, this young baker feels ham duck did not go willingly. i get out to be honest, the sudanese people did not want him doc to resign, but the military council pressured him into doing so. we ended up going over. i wish him well and i hope some one better will come along another. we are needing the military council. we don't want them. the sudanese people do not want them and hopefully that time will soon come to them. for activists like my yada kyrie, the fight for democracy must continue without abdullah duke with elections currently still planned for july 2023. and it's been a little bit when it comes to our needs on the ground. his staying or leaving doesn't make a difference. our issue is now bigger than him and our battle is greater. so it doesn't really make a difference to us. love that in mind. we will continue on our revolutionary path, which might see a few challenges along the way. but the outcomes of these challenges are always
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good because it helps unite political parties and unite those on the ground. so i'll fight is complete. i'm laying sedans, road to democracy, looks increasingly rocky, with yet another stone not thrown in its way. now let's take a look at some most or is making use around the world. yeomans who the rebels have seized a cargo ship and the red sea. the round back movement says it has taken over military hardware on a vessel registered in the united arab emirates. the u. e, which is involved in fighting the who the says the ship is carrying medical equipment, i'd rather him the law. hong kong citizen news says it's shutting down because of china's crack down on media. freedom publishes maintain. they no longer feel safe after colleagues at another publication were arrested on sedition charges. citizen use is the 3rd hong kong media outlets are close in recent months. a coven
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19 outbreak has left a german cruise ship stuck in lisbon. dozens of the 4000 passengers and crew have tested positive. those with negative results are being allowed a sure to be flown hood. israel has become the 1st country to offer a 4th dose of current, of ours vaccine to risk groups. that includes anyone over 60, the aim is to protect the vulnerable from rising on the chron infections, the government has previously run successful vaccination campaigns. a 3rd dose last year slowed the delta variance dw correspondent tonya claim. our reports from vaccination center in tel aviv domains much more much today's really busy. lots of people are coming after the announcement. the fall fascination is now available. one of them. we worked really hard to day. a show for sula, folk analytics wants me to get vaccinated to protect myself from the people around
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me. that's why you get the job. and i hope others do it as well. i'm afraid my on it's very scary on the ohm icon, variant is spreading everywhere for name. and since we have the vaccines available, one should get it. why am i doing it? because i'm 77, and i'm considered in this in the danger region. so well doing is i want to see my grandchildren able to enjoy life. and that's the way to do it for me. i know we spoke to not dub dub it of ha devices the is for the government on virus policy. we asked him why a 4th show to can help we are living now in the times we need to make the decision during uncertainty. and what we saw actually that a give me anything to walk up and that is 2nd though. so we see that after 4 months there is a reduction of these and also break rules. i think we can see the logic out that
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there are a few very se, so very similar to what these will be. the 2nd dog, we finally decided because of that you drive in that case, is that the way you communicate the safety of the vaccine. even though we don't have enough time to be waiting, we decided to finally go there. you mean a compromise just now we've done it also. busy for people that are over 60 and for good workers, inflation in turkey has hit its highest level in 19 years. prices and december rose 36 percent year on year the week take as layer has pushed the cost of food and fuel shop. the higher critics lame president, rich of type edwin, for pressuring the central bank to cut interest rates for turkey's lira is
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plummeting in value. and price is a soaring official figures. put inflation at 36 percent independent economists say in reality it's 80 percent or more prices arising so fast that many people and now having to make to with far less than they used to do some little. yeah, it's a terrible situation. however, you look at it, it's terrible. people can only buy one or 2 pieces of fruit. now, we used to buy one or to kilo's. now we're just buying individual paces within president rich of type ode one has promised to bring inflation back on the control angelic day. heard in this and we're sad that our citizens are having to face the situation. but in all of turkey's history, we have the government that has done the most to fight inflation thought in if there, so let me just delivered. the lever has lost more than 40 percent of its value again see with dollar. but edwin says, turkeys becoming more competitive,
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low wages, and cheap production or increasing exports. he claims for those struggling on may get salaries. it's poor consolation. earlier, we also did only a correspondent dorian jones, in istanbul, how turkey is coping with sky high inflation? while the country does appear to be trapped in his endless cycle of price rise upon price rise. give you an example. the buffet, my son goes to after school, his cheese on toast price that has jump from $8.00 to $11.00 turkish lira. a bottle of milk is jump from 16 to 24, whereas bread that's a staple of the poorest people in this country. that is increase from 2 and a half layer to 3 and a half. and there are a pull to they could be further arises on the way that's resulted in many people queueing for hours to receive subsidized bread provided by local municipalities, lentils, another staple of the pool. the packet of lentils was tripled in price and toilet paper that something, all of social media passing around
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a packet of toilet paper i bought last year for $50.00 layer, is now going at a mind blowing a 150 lira. and turks woke up on new year's day to electricity heights ranging from 50 to a 125 percent. during jones, they're reporting from a stumble. brazil president dribbles an arrow, has been rushed to hospital and may need to undergo surgery for an intestinal blockage. the far right leader has suffered repeated abdominal issues since surviving a knife attack in 2018. at 3 a. m in south hollow j a balsa narrow arrived at the villa nova stop hospital after the president experienced pain in his abdomen. he later revealed on twitter that he was fitted with a nasa gastric tube and may require surgery. back in july, the same hospital had treated balsa narrow when chronic hiccups preceded an intestinal blockage. he was not operated on then, but has undergone full major surgery so far. to treat issue stemming from
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a knife attack in 2018. at the campaign rally injuries to fora, he was attacked as supporters carried him through the streets. both scenario lost 40 percent of his blood, but survived and went on to win the presidency late of that year. this year, both in arrow is standing for reelection. polls show him at risk of losing the presidency in october, following a controversial response to the pandemic. covered 19 posed a challenge to the sports world, right from the start. many events have ended up being cancelled or taking place without fans being present. but the on the chron variant is causing a new headache athletes every way, our testing positive, causing chaos for t manages and tournament organizes. ah, when the germans, soccer league starts up again next weekend. only a few people here in the mall. deeps will be tuning in,
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but one person will be sure to be watching. manuel, no air german national player and byron munich goalie scene here in archive footage . now he's on vacation and must stay here in quarantine after testing positive for the corona virus. europe soccer events are at the mercy of cove. at 19. recently 5 players tested positive for the corona virus at paris, sandra mall. one of them was leon al. messy the new year is bringing challenges in england as well. first, a game cancellation, and now coach, you're going cloth has been diagnosed with the corona virus during the past few weeks. club consistently reminded that the new virus variant is dangerous. just last friday, he announced 3 more corona virus infections within his team. so as a law school before to sort of the sites like lottery in the morning when it's when
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i sat down, you wait for the result and it was all pretty much day by day. always one case. but it's not just professional soccer that is suffering basketball, handball and ice hockey teams are now playing in front of mt stadiums. fans are frustrated and clubs are losing money on the international level. 2022 doesn't look promising. just recently at the ice hockey junior world championships in canada, many of the teams were stuck in quarantine in the end, the tournament was cancelled prematurely. you're watching d. w news, that's it from me to know de malone is up next with your business news on alaska and berlin, thanks for watching the ticket. so .


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